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Last time.

Previously,Scott SummersandLoganof theUncanny X-Menhad a disagreement of large proportions concerningthe next generation of mutants, they had what one would call, aSchism. The Schism still lurks amongst them, but, a newgenesis dawns on the kind of people you would usuallyfearandhate. Since then, Scott and Logan have gone their separate ways, operating in different factions while keeping in mind what the two of them wanted most. They’ve been through wars, they’ve had their trials and tribulations, but now? The Children of The X-Men are taking matters into their own hands.

The Young X-Men #6

New Beginnings Part 6 – Together Again.

Rated M.

Page 1/

Panel 1/ Elevated side-view. New York City. It’s evening. Wanda Maximoff stands atop a dark skyscraper, looking on into the horizon. Disconcerted. Clothed in a long, dark red coat, with a red headpiece.

CPT: Avengers Tower.

CPT: Wanda Maximoff. The Scarlet Witch. Repentant.

Panel 2/ Zoom in on her eyes.

Panel 3/ Flashback. It’s a gloomy day. Outside of an abandoned house, is a crowd of distinguished, super-powered men and women, waiting. The man who seems to be leading them, is Captain America. Wanda hovers before them.

CPT: Years ago. The worst day in Avengers history.

Panel 4/ From out of the crowd, steps a Caucasian woman. Wearing a black bathing suit which holds a large lightning bolt down the middle. She’s infuriated.

CPT: Carol Danvers. Ms Marvel.







Panel 5/ Wanda hovers over, looking out of it. Bluntly replying back.

WANDA: Stay away from my children.

Panel 6/ In an unbearable rage, Carol flies after her.


Panel 7/ Out of nowhere, a Caucasian costumed woman, with brunette her, defends Wanda. Punching Carol in the face.

WOMAN: Not so fast, sugah.


Panel 8/ Close up on Wanda’s eyes. Yellow and protruding with veins.

WANDA: You can’t have them.

Page 2/

Panel 1/ Back to present day. Wanda now places her left hand on her chest.

Panel 2/ Flashback. Mid-day. In a graveyard. Wanda’s conversing with another woman, who is evidently not happy.

CPT: Not long ago.

CPT: Anna Marie. Rogue.

ROGUE: Did you tell yourself that you were normal? That you were just like them? Well you’re not, angel.

ROGUE: You’re a mutant.

ROGUE: An’ all you’ve done is add to our sufferin’.

Panel 3/ “Camera” focus on an unmoved Wanda.

WANDA: I’m so bored with this martyrdom routine.

WANDA: This halo you X-Men all love to polish.

WANDA: Self-described soldiers adorned in “X” with no dedication to what it actually stands for.

Panel 4/ Back to present day. She contemplates.

Panel 5/ She then turns back and walks off, in a slight hurry.

Page 3/

Panel 1/ A deserted New York street. A homeless man walks past the window of a closed store. Though, the behind the window, several televisions are still turned on. Broadcasting a news report.

VOICE FROM THE TV: The situation is far more devastating than it was unexpected. Here we have modern day Sentinels--the same Sentinels that we humans were originally meant to use as a means of protection against the mutants around us--now killing us.

VMTV: An occurrence very much similar to the decade’s earlier Genoshan Massacre. Millions of lives were lost then, and millions of lives are being lost now. This act further goes to prove a recurring point: they’re no more reliable than the men who made them.

VMTV: Symkaria faces a deadly challenge that not even the combined might of the US and UN can stop. Both Nation’s military units have been deployed onto the scene but to no avail.

Panel 2/ Close up on one of the televisions. A Latino woman is giving the report, from a ravaged backdrop.

VMTV: Several sources speculate that the mastermind behind this attack is none other than Veronika Strelonivich. Puternicstan’s former governor, who ominously managed to escape Alcatraz Island’s newly erected prison.

VMTV: “Former” because the woman was recently charged for war crimes. Though, it should be noted that Puternicstan’s ‘present’ governor, Christophur Nobakov, was murdered in his sleep just the day before. Both cases are undergoing serious investigation.

Panel 3/ Cut to a different television screen. A larger one. On the wall of a living-room.

VMTV: Members of the Avengers have also been dispatched onto the scene to help rescue whoever they can and also fend off the Sentinels, but they’re proving too strong.

VMTV: Almost 55 percent of Symkarian land has been destroyed due to the assault, and we can only watch as well as pray--pray that things do get better.

