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NYC Sewer system 10 years ago

Splinter wakes the turtles for their daily training, Leonardo was up waiting as usual, Donatello and Raphael got up at once. Michelangelo was always the last up. They started as Usual with a run through the tunnels. Don kept pace with Splinter as Leo and Raph raced ahead trying to out run each other while Mike lagged behind not really trying to keep up. When he stopped the others barely noticed until Splinter yelled at him to keep up. Mike looked nervous as he stared down a dark tunnel and waved for Splinter to come look.

He noticed something moving in the dark and went in. He found a teenaged girl who was crying with a hand over her eye. Splinter noticed the blood and cautiously went to help her. He helped her to her feet and asked her name. She looked up to him, "Callisto, I was being chased and I had no other place to go." She followed Splinter and the turtles back to their lair so Splinter could treat her wound.

A few days later Callisto told Splinter and the turtles,"Thanks for all your help, but I need to find a place of my own." Don spoke up,"I know a place." His three brothers glared at him as Splinter looked over,"We found this really huge tunnel the other day." Splinter's eyes narrowed,"When?"

Raph changed the subject quickly saying,"We'll take you right too it, come on Mikey." Mikey hopped up and he and Raph rushed out.

8 years ago

The turtles kept up their training and in the time since they'd found Callisto she had searched out many other mutants like herself that didn't fit in on the surface and they'd made themselves their own society based in the tunnel they now called the Alley. Splinter allowed them to go there and play with the Morlock children when they finished their daily training and studies. They made many friends. Splinter even occasionally gave martial arts lessons to some of them.

2 years ago, NYC surface. The Office of Wilson Fisk.

Oroku Saki seats himself as Fisk turns to face him, "I'm told you've been having a great deal of trouble with a man in tights, though his name escapes me at the moment." Fisk stands up,"Daredevil, and what exactly makes you think your people will fare any better than my own men or the Hand." Saki smiles," Simple biology, a hand is good for grasping but you need a foot to stomp something down."

A few days later Daredevil swings from a roof top, on another 4 figures sit,"Did you see that?" Raph looks over, "See what Mikey?" He points and they look over,"That's Daredevil, he's so cool." Don looks unimpressed,"Meh, let me know if you spot Spiderman." Leo chuckles. As the other 3 turn to continue their nightly excercises Mikey yells, "Look, he's getting jumped." Leo looks back as Raph says,"He's a super hero I'm sure he can handle it." Leo looks on,"I don't know, the numbers aren't in his favor." Raph grins,"All right, if you say so." He then jumps for the nearest roof top heading toward the battle.

Leo attempted to call him back to try to form some strategy but it was too late. Daredevil gets knocked down and a sword is coming toward his head as Raph's foot connects with the ninja's face sending him flying. He then stands in front of Daredevil,"Quit laying down on the job." Daredevil looks shocked for a second to see a giant turtle talking to him but he puts it out of his mind as he jumps to his feet.

The other 3 arrive and immediately begin fighting. The ninjas had the numbers but were clearly out classed here, Daredevil was impressed with the turtles fighting ability commenting, "Do I really need to be here?" as he fought. After a few minutes the ninja retreat. Daredevil turns to thank the turtles but they were gone. He shrugs,"That would have been weird for most folks." He then walked off.

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LOL! Those are his Turtles...

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@Primmaster64: he doesn't know that yet

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Nice! I like the Action right out of the gate.

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@Project_Worm: There's a prologue that has most of the early origin

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@joshmightbe: Ah... Well, I did not know that. I will definitely check that out.

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@Project_Worm: 3 people die and a certain kid is blinded in it

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@joshmightbe said:

@Project_Worm: 3 people die and a certain kid is blinded in it

BLINDED!? I wonder who... :p

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@joshmightbe: COOL!!

Keep it up

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@joshmightbe: Read part 2 before part 1. Nice work. A DD & TMNT team up works nicely

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How did I mis this?!?!! This is really coolio good job @joshmightbe. So the turtles are kinda Morlocks

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@joshmightbe: good overall story, but I'd suggest expanding on the action not just "they fought. he said this." HOW did they fight? WHAT was accomplished? HOW did it happen? Stuff like that.

Like I said, the premise overall is good but the story itself could be beefed up.

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Don't forget about this's good stuff

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@joshmightbe: Bumped!