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I apoligize for the formatting. It was recently learned that Avenger Natasha Romanoff was really the granddaughter of Grand Duchess Anastasia. Anastasia was one of the daughters of the late Tsar Nicholas. Her identity was was a deep secret. Even the Soviets didn't know about it at first. There were people in the West and Russia that wanted crown her Tsarina. She denied any interest in wanting to rule Russia and discouraged would-be supporters. One night Natasha and her friend Maria Hill were preparing to go out for the evening. They noticed that they were wearing the same formal gown. Maria changed gowns. Disaster prevented. They laughed. They left the building arm-in-arm and entered the waiting cab. Natasha began telling the driver where to go when a gas was released inside the cab. In seconds the two Avengers were unconscious. Maria woke up inside the cab and realized Natasha was gone. She got out and looked for her friend. Maria found a Russian newspaper in the cab. She was just a couple of blocks from Avengers HQ so she rushed back to report the abduction. Natasha woke up many hours later in Vladimir Putin's office. Putin began to question her. She said she had no interest or desire to rule Russia and had said so many times. He wanted to know who her contacts were in the Russian emigre community and if she had any contacts in Russia itself. She was evasive. She didn't want to betray the foolish people who were supporting her. Putin said that Natasha required more strenuous interrogation to get that information. She was shackled and chained and put in the back of a truck to be sent to the interrogation center. Natasha knew she would be tortured and killed. There were 4 guards in the back of the truck and they put a blanket on her because she was cold. She was grateful for the darkness so she could cry silently and not be seen. Natasha worried about Maria and hoped she was safely in America. They arrived at their destination and they got her out of the truck. She didn't see any buildings. She thought maybe they were going to kill her on the spot. Suddenly there appeared two men walking out of the forest. Her guards turned her over to them. As they led her away one of them whispered in her ear "Tasha, I'm Tony Stark and we're taking you away." Shortly they were inside Stark's private jet. The other man was Nick Fury. After getting safely off the ground Stark began speaking. "Are you okay Tasha?" She nodded yes. "I was afraid those S.O.B.s would hurt you." Stark began explaining that they quickly concluded that she was kidnapped by the Russians. Stark and Fury used their Russian contacts to make sure. Natasha asked if Maria was alright. Stark said she was the one who reported the abduction. Natasha smiled. Fury said "You two are quite a pair!" Stark said that he spoke to Putin on the phone directly and arranged the pick up. Putin said that she had confirmed their belief that she wasn't seeking power in Russia. He also said that Natasha was too beautiful to interrogate further. Putin had a couple of requirements to release Natasha. Natasha was to issue a statement denying that she is related to Anastasia. Stark Enterprises was to expand its economic activity in Russia. She agreed to issue the statement. She knew her way around the jet. She said she needed her beauty sleep. Stark and Fury insisted that she was gorgeous. She blew kisses in their directions and headed to Stark's private quarters to shower and sleep. Fury said "She still has it!" When she woke up she found a change of clothing and got dressed. She hugged and kissed both men and thanked them for rescuing her. When they arrived back in the U.S. there were a gaggle of reporters waiting. Stark introduced Natasha and she issued her denial of any royal blood. Then Natasha Romanoff went into hiding.