VMTV: Pray that this does not become one of the biggest ethnic cleansings in the history of mankind. And also…that we’re all assured safety from further genocidal destruction.

Panel 4/ Inside the living room, seated opposite the television, are two mutant teenaged girls. Both wearing school uniform. One of them worried, the other, entranced.

VMTV: This is Trish Tilby of BNBC, signing off from Symkaria.

CPT: The Jean Grey School for Higher Learning.

CPT: Roxanne Washington. Bling! Crystalline form.

CPT: Hope Abbot. Trance. Astral projection.

ROXANNE: This. Is. So. Damn. Awesome!

TRANCE: “Awesome”? I can’t believe you. Don’t you realise how dangerous this is? What if those machines get fed up of Symkaria and, like…fly over to us!? We’ll be done for.

Panel 5/ Roxanne looks over to Hope, callously smiling.

ROXANNE: Hmm. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were scared.

TRANCE: Yeah, Roxanne, I am. And you should be, too.

Panel 6/ Roxanne reaches over to the table and grabs hold of the television remote, ignoring Hope.

ROXANNE: Yeah, well grow a pair. When you’ve faced ethereal zombies and gone toe-to-toe with murderous shape-shifters, among other things, being “scared” isn’t exactly a thing.

ROXANNE: And you better shut that trap of yours before The Jean Grey School becomes their first target.

Page 4/

Panel 1/ Walking down a long flight of stairs, is Julian, carrying a black bag. The lights are out, leaving only the peeping light from the living room door to give him any guidance. But he does just find without.

CPT: Julian Keller. Hellion. Telekinetic.

ROXANNE: Unlike you, I didn’t enrol myself at this “school” solely for peace and quiet.

ROXANNE: And as you can clearly see, your friends didn’t either. Ben and his chariot of X-Men wannabes have gotten themselves in a stitch that they won’t be getting out of easily.

TRANCE: Don’t say that. We’ve been through more than this…

ROXANNE: Just being real, is all. Think about it, what happens when their rescue mission, which conveniently revolves around honorary X-Girl, Noriko Ashida, doesn’t go to plan?

Panel 2/ Julian continues to walk down the stairs, listening in on their conversation.

ROXANNE: What exactly will we do if they die?

TRANCE: But that’s not going to happen…

ROXANNE: That’s what you think. While watching this, I thought to myself: “hey, maybe now I can walk past that door without Quentin Quire warning me about the next mutant assassination attempt”.

ROXANNE: But it doesn’t matter, we die anyways. Take a good look at last week, who died then? Professor Charles Xavier, the foundation for all of this.

Panel 3/ Julian reaches the bottom, deliberately passing the living room door. He’s headed towards the school’s exit.

ROXANNE: By the end of their little escapade, Noriko and the rest will definitely find themselves knocking on death’s door.


TRANCE: What’s your problem, Roxy?

Panel 4/ Julian reaches the door, he opens it, he’s shocked. Before him stands a shadowy male figure, it’s heavily raining outside.

ROXANNE: My problem? I didn’t think I…*fade out*

JULIAN: What the-!?

Panel 5/ It’s David.

CPT: David Alleyne. Prodigy. Psychomimicry.

DAVID: You’re needed.

Page 5/

Panel 1/ Space and the cosmos. Kaga’s rock is 3 metres away from the sun, moving closer.

CPT: Somewhere else.

HISAKO: And I bet you just expect us to follow right along with your plan, am I right?

HOPE: The point of my arrival wasn’t to get into some argument with you, Hisako. I have nothing against you. Just accept the fact that you were wrong.

Panel 2/ Hope Summers walks past a now stunned Hisako, headed to an unconscious and covered Noriko, on the floor.

HISAKO: *gasp*

HISAKO: No way…

BEN: Uh, Hope? What the hell did you just do to Hisako?

BEN: *to himself* Hello? Anyone home?

Panel 3/ Ben walks over to a gobsmacked Hisako, in confusion.

HOPE: Showed her the truth. It wasn’t her fault, but, you were never on Earth to begin with.

BEN: What?

HOPE: This rock, this…thing, is sentient. I think there’s a good explanation as to why Ariel’s power got you guys here in the first place.

HOPE: But it’s on its own trajectory. Headed straight for the sun, we’re about 30 seconds from disintegration.

