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Last time.

Previously, Scott Summers and Logan of the Uncanny X-Men had a disagreement of large proportions concerning the next generation of mutants, they had what one would call, a Schism. The Schism still lurks amongst them, but, a new genesis dawns on the kind of people you would usually fear and hate. Since then, Scott and Logan have gone their separate ways, operating in different factions while keeping in mind what the two of them wanted most. They’ve been through wars, they’ve had their trials and tribulations, but now? The Children of The X-Men are taking matters into their own hands.

The Young X-Men #7

New Beginnings, Finale – Coming of Age.

Rated M.

Page 1/

Panel 1/ Angled topographic view. Ravaged Symkarian land. Three Sentinels roam the area, searching for their next targets. Former houses have had their rooftops torn off, burning. Roads have been decorated with lifeless bodies.

CPT: Symkaria. Half a day into the assault. Population 23,458: Falling.

WOP: They called this place Symkaria. ‘Symkaria’ meaning “spirit of the mountains”, a meaning derived from the few people who had found this land, eons ago.

WOP: The progenitors.

WOP: It was their home.

WOP: And it was once, truly, a mighty land. They were once, truly, a mighty people.

Panel 2/ Angled topographic view. A ravaged Symkarian street. Burning. A female walks down the road, slowly.

WOP: But it was their ancestral narcissism that lead to an inevitable demise.

WOP: The next generation were not prepared for what was coming. They were not aware that the mistakes their forefathers had made would soon hold for deadly repercussions.

Panel 3/ Slight zoom in on the woman, she continues to walk. Seemingly dressed smartly, middle-aged.

WOP: Before the tragedy, here laid a vast amount of hopes and dreams, fears and lies. Innocent people doing the usual things--indulging in favourite pastimes, making a living, enjoying the hours of life they had left.

WOP: And without warning--without pause for thought or a slight cause for concern--they were obliterated. A whole nation--wiped out within a heartbeat.

Panel 4/ Further zoom in on the woman. Her face is visible. Revelling in the chaos and destruction before her. Smiling wickedly.

WOP: Her name is Veronika Strelonivich. She did this. She’s the malevolent masthead behind it. Afflicted greatly by Symkaria’s arrogance, she sought for vengeance.

WOP: And by her definition--the ends by which this particular endeavour had been reached, most definitely justified the means.

CPT: Veronika Strelonivich. Ex-governor of Puternicstan. The life taker of millions.

Page 2/

Panel 1/ Scene change. Angled topographic view. The Jean Grey School. All lights from the front windows are out, except for one, towards the top right.

SWOP: “ –He also assigned teams to the respective locations. Each with their own mandate. First up, we have the ‘Strike Team’, headed to Symkaria. He wanted this team to deal solely with casualties, and to only engage anything other than the priority when necessary.

HWOP: “And he called it the ‘Strike Team’? Smooth move.”

SWOP: “He said you’re the leader, Hisako.“

HWOP: “…”

Panel 2/ Zoom in on the window. Ruth is standing in front of it, unclear as to whether she’s staring at something or just day-dreaming, as her eyes are covered.

CPT: Ruth Aldine. Blindfold. Teleseer.

SWOP: “Members are: Hope Summers, Mercury, Rockslide, Armor…and me.” Second up is the ‘Intel Team’ followed by some coordinates as to where exactly in Puternicstan you’re supposed to go.”

Panel 3/ Scene change. Dark, thunderous clouds. Ororo’s flying, darting through the clouds like a bullet.

CPT: Ororo Munroe. Storm. Furious.

CPT: 13 miles from Symkarian airspace.

SWOP: “Your mission is to, well, at this point, infiltrate the control centre and find a way to shut-down the Sentinels. He also noted how “essential” your success is in the grand scheme of things.

SWOP: “Members for this team are: Match, Anole, Pixie and Phoebe. Match, you’re leading.”

BWOP: “Right. But Phoebe’s still busy with Laurie, but I’m deducing that he wanted Phoebe with us because of her telepathy.”

MWOP: “Um, Martha’s a telepath, you know--No-Girl. She’s good with this sort of stuff. I’ll ask her.”

SWOP: “Well that’s good. And that’s about it, along with his blessings. So I guess we’re set then”

Panel 4/ Scene change. From below view. The dark, colossal building that Wanda and Steve were headed to before.

SWOP: “…Take care everyone, and good luck.”

STEVE: Ascending to Level 2 was easy, a little too easy. For a building that’s supposed to act as a the Control Unit for the Sentinels commencing war on Symkaria, you’d think the personnel that were sanctioned here were on some sort of long-term break.

STEVE: …Wanda?

Panel 5/ Inside the building. Cut to an opening of a large meeting area. Wanda and Steve are inside it. Steve’s looking back at a distorted Wanda, who’s rubbing her head.

