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Last time.

Previously,Scott SummersandLoganof theUncanny X-Menhad a disagreement of large proportions concerningthe next generation of mutants, they had what one would call, aSchism. The Schism still lurks amongst them, but, a newgenesis dawns on the kind of people you would usuallyfear andhate. Since then, Scott and Logan have gone their separate ways, operating in different factions while keeping in mind what the two of them wanted most. They’ve been through wars, they’ve had their trials and tribulations, but now? The Children of The X-Men are taking matters into their own hands.

The Young X-Men #7

New Beginnings, Finale – Coming of Age.

Rated M.

Page 1/

Panel 1/ Scene change. From below view, David’s jet is slowly hovering above the woods. A large Sentinel looms over the jet, with its right hand raised and a black, empty hole opened up within its palm.

CPT: Symkarian airspace.


Panel 2/ Cut to inside the jet’s cockpit, David and Julian are both in deep-sleep. Julian’s slightly dribbling, his legs scattered wonkily on his seat, his metal arms are not attached. David’s at the controller’s seat, his head tilted back.

CPT: David Alleyne. Prodigy. Psychomimicry.

CPT: Julian Keller. Hellion. Telekinetic.



Panel 3/ Cut to the back of the cock-pit. A medium-sized, rectangular-shaped, metal cabinet. Two Adamantium claws have punctured through it, tearing around the cabinet in the form of a circle.


VOICE: (It has already begun).

Panel 4/ Laura, now clothed in a floral summer dress, busts her way out of the cabinet. Both her hands are protruding with twin adamantium claws.

CPT: Laura Kinney. X-23. Not supposed to be here.

LAURA: Julian!Prodigy!

Panel 5/ Cut to Julian, still sleeping and dribbling. Murmuring something. Laura runs towards his side.

JULIAN: But…X…we can still…we can still work things…we can still…


Panel 6/ Cut to outside the jet. Elevated side-view. A large, black, beam shoots straight out of the Sentinel’s right palm, towards the jet. Making contact.


Page 2/

Panel 1/ Scene change. Cut back to the Strike Team’s jet. Inside the jet’s cockpit. Hope’s worn a black jet-pack while holding onto an assault rifle. Cessily’s standing next to Hisako, as is Sofia. Santo’s still looking out the window.


CPT: Strike Team.

CPT: 27 Feet above Symkaria. Mission commencing.

HISAKO: And we’re here. Sofia, I’m gonna need to you to land this thing, like, right underneath where we’re above.

SOFIA: Alright.

Panel 2/ Close up on Hisako.

CPT: Hisako Ichiki. Armor. Leader.

Panel 3/ The jet begins to slowly land on clear ground, Hisako crouches down for a moment.

HISAKO: I can see some houses up ahead, we’ll check this area out first. Santo, you’re coming with me. I think we’ll need to recon.

Panel 4/ Close up on a confused Cessily.

CPT: Cessily Kincaid. Mercury.

CESSILY: (In five minutes time she’s going to tell me that she hit her head on the way here. I know it. Hisako’s never this…sure of herself).

Panel 5/ The jet’s landed safely on the ground, attachable stairs are rolled out, of which, Hisako and Santo walk down. Hisako’s infront.

SANTO: So, enlight’n me, what the heck does “recon” even mean?

HISAKO: Don’t ask me, I copied it from someone!

HISAKO: I just--I just needed someone who wouldn’t pressure me about all this “leadership” stuff.

Panel 6/ “Camera” focus on a now alert Santo.

CPT: Santo Vaccarro. Rockslide.

SANTO: …Oh. Well, uh…I’m all yours.

Page 3/

Panel 1/ Medium close up on Santo and Hisako, they begin to walk through the deserted terrain. Former trees have been knocked down by something.

SANTO: Is this ‘cause of what I told ya?

HISAKO: Kinda. You think I didn’t hear about Noriko’s trip to Colorado? What she said to Ms Moonstar? Leading the New X-Men was driving her insane.

HISAKO: And I don’t blame her.

Panel 2/ Angled topographic view. The two of them are still walking.

HISAKO: I remember the day the X-Men found Hope. I joined Noriko, and the rest of you. I admired her. How determined she was to take down those Purifier guys.

Panel 3/ Further zoom-out.

HISAKO: I felt a little hurt after the attack at the Institute. I don’t know why, but I did. Our--your--friends, were all killed. Murdered.

SANTO: Yeah…don’t remind me.

Panel 4/ Technological perspective. Sentinel’s point-of-view. It’s already targeted and locked onto Hisako and Santo, whom are already far away from the jet. Captions next to the two read “TARGET CODENAME: Unknown. Mutant” Next to Santo, a secondary caption reads “Threat level…extremely high.” The secondary caption next to Hisako reads “Threat level…medium.”.

HISAKO: Sorry. But, I’m a little scared about all this. Not that I’m trying to shift the blame on anyone, but leaders in the X-Verse have an ominous reputation of letting lots of people…die under their watch.

