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"Cyclops, Ice-Man," the Professor cried from across the room at his desk, "Report."

Ice-man strode in through the room, tossing the emty cup in a trash can, "Five cameras, one by the door pointing outwards, then one on each corner of the room."

"Six," Cyclops corrected him, "One focusing on the back room and into the safe."

"And you're sure the Apocalypse Gem is there?" Jean asked stolling through the room.

Bobby gave her a toothy grin, "As sure as En Sabah Nur lived."

"Actually there is still some speculation on that," Cyclops whispered to him, "The Gem is either there or it has been recently and isn't anymore."

The professor frowned, "What do you mean?"

Cyclops smiled, "An agent James Howlett of the F.B.I. showed up at the last moment and we had to book it."

Remy, who had been lounging in a chair in a dark corner of the room, spit out his drink. All eyes, aside from Storm who wasn't there, turned to the cajun thief. He smiled at them nervously.

"You okay, Gambit?" Jean asked. Bobby thumped Scott in the chest and pointed to something on Jean, he saw the stamp and rolled his eyes.

"Peachy," Gambit coughed then when no one turned away, "Y'all ain't too famil'r wit' his bust rate, are ya?"

"No," Jean frowned, "Enlighten us."


"We got a tip that the gem was about to be stolen," James was telling the old man in the red and purple buiesness suit behind the counter and his stocky albino assistant.

"I assure you thats not possible," Erik Lehnsherr said, "We may look like a small hole in the wall shop, sir, but I can asure you we are much more."

"Yes, well I'm sure-" James started but the old man cut him off with a lift of his hand.

"Agent, Howlett, is it?"

"Yes," James grit his teeth.

"Yes well, metals are my life," Erik said, "And as such I have made it top on my list to protect them."

"But this isn't a metal," Anna said as if she where slightly confused.

"And, who, my dear," Erik said with a large smile, "Are you?"

"Dad," The albino cleared his throat.

"Shut up, Pietro," Erik snapped.

"But, Dad, She's-" Pietro tried again.

Anna smiled and flashed Erik her badge, "F.B.I."

Erik looked as if he'd tasted something bitter. James couldn't help but smile, something about Erik really rubbed him the wrong way. For starters if this man was so rich and powerful enough to sell all over the world, why did he put the most valuable gem known to man in this useless run-down shop? It was as if he was begging for it to get stolen.

James frowned and snapped to get Erik's attention, " Le'me see your security system."

Erik rolled his eyes, "But of course."

The old man, son in toe, lead them to the back room. It looked old and dirty, filled with large amounts of dust and old ruined boxes. Erik went to the back of the room and knelt before a small trap door with a keypad. He looked up at the three around him and cleared his throat, all three of them looked away. James made a mental note that Erik din't even trust his own kid.

"Ok," Erik said hefting the door up, "Come with me."

They followed the old man down along a dark and winding stair case until they came to another large door with a keypad. The others turned before Erik even cleared his throat, the door clicked open revealing a large brightly lit white room. They all stepped inside, the gem was sitting on a pedestol at the end of the room. It was large and grey with streaks of neon blue running through it, even James couldn't help but admire its beauty.

"Go ahead," Erik smiled, "Touch it."

James' eyes narrowed with distrust, "Why?"

Erik's smile widened, "The panels only a foot from where you stand are electrified aside from a two wide path that only I know. The first plate is alost a pressure plate that if activated gives you ten minuetes to get the gem and back before the room is closed and the oxygen is removed."

James studied the floor, he couldn't find the spot to start the walk. Well this might prove to be a busted case.

"Any questions?" Erik asked, "No? Then get out of my shop."

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This is cool! Gret stuff, very impresed

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@VyseCarma: Nice work