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Here are the rules. Write a story that involves a team with the following members: 
Moon Knight 
Ghost Rider 
Poison Ivy 
Captain America  

Then create a team to fight against them out of any villains you want. Be sure to include the reasons each member of the team joined (They don;t all have to join for the same reason) Be sure to include the following 
Romantic Relationship within the superhero team 
Reference to important date in Marvel/DC history (Marevl Civil War, Marvel Zombies, Symbonite, Masters of Evil, e.t.c) 
At least one battle  
Every single member from above HAS to be part of the team, but they can leave at the end of the story. Feel free to add more characters if you want. 

If you really want to win the contest, write a script for one of the scenes. 
Good Luck!
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the "Ultimate Force of Evil" has just been formed. it contains Hobgoblin, Bullseye, WereWolf, Mephisto, Lord Havok, the Joker, Baron Zemo, Lobo, and Dr.Light. all these villains joined forces to take over the World. so the heroes joined forces to take out this evil group. so the evil team is located in several places around the world.having tracked down the hob goblin spider-man and poisen ivy go to take him down. when they arrive hobgoblin kills ivy. so spider-man neutralizes him. END part !.

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Like it! So Ivy and Spidey were BF/GF? What is part 2 gonna be like? Maybe they find out one of the heroes is a spy, ivy turns out to be alive and...well I don;t know. You decide. Maybe you could write a script for one of the scenes. 
You don;t have to though. This story is good enough.
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let me explain, yes Ivy and Spider-man are BF GF. part 2 you will find out about ivy's "death", and i might make a script.

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The Cult of the Blood Tipped Blade: 
Titanium Man:No one knows who this man is,but he seems to have been raised by Gypsys in Latveria,and has so many strange thoughts and an interest in the dark arts.
Hobgoblin:Just an Greedy man searching for power,and he believes in strength in numbers. 
Black Heart:He was summoned by the Cult to aid them in their unholy quest,he joins in the mentions of universal domination. 
Kabal(Mortal Kombat):He is contacted by Black Heart to help the Cult,he accepts the off reagurally. 
Albert Wesker:After The Unbrella Corparation collapses,Albert seaches for new aid in his plans,he finds the Cult and chooses to join. 
Dracula:He too,is contacted by the Cult for aid in their conquest,he accepts knowing Black Heart is also within the ranks. 
Mephisto:Contacted by his son for power to the cult,he accepts seeing true interest in the idea. 
Kaine:Being the Assassin for hire he is,he is simply contacted and payed for his work in the Cult. 
Deathstroke:See Kaine ^^^. 
Black Mask:Joins in search of Protection during a recent break in his drug running,he currently helps aids them in money problems.  
Black Adam:Joins when he is contacted by Mephisto,who he sees as an higher power. 
Juggernaut:Joins when Mephisto contacts Cyttorak about the cult. 
Atrocicus:Joined in search of power,much like the others. 
Apocalypse:For power and assistance in world conquest. 
Sandman:Is hired to work with them. 
Firelord:Power,respect,all that good stuff.  
The Collective:This being is just barley kept under control in Mephistos Realm,it's only use is as an weapon. 
Larfleeze:Power and World Domination.  
Red Hulk:Nothing but payed help.   
Kraven:Joined because he saw it as a good hunt.
Mandarin:Power,domination,and a dead Captain America.

Added Team Members(Good Team):

Martian Manhunter. 

Captain Atom.   

Batman Beyond. 

Savage Dragon.
During an attempted assassination by Kaine,Titanium Man,And Red hulk to take out Starfire,Spidey comes to her rescue.Clad in The Iron-Spider Armor,He and Starfire fight back the fiends,and share an romantic moment. 
Will continue soon......

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I'm so in on this.

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Sooo... do I start my own thread to post this, or do I just put it here?

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post here.
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OK so after spider-man neutralizes hobgoblin by tieing him up and throwing him into a prison, he reports the death of ivy to the leader Captain America. they hold a huge funeral but her reletives make it a closed casket which makes spider-man mad because he wanted to see ivy one last time. mean while in the maximum security prison, hobgoblin gets a visitor which he shows around. then they reach the outdoor garden.
HG- so you were able to lose that spider?
visitor- yup now we can be together.
(they both kiss)  HG- one for good luck.
visitor- lets do this.
HG- now or never
the visitor raises her hands and the flowers start to grow rappidly and vines breakdown the walls. 
HG- you got my glider!
visitor- of coarse.
HG- lets get out of here baby, you know your poisen and i love poisen. 
END part 2.