Panel 5/ “Camera” focus on a concerned Hisako, loosing slight concentration and unknowingly “armouring down”. Santo is not visible.

HISAKO: I don’t want anyone to die.

HISAKO: I just wouldn’t know how to live with--

Panel 6/ Angled topographic view of where both Hisako and Santo are positioned. The Sentinel fires a narrow beam, aimed at Santo.


Page 4/

Panel 1/ Large shot. The Sentinel still looms over. A large combination of a smoke, dust and debris cloud is now present.

CPT: Strike Team casualties: 1.

Panel 2/ Cut to Hisako. At the centre of the extremely thick cloud. “Armored up”, shielding her head with both arms above. Looking to the side of her in fear.

HISAKO: I knew it…

Panel 3/ Scene change. Cut to the Strike Team’s jet. Inside the cockpit. Cessily’s sitting down near the entrance, Hope’s reading a book. Still prepped. Sofia seems to have received a call of some sort through a device attached to her ear.

FROM DEVICE: Mercury *FRISH* Wind-Girl *FRISH* Hope…is *FRISH*one there?!


Panel 4/ “Camera” focus on Cessily, she acknowledges the call.

SOFIA: Hisako?

FD: *FRISH*I need *FRISH* cause something *FRISH*HELP ME!--*

Panel 5/ Same shot. Cessily’s now nowhere to be seen.

SOFIA: Dammit.

HOPE: Reception’s gone and so has Mercury.

Panel 6/ Cut to Mercury. Sifting through the terrain as fast she can.

CESSILY: Santo Vaccarro…

CESSILY: You colossalidiot.

Page 5/

Panel 1/ Cut to where Hisako was. She’s turned around, still “armored up” slightly backing away from the Sentinel. The dust cloud’s still up, but it has dissipated greatly.

HISAKO: (Come on, Santo. You have to pull through).

Panel 2/ Medium close-up on Hisako. All of a sudden, a strong gust of wind sweeps the dust cloud away from the immediate area, Hisako clearly visible. She shields her face.

HISAKO: What the--!?

SOFIA: Stepping into unknown territory with hardly any back-up is a costly move to make. Take note.

Panel 3/ Medium close-up on the Sentinel. Cessily, having morphed her entire body into that of a large sword, swathes her way passed its neck.

SOFIA: Help has arrived.

CESSILY: Where’s Santo?

Panel 4/ Cut to a surprised Hisako, looking down, pointing towards a rubble of stationary rock. Sofia flies down towards her, Cessily follows.

HISAKO: Well, um, he’s kind of over there. But just bear with me.

SOFIA: Oh God…is he--is he dead?

CESSILY: No, during your absence we discovered a few things, he can reform. But that’s supposed to have already happened.

HOPE: Heads up. We haven’t damaged it enough.

Panel 5/ From behind view (Hisako). The Sentinel, having fell down, begins to get up, reattaching its head in the process. The girls watch in shock.

CESSILY: Hisako.


CESSILY: They weren’t able to do that last time.

SOFIA: You’ve encountered these Sentinels before?


CESSILY: So what do we do now, oh fearless leader? We’re sitting ducks.

HISAKO: No, we’re not. You need to stop worrying so much.

Panel 6/ The Sentinel’s fully stood up and intact, Cessily and Hisako continue to bicker. Sofia hovers up, Hisako prepares her gun.

CESSILY: None of this would have happened if you’d let us come with you. Now we’re jeopardized and Santo’s in a fix.

HISAKO: Do you possess latent telepathy?

CESSILY: Obviously not.



VOICE: Hey, tin-head.

Panel 7/ Both Hisako and Cessily look up in shock and awe. A large shadow covers the area.

HISAKO: Cessily Kincaid…eat your heart out.

Page 6/

Panel 1/ Splash. Santo’s stood behind the Sentinel. He’s the same size as the Sentinel, almost bigger, having grown 7 times his former height, amalgamated with different types of rock from the terrain around him. The area in which he’s stood at looks as if it’s been dug up. Aggressively punched its head off.

SANTO: S’been a long time since one of your kind’s done that to me. It hurt a lot the last time and it hurt way much more this time…and you did it in front of Hisako! Low blow, dude…

SANTO: That p*ssed me off, but like a good friend of mine likes to say…





Panel 1/ Cut to Hisako, Cessily and Hope. Both Cessily and Hope are slightly shocked, Hisako’s arms are crossed, smirking, while looking up at Santo.

CESSILY: Did…did you know he could do that?

HISAKO: As a matter of fact, I was one of the first to witness the big lug do that. But you can thank me later, Cess’.

HISAKO: And Hope, see if you can absorb his powers in this…state, we’ll need it.

HOPE: Right. But so much for stealth, how are we supposed to search for casualties when one of us sticks out like a sore thumb? It’s only a matter of milliseconds before another Sentinel flies our way.

Panel 2/ Hisako walks forward, over to Santo. Sofia’s high up in the sky, up to Santo’s eye-level. Looking into the horizon, where a large storm is seen arising.

HISAKO: That’s the point. I told you guys before that we weren’t the only ones here, we got the Avengers trying to get to bottom of this, too.

