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To Kill A God, Part 1: Birth

A purple-skinned baby named Kal-El....

Sent to Earth in a rocket-ship to escape the explosion of his home-planet caused by his own insane father

The rocket-ship zoomed faster then a speeding bullet

Suddenly, it was hit by an asteroid and was set off course

It zoomed straight towards the Milky Way Galaxy

It crashed right into several stars which slowly burnt it up

The baby almost lost its breath and died

Thank goodness an asteroid slammed right into it and boosts its speed, crashing it to a planet just in time

The air helped the baby breath again

It revived him from the afterlife he was almost pulled into

He was alive again


"What is it, John?" asked Martha Kent

"I'll go see" John found a burnt up, rusty, and torn apart rocket-like space-ship "What the heck is this...?"

Suddenly, he heard a cough

He tore the top off of the space-ship, which was easy due to the fact it was falling apart

Inside, he saw something amazing...

"MARTHA!" he yelled

"What is it?!" she asked as she hurried out the door

"It's.... it's a baby!" he answered "A purple one!"

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This is amazing. Not as good as Batman, but still, wow.

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