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A sorceress' mystical power wanes and waxes over time. Like everything else, magic has its ups and downs, no matter how experienced or powerful the user is. Magic can be quite unpredictable, which, sometimes, can lead to shocking or dangerous situations. Let me tell you about one time I was having trouble with magic, where my power was at an all-time low... which almost led to the death of not only me, but also an innocent, young witch who trusted me.


Dark morning
The minute I opened my eyes, that specific morning, I knew I had just made the first mistake of my day. Reluctantly, I got up and dragged my feet into my washroom where I stopped in front of the mirror. The gray, lifeless light that came from the cloudy sky outside my window barely allowed me to catch sight of the empty shell that lay in front of me, my very own reflection. My skin was pale, my hair was straightly flat and my eyes were wrinkled because of fatigue. There was no doubt about it, I was not going through the best phase of my life... and this sight didn't help for sure.

Figuring that hot water might invigorate me, I turned the shower on and undressed, biting my lower lip as I got under the not-so-hot-yet water. As I mindlessly washed, I thought about my current situation. For some reason, my connection to magic had been extremely weak lately, resulting in an inability to cast most of the spells I could usually do without even speaking. This had led me into a state of near-depression, mostly because I felt so very useless without my powers... and that very realization hurt even more. Looking up at the showerhead, I raised both hands, aiming at it, and spoke:

"Retaw pots! "

As I suspected, nothing happened. No magical lightshow, no mystical breeze, nada. Gnihton. I didn't know which I found more pathetic: my powerlessness, or my unconscious denial, the latter of which made me keep on trying, unsuccessfully, to cast spells. Drying myself with a towel as I came out of the shower, memories kept assailing my mind. Memories of how powerful a witch I had been, of how great a hero I had been. So much for that.

Entering the living room, my eyes caught sight of the numerous mystical artifacts that I had come to own over the course of time. These objects, I realized, represented my only access to magic at the moment. Grabbing a small, golden talisman encrusted with a mystical emerald, I remembered the time I had stopped an evil wizard from using the talisman's ability to cast spells to destroy a city. Indeed, the little talisman, though it could only be used once, could grant a wish by casting any spell its user asked it too, after which it vanished, only to appear elsewhere, to grant another wish to another human. Outside, the clouds moved somewhat to allow a ray of sunshine to hit the emerald directly, generating a greenish glow around the room. I was about to put the talisman down when I heard my name being shouted. Turning around, I saw none other than Sally, a young witch I had helped keep her powers in check a few months back. It wasn't quite Sally, however, seeing as she seemed to glow and her entire body was transluscent. It was an astral projection, I realized.

"Zatanna, I... I don't have much time. I got into trouble, chasing a demon. I tried to-- we fought but-- I'm trapped. He negated nearly all my powers, all my magic and I'm trapped here! You have to help me. I saw him perform a purifying ritual on his athame moments ago: he's gonna kill me! You have to help me, you have to save me!"

I was about to argue that my powers, too, were negated when the astral projection lunged at me and grabbed my hand. Instantly, my surroundings blurred as, I realized, I was being teleported to wherever it was that Sally was being kept. For a moment, I was happy to feel magic at work around me, even if it wasn't mine. But then it hit me: I was about to face a demon, most probably a high-level one, if he had managed to block Sally's powers, and I had absolutely no magical abilities to fight back. Adrenaline rushed into my veins way before my surroundings stopped changing. What would I do?
Sorceress in trouble

I was going to die.


-To be continued-

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you have a great talent for writing, I look forward to reading more of it!

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i love it i cant wait to read more