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Good idea. Can;t wait for part 3!
Interested to see the ending. Maybe Ivy is just setting up Hobgoblin for another hero to take him out, and Spidey has been faking his reaction to Ivy's "death" so Hobgoblin would believe he wouldn;t cause anymore trouble. Or maybe Hob and Ivy really are in on it. Anyway, your story and it olooks good so far.
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did i do good so far?
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The Civil War between the masked crime fighters of earth had ended badly. Reed Richards' door to the Negative Zone had gone haywire, opening a gateway to limitless alternate earths. Many people on these earths were met abruptly with a bright swirling torrent which they couldn't avoid. Suddenly, men from many earths all walked a single plane of existence. Now, with a flux of metahumans from alternate earths, the U.S. government was forced to tighten their hold on the vigilante community. The U.N. authorized a specialized task force to keep them in line named the M.H.A.D., the Metahuman Affairs Devision. No more warnings were issued and anyone who resisted was executed. Many who stood on the side of the government during the Civil War abandoned their argument and fought against the U.N.'s immoral  new policy. Tony Stark had amassed a small army of heroes hidden away in Bolivia, but the M.H.A.D. had followed them there and slaughtered them. Now, only a handful of men and women remained to resist the oppressive grip the government had on America. These people called themselves Knights of Dawn. 
The door of the warehouse bashed open as several team members rushed in. "Spider-Man's been hit!" Daredevil exclaimed to his teammates. He, Captain America, Starfire and Moon Knight carried the young man in red and blue. He was writhing in pain, blood flowing from his shoulder. "AAAH!" he cried. Captain America stood by a fold up table, his iconic shield strapped around his shoulders. "Set him down. Rorschach, get your kit!" The man in a trench coat and purple pin stripe pants stood up, his perplexing mask of moving black ink blots danced upon his face. They set Spider-Man down and Rorschach reached deep into a pocket of his trench coat, pulling out a leather bound set of tools. Daredevil and Starfire held him down on the table, his head thrashing around in pain. "Hold him, now." Rorschach said in his gravely voice. He took a pair of pincers from his kit and opened the wound. "NNAAAAAAAAH!" Spider-Man cried, shaking frantically and gritting his teeth. "How's he doing, Raven?" Daredevil asked. Raven gazed down at the wounded hero with great focus. "Not well." she replied after a moment. Captain America looked down at him, "Just hang on, Spider." he said in his powerful, yet calming tone. Rorschach clutched around the wad of lead deep in Spider-Man's shoulder and brutally ripped it out. "Keep him quiet!" Robin ordered, "They'll find us if we don't shut him up!" Moon Knight quickly placed a hand down on Spider-Man's mouth and muffled his screams. Rorschach got out of the way, wiping the blood from his gloves. "Close him up." he said, "I've done all I can."
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Incredible! Seriosuly, that was beautiful, and it really leaves me hanging and waiting for part 2! I wonder what will happen to Spider-Man! glad I followed you! Masybe in part 2, you can introduce Poison Ivy to the team of heroes! (I always thought of Ivy as a anti hero rather than a villain)
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I gotta think....but good stuff so far
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hobgoblin and ivy ride off together on the glider. lord havok and werewolf are out creating a super serum that turns its victims into wolves. so Rorschach and Starfire go out to to stop it. they break into the secret base and assault the scientists.
R- so lord havok, where is this super serum I've herd so much about.
LH-well you know when joker assembled this group and said i could destroy Rorschach i couldn't resist. 
SF- did you forget about me?
LH- yes i did, but werewolf didnt 
SF- well where is werewolf?
LH-right behind you
(werewolf jumps down from a overhang and stabs starfire with a hypodermic) 
SF- what was that?
LH- the serum of corse, well good luck with that whole wolf thing, bye.
(they run away while starfire turns into a wolf)
R- dammit, not again
(he grabs an emergancy axe and splits starfires skull)
Cap gets news that there is going to be a huge robbery in   gothem city so they go there and find that the entire city has dissapered.
END part 3

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@SpideyIvyDaredevilFan: Thanks. And yeah, Ivy's more of an eco-terrorist anti-hero type most of the time. I'll post part 2 later today.
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In ohio,Hobgoblin and Kabal are standing in a warehouse,amking some kind of deal. 
Hob:Well,I never thought about turning on the team,why would you? 
Kab:Titanium Man isn't trying to conquer the world,he's trying to ruin it for everyone,including us. 
Hob:Well i knew he was a sadist but-

Kab:listen!I've thought about it and made the plan to overthow him just when he gives us the means to conquer the world ourselves.  
Hob:Well,what about the others? 
Kab:Rulk,Sandman,Adam,Wesker,Kaine,Deathstroke,Mandarin,And Atrocicus are in on it.  
Hob:Hmmm......I'll have to think this through. 
Kab:You have all the time in the world,now lets get out of here. 
the two leave the warehouse and drive away.Hidden in the upper levels of the warehouse,Terrry watches the scene and grins.He takes out his comunicator and calls team base. 
Terry:You get that? 
Bucky:Yea,good work. 
Terry closes the comunicator and jumps out a nearbye window. 
Part Two Coming soon...

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Part 2

Captain America had finished stitching Spider-Man's wound shut and a woman with pale green skin clad in leaves stepped forth, her wavy red hair swaying in the air. She held a leaf freshly plucked and placed it down firmly on Spider-Man's wound. He jolted from the sudden sting. "Easy." she whispered. Ivy turned to her teammates, "This should stave off the fever and any infection. If we leave it on, he might pull through." Rorschach stood down the way, leaning up against a pillar. "So his life can be saved by a mutated criminal whore." he muttered to himself. Starfire lashed out at him, "That is no way to talk to your ally, or anyone you pathetic little-!" The Captain intervened, "Please, Starfire. Spider-Man needs his rest. Rorshach, apologize." Rorschach turned his back to Cap and walked down along the concrete floor. "Some patriot." he said. 
Meanwhile, the Pentagon was lively and hard at work keeping the nation under their heel. A round table of decorated generals sat together, all with straight faces, meaning serious business. "Gentlemen." said the apparent orchestrator of this meeting, "As you are all aware, a small faction of unregistered vigilantes calling themselves the "Knights of Dawn" have partaken in several illegal activities over the last month. They've destroyed government property, assaulted and resisted arrest from M.H.A.D. operatives and given us all a bad name. Many of these individuals are visitors of other universes thanks to Dr. Richards' lapse in the negative zone. Though their true identities remain unknown, they are referred to as..." he clicked the switch in his hand and a projector showed the faces of the heroes in question, "Starfire, Raven, Robin, Poison Ivy and, perhaps the most violent, Rorschach." "So what's our plan of action?" asked one of the others, "If the M.H.A.D. can't take them down, who the hell can?" The general smirked, "I'm glad you asked. We fight fire with fire. Several metahumans, from this earth and others, have volunteered their services. They will lead a batallion of M.H.A.D. operatives against these criminals and do what needs to be done."  
With that, the general pressed a button and a door at the end of the room slid open, revealing a group of men. The Juggernaut, a lumbering man clad in iron and brass, a musclebound behemoth with rage boiling up about his eyes. Merlin, a man with black hair, streaks of grey running through it. His suit was a dark shade and was well armored, yet still enabled movement. He stood leaning on his bow with a sneer on his face. Venom, a dark skinned creature with claws, bulging muscles, gaping white eyes, razor sharp rows of teeth and a tongue that thrashed like a tendril. Toyman, a sinister little man in grey overalls with oil and grease on his hands, scraggly black hair sprouting out in all directions and his large, round glasses caught the glare of the lights overhead. And last, the Red Hood, a young man who stood tall and broad shouldered with an athletic frame. He wore a leather jacket unzipped, exposing a bulletproof mesh shirt beneath. His belt held several pieces of equipment including two 9 millimeter beretta handguns and a combat knife.On his head was a full faced metal helmet painted red with two narrow white lenses over the eyes. Red Hood held his fist in his palm and cracked his knuckles. "Boys..." he proclaimed, "It's huntin' season!" And the menacing figures cheered at his words, every howl and roar crying out for bloodshed.
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Wow, it's even better than part 1!! I can hardly imagine what part 3's gonna be like! 
Seriously, you should like have a job in Marvel or something.
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@SpideyIvyDaredevilFan:  Thank you. I also draw a bit.