HOPE: But Noriko…

Panel 4/ Hope crouches down towards Noriko, worried, but she tries not to show it.

HWOP: I only came here to help.

HOPE: She needs medical attention. Quickly.

MEGAN: Oh gosh, Cessily! Santo! Aren’t you guys a sight for sore eyes!

Panel 5/ Close up on Ben. Looking back to see Megan. The ball of fire that engulfs his head burns brighter.

BEN: Pixie…

Panel 6/ Cut to Megan giving Victor a big hug, smiling while doing so. Santo and Cessily look on, with glum looks on both their faces. Ariel is still unconscious over Santo’s shoulder.

MEGAN: Skyping wasn’t anywhere near enough.

SANTO: Hey, Pix’…

MEGAN: (Looks like the situation’s--like Storm would say--far more dire than we had originally thought. )

HOPE: Pixie? Sorry, but postpone the nostalgic reunion for a minute. We need to get Noriko and everyone else out of here.

MEGAN: …<yn rhoi i mi egwyl!>

Panel 7/ Megan quickly flies over to Hope, unknowingly ignoring Ben.

MEGAN: I mean, Noriko getting kidnapped was on National news and everything, but...what happened to her, exactly?

HOPE: We can ask questions later. Her pulse is still beating but it beats slower by the second. If we didn’t get here any sooner, assume the worst might have happened.

Page 6/

Panel 1/ Scene change. Sofia, Sooraya, Phoebe and Joshua, whom is carrying an unconcious Laurie, are all running down a hallway.

CPT: Sofia Mantega. Wind Dancer (again).

CPT: Sooraya Qadir. Dust.

CPT: Phoebe Cuckoo. A Stepford Cuckoo.

CPT: Joshua ‘Josh’ Foley. Elixir.

CPT: Laurie Collins. Wallflower. Back from the dead.

SOORAYA: Josh, remind me, why are we not using David’s jet to exit this place again?

JOSHUA: Try asking me that later!

SOORAYA: (I see total isolation hasn’t altered his personality one bit. Though, I thank Allah for the wonders He has done. Returning my friends from where ever they had gone, especially now when the majority of us are broken more than ever. But Laurie...how could-)

Panel 2/ Close up on Phoebe touching her head in disorientation.

PHOEBE: Hold on.

PHOEBE: Mind readings are coming through with more clarity. It’s them. And we’re just in time.

Panel 3/ Cut to Sofia, a little scared.

SWOP: So it’s kinda about hitting me that we’re heading straight for one big reconciliation. I left the Xavier Institute years ago, never looking back.

SWOP: I’m probably beginning to sound like a broken record right about now, but I’ll say it again. I wanted a new life, away from all the excess baggage. Away from being collateral damage.

SWOP: Not a day went by where I didn’t think about that place, the people, my squad members, my friends, but most importantly--my family.

Panel 4/ Just before them is the entrance to the room where Noriko was held hostage. Sofia and the rest are about to enter it.

SWOP: But out of the many who were depowered, I’ve returned. And although I haven’t exactly had a moment’s rest before being shot right into another ‘mission’, that moment is coming again.

SWOP: I’m about to see people who’ve rightly forgotten about me. I’m about to see people who I more or less grew up with.

SWOP: And then the burgeoning questions roll in: What do I say? Will they accept me? Will they even recognize me? How do I react?

Panel 5/ From behind shot. They all rush into the room.

SWOP: What do I do?

Page 7/

Panel 1/ Angled topographic view of the Avengers Tower.

Panel 2/ Cut to a meeting room, in the middle of it is a large, rectangular shaped table. Five super-powered men and women are seated around it. Their attentions are focused on the same news report that was broadcasted before. Three men and two women, which include Wanda and Anna.

CPT: The Uncanny Avengers.

Panel 3/ “Camera” focus on Captain America, besides him is the Norse God of thunder, Thor. Both are watching the news report.

Panel 4/ “Camera” focus on Anna, now not watching the news report, now, she’s looking over at Wanda.

Panel 5/ “Camera” focus on a Caucasian man, wearing a black white costume. He’s the leader of this group.

CPT: Alexander ‘Alex’ Summers. Havok.

Panel 6/ Cut to Havok, sternly grabbing hold of a remote and switching the television off.

Panel 7/ Cut to Thor.

THOR: Thy noble leader, Alexander, I hope thou didn’t think it would be an easy task which followed?

