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The Zombie Gospel: based on a mutual idea by Adrian Pickworth & Kevin Curley

(I wrote this a few years ago as a script idea when the whole world went zombie crazy, it is as yet unfinished but I'd like to see what you guys think of it)

Ext: Late afternoon, Judea circa 36AD. A Roman legionnaire #1 is running for his life through the winding streets. He has fresh blood across his uniform and up his arms. He has no sword or shield. He keeps glancing behind him at the out of focus but vocal/gutteral group behind him. As he rounds a corner he spots in front of him, with their backs to the wall, his battalion (about 20 men) in a semi-circular turtle-like shield formation

Legionnaire #2: Run Cassian! Run!

Cassian is close to the group when a zombie Rabbi crash tackles him and begins clawing and biting him. He screams like a wounded animal as the rest of the zombie group descend on him like a pack of ravenous wolves

Legionnaire #2: NO!

He breaks ranks and hurls his pilum (Roman spear) impaling a zombie fisherman. He draws his gladius (Roman sword) and heads to his fallen comrade

Centurion: Galerius! Stay in formation!

Legionnaire #2 aka Galerius: Sir?

Centurion: Stay in formation! We stay together and we survive!

Galerius: But Cassian…

Centurion: Cassian is all but dead! We stay together or those monsters will end us ALL. Now get back in line!

Galerius watches as the group tear Cassian’s arms off whilst others feast upon his torso like sharks as Cassian shrieks in total agony. He quickly joins the line and raises his shield. The zombie horde, (around thirty), finish with Cassian and begin heading towards the trapped battalion.

Centurion: We attack as one!

Battalion in chorus: (Cheering to boost confidence)

Centurion: We give no quarter!

Battalion in chorus: (More cheering)

Centurion: Pilum ready!

The zombie horde charges

Centurion: Throw!

The hail of spears slam into the front ranks of zombies. Several are pin cushioned but all it serves to do is slow the impaled ones. The horde swells in number as more zombies join the fray.

Legionnaire #3 muttering: Join the Legion they said. See the world they said. Nothing about fighting the dead

Centurion: Legionnaires…ATTACK!

The well organised fighting machine begins a fierce hand to hand. Limbs, heads, jaws and blood fly freely as the hack into the zombies, it is violent, frenetic and dangerous.

Cut to Int: A hand slams shut an old parchment style book. Subtitles come up reading: Trento, Northern Italy 1543. Dominic, a young Franciscan styled monk, holds his hand to his mouth as he sits the 16 Century monastery library at Trento. Hundreds of books, parchments, scrolls and codex’s fill the room as does a large sculpture of Jesus on the Cross. From a door across the room enters the Monsignor, a rotund man dressed in red.

Monsignor: Well Dominic? How goes your readings?

Dominic: I'm not sure Monsignor. I'm not finished yet

Monsignor: Well you best hurry. His Holiness needs these for when the council convenes

Dominic: Monsignor…this work is…well its disturbing

Monsignor: Does it bring shame to the Lord Our God Dominic? If so then it goes with the other heretical anathema…

Monsignor pats a pile of books, several titles are clearly visible namely: On the Revolutions of the Celestial Spheres by Nicolaus Copernicus, The Teachings of Arianism by Arius, Nestorianism, Monophysitism and Eutyches, Xenu the Wall of Fire and The Left Hand Path with a picture of a Baphomet upon the cover.

{Side note: the first 4 are actual heretic/denounced books by the Church, Xenu is a dig at Scientology and the Left Hand Path is the Satanic bible}

Monsignor cont’d And it heads to the fire pit, where all such perverted nonsense belongs. But do not let your readings of them sway you Dominic. Your talent for languages is a gift from God.

Dominic: Yes Monsignor

Monsignor: Let us pray

Dominic clasps his hands in prayer, revealing the title of his book; The Gospel of Judas!

(I own all the rights etc to this story. This is mine...actually this isn't really fan-fic per se but this was the best place I could think to put it. Thanks)

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Haha, zombies in ancient Rome, epic.

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@Ravager4: It seems a logical time period when people came back from the dead according to a certain book.

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Interesting...do your zombies run or are they old school shufflers?

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Have you seen this my friend?

@4donkeyjohnson: Probably trying to have them more like George A Romero

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@batkevin74: MORE!!! NEED MORE OF THIS. this was well written and very attention grabbing. also good use of references and explaining them.

even though I'm not a professional writer and you shouldn't value my opinion that highly this was a great read!

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@turok_son_of_stone: Why thank you, that's really nice to hear. I shall get back into this soon, I believe it has merit and obviously you do to. Thanks for reading

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You're turn to read something of mine, it's short and sweet

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@Ravager4 said:

Haha, zombies in ancient Rome, epic.


@batkevin74: was the name Cassian derived from Cassius?

Sorry, reading Julius Caesar in English class. XD

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@primepower53: I looked up Latin/Roman names and got a list; Cassian and Galerius were on it. Thanks for the read

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