 I'm no Jim Lee, but compared to what I was drawing a year ago, I'm Alex f***ing Ross!
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Part 3

 Moon Knight walked out of the hideout along with a man in a leather jacket and jeans with a chain around his shoulder. They stood by a dumpster and the man grasped the bottom of the dumpster, pulling up the front to reveal two motorcycles, one grey and white and the other a straight black chopper. They rolled the two bikes out and mounted up. "Ready?" the man said in a mild southern accent. Moon Knight didn't reply and simply looked out to the horizon, his cloak drifting in the breeze. "Forgot. Not a conversationalist." said the man, "Anyway..." he revved up his engine, "Let's ride!" he kicked his bike into gear and a furious roar of raw power shot through the city. Suddenly, his scraggly blonde hair became a torrent of fire and his face, in a burst of flames, became a skull. Moon Knight and Ghost Rider raced side by side through the city. Suddenly, a static crackle came across Moon Knight's headset hidden beneath his hood and he turned it on. "Captain. What is it?" he asked. "Remember that this isn't a full on assault." said Captain America, "Sabotage the bases weapons, spy on their activity and get out." Moon Knight nodded. "Got it." And he cranked the handlebar to catch up to Ghost Rider. 
The city below was lively, a faint breeze rolling through with the gentle kiss of winter. Daredevil sat perched atop a steeple alongside a gargoyle. He peered down at the city, the white noise of traffic and wind calmed him. A woman in dark blue floated down from the sky and stood on the ledge beside him. "I have been looking for you." she said. "Why's that?" Daredevil asked. Raven looked down at him, "Because..." she whispered, "You interest me. Why do you sit up here?" "I like to be alone. I've come to this place since I was young. It helps me clear my head." he replied. "You do not need to be alone." said Raven, inching closer to him. She pulled the hood from over her head, unveiling her scraggly black locks. She sat down beside him.  "It truly is beautiful up here." she said, placing her hand on his. Daredevil slowly turned to her and ran his hand gently down the side of her face. She closed her eyes and leaned in towards him. "Wait."  Daredevil interrupted,  "There's something you should know. I'm... blind." Raven looked at him and smiled. "I know." Daredevil was awestruck and they kissed, perched high above the busy streets of New York. 
Robin and Captain America stood by the door waiting for Moon Knight and Ghost Rider to return. "So." Robin sighed, "How was this earth before it got a all 1984?" Captain America grinned. "Well, there's a reason I dress myself like the American flag." he said. Robin chuckled, "Charming. The closest guy we have to you dresses like an 'S'." Captain America laughed and looked at Robin confused, "An 'S'?" "It's complicated." said Robin. Suddenly, the sound of a pair of motorcycles came from the horizon. They both looked to the end of the road as Daredevil and Raven landed before them. "I heard Ghost Rider's bike." said Daredevil. "You're just in time, Daredevil." said Robin, pointing to the horizon. The two bikes rolled down the street, coming to a halt. "How'd it go?" Captain America asked. "No time, Captain!" Ghost Rider snarled, turning to the skies. "Something is coming." 
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Can I get some feedback? 


Raiders(Hero team) Base: 
Starfire and Spiderman sit in the main room,reviewing the tape sent by Terry. 
Spiderman:Hobby is always the first to betray his own team,he should be a revolutionary*snickers*. 
Starfire:*laughs*And you should be on stage.

Spiderman:Well,lets leave that to Deadpool for a bit,shall we?

Starfire:We shall*giggles*.
Spiderman:Well.....You like christmas? 
Starfire:Yes,Very much! 
Spiderman:What's your favorite part?

Starfire:Oh,it's so hard to choose!There is the giving,the recieving,the friends,the show,the- 

Starfire:Yes!I love those the most!

Spiderman:Really....Well your in luck. 
Ivy,who is wearing a listening device,hears spiderman's code word,and then creates a vine above the fire and spidey that reaches down and ends in a mistletoe."Hope he's a good kisser." 
Starfire:What is that? 
Spiderman:Your favorite part about christmas.

Starfire leans in and plants a kiss on Peter's lips. 
after a twenty secound kiss,leans back and sighs.

Spiderman:Wow,i thought you were going to slap me.

Starfire:I'm not into the whole slapping thing.

Spiderman:Yay for me. 
Starfire:*lean on him adjusts herself*Well I'm tired,can we go to sleep. 
Spiderman:Alright.*moves to try to get up
Starfire:*grabs him*Don't go,stay,keep me warm. 
Spiderman:*adjusts*Okay,i'll stay. 
the two fall asleep,whil Ivy,in another room,laughs. 
Ivy:Well those two are quite the love birds.Only thing is I'd kill anyone I kiss. 
Frowning,she walks down a hall and bumps against someone.After getting up,she looks up and sees Jony Blaze,The Ghost Rider. 
Johny B:Oh,sorry m'am.Let me help you up*gives hand*.

Ivy grabs his hand,pulls herself up,and dusts herself off.

Ivy:don't apoligize,i was the one not watching where i went. 
Johny:Well,let me forgive you by buying you dinner *smirks*. 

To be continued..........

