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Hey everybody! This is Black Claw here and as you can see I am about to share my first fanfiction with you guys on this site. However take caution because this fiction takes place after the story mode of Injustice: Gods Among Us, so obviously there are gonna be tons of spoilers. If you don't want to be spoiled, turn away immediately.

Now that the warning is over with. Here is the Plot:

"After five years of being ruled by Superman's iron fist, the World can finally breath a sigh of relief now that the regime has been defeated and the man of steel's reign of terror has finally come to an end. But things have yet to settle down, because now the fallen heroes have to answer to mankind for their crimes. Now Barry Allen has to face his friends, family, enemies, and former allies in court. Will mankind spare him for his act of heroism against the regime he formerly served ever so faithfully, or will he suffer along with the rest of the Gods?"

First Chapter will be up soon.

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Chapter 1: The Fall of the Regime

Finally, after five years of oppression, five years of tyranny, five years of terror, it was finally over. Barry Allen couldn't believe it. The odds were definitely not in their favor. Superman had an entire army at his disposal, not to mention his super powered allies as well. And yet somehow he and the insurgents managed to end the Regime once and for all. The scarlet speedster had never felt such a sense of satisfaction in his life. Now the people of earth were finally free to make their own decisions once more.

After Barry and the Insurgents defeated his former allies, news quickly spread of the defeat of the high counselor at the hands of the Duplicate Superman. Needless to say, there was widespread rejoice worldwide and suddenly a fire that had been put out for years inside the hearts of the worlds law enforcement was ignited once again. After the high counselor was brought in from the fortress of solitude following his battle with his counterpart, the insurgents rounded up the remaining regime members in Gotham by putting on handcuffs that neutralized their abilities. All they needed to do now was hand them over to the authorities, and sure enough, Commissioner Gordon and the rest of the GCPD was there to take them away. But as the duplicate heroes were helping load the regime members into the van, the GCPD suddenly aimed their guns at the heroes. Wonder Woman quickly got into a fighting stance, but the two Batmen quickly convinced her to stand down. Meanwhile, the other heroes were surprised and confused to why GCPD seemed to be turning on them all of a sudden. There was a few seconds of silence until Green Arrow finally broke it.

Green Arrow: Hey hold on! We're on your side remember?

Insurgency!Batman: They aren't aiming at us Arrow.

Green Arrow: Huh?

Flash: *sighs* They're aiming at me.

Green Arrow: Now wait just a second, you just helped us take down the regime. So why is everybody turning on you all of a sudden? If it weren't for you we probably would've never pulled this off, hell not even this city and Metropolis would probably be here right now.

Gordon: You have a point there arrow. However, one good deed doesn't mean he can be let off scott free for all the things he's done during his time with the regime. He's going to have to stand trial along with the rest of his former allies.

Green Lantern: *raises his voice in anger* What?! How could-

Flash: *gets a rather sad look on his face and lowers his head to the ground before picking it back up* He's right Lantern.

Green Lantern: You proved to the world that you still had some good in you. Everyone oughta know your not a psycho like them *gestures to the regime members who give Barry rather menacing looks due to his betrayal*

Flash: Excuse me commissioner, I need to discuss something in private with these two.

Commissioner Gordon looks at the speedster with a rather stern expression on his face. While he was grateful that the Flash finally came to his senses and realized just how insane Superman's idea of peace was, that alone just couldn't make him forget all the hardships the world had endure from these so called "heroes" the moment Superman killed the Joker all those years ago. Free Speech was all but dead, thousands had lost their lives trying to speak out against the man of steel, and nearly all of the rogues in Gotham had been wiped out by the Kryptonians madness. Gordon was relieved that it was finally over, but the mental scars would take quite some time to heal. Still, Green Lantern and Green Arrow were two of the people that the fastest man alive was the most closest to, even if they weren't actually "his" Green Lantern and Green Arrow. Gordon figured it would be fair to allow the Flash to share some final words with his friends before he went off to trial.

Gordon: Alright, but make it quick.

Flash: *cracks a smile* Quick is what I do best sir.

{The three heroes walk a short distance away from the others}

Green Lantern: This is absolutely crazy. Barry I saw what you just did and I can tell you right now that your more of a hero than they ever were. Including Superman, your Superman.

Flash: Thanks Hal, but still I was a part of law enforcement before I joined the regime. I should've known how the law works better than everybody else and I failed miserably at that. I'm sorry you guys, but even something like this isn't gonna make up for all that I've done before. Trial is the only way I'm gonna redeem myself.

Green Arrow: But what if-

{Barry puts an arm on Green Arrow's shoulder and smiles in a reassuring matter}

Flash: I'll be fine Ollie. Promise.

{Ollie and Hal just stand there for a second, then both of them crack a smile at their friend, signaling that they approve of his decision. The three of the then walk towards Commissioner Gordon.}

Gordon: Well?

The Flash then proceeded to hold his arms out in front of him, letting the officers know he was officially surrendering to them. Gordon nodded his head and sure enough, the cuffs are slapped on the speedster and he is led towards the van that was holding his fellow regime members. But as the Flash was being led into the van, he cracked a smile at Ollie one last time right as the archer smiled back at did a quick salute towards him. As the hero sat down in the van, the back doors were closed and the van drove off into the darkness of Gotham City. As the vehicle disappeared from plain sight, Ollie and Hal held their heads down, visibly saddened and somewhat fearful at the thought of what kind of punishment he might receive for his past misdeeds.

Superman: I know it might not seem fair, but trust me, he's doing the right thing.

The heroes began to make their way back to the batcave. Green Arrow and Green Lantern look at each other and nod as they follow their fellowed heroes to Wayne Manor.

And that takes care of Chapter 1. Be sure to give some feedback and criticism is highly recommended so that I may know of some things I might have to improve on.

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The story is decent, but the execution is sort of all over the place. I can't tell if it's a script or a regular fiction.

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A little bit of both. But that's mainly due to the fact that I'm more experienced with writing scripts so yeah...