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Create a Resume for your OC or any superhero you choose that you know well.

You have three jobs to choose from:

Prison Guard: You work at Arkham asylum. Your boss is strangely enough Lex Luthor. No one really knows why he took that job, he must be up to something.

Fisherman: Working under Captain Hook (he gave up fighting Peter after losing for the upteenth time)

Cook of Hell's Kitchen working with Chef Gordon Ramsay: Yes, Gordon is acting in character, that is not a good thing BTW.

Your character does not have to totally qualify for the job, but they do have to apply for one. Do the application in the style of the character you pick. If you character is arrogant, write in that style; assuming they aren't smart enough to hide it on their resume.

After looking at all the resumes I will PM you if your resume enabled your character to get the job or not. In the end I will post who was hired and who wasn't on this post.

Looking forward to all your ideas! Feel free to be funny as well!

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Interesting... I may give this a try.