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Good, but take out Wonderman. I really don't think Wonderman/Poison Ivy is a very realistic relationship. Maybe you could do Ghost Rider/Ivy or Moon Knight/Ivy or Rorscarch/Ivy, or even a twist with Spidey/Ivy just not Wonderman. Apart from that, good. Reminds me of the scene in Daredevil when Matt and Elecktra are on the rooftop.
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Why isn't it a realistic relationship? 
But very well,I replaced him with Johny Blaze(Ghost Rider).
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Part 4

Ghost Rider, Moon Knight, Daredevil, Raven, Robin and Captain America looked to the skies as a pair of helicopters flew towards them. Daredevil spun around to see another pair coming from the opposite direction. Both pairs carried a massive metal crate by several cables and, coming to a hover at either end of the street, dropped the crates harshly onto the ground. Robin looked to the rooftops where Venom landed, staring down at them, tongue thrashing side to side. On the opposite rooftop, the Red Hood landed and they both looked down at the heroes. "Put your hands behind your head and no one gets killed." Red Hood demanded. Daredevil swiftly grabbed one of his clubs and hurled it at him. The stick struck Red Hood in the face and with a loud PING, it ricocheted from his helmet. "I was hoping you'd do that." he laughed. Suddenly, a dozen armored, well equipped men appeared behind him and Venom and in unison, aimed their rifles down into the street. Moon Knight drew a long metal staff and took a fighting stance. Ghost Rider pulled the chain wrapped around his chest and lashed it against the concrete, suddenly turning red hot. Captain America held his shield at the ready, staring down Red Hood. Raven poked Daredevil's shoulder, "You might want to get down." she said. 
Suddenly, a massive rumbling came from beneath the soldiers' feet and the building began to crack. A massive green vine shot from the roof, sending several soldiers flying. It moved of its own will, thrashing around and sweeping soldiers off their feet, knocking them aside. Red Hood acted quickly and dove from the roof, landing straight down on Captain America's shield and repelled himself off, reaching for his guns. "Kill them all." he ordered. Poison Ivy floated through the hole in the roof on an ascending vine and Spider-Man swung through the air, webbing up two soldiers and pulling them from the roof, sending them plummeting into the dumpster below. "Insert funny trash pun here." he remarked casually as he landed on the ground beside the others. "Aaaand dismount!" Robin looked to the Wall Crawler. "You're doing well." he said. "Just don't tell my wife about it. She worries." Spider-Man replied. Starfire shot down into the alley, a trail of fire following her. "Rorschach's on his way." she said.  
The massive crates at either end of the road suddenly opened, the doors slamming to the floor. From one of the crates came a massive tank painted a lively green, capped with a glass bubble. It looked more like a children's toy then a genuine tank. And at the wheel of this preposterous killing machine was the snickering little creature they called Toyman. From the other crate came a sound of booming footsteps and the Juggernaut stepped out, standing at his full height, which was several feet taller then the actual crate, and cracked his neck. Juggernaut charged towards the cornered heroes and Toyman went full throttle on his tank, laughing all the way. "PLAY TIME'S OVER!"
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These are my suggestions: 

Spider-Man falls in love with Poison Ivy (mARY jANE has been killed by the government as punishment for Spidey's vigilantism) 

 Rorscarch takes it one step too far by trying to assasinate the president and thus destroy the governemnt's plot to kill superheroes 
One of the DC heroes takes the group to the DC universe, but Bullseye is sent there to assasinate it's members  
The group is taken in by Dr Xavier and the teenage heroes (Starfire, Robin, Raven, Spider-Man) are accepted into Xavier's School for Giften Youngsters  
You don;t have to use all, but at least use 2. You can use all if you want though,   
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@SpideyIvyDaredevilFan: Didn't you PM me this?
#29 Posted by SpideyIvyDaredevilFan (63 posts) - - Show Bio

Sorry, just wnted to make sure you got the message,
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Part 5

The team was surrounded on all sides. Over a dozen M.H.A.D. soldiers still remained, Venom and Red Hood were ready to attack and Juggernaut and Toyman were closing in. "I've got the tinker toy!" Spider-Man proclaimed, swinging into the air and landing on the charging tank. He pounded on the glass dome around Toyman to no avail. Toyman grinned and pressed a red button on the control panel, sending an electric shock through the dome and right through Spider-Man. "AAAA-GAA-AAA-AAAARGH!" he cried, throwing himself from the tank and held out his hands, webbing up the treads. He kept going, the treads slowly clogging up and beginning to stick to the undercarriage of the tank. Finally, the absurd war machine came to a halt and Spider-Man looked up in pride at his accomplishments. A mechanical rumbling came from the innards of the tank and a large piece of it lifted out, leaving the immobile body behind. It was a wedge shape, like a canoe, but swiftly unfolded into a colorful purple bug with a smiley face. Six legs shot out of the sides and a menacing mechanical spider stood before him. "Oh, cruel irony." he groaned as Toyman operated the robotic insect, raising a steel spiked arm and slashed down. Spidey dodged the strike as it pierced clean through the asphalt.  
Venom charged through the battlefield, finally eying a desirable target, Moon Knight, who dueled with two soldiers, his back turned to ths symbiote. "Parker can wait." he snarled, diving towards the Lunar Legionnaire, jaws wide open. He was but a split second away when Robin pole vaulted on his staff and kicked Venom in the jaw, sending him to the ground. "Sit down, skinhead!" he shouted. Venom jumped to his feet only to have a wave of crescent darts dig into his chest.  Moon Knight held another two curved blades in his hands. "I'm ready when you are." Venom's trendrils rapped around the blades lodged in his chest and ripped them out, absorbing them into the ends to give the tentacles metallic claws. Juggernaut charged forward but Ghost Rider raced directly into his path, jumping from his bike with his chain in hand, swinging it and rapping it around Juggernaut's neck. He stood on the leviathan's shoulders, pulling the chain tight. He steared Juggernaut through a panicked group of soldiers, plowing them down and ended by careening into Venom. Captain America brawled, crushing the faceplate of one of the soldiers with his shield. Red Hood came up behind him and was immediately smacked across the face. Before he could recover, Cap drop kicked him in the chest. Ghost Rider lead Juggernaut straight into Toyman's robot bug and Spider-Man jumped free of the clash.  
Now, most of the soldiers were dealt with and Juggernaut, Venom and Toyman were seemingly down for the count. But suddenly, the battered and bruised Venom sprang to life, slashing his tendrils at Robin and Moon Knight. They tried to dodge the typhoid of fast moving blades. He cut them all over until Starfire raced in and grabbed him, carrying him up into the air. "Sickly little thing." she said in disgust, dropping him to the ground far below. Daredevil and Raven fought back to back, picking off the final soldiers until Daredevil overheard something, the faint sound of an arrow sifting through the air behind him. "Look out!" he shouted, throwing himself in front of her. The arrow struck him in the arm, piercing through the other side. "AAAAGH!" He cried, snapping the arrow in half. Merlin stood on a rooftop several yards away and Daredevil raced down the street, jumping onto a dumpster and grabbed onto a ledge, climbing up. He ran towards Merlin, jumping to the next rooftop. Merlin put an arrow to the string and aimed for Daredevil, firing again. Daredevil dodged to the side, narrowly evading the arrow. He jumped over to the rooftop where the archer stood and tossed one of his clubs, knocking Merlin in the teeth.  
The team reassembled as their attackers began to retreat. The only one left behind was Toyman, trapped in the tangled mess of his machine. His eyes drifted open to see a black shape dancing across a white haze. His cracked glasses split the image over and over and he screamed as Rorschach grabbed him by the throat. "Rorschach!" said Captain America, "What've you found?" Rorschach turned to Captain America, dragging the little man along. "A lead."
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New York,Queens.