WANDA: I’m sorry, I was--I was miles away (dammit, Emma…).

STEVE: …That’s fine.

Panel 6/ Wanda looks towards Steve.

WANDA: Captain--Steve, is this--is this uncomfortable for you?

STEVE: I don’t understand the question.

WANDA: Being here with me. Alone.

WANDA: It’s been an age since you and I tackled the usual ‘world-ending’ threat by ourselves, and the last time we were together…

Page 3/

Panel 1/ Scene change. The cockpit of Alex’s jet. Rogue, Thor and himself are seated inside. He’s steering. The mood’s a bit tense.

WANDA: …I almost destroyed Earth’s Mightiest.

Panel 2/ “Camera” focus on Rogue, crossing her arms.

ANNA: Ah don’t mean to get on your case, you know, preparin’ ourselves for a mission like this an’ whatnot, but you sure that was the correct move t’ make?

ALEX: Is this to do with Captain America and Wanda?

ANNA: …Damn right.

ANNA: Ah don’t trust that woman, not one bit.

ALEX: Then it’s good thing you’re not the leader of this team then.

Panel 3/ Elevated side-view. Havok continues to steer.

ALEX: I know why I sent those two as opposed to any other roster combination, and my reasons will remain disclosed until I’ve said otherwise.

ALEX: If you have a problem with my leadership capabilities, bring the issues up when we’re not on the field.

ANNA: Havok, It’s only outtah mutual respect that ah-

ALEX: Leave it, Rogue. They won’t disappoint us.

Page 4/

Panel 1/ Scene change. Cut back to Utopia’s med-room. Emma is now stood next to Laurie, Sooraya’s looking up at her, having wiped her tears.

EMMA: They’ve gone and done what?

SOORAYA: I am sorry, Ms Frost, but there was nothing preventing it. This mission…it means something of paramount importance to them, considering the trouble we went through in rescuing Nori.

SOORAYA: Ms Frost…

Panel 2/ Close up on Sooraya.

SOORAYA: Please, I do not want them to perish.

Panel 3/ From below view. Emma still stands, looking at Laurie’s body. A sombre expression across her face.

SOORAYA: M-Day, Stryker’s men, the Nimrods--the Necrosha…those events have wrought nothing but death and destruction. And, with all due to respect, Ms Frost…we are the ones who have suffered the most.

SOORAYA: I-I believe Logan and Scott’s feud is a testament to that. Split in half, never once were we asked about our feelings regarding the current predicament. And during the Avengers’ bickering, we were nothing more than sheep to be shuffled from one station to the next.

SOORAYA: We all grew up together, Ms Frost, and we were broken because of a--because of a childish quarrel between two mature “men”…and now look at what’s happened.

SOORAYA: I stayed with Scott, on Utopia, because I knew what the inevitable was for our lot. But at this moment…

Panel 4/ Scene change. Dark clouds. An X-Jet flies through.

SOORAYA: …I would like it to end.

Panel 5/ Inside the cockpit of the jet. Scott Summers, Erik and Illyana are seated inside. Scott’s steering. Erik’s looking outside the windows, Illyana’s looking at a sheet of paper, deviously.

EMMA: (Scott Summers, where are you?)

SCOTT: (Emma, sorry about that. We lost you for a second there. Interference).

EMMA: (What’s going on exactly?)

SCOTT: (You don’t know?)

EMMA: (No, Scott. I do not. And I’m about to-)

SCOTT: (Taking in mind the current Symkarian situation--the politically charged Nation-wide war incident that the Security Team had attended to a couple of months back--some loose ends have come up).

EMMA: (So much for Mrs Moonstar’s working-force. What is it?)

Page 5/

Panel 1/ Several miles further from Scott’s jet, Ororo rages on. Bolts of lightning rip the skies around her open.

SCOTT: (You remember Kaga, right?)

EMMA: (That repentant Hiroshima survivor? Indeed.)

SCOTT: (He’s also behind this, manning the Sentinels that have destroyed almost all of Symkaria. Not only that, but a Veronika Strelonivich who was supposed to have been put in jail by Storm and her team, is also behind this, which brings me to the next part of this explanation…)

Panel 2/ From behind view (Ororo). She’s reached the outskirts of a ravaged Symkaria. She hovers above it in fury.

SCOTT: (You’re aware of how sentimental Storm gets over the loss of lives she could have prevented, even though her laments are understandable).

EMMA: (I thought the issues of Wolverine’s clique had absolutely nothing-)

SCOTT: (Shut-up).

SCOTT: (She feels strongly about this one, you should have seen the look on her face when the life-count appeared on the screens…)

EMMA: (Refrain from beating around the bush, Scott).