HOPE: And you’re expecting them to save us if the going gets tough?

Panel 3/ Hisako pauses, turning her head to the left, sarcastically replying to Hope.

HISAKO: Funny question. Last time I checked, weren’t you with them?

Panel 4/ Cut to a concerned Sofia, still looking on. Santo watches the girls below in confusion.

CESSILY: Hope, don’t--don’t listen to her. Just what has gotten into you, Hisako?

HISAKO: Nothing.

SWOP: Something is happening. Something is…wrong with this environment. The air…the wind…it feels unnatural.

Panel 5/ Side view. She stretches out her right arm, trying to grab at something.

SWOP: While being “Wind Dancer” I felt all sorts of weird vibes due to the direction of the wind, never once did I feel this.

Panel 6/ Close up on her eyes, wide open. Her iris reflects the upcoming dark clouds.

SWOP: There’s a storm on the horizon.

Page 8/

Panel 1/ Cut to the Control Centre. Evening.

MEGAN: This place gives me the chills. How can we be the only ones here?

BEN: No-Girl’s already shown us that there are, in fact, “people” here, but they’re in hiding. Probably watching us until the time’s right.

BEN: So be alert.

Panel 2/ Inside an area of the Control Centre. The Intel Team are standing inside what seems be a mass elevator.

BEN: We’ve already made it this far, so expect the absolute worst. But I hear you, Pixie, having a bunch of Mutant kids just walk their way into the most integral part of an “ethnic cleansing” doesn’t exactly bode well.

MEGAN: So we should go.

BEN: No, we stay until David gets the information he needs.

Panel 3/ “Camera” focus on Victor.

VICTOR: Speaking of which, has anyone even heard from David? His jet’s comlink has been off line for an-

Panel 4/ The lift violently begins to shake. The lights turn red, everyone stumbles about.






VOICE: Children, you must leave this place. Immediately. Allowing yourselves to further this endeavour of yours will end fatally. I am aware of that.

VOICE: Turn back, please, before it is too late.

Panel 5/ “Camera” focus on No-Girl.

MEGAN: OMG. What’s she doing here?


Panel 6/ A red, holographic projection of Wanda appears before the team, right on the centre of the lift. It stops shaking. They look at her in awe.

WANDA: The masterminds behind this scheme know no end to their destruction. They will stop at nothing to see Symkaria fall, and that’ll include your demise for stepping in their way, if need be.

WANDA: Please, you must--what on--

Page 8/

Panel 1/ The projection suddenly disappears. The elevator returns to normal.


BEN: They’re here…The Avengers are here.

Panel 2/ “Camera” focus on Megan, she looks up at No-Girl, her jar begins to glow.

MEGAN: No-Girl ? Tidy.

BEN: Was that you, Martha?

MEGAN: Yeah, she totally cut the connection between the Scarlet Witch’s brain and her mutant--yeah. She got rid of it. And Captain America’s with her too, grim town.

BEN: Team, when we get to the top, it’s a hit and run situation. We can’t allow them to stall this mission.

Page 9/

Panel 1/ Scene change. Angled topographic view. Ravaged streets of Symkaria. There are no Sentinels in the vicinity. David, Julian and Laura are cautiously walking ahead.

BEN: ...Never thought i'd live to say it, but it's us against the Avengers.

JULIAN: But I just don’t get it. Why?

LAURA: It was not my intention for you to get anything, just know that I am here and I am not leaving until these people are free from oppression.

JULIAN: …What?

JULIAN: I get that the Academy’s closed and all, for reasons you just won’t tell me--but still, you weren’t invited to this mission.

Panel 2/ “Camera” focus on David, who’s checking a small electronic device.

LAURA: Julian, in the past I would have some difficulty deciphering statements like that…but I think you are trying to protect me. Correct?

JULIAN: X, that’s not what I’m talking about.

LAURA: I think they call this “denial”. Thank you, Julian. But you know me well enough, I do not need protection.

Panel 3/ David’s device’s screen shows an interface, three white dots are blinking on the screen representing the three of them, several other red dots are scattered around the grid’s area.

LAURA: Am I not the one who just saved both you and David from that Sentinel’s deadly task?

JULIAN: Yeah yeah yeah. That’s not the point.

Panel 4/ The device’s screen now shows two large green dots homing in on the three’s current location.

Panel 5/ Close up on David’s face, he places on his yellow translucent shades.

DAVID: (Uh oh…)

VOICE: Hello, “X-Men”.

Page 10/

Panel 1/ Splash. Two distinguishable heroes appear before them, both shouldering the ‘Avengers’ sign on their shoulders. The first one, a man armoured in black and grey tech gear, laser gun-like automations attached to each arm, the second, a Caucasian woman wearing a red and blue outfit.

WAR MACHINE: A word, if you’d be so kind.

CPT: War Machine.

CPT: Captain Marvel.

CPT: The Avengers.

To be continued…

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Another great issue!!! Keep it up!

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@punkpuppy3: Thanks !!