Terry Dodges a a hooked sword slice,his attacker is Kabal,They are on top of a building. 
Terry:Come On!That the best you got? 
Kabal:You arrogant little sh!t!Stop moving!!hacks and misses again.

Terry:Ha!he dodges another hack and counters with an uppercut,sending Kabal into the air.

Kabal:Danm You!!he yells as he falls off the ledge of the building an hits the concrete,Hard.

Terry:Can't Keep up can ya,old man?he says as he jumps after Kabal.

I'm kinda busy,but I'll continue this soon.

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Part 6

A dull light hung overhead, casting a grim glow on Toyman who was tied down to a chair, sniveling in fear. The sound of footsteps echoed through the warehouse and Rorschach stepped into the light. "N-NO!" Toyman cried, "Stay away!" Rorschach reached into his pocket and pulled out his kit again, selecting a scalpel and cut a long, straight line down the center of Toyman's face. He screamed and Rorschach kneed him in the ribs. "Wh-whatever you want, I'll talk." he said, wheezing as he attempted to catch his breath. Rorschach walked behind him and suddenly jabbed the blade through his hand. "NNAAAAAAAGH!" He screamed. "What is the name of the man in charge of the M.H.A.D.?" he asked in a gravely monotone. "I don't... I don't know." A gloved hand squeezed his face and Rorschach brought his face right up to Toyman's. "You're lying. Lie again, I break an arm." he growled. "Rorschach!" said Captain America, walking up behind him. "Let Poison Ivy ask him. We don't need to torture him like this." he said. Rorschach knocked over Toyman's chair and groaned softly, "And why shouldn't we? This is what criminals deserve." he replied. Before Captain America could respond, Toyman coughed up a bit of blood and spoke. "Colonel Ward." he said, "Colonel James Ward." Rorschach towered over him, looking down. His shadow covered the glare of the light above. "Hrrm..." Rorschach growled as he casually raised his foot and stomped down, crushing Toyman's windpipe with ease and killing him. Captain America struck Rorschach across the face and grabbed him by the collar, lifting him up against the wall. "You murdering little rat!" he shouted. "You shame the colors you wear, Captain." said Rorschach, "You and your liberal sentiments." Captain America threw Rorschach to the ground harshly and he slowly got up, putting on his hat and straightening his mask. "Colonel James Ward." he whispered to himself. "What would you do?" Captain America asked, "Kill him?" Rorschach turned to the Captain. "Would I kill him? There is a better world waiting for us, Captain. A world where hiding like rats and fighting our government won't be necessary. Yes, I would kill for that." And with that, he strolled out of the team base and walked away. 
Three people dressed in common street clothes walked unnoticed through the streets of New York. One was Peter Parker, a man with brown hair and an athletic frame. Marc Spector was the same, only taller and somewhat more imposing. The third was Pamela Isely, who's skin was a pale white, acting in contrast to her vibrant red hair, and her skin had a faint green tint if one was to look closely. "So what's this Professor guy like anyway?" Ivy asked. "Bald, handicapped, tends to go off on tangents about ethics. Don't provoke him." Peter replied. "Let's just get your wife and go. Cap and the others are still waiting at the warehouse. It isn't safe there." said Marc. "MJ isn't gonna take this lightly, but I think I can convince her to come with us." said Peter. Marc looked out into the streets, keeping his head low as they passed by a government observation camera, "Well, make it quick."  They came to an apartment building and Peter looked up with a smile, "This is it. Be right back." he began to walk towards the front door when a deafening BOOM shook the city. The three looked up to see an entire floor of the building burst in a massive explosion. "NO!" Peter cried, racing into the building. Pamela and Marc ran in after him. Peter sped up the stairs as fast as he could. "Mary!" he shouted, "Mary!" He arrived on the floor and ran down the hall, kicking open the door. He stood in the doorway, speechless, eyes wide open and bloodshot. "No..." he whispered. Marc and Pamela arrived behind him and he dashed through the demolished room, falling to his knees beside the corpse of his wife. He cradled her in his arms, Pamela looked on in terror and turned away, holding Marc's arm tightly. "It's gonna be alright..." Peter whispered, rocking back and forth with Mary Jane in his arms, "Everything's gonna be alright." Tears streaked his face and he laid her down gently, planting a kiss on her forehead. He staggered to his feet and they walked away as the police sirens came into earshot.
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Cannot WAIT for Part 7!! Hope you can get to it tonight!
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Sorry, but I can't post for a while. I'm making Egg Nog and on top of that, I just can't get the gears in my brain turning right now. 

