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Part Two

Thor set off on his lone journey after his "loyal” friends had abandoned him for childish amusement; the trip to this location had only taken about an hour…An hour of talking, fighting and generally being stupid. Fun times, the sun had decided to descend on the Prince of Asgard as he paced through the rocky Mountains.

The sun glared off the shiny rocks as he dug his feet into the ground with each pace forward, he was feeling very heavy, turning his head around in all directions looking for a water source...Nothing was in sight, he sighed heavily. His mouth had never felt so dry, what a cursed day, the torturous sun passively defeating him as he simply walked back home. He leaned on a warm rock as he took his bearings.

Suddenly an unnatural sound was heard”ARRRRGG!” Thor bellowed into the air with arms outstretched, the scream was a shatteringly annoyed and frustrated sound from the Young God. He calmed down as he closed his eyes for a few seconds. Breathing in and out…in and out…He started to walk again briskly though the trail, stopping for nothing.

In contrast to the previous anger Thor had shown, it was quite a quiescent and dormant day, No sound was heard apart from the subtle blowing of the wind and occasional bird, He had finally reached the deep forest, Through here then back to Asgard, Jumping across a stream of water he landed in the forest, looking up the canopy was majestically high, He could barely make-out the leaves. He backtracked for a second, leaned over and took a massive gulp of water from the stream, the water was a little warm, but it was still water. He indulged in the natural high of water as he heard rustling behind himself, He did not make a move, he acted normally. If he was indeed being watched any movement that would show he was aware would make them attack him.

He slowly sipped the water, deciding what to do, He started to run his hands though his hair, faking to look at himself in the waters reflection, in fact he was making sure not to ripple the water so he could see any attack that would come from behind, He could hear the rustling again, His heart-rate increased as he readied for battle, Without warning he suddenly heard a loud battle cry, followed by an Elf charging towards him, a deadly blade thrusting forward at the future King, He spun around, grabbing the sword’s metal his bare hand as he thrust his elbow into the Elf’s face, causing it to topple backwards, Thor held onto the blade as it dug into his skin. He tore it from the Elfs grip as he stood steadfast, ready for battle, a tight grip on the sword as blood trickled down the handle.

The fallen Elf got to his feet, he ran back into the forest out of sight, Thor shouted after him “COWARD!”

As he said that, a sadistic face appeared, half blue, half black... Malekith the Accursed voice blackened the Asgardian Forrest with his sinister and taunting laugh as he spoke “Thor! Thor! What a pleasure to see you this day! Shame, I was hoping to kill you in-front of your Daddy!” He burst out laughing in an immature manner “Go on, Do your worst - Over-muscled Brute” He folded his arms waiting for Thor to attack.

Thor bit his lip as he resisted retorting back, Instead he charged at godly speeds attempting to slice the two faced villain in the neck, He was foiled as a random Elf outstretched their own sword, Then swung it towards the Prince, Thor ducked under the blade bringing his own sword up connecting with the defending Elfs neck, blood squirted out as it drenched Thor, He spun around and pointed his sword at his original target, he stepped forward, blade fixed on Malekith throat “You are under Arrest” He spat on the ground as his head gestured ahead of the path “Walk” The duo set off....

To be continued...

Next time....

There is more than meets the eye to this....predictable kiss

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Shorter than usual, but just getting ready for a much longer piece next-time when Loki is up-to no good, So made this a lil shorter :P

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K, let me say I really enjoyed your description of the forest - methinks you have some personal experience in which to delve into (heh heh) and also, great interaction with Malekith - I like how you showed Thor's patience and cleverness (the water) and also his fearlessness (catching the attacking blade, bare-handed). This is so much fun. I really, really hope you keep up your enthusiasm for this.




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@lykopis: Thanks! Yeah, I do a little so it was easier!

I will do, its the funnest Fic I have done so far , not many but you get the idea :P

You will find out soon enough what the pic is about!

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Bump for anyone who asked who I forgot >_>

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WICKED! Oh and look, some blonde on blonde action! :D

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@pyrogram: DOITDOITDOITDOIT so I can troll certain people about blondes! :D

*cough* I mean...

Dude, I am seriously looking forward to how Thor will get out of this devious pickle of a situation he got himself into!

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@deranged_midget: Hell yeahhh! So am I >_> I write on the spot, no planning >_>

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@pyrogram: Spontaneous writing huh? Now that is a talent indeed!

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@pyrogram: Hey, whatever works right! Let me know when the next installment hits!

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Thor killing elves? But who will make the toys for Santa? : P

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@wildvine: These are some dangerous ass Elves girl! They will tear you limb from limb, hell, may even turn you INTO santa :P

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