SCOTT: (She’s taken matters into her own hands. She’s at Symkaria right now, which is where the rest of us are en route…She’s going to take on the-

EMMA: (Apologies, but an extract from ‘The Life and Times of Our Fair Goddess’ isn’t exactly something that I find appealing. And excuse me for that being the case, I know what you’re going to say, Scott).

EMMA: (But when you return to Utopia…

Page 6/

Panel 1/ Scene change. Cut to the Sentinel Control building.

EMMA: …Our future endeavours are about to get a little more intricate. Know that you had more of an influence on the next generation than you’d of hoped. I told you, Scott.

SCOTT: What?

SCOTT: Emma, I think I’ve-

SCOTT: Emma? Emma!?

Panel 2/ Cut to the building’s entrance. A large metal door, seemingly accessible through the means of an authorized hand-print identification pad.

Panel 3/ Same shot. Just before the building’s entrance, a glow of pink emerges, identical to that of Megan’s teleportation.

Panel 4/ The glow brightens. Shadowy figures of three mutants and a brain in a spherical chamber appear.


MEGAN: Hold on, guys!

Panel 5/ Megan, Ben, Anole and Martha emerge from Megan’s portal. Safe and sound.

CPT: Intel Team.

CPT: Puternicstan.

BEN: Don’t worry, we’ve got it.

Panel 6/ Elevated side-view. They’re all looking up at the building, while Megan looks back at her current surroundings in anxiety.

MEGAN: *to herself* am I the only one who can hear world war four from over here?

BEN: So this is the Control Centre.

BEN: Hmm.

BEN: You guys ready?

Panel 7/ Same shot. Megan quickly turns around. Ben crosses his arms.

MEGAN: Ready!

VICTOR: More than I’ll ever be.

BEN: I got that, No-Girl.

BEN: Alright.

Page 7/

Panel 1/ “Camera” focus on Ben, he walks closer to the doors. Examining the hand-pad in curiosity.

BEN: Interesting.

BEN: First of all, No-Girl, can you sense anything at all inside this place, telepathically?

Panel 2/ Martha hovers slightly higher than them all.

BEN: Blocks. I see.

BEN: Then that immediately lets us know what we might be dealing with. Men or women equipped with potential high-tech stationary, prepared to attack anyone who’s clearly not a part of this war.

VICTOR: But before we deal with them, we’ll need to get inside first.

VICTOR: And I think I know how…

BEN: You do?

Panel 3/ Victor walks towards the entrance, also focusing on the hand-pad. Lowering his face towards it.

VICTOR: I think so.

VICTOR: We all know that Pixie can’t teleport to places she can’t see. We get that.

VICTOR: But ever since Limbo, well, I haven’t exactly told anyone but this arm of mine can do a lot more than meets the eye.

MEGAN: Let’s leave Limbo jumbo in Limbo please. Or just not talk about it at all.

Panel 4/ Angled topographic view focused on Victor. He holds out his beastly morphed right-arm, moving its fingers about.

VICTOR: I was gonna talk to Dr. McCoy, but he’s got enough on his plate as is, and we hardly ever see David so I guess I just left it. But it’s been…changing…a lot.

VICTOR: Recently with McCoy though, we’ve been studying in great detail the pros and cons of Mutant Physiology. And after Santo finally hits the sack…I experiment a bit.

MEGAN: Anole, what does that mean?!

Panel 5/ Elevated side-view. Victor crouches down a bit, slowly placing his left hand on the pad. It then begins to read boldly, “ANALYZING”.

VICTOR: It means that we’ve all developed in ways we’d never imagine. Some more than others…

VICTOR: That trip to Limbo followed by this arm…it did something to my DNA, or…my innate Mutant Genetics, I dunno…but it did something.

VICTOR: And if this works the way I think it should…

Panel 6/ From behind view (all of them). The pad now reads “ACCESS GRANTED” The door slides open to reveal extreme white light from within the building, they all cover their eyes except for Victor.

BEN: Whoa…

VICTOR: …Then Automated Finger Print Identification Systems--as taught by Headmistress Pryde--will no longer be a hindrance for us.

VICTOR: So, team…

Page 8/

Panel 1/ From below view. Woods filled with looming trees. It’s dark outside, above, one of David’s jets roam the clouds.

VICTOR: Shall we?

SANTO: And then we’ll smash’em.

CESSILY: This isn’t funny, Santo. Wallflower--Laurie--and Josh are back, including Sofia, something we already knew and now Nori’s almost dead.

Panel 2/ Cut to inside of the cockpit. Hisako, Sofia, Hope Summers, Cessily and Santo are all seated inside. Sofia’s steering. Hisako’s head is flung back in depression, Hope’s looking out the window. Cessily and Santo are conversing.