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@MarvelJackAss433 said:

New York,Queens.

Terry Dodges a a hooked sword slice,his attacker is Kabal,They are on top of a building. 
Terry:Come On!That the best you got? 
Kabal:You arrogant little sh!t!Stop moving!!hacks and misses again.

Terry:Ha!he dodges another hack and counters with an uppercut,sending Kabal into the air.

Kabal:Danm You!!he yells as he falls off the ledge of the building an hits the concrete,Hard.

Terry:Can't Keep up can ya,old man?he says as he jumps after Kabal.

I'm kinda busy,but I'll continue this soon.


Terry lands on the ground,but Kabal is gone. 
Terry:Where'd you go old man? 
A Red leviathan,the Red Hulk,walks around a corner.Kabal is sitting on his shoulder. 
Terry:Well.....This probably isn't good. 
Kabal:Your danm right it isn't! 
Terry:For you,that is. 
before he can finish his sentence,a purple streak blasts under him,taking Rulk with it.After a latge building topples and the smoke clears,it reveals Wonderman pounding down on Rulk. 
WM:Hope you enjoy your Christmas beatdown. 
Rulk:You wanna get the smashing of your lifetime?!!? 
Terry and Kabal go back to their sparring contest while the two bruisers fight it out. 
To be continued......
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Part 7

Around the corner , not too far from the hideout of the Knights of Dawn, was a nondescript dark blue van. Peter, Pamela and Marc came down the road and knocked on the van door. When the door to the van slid open, a young woman with pail skin and dark hair looked at them and signaled for them to climb in. They all sat in the back seat. The row in front of them held Raven, Daredevil, Starfire and Ghost Rider, all in street clothes. Up front was a man with blonde hair in his late thirties behind the wheel, Captain America, and a dark haired teenager in the passenger's side, Robin. "Where's Rorschach?" asked the Captain. Poison Ivy looked up to the front seat and replied, "I think I saw him on the way back. He'll be here."  
A moment later, a man in a trench coat strolled down the desolate New York street towards the van, hands in his pockets and his head kept low. His hair was a scraggly, unkempt red and his face was pale and unshaven. Peeking out of the pocket of his pinstripe pants was a white mask. They opened the car door and he stepped in. "Rorschach?" asked Daredevil, reaching towards him. "What's wrong, Matt?" Robin inquired. "I don't hear a heartbeat." Daredevil replied, taking Rorschach by the throat. He clawed at his face and it peeled off, revealing a robotic form beneath it. Captain America gasped at the sight. "He's an L.M.D.!" he shouted, "We've been set up!" Suddenly, a dozen black armored vehicles and a helicopter surrounded them. M.H.A.D. soldiers poured out of the trucks and dropped down on ropes from the helicopter, all fixing their weapons on the heroes cornered in the van. A man in full body armor stepped forward from the crowd of soldiers, his hair gray and his face withered. He picked up a megaphone and shouted into it, "GET OUT OF THE VEHICLE AND PUT YOUR HANDS BEHIND YOUR HEAD!" he ordered. Reluctantly, they all stepped out of the van and dropped to their knees, all except Captain America. He stood his ground, hands at his sides tightened into fists. A group of soldiers moved in to lock their hands behind their backs, some in specialized mechanisms that neutralized their abilities. But as they moved towards Captain America, he refused to kneel. As one of them aimed his rifle at him, he bellowed out, "God bless America! Land that I love! Stand beside her, and guide her... through the night with a light from above!" he continued to sing as the soldiers lined up around him. Daredevil kept his head down and whispered to himself, "Don't do it, Cap. Don't do it." "From the mountains to the prairies to the oceans white with foam! God bless America!" he paused for a moment, bowing his head as the general waved his hand, signaling to his men. "My only home." On his final note, the soldiers opened fire. Tears ran down Robin's face as Captain America fell dead in the street. Shortly thereafter, they were loaded into a truck and shipped off to a holding cell where they would be kept until their execution. 


