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James rubbed his head as the doctors wrapped it in badages. His vision was slightly blury and the cut in the back throbbed like he'd been pistol whipped, "Anna what the hell happened?" He stood up and looked for his partner but found no sight of her.

A doctor took notice of his movement and wandered ove to him, "You really shouldn't be up right now Agent." The doctor patted the bed trying to make it clear he wanted James to lie down, of course James wasn't hearing of it.

"I heal faster than most people," he growled, "Where the hell is my partener?"

"Right, the old Howlett 'healing factor,'" the doctor scoffed, "We don't know where she is. We're assuming everyone got away and the took her as a hostage. Or-"

James was on the medic in a second grabbing the front of his scrubs, "Don't you dare suggest she was part of this! Anna's a good damn agent."

"I was just saying under the circumstances-" the medic tried to explain, but James wouldn't hear it. He shoved the medic asside and pushed his way out the doors of the immoble ambulance.

"Where are you going?" the medic cried.

James stopped for a moment as if deciding for himself. His fist clentched and he looked back over his shoulder, "I've got thieves to catch."


The Gem sat in front of them, refracting the over head light in rainbow within itself. All of them where more than a little hesitant to remove their ski masks with Remy's new F.B.I. puppet with them, but had in time.

Jean had chosen the spot next to Scott, making him feel both overwhelmed with joy and nervous she was going to pull some "jedi-mind-trick" on him again. She seemed to seanse his misgivings, she smiled at him and put a finely manicured hand on his leg. The hair on the back of his neck stood up for a second, then he focused on the rock.

"So do we need to take your squeeze into account here when we sell this rock?" Bobby asked.

"Shouldn't we?" Remy said, "She helped us escape after all."

"No, Gambit," The Professor said, "We took into account only six people into account when we started this, only six people get paid."

"Thank you, Professor," Bobby said, "I for one would hate to split my shair even smaller than the one I was supposed to get anyways."

Gambit gave Bobby a dark look, "Fine, only six of us get paid." Gambit whipped out a pistol and placed a round in Bobby's chest. The other's watched as Bobby gripped at the wound for a second then dropped to the floor. Gambit counted aloud pointing the gun at each of them as he did so, "Jean, Scott, Professor, Storm, Anna, me. Thats six."

Scott frowned, he'd started to like Bobby.

"Right," the Professor said, rolling his wheel chair down of its perch at the head of the table, "On to current bussiness. Anna, my dear, would you mind opening the door?"

Anna gave him a strange look but crossed the room and opened the door. In the door way stood a big man with a three bladed gauntlet. He sliced at her neck in a quick motion. Blood splattered along the door way and the man himself.

"Oh, Anna," the man said, "You should've been working with me."

Gambit rose from his seat, gun ready to fire, "Anna n-"

Another gun went off before, a well placed round bursting Remy's jugular. The professor stood, getting out of his wheel-chair. He turned his gun on to Storm next, placing around in her chest before she had time to react.

Scott grabbed Jean and flipped the table up to provide them with a small amount of cover, "Son of a bitch!"

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