CPT: Strike Team.

CPT: Already breached Symkarian airspace.

CESSILY: And we’ll be in so much trouble when we get back. How do we explain any of this?

SANTO: Don’t you worry your sweet cheeks one bit. I’ll handle any smack-talking teach’ when we get back.


Panel 3/ Cut to Sofia and Hisako.

HISAKO: Well it’s a little awkward for me, unlike everyone else aboard this jet, I’ve never met you before. And now he wants me to lead you?!

SOFIA: No need to worry so much, leadership comes easy. When you take on the position, it feels natural, almost as if you were born to do it. (You have no idea how awkward all of this is for me).

Panel 4/ Close up on Hisako, she looks up in curiosity.

SANTO: Just like back in the old days, right, Sofia?

SOFIA: Right, Santo.

SANTO: But you kinda flopped on the job, so David had to cover up.

SOFIA: …Like I said, Hisako, natural.


Panel 5/ Flashback. Hisako and Santo are seated on Utopia’s beachhead, wearing casual clothing. Conversing.

SANTO: Total road-kill.

SANTO: But the L.A chumps did fill us with, like, some top-secret information that I can’t really spill. And it’s about you.

HISAKO: Really? And what was that, Santo?

SANTO: Can’t say.

HISAKO: Santo.

SANTO: I can’t!


SANTO: Alright, alright, alright, fine. But promise not to tell anyone else.

HISAKO: I promise, goofball.

SANTO: Okay, so he tells me there was this nerd-girl called Gertrude Yorkes, but she’s dead you see. But there this one time where she came back, her future version, and then, well…she said she came from a future where all the X-Men and the Avengers were killed.

SANTO: But “Hisako” was the only X-Man left standing, wanna know what she called you?

Page 9/

Panel 1/ Present day. Hisako’s still in the same position, now rolling her eyes at the thought.

SANTO: Their leader.

HWOP: Whatever happened to battling demons and fighting my way through zany fairy illusions with the girls? I don’t want to lead.

SOFIA: You’ll get used to it.

SOFIA: Hope, you okay?

HOPE: Mhm. Just getting my-

Panel 2/ Cut to Hope, she looks out of her side window. The window only reflects profuse amounts of burning fire.

HOPE: (Oh, no…)

Panel 3/ Cut to outside. Angled topographic view, the jet just about hovers over the outskirts of a burning Symkaria.

SANTO: Holy cow.

SOFIA: <Estimado Senor>…

Panel 4/ Amongst the sudden commotion, Hisako quickly jolts her head forward, looking to the left.

HWOP: Reality check, Hisako.

HISAKO: What?! What’s happening?

Panel 5/ She unbuckles her seat and rushes over to the jets front panel, she pauses in realisation.

HISAKO: Did we hit--


HISAKO: It’s time to finally grow up. Time to put this Disneyland merrily intertwined with K-Pop fantasy of yours in the rear-view and grow, the hell, up.

CESSILY: Um, Hisako? There’s not a lot of time left before we’re able to get back to Utopia and check up on Laurie and Noriko. What do we do now?

CESSILY: Hisako?

Panel 6/ Slight zoom in on Hisako. Still watching the wreckage.

HWOP: I boast and brag about all the times I’ve countlessly saved the world with the big-guns. But they’re not here to protect me anymore.

Panel 7/ Zoom in.

CESSILY: Hisako?

HWOP: Things have changed since then. I’ve changed. I think. But all of a sudden I know what needs to be done, all that training with Wolverine and Ms Frost wasn’t in vain.

CESSILY: Hisako, hello?

Page 10/

Panel 1/ She turns away from the window and grabs a device from her chair, headed towards the jet’s exit. Cessily looks back at her in confusion.

HWOP: I remember what Cyclops was saying…about being a leader. You’ll be required to make certain decisions.

Panel 2/ She presses a small button on the left hand side of the jet’s door, which slowly begins to slide down, opening.


HISAKO: Everyone, get yourselves prepped and ready to go in five.

HWOP: I always knew a day like this would come, and I hated that fact. But it’s now or never. Mother…brother, give me the strength I need…

HISAKO: …Or less.

CESSILY: Um, right. This is a completely normal thing for you to do, Hisako.

Panel 3/ She stands in front of the now open exit. Placing her left hand on the side, holding on, looking out as the jet automatically lowers itself.

HWOP: …To help these people. And give me the strength I’ll need…

Panel 4/ Cut to outside, from below view. Hisako’s still looking out, she “armours up”.

HWOP: …To keep my team-mates--my friends--alive.

Panel 5/ Close up on a serious Hisako, the wind slightly blows her hair to the left.

HWOP: Because nobody’s dying today.

To be continued…

Next - Confrontations.

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This is awesome Age!!!