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Part 8

The heroes were herded through a labyrinth of tight hallways, leading to countless cells and laboratories. The cuffs around their wrists had been linked together by a chain. Finally, the soldier ahead of them brought them to a halt and the heavy metal door before them unlocked, swinging open. They were lead inside where there was darkness all around. A light clicked on to the far side of the room, illuminating a ring of steel walls. Inside were a series of separated boxes with restraint systems. And suspended from one of them was Rorschach.  One by one, they were disconnected from the chain and hoisted up, contained in their own secluded chamber. As soon as they were all place, the floor opened up and a series of screens rose up. They turned on and a constant slideshow of pictures of dead heroes played on a loop. Some were taken during the dissection, others were taken with the charred remains left on the ground or strung up from trees, leaving just enough of their costumes to identify them. And beneath each screen was a clock, counting down to the time that they would be taken behind a chemical shed and executed by firing squad. Hours passed, and now, the clock was at twenty minutes. 
Many spent their time quietly mourning their fallen comrade. Others stared at the clock intently, for they had nothing left to lose. Finally, the clock hit zero and they were dropped from their chains. A team of soldiers came and locked them all back onto the chain, leading them out of the room and down the hallway. They reached the mouth of the hall, leading into a vast, open room. And off at the end was a portal. It was Reed Richard's invention, the portal to the Negative Zone. A small cluster of people were sent back through the portal, returned  to their respective universes. The government had arduously searched for these people in order to stem the vast over population of the country. It was at this moment that Daredevil, who was at the front of the line, jumped in the air, spinning mid-air and wrapping the chain around one of the soldier's necks, taking him down. The line came to a stop and the last person in line, Robin, spun around and kicked one of the soldiers behind him. They moved together, overtaking the rest of the guards before they had a chance to fire. Rorschach had managed to pick up the keys from a soldier and unlock Raven, who freed everyone else.  
Another wave of soldiers converged on them and they made a mad dash for the portal. When they reached it, Rorschach took the controls and calibrated it to the appropriate dimension. Starfire stood before them, looking specifically at the members of their party who called this world home. "Are you sure you want to do this?" she asked. Peter looked at her with a stern expression. "There's nothing left for me here." He said. Johnny and Marc simultaneously nodded. Matt turned to Raven and his decision was clear. "Very well." she said. Rorschach turned from the console and shouted out, "Go! Now!" Together, they all jumped through. Rorschach typed away once again and set it to his home, racing towards the portal and diving through just as a soldier's bullet grazed his arm. When he landed in a cold New York street and glanced up to see a whithered poster of Ozymandias advertising cologne, he knew he was home. 
A bright flash erupted and the heroes fell to the ground. When they glanced up at their home, they saw naught but a barren wasteland, ash laden ground and the twisted old skeletons of skyscrapers off in the distance. A skeleton, the flesh burned clean from the bone, lay face down in the dust not to far away. Robin dropped to his knees as the others looked in awe at their world. "No..." he whispered to himself. Daredevil kicked a mound of dust and cried out, "Rorschach did this! He sent us to some god damn hell hole to die!" Raven looked up in the sky as a shadow descended upon them. "No, Matt..." she replied, awestruck, "This... is our earth."  A dark figure on a levitating throne stared down at them, eyes aglow with a menacing power. "Wrong, child..." he said in a terrifying voice. The figure stood on his platform, the rays of light peeking through heavy clouds revealing the face of Darkseid, "This is my earth now." 
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so after they have discoverd that gothem city is gone, they head back to there base to think of possable solutions
Rob-who do you think could have done this?
Cap-well if I remember correctly, dr. light has the ability to make things dissapear.
GR-mephisto has supernatural abilitys of large preportion, ive seen him use them .
Rav- well there power combind would be enough to make a whole city dissapear.
Ror- how do we enter gothem city?
Cap- we dont, we let them commit there petty crimes, then when there done we bust them hard, as a team!
Rob- but they outnumber us 10 to 8!
Cap- its not the size of the one, its the power of many, and we have more power.
(the wall explodes, when the dust clears, you see the punisher with Tommy tomorrow standing behind him)
Punisher- especially with us!
END Part 4

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wow like the concept. Will defin@tely put my two cents in, becuz i w@s requested for this i will do something for it. IDK when it will be up or even if it will be in time but i will write it

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Wow and I thought I was a good writer! Hold on I'm making something.

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I've don't have enough time to even read the threads.....so I don't think I'll be in this.

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You don't have to read nthe threads. Your making up your own story. Just read the requirements.
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Chapter 1:(Told from Cap's point of view. It's sort of more like a prologue.) 
      I didn't know what to expect when it happened. I happened so fast that I couldn't process anything. Would we die? Would we live? I couldn't even process what it was let alone what was happening. However, through the foggy blur of confusion, panic, and that golden light that dulled my senses, I could make out one thing; a voice. The voice was stronger and clearer than anything I had ever heard. Suddenly the mission, the team, or anything that was going on before no longer mattered. This voice was the only thing that mattered now. His voice...He...or whatever it was exactly, what or who was talking to me? Something told me that I might find out... in another life. His voice was firm but compassionate. It reminded me of my father before he died, in fact there was something familiar about the voice, something I couldn't quite place. 
      The voice told me that I was being transported somewhere; another universe where our help was needed. Our help, I had completely forgotten who was with me. Spider-Man, Daredevil, Moon Knight, Ghost Rider... did they hear the voice too? I started to wonder what was going through their minds now. Was the voice talking to them too? Were they hearing the same things that I was? Were they going to the same place that I was? Where was I going anyway? All this began to frustrate me until I realized that the voice was still talking to me. "You will arrive on DC's earth in about twenty five seconds" DC... I had heard that somewhere... Deadpool! Deadpool, Wade Wilson; the half insane, psychotic, former mercenary turned hero had mentioned DC in his crazy ramblings before the mission about yellow boxes, Marvel, people no one knows, and issues, but of what? No one understands Wade's mind and no one probably ever will but how would he of all people know about another universe? 
       Once again, the voice woke me from my thoughts. "You will be arriving on DC's earth at any moment" said the voice, "Good luck Bucky". Now the voice knew me? That was confusing. Then again this whole thing was confusing so I decided not to be absorbed by that fact. Instead I asked the voice, "Will I ever see you again?". Then, out of the light, I noticed a slight image of what  was talking to me. It was a glowing golden figure. I thought I saw it raise its hand in a wave before it said "One day..." There was a burst of intense light as the figure disappeared. I was actually surprised that it did not harm me in any way. Soon the light began to fade as well. Darkness began to engulf me, then everything went black.
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Star fire is having a relationship with spider man which is working out well on all terms while the others are planning to combat the masters of evil. A mysterious entity choose these particular heroes from separate universes such as the DC universe and Marvel Universe.  One reason was that  most of the avengers are deceased from there defeat at the hands of the masters of evil in the past. The members from the DC universe where chosen by an entity  to feel up  the avengers again but  these  chosen members is a weird selection but the entity feels that these new members have something common perhaps as it will reveal in there social companionship with the members. Captain America is still the leader and spider-man is now second in command plus advisor for cap. Poison ivy and robin are not getting along well so they argue and form a battle between the two of them. Captain america breaks it up before it gets worse then cap brings Ivy to a cell for now since he  does not  trust her and feels there is someone going  to betray him on his  team according to the type of people placed on the team by the entity and the entity only told the leader there will be a betrayal in there ranks. Ivy is pissed like hell that she  is in a cell and reminds her like Arkhum. Continued maybe and like it so far? : ) 

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How about the fight between Ivy and Robin breaks apart the team into two seperate teams, with Ivy leading one and Cap leading the other?
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O and just wondering is there a deadline when u have to finish and the winner is decided?

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Wait, This is confusing O_o

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Chapter 2 (told from Raven's point of view)
      I was in a meadow. It was green and lush with vegetation, birds flew everywhere. The sky was bright and blue, cloudless. There was a stream that ran through the meadow it, bringing it life. There was every kind of tree, flower, and fruit you could imagine. Butterflies flew in the air, rabbits hopped around, there was even ducks near the stream, all kinds of creatures thrived here. I decided to sit down on the soft grass. Bees buzzed around me, however not one stung me or saw me as a threat. A beautifully colored hummingbird perched on a flower next to me, sipping the sweet nectar. I could not resist holding my hand out to touch it, despite the fact that it would fly away. Surprisingly, however, this was not the case and it let me stroke its feathers oh so gently. As I did I could not help but think why it let me do that. It was as if every creature in the meadow was in complete harmony, as if that bird had never known fear. It was so peaceful, so perfect, so... deceiving. It was a dream of course, a foolish, impossibly deceiving, dream filled with nothing but lies and wishful thinking. It was so different than the cruel, cold-hearted, terrifying, chaotic world outside; in the real world, not the one in my mind as I slept. If only the universe was as perfect as this meadow. 
      Then, as I decided whether or not I should pinch myself to exit this too-good-to-be-true, Edenlike landscape and awake back onto the cold floor of the cave, I felt something in the air... a presence of some sort. Suddenly a voice spoke softly into one of my ears, "Raven... Raven listen." I bolted to the side; startled by the voice. "Raven..." it said again, this time I didn't jump, instead I said: "Hello? Do I know you?". "No..." said the voice, "but I know you.". The voice moved to the stream and a glowing light took form and I realized that that was where the voice was coming from. "Listen", the voice told me, "I know your world is in peril but I must tell you something." "I'm listening", I replied. "You must tell your friends what I tell you now, It is vital to the survival of your universe and all others. The criminal known as Lex Luthor, for reasons that would be too hard to explain as your kind lack the capacity to understand it, was performing experiments in space with his Orange Ring of Greed which was given back to him by Larfleeze and accidentally opened a bridge between universes through his over-usage of immense power. This allowed a certain entity known as the Phoenix Force to escape the realm of the Marvel Universe..." Marvel Universe? Phoenix Force? What the hell is that?, I thought silently but decided not to get sidetracked by that thought.
       "Lex was hoping it would bestow its powers on him, however, the Phoenix Force had other plans. It did not desire Lex Luthor or his Orange Ring of Greed, rather, the phoenix is a creature of rage and bestowed itself upon Atrocitus who is now corrupted even further by the Phoenix and is now an insanely powerful, destructive storm of rage that, if not defeated, may grow to consume this universe and countless others through the bridge, on its hateful rampage." I started to notice that the stream had begun turning red and before I knew it, every animal, insect, tree, and plant down to the last blade of grass had started dying and as what used to be a calm stream became a river of blood splitting into veins and growing as things continued to die I heard the voice say; "The more he consumes the more powerful he becomes."
       "Atrocitus, however can be stopped" said the voice, "but only if your team and a group of heroes from the same universe whilst the Phoenix came defeat another threat. "Another threat??!!!!" Raven interjected "Then who will stop Atrocitus?" "Another, more powerful, more capable team will take care of that my dear" said the voice. "But in order for them to succeed they must fight Atrocitus alone and beat him before he reaches Earth. You and your team, along with the other team, will have to defeat those who may intervene in the battle against Atrocitus. Lex Luthor had followed the Phoenix Force and formed an alliance with Atrocitus after he merged with the Phoenix Force. Atrocitus nearly killed him, however, he decided he may need someone to make sure heroes do not get in the way of his plans. Atrocitus plans to destroy all universes and then use his ring and the power of the Phoenix to create a new universe created from pure hate, with him as its evil emperor. Lex of course, demanded a place in this universe and Atrocitus agreed to his terms. Little does Luthor know, Atrocitus plans to kill him shortly after destroying your Earth." Your Earth? There are more Earths??!!, I thought but decided that she should probably focus on more important matters than that at the moment. "You must tell your team what I have told you. You must defeat Lex and his league of villains or Atrocitus may never be stopped. Joker, Bane, Poison Ivy, and Killer Croc are controlling the remaining heroes on Earth and save set up base in the Hall of Justice. Lex also did take a team of villains from the Marvel universe too. Ask the Marvel heroes about the Hood and his gang, you must take them out as well before attempting to fight Luthor. Good luck, and remember that the fate of all universes may rest in you and your team's hands."  
      The light began to fade. "Wait!" I shouted, "Before you leave, what is your name?" The light stopped fading for a moment and then proceeded to give the response: "I have many names, I Am what I Am; a Presence." The light faded finally and I woke up shortly. As soon as I woke up I was, firstly, worried I may forget all that the Presence had told me but strangely I felt as if I was never sleeping in the first place. Secondly, I was suprised that my team had woken up before me. They were standing at the cave's mouth looking into the distance towards the sunrise. Well the sunrise isn't that pretty, I thought. I quickly ran over to them to tell them about what had I had just dreamed about when I realized they were not looking at the sunset. A giant, cometlike stream of golden light was streaking across the sky, and it was headed right for us.
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 Part 1:
The Villains of the Marvel/DC universes have teamed to rid the world of heroes for good.  They go by the name NUO (New Universal Order) and they consist of Sinestro, Zoom, The Joker, Sandman, Killer Croc, The Lizard, Red Skull, Crimson Dynamo, Doomsday, Destroyer, Elektro, and Dr. Doom.  The team has already killed Tony Stark.  So the heroes of the duel universes decide to form up to take on this onslaught of evil.  They feature Spider-Man,  Daredevil, Moon Knight, Rorscharch, Ghost Rider, Poison Ivy, Robin Captain Amercia, Starfire, Raven, Kyle Rayner, and Hal Jordan.  But little do the heroes know they have a traitor in their midst and the revelation will shock the Superhero world forever.