ALEX: Not exactly. I just didn’t think the scale of damage would be so vast.

ALEX: We haven’t even been a team for more than three months, and we’re already dealing with another close-to-home threat, if you know what I mean.

STEVE: Sentinels.

ALEX: Exactly. But they’re obviously not your average Joes. From all of the 15 Avengers who have already left to attend to that situation, none of them have come back with reports signalling a window of possible success.

ANNA: There’s a valid reason for that.

Page 8/

Panel 1/ “Camera” focus on Anna, looking at the blank television screen.

ALEX: Rogue, do you know something about this?

ANNA: Know of it? O’course ah do. And ah’ll be damned if ah’m the only one who does.

Panel 2/ She gives Captain America a suspicious look.

ANNA: Captain.

ANNA: It was back when ah used to be The Jean Grey School’s De Facto Warden. News was goin’ round about Cyclops’ Security Team takin’ care o’some European war business.

ANNA: A dispute that had more t’ do with common morality than big men fightin’ over who sat where. The feud was between Puternicstan and Symkaria. Puternicstan got the brunt of, well, just about everythin’.

Panel 3/ Elevated side-view of Anna’s face.

ANNA: But what we’re seein’ now doesn’t even scratch the surface, does it, Captain?

ALEX: Sorry, I’m lost.

ALEX: What’s with the constant name-dropping?

ANNA: Hmph.

ANNA: Ah can’t believe America’s very own poster-boy would just sit there an’-

STEVE: Because I know what happened, too.

ALEX: Meaning…

Panel 4/ “Camera” focus on Steve.

STEVE: It’s not to say that I was directly involved, but I was informed. Puternicstan’s former governor, Veronika Strelonivich, attempted to do this a couple of months back. In regards to what Rogue has told all of us, she failed before due to the X-Men, but as you can see, that didn’t stop her from trying again.

STEVE: Before things got out of control, I sent War Machine to check in on the situation. NATO already set prior precautions near the Latverian border, obviously they didn’t want Western interference, but they were getting it, regardless.

Panel 5/ Cut to Utopia’s beach head. Emma’s standing, sombrely looking up into the skies with her arms crossed.

CPT: Utopia. Destroyed but brought back (don’t ask how).

CPT: Emma Frost.

STEVE: Amidst the battle, we did manage find an extraction point, located in Puternicstan. After Strelonivich was arrested, I asked War Machine to retrieve what he could from her lab.

STEVE: The findings were incomprehensible.

STEVE: The woman was in possession of tech that wasn’t of planet Earth. It lead us to believe that through the use of these devices, that’s how she managed to upgrade her model of Sentinels.

STEVE: But the fact of the matter is that…

Page 9/

Panel 1/ Back to the Uncanny Avengers’ meeting room.

STEVE: …We had in our hands what was already an international incident, one which we needed to contain as soon as possible.

STEVE: It was recommended that the news of two countries warring didn’t spiral towards the public, in hopes of avoiding further, external, conflict.

STEVE: Once everything had boiled down, we decided to cease all operations on the matter. There was no need to get things complicated, probably why Cyclops and his X-Men kept the matter under wraps, too.

Panel 2/ Cut to Alex, contemplating.

STEVE: And if you were wondering, I was going to tell you about this.


ALEX: (So Scott knew about this, too.)

Panel 3/ He looks up at the rest of the team, a little more forceful.

Panel 4/ He then looks over to Wanda, who’s ominously staring into space.

ALEX: Wanda, you’ve been a little placid amongst all the discussion. As a team, everyone’s in-put on the matter would be appreciated.

ALEX: What do you think we should do?

Panel 5/ Immediately snapping out of her day-dream, she looks at everyone in discreet confusion.


Page 10/

Panel 1/ Close up on her eyes, as she discreetly looks down to the table. Her iris’ turns a shadow red, only for a moment.

WANDA: I think…

Panel 2/ She faces the rest of her team members, the red tint from her eyes now gone. Having gotten herself together.

WANDA: I think that we should strive to do what’s best for everyone. Humans and Mutants. As we can already see, it’s the sort of skirmish that could potentially cause fatal repercussions across the world, even if we manage to get past the immediate threats.

WANDA: Truly, we’ve all had our fair-share of Sentinel brawls. As childish as this may sound, we know what it means. As we speak, the body count increases abundantly.

WANDA: We were brought together for a reason, if no one else can stop this--evidently not the X-Men--then we should attempt. No matter how many odds are stacked against us.

Panel 3/ “Camera” focus on Alex, somewhat inspired by what Wanda has already said.

WANDA: Knowing what we know, if anything, it’d be a sacrilege in the eyes of the public not to mention the people who depend on us for our faces not have been seen, as of yet.

WANDA: If we don’t attempt now, I fear we’ll have far bigger worries than common Sentinels.

Page 11/

Panel 1/ Cut to a hangar pay, where a large jet’s parked out front. The Uncanny Avengers are walking towards the jet. Steve’s charge, while, at the back, Alex is conversing with Wanda.

CPT: Later on.

ALEX: Wanda, I wanted to, well, thank you, for before.

WANDA: Don’t thank me for anything, I’ve noticed that we don’t exactly have optimum ‘team chemistry’ in the works, but, I like to do what I can.

ALEX: Understood.

ALEX: Coming back from several months in space, taking a small break and then having Wolverine of all people asking you to take leadership position of a team you formerly lead, was a little something.

ALEX: But leading some of the world’s most prominent heroes, to say the least? This is on another scale.

WANDA: Hopefully you didn’t have high expectations.

ALEX: No, not exactly. But you’re so preserved in all this, how do you-

WANDA: Alex, it’s a little funny, considering you’re Polaris’ boyfriend, I find it strange how we’ve never had an actual conversation up until this very moment.

Panel 2/ Close up on Wanda, she continues to walk and talk, looking directly ahead of her.

WANDA: I’m Wanda Maximoff.

WANDA: When people look at me, they see nothing but a cold-blooded witch. A wicked fiend who turned reality upside down, with nothing short of a mere sentence fragment, unpunished for her crimes against the world.

WANDA: I’m living a life where the consequences of my callous actions are laid out before me, it’d be much easier to put all the blame on the Life Force, but I won’t. I take full responsibility for that crucial decision.

Panel 3/ She continues to talk, looking down on herself in disappointment.

WANDA: I’ve sinned a lot, Alex. But I’m endeavouring to redeem that, however I can.

WANDA: I may seem “preserved”…

Page 12/

Panel 1/ Scene change. Evening. In the dark, cloudy skies. A plane’s gently gliding, identical to the plan that David possesses.

CPT: 155 miles from Symkarian airspace.

WANDA: …But I’m far from it.

JULIAN: Bull sh*t. So we obviously haven’t heard much from Josh since he went on that hiatus, but he would never come back to hurt or even kill one of his own. Especially not Nori.

JULIAN: The guy had far too much sh*t on his plate, anyways.

Panel 2/ Inside the aeroplane. Both Julian and David are seated in the cockpit, adjacently. Behind them are eight seats, in an ordered fashion. David’s controlling, annoyed, looking straight ahead.

DAVID: Cut the swearing and calm down.

DAVID: I took a look at the context and analysed the situation myself, and no, it doesn’t make any sense. But we’re X-Men, things like this happen out of the blue on a day-to-day basis.

DAVID: When the others get in touch…if they get in touch, hopefully they’ll answer our questions.

Panel 3/ “Camera” focus on Julian.

DAVID: Where were you even going at this time, anyways?

JULIAN: That’s a pretty dumb question to ask for a guy who specializes in the brains department, Alleyne.

JULIAN: …I wanted to see what happened to Nori. I wanted to see how I could help. The guys at school didn’t even tell me about their little trip to the moon, but Blindfold was on one of her prophecies again, so I guess I got restless. But thinking about what you’ve said, I dunno…

DAVID: Ruth?

DAVID: …What exactly was she saying?

JULIAN: She said something about a witch being among the mighty. Something that irked me the most, was that--

Panel 4/ David, who was previously looking at Julian, quickly turns to face the front of him, having figured out what Julian’s talking about.

JULAN: --A girl that I “lost” was returning one way or another, but I needed to decide if I wanted to keep the past or the present.

JULIAN: Way too cryptic. But I’m a little freaked out. And this is coming from a guy who’s lost both his forearms in exchange for TK-powered gadgets.

JULIAN: …Alleyne?

JULIAN: You there?

Panel 5/ Close up on David, trying to hide his awareness.

DAVID: Uh…yeah.

Panel 6/ Julian looks out of his window, while crossing his arms in annoyance.

Panel 7/ Same shot.

JULIAN: Weirdo.

Page 13/

Panel 1/ Scene change. Dark clouds. The jet that the Uncanny Avengers were walking towards is roaming the skies.

ALEX: -Rogue, Thor and I are headed for Symkaria. Considering that’s where the Sentinels are positioned and evidently aren’t moving away from, I deduced it’d be logical to have our heaviest hitters at the point of interception.

ALEX: It’s mandatory that we hold them off and try to decipher or trace any weak-spots amongst them.

Panel 2/ “Camera” focus on Wanda, seated inside the jet. Looking outside, miles away.

ALEX: Which is why I want Captain America and Wanda, in Puternicstan. The extraction point and the only way we’ll have a definite answer and end to this attack.

ALEX: Captain, you know the terrain more than any of us here, if anything, what you do in that place determines the outcome.

Panel 3/ Scene change. Cut to Utopia’s conspicuously empty beachhead.

ALEX: Once again, the fate of the world within lies in our hands.

Panel 4/ Cut to just about outside of Emma’s office. Also empty.

Panel 5/ From behind view (Emma). While walking down one of Utopia’s corridors, a shadowy, female, figure looms over her shoulder.

EMMA: (Hmm? How quaint.)

Panel 6/ Side-view. Emma’s face. She stops dead in her tracks, having already acknowledged the presence behind her, she looks towards the left.

EMMA: May I help you?

VOICE: Emma, please…

Page 14/

Panel 1/ Splash.From behind view (Emma, turned around). Wanda appears before, hovering, she resonates slightly with a crimson red magic.

EMMA: Or am I still under arrest for treasons against humanity?

WANDA: …We need to talk.

Page 15/

Panel 1/ Scene change. Utopia’s med-room. Filled to the brim with most of the Recruits and The Jean Grey School students, returned from space. Laurie and Noriko are both lying unconscious on their respective beds, Phoebe is seated next to Laurie, holding her hand while her eyes are closed. Joshua’s seated next to Noriko, both palms opened across her chest, emitting golden light. Cessily is standing near the window, reeling from recent events, Santo stands next to her. Ariel is no longer over his shoulder. Hisako, Benjamin, Victor and Sooraya are seated towards the middle of the room, Hope and Megan are both standing around them.

CPT: Meanwhile.

Panel 2/ “Camera” focus on a concerned Hisako.

Panel 3/ “Camera” focus on Sooraya, fiddling with her fingers, trying to hide her own concerns.

Panel 4/ “Camera” focus on Victor and Benjamin. Both are waiting.

Panel 5/ “Camera” focus on Hope and Megan. Hope’s arms are crossed while Megan’s looking over at Noriko and Laurie.

Page 16/

Panel 1/ Benjamin stands up, his demeanour’s changed. A little more assertive.

BEN: That’s it.

BEN: All this waiting…sitting around doing absolutely nothing--I can’t take it anymore. We have to go. We have to do something!

SOORAYA: Respectfully, Ben…

Panel 2/ Cut to Sooraya, looking up at him.

SOORAYA: What are you going to do?

SOORAYA: These reports have already shown us the strength and brute of the Sentinels. Ravaging anything they see within the Symkarian district and the Avengers have of yet to bring this attack to an end.

SOORAYA: I pray that Allah bestows His mercy onto me for saying this, but--what hope do we have?

BEN: You’ve gotta be kidding me.


Panel 3/ Sooraya gets out of her seat, turning to face both Laurie and Noriko.

SOORAYA: Our friends, Laurie Collins and Josh, have both returned. Because of this man. Two people we never thought to see again.

SOORAYA: …There isn’t exactly any progress where Noriko’s condition is concerned, but we’re already preparing for battle?

SOORAYA: Benjamin--

Panel 4/ She turns back towards him, adamantly.

SOORAYA: --We have not even recovered from this one.

BEN: …Jheeze. Are you sure staying in Utopia was the right move for you?

SOORAYA: The predicament does not have anything to do with a personal choice. Look at us, Ben, we cannot afford any more casualties.

Panel 5/ Close up on Sooraya. Looking at Ben, sombrely.

SOORAYA: And I do not abide by my friends indulging in what’s already a blood-bath.

Page 17/

Panel 1/ There’s a swift silence amongst them. Atmosphere’s a bit tense. Cessily notices the exchange of words.

Panel 2/ Ben abruptly walks towards the exit, Sooraya attempts to reach after him, Megan stops her.

BEN: Well I’m sorry you feel that way. But you and I…we weren’t exactly “friends” to begin with. That applies to rest of you, too.

BEN: People are dying and it’s down to something only we know the truth behind, if none of you will fight with me--I’ll go by myself.

SOORAYA: Oh, no. Ben, I--

MEGAN Don’t worry, Sooraya. Ben’s a major hot-head like that, literally as well as metaphorically. This is just one of his many fits. I’ll go talk to him…

Panel 3/ Close-up on Megan. Looking quite reluctant.

MEGAN: …Later.

Panel 4/ Cut to Hisako and Victor.

HISAKO: Well that was…awkward. I’ve never seen Sooraya so…forceful?

VICTOR: You can say that again. In the old days, if anything like this happened between us, she’d be the one to calm things down with her kind and peaceful words. Worked like a charm.

VICTOR: She’d be our gentle rock…our moral centre.

VICTOR: But then, I guess things really have changed since the old days.

HISAKO: But weren’t they-

SOFIA: Uh, guys?

Page 18/

Panel 1/ Sofia walks through the entrance, passing an annoyed Ben on her way in. Cessily notices her arrival, looking at her in shock. Sooraya has walked over to Noriko’s bed.

MEGAN: Don’t ask.

SOFIA: Yeah, okay.

Panel 2/ Cut to Victor, looking up at her in astonishment.

VICTOR: (Whoa…)

SOFIA: I can see that Noriko and…Laurie, are still experiencing treatment. And as we all know, there’s a catastrophic event happening due to something we stumbled upon.

SOFIA: I know we haven’t exactly had the opportunity to sit down and reminisce on old times, or even get to the bottom of lesser mysteries…but the time’s come to act.

SOFIA: I just checked my cell phone, and--and David wants us to leave.

Panel 3/ Cut to Sooraya. Side-view. Her back turned towards the rest of them, she acknowledges what Sofia’s just said.

SOFIA: He’s already sent me the ‘mission plan’, and everything. We’re to rendezvous in two locations: Symkaria and Puternicstan.

Panel 4/ Scene change. Dark woods. Captain America and Wanda walk through them. Just a couple of miles ahead, is a large, colossal building. A red light flashes atop of it.

SOFIA: Symkaria because that’s where the Sentinels as well as the Avengers are, and Puternicstan because this is where the control station is positioned. So he says.

SOFIA: He didn’t tell me where he is, just that we’ll know when he arrives. He wishes us luck…

SOFIA: More to the point--we’re delving into dangerous territory.

SOFIA: I…I overheard what Sooraya was saying and she’s right.

Panel 5/ Scene change. Back to Utopia’s med-room. Sofia continues to explain.

SOFIA: This is risky. We could all die.

SOFIA: And I know I haven’t exactly been around long enough to make such judgements…but I think we should at least try.

SOFIA: …Right?

MEGAN: Right.

VICTOR: Right.

HISAKO: ...We’re facing a life-time’s worth or detention when we get back to school, so, you got me.

Panel 6/ “Camera” focus on Hope. Looking at Sofia in slight esteem.

HOPE: (I’m not sure why I’m thinking this, but I admire her. It’s obvious that this a role she was born to play. Almost as if she never left, and you can tell she’s been put in the leadership position before…

HOPE: (You can tell she still stands behind Xavier’s dream…even if it’s a concept we’ve all left behind.)

HOPE: I’m in, too.

Panel 7/ Scene change. Emma and Wanda are having what seems to be a heated discussion in Utopia’s corridors.

EMMA: So I take it upon your arrival from Wonderland, you’ve also acquired the abilities of enigmatic cognizance?

WANDA: This is a critical situation, Emma, they can’t--

EMMA: And this, Maximoff, is none of your bloody business.

Page 19/

Panel 1/ Large shot. Left half of Emma’s face.

EMMA: The X-Men understand more than anyone the gravity of this particular situation. In case you had forgotten--and believe me, I’ve an idea of how much you’ve heard this--it’s your fault as to why a busload of their friends were murdered.

EMMA: What better way to infiltrate and harm Mutantkind’s core when they’ve been scathed with evident extinction, than to do it at their most weakest?

EMMA: It was an opportunity given to them by you. Small wonder why plunging head-first into evