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Related to Kingdom Hearts, made by me. It's when a character is standing before his best friend, who is in a coma-like state and is confessing his sins to him.

I'm standing here, heart full of fear/ Mind full of regret, of course you will forget when you wake up/ I had to make up, for all I had done/ Met the dark and in a spark, we became one/ I let it get to me , and now i show it again/ I know i can't win/ I hate it, my mind was so blind/ Ungrateful and hateful, while you were so kind/ Before the fight, my light, i see fade in the worst place/ I think they keyblade picked you in the first place/ I despise the darkness, despite that my bite is barkless/ I take on my burden and draw this curtain/ I will pay for the way I was/ But you stayed my friend until the end, just because/ Now there inner demons, in-between us/ Last time I couldn't overcome your other/ As i breathe in, I hate to give in, but you're like my brother/So i was kindly told/ to Blindfold my eyes and draw the darkness/ Your name still remains so dark less/ You won't remember your defender, or the castle lord, or any of my word/ I just wanted to see you once more, before the door/ And I had seen our Island of Destiny/ To draw out the best in me/ It's so hollow and nobodies follow/ Shames me for I am the reason it's frozen in season/ You're a brave heart, and I turned the Island into a graveyard/ It had one grave in the ground, with my name/ But, Sora... At least the waves still sound the same/


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Incredible. I love the imagery. Very nicely written.

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As a fan of KH I have to say that is awesome man.

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GL Bertron says:

"As a fan of KH I have to say that is awesome man."

Didn't know you were a fan of KH. I did write a Roxas one also.