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I'm aware that the idea of an "Ultimate" DC universe isn't original, however looking at those who previously brought it up have either disappeared or aren't really doing it in the "Ultimate" style. The Ultimate style being 3-4 books with a few writers controlling the whole thing, set more in the modern setting, having a young, independent, hero starting off as the flagship of the imprint, and in general more youth oriented.

I've been thinking about this style and I've been trying to figure out who in DC could be the flagship. Everyone I was thinking of either weren't independent or were too new and no point within a new universe type thing... Then it came to me in the place most ideas came to me... I know who the flagship is!

So questions...

  1. would anybody be interested in me actually writing this? Example of some of my writing here.
  2. Would anyone else want to work with me in this? Keep in mind I'd want it to be a bit different than how a number of the fan-fic here is...in as much as it would be written as comics and before posted I'd have to check it so it fits with the overall universe.

The titles...

  1. The Flagship - Ultimate Batgirl
  2. Ultimate Justice (Justice League)
  3. Utimate Teen Titans (with a more limited cast than usual)
  4. Ultimate Detective Action (or something like that... the team up book!)

Ultimate Batgirl

Set in Year 3 or 4 of the universe and feature a young, age 16, Barbara Gordon in Gotham City learning to be a Costume Crime Fighter while living in the same house as her adopted father James Gordon and against the desires of Batman.

Ultimate Justice

Features Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter as the primary characters. Mainly deals with heroes trying to maintain the balance between being heroes that react when they are needed and active agents that act as a governing body. Would also feature Amanda Waller and Lex Luthor... and General Lane possibly.

Ultimate Teen Titans

The best way I can describe what I'm thinking here is Young Justice (the comic) like with a cast of say Dick Grayson, Wally West, Koriand'r (Starfire), Raven, and Cyborg. I don't know exactly where this would go but it would be more adventury.

Ultimate Detective Action

This book would have team up stories between various DC characters, but mainly between Batgirl and another character.

I haven't really thought much about these books, but this is where I'd go if I were to do them and they would have a more... "anything can happen" feel that Ultimate Marvel has where a character could really die or they could take any number of paths that in normal DC they wouldn't...

What ye be thinkin?

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I could write Ultimate Detective Action if you would like .@Durakken:

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@andrewtheking: I don't want to sound like a jerk-face here and might...if I were to pursue this and have other people working with me I'd want them to write as though it were for a comic book. In other words...

Page 1 -
Panel 1 - Batman rests crouches on a gargoyle on Wayne Tower overlooking Gotham City
Caption: Gotham 1953
Caption: Modern science says time travel is impossible; Make note - It is not. Inquire when time permits.
Page 2 -
Panel 1 -

Basically that style and 20 pages long at least once a month.

If you want to take a crack at it I have no problem with working with just about anyone as long as, as I pointed out, keep canon correct, write in this style, and will to work with me checking their work before posting as to make sure...

Obviously though since this is off the cuff at the moment nothing is set so before anything gotta make a plan going forward before anything is done.

So if I'm not being clear. If you want to work on this in this particular style and way of working I'm more than willing to give anyone a shot, but before anything actually gets done need some brain storming sessions ^.^ or something to make sure we know what each other are doing and get stuff right.

I don't want to sound like I'm saying no which this might sound like. I am just trying to make myself clear as to what I want to do and make sure anyone who joins up is clear on these points is all...if you are please respondo again :D. Also the above is somewhat important if your going to take on that one if the main character does end up being Batgirl for that series because I'll probably be the one to write Batgirl and i'm not 100% certain where to go with her at the moment. Or if it's another character that starts in another title it might be off so it's important to get that book good.

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@Durakken: Understood

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@Durakken: You might not find enough people willing to read scripts since it takes a while to get used to reading it and picturing it at the same time.

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@CapFanboy: True, but maybe some artists can get on board and you know... draw them ^.^

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@Durakken: I see you're new to the Vine.

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@CapFanboy said:

@Durakken: I see you're new to the Vine.

haha... It's actually less likely for another reason which not many people know about ^.^

But you never know >.>

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>.> So I plan on writing the first issue in within a month or so ^.^... still working on how to work it all out.

Here's the current timeline for this

Update... I've slightly altered my idea of Ultimate Justice...

2 years ago Checkmate is formed by the US military and is funded by Kord Industries, Luthorcorp, Queen industries, and secretly Wayne Industries. Checkmate put together a team of non-metas to handle "Extranormal" situations. This team, the Suicide Squad, consists of Oliver Queen, Slade Wilson, Ted Kord, and John Irons. Eventually this team expands into the DEO while checkmate also expands and becomes international bringing in Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, and Flash... this team becomes known as the Justice League.

As to the reason for the DEO not consisting of the members of the Suicide Squad and them eventually becoming convicts trying to earn freedom is... GA moves to the JL, Slade goes rogue, Ted Kord is lost, and John Irons refuses to be a field operative any more.

Batman is not a part of the Justice League at it's outset because he is a solo act like was stated in so many other canon, but that's not to say he isn't "working with" them

Also Checkmate dos play a role in Teen Titans ^.^