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"Did you know he could walk?" Scott hissed. Jean huddled close to him, she obviously didn't have any weapons on her and he wasn't going to have her risk her pretty little head.

"No," she whispered back, "I knew about as much as you do."

Scott looked around for any ways out, when he saw a something in Bobby's pocket. He studied it for a moment then smiled, "Professor?"

"Yes, Scott," the professor said moving towards his new partner, he handed him his pistol and motioned for James to circle around the table.

"How long have you been able to walk?" Scott asked reaching for Bobby's pocket. He could see a shadow moving towards the table.

"Always, Scott," The professor laughed, "What kind of a stupid question is that?"

"Hold your breath," Scott whispered to Jean, "What kind of a question was it, Professor?" He stood and tossed a fine whit powder in James' face. James flailed backwards for a moment as Scott brought the gun in his hand to aim at the Professor's head and fired, "A distraction."

Scott grabbed Jean's arm and pulled her up and away from the table as James blearily fired a round into it. Scott stopped at the end of the table and gave it a hard kick, sending it sliding into James' knee. The hairy man landed face first into the floor as his legs came out from under him.

Scott pulled Jean back, behind a wall and held her close to him. She smiled up at him, "What do you say we get the gem, get the hell out of her and book it to the sand lined beach of some tropical island?"

Scott looked down at her glowing eyes, "You and me? If we get that gem I'll take you anywhere."

She smiled and kissed him. Her lips where so warm against his and his whole body seemed to pulse with the pation of the kiss. She pulled away, he smiled at her, then she flatend herself on the wall next to him, "Now lets get that gem."

"You got it ma'am," he told her. He turned to the matter at hand, "James!"

A shot fired into the corner close to his head, "What?"

"Hows the coke treatin' ya, man?" Scott called.

"This ain't coke," James said, "Or if it is it's laced with somthin' else."

"Started tripping yet?" Scott smiled. The other man simple snorted and growled firing two shots into the wall. Scott mumbled to himself, "Take that as a yes."

He dashed out into the open for a brief second firing twice. He struck the other man's shoulder of the arm that wasn't holding the gun and a shot grazed his chest. James roared with anger and fired, the bullet struck Scott in the knee, knocking him from his feet. Scott fell flat on his chest, but came back with enough time to aim, the troble was, James had enough time as well.

Both guns fired.

Jean came out from around the wall, "Scott?"

"He missed," Scott moaned, "He was tripping so hard he missed."

Jean smiled and helped him to his feet. She planted another kiss on his lips, "Lets get out of here."


London was large, larger than Scott thought it would be, and there one stop until freedom. Jean had run off earlier to buy somethings, they'd meet back at the hotel. He stopped at a street vendor looking down at the red roses. He bought three dozen.

He stepped into the hotel room with a smile and noticed a note on the bed. He picked it up and read it to himself.

After a moment his smile faded.

"Son of a bitch!"

Dear Scott,

Good luck with the cops. See you around sometime, but maybe sometime when you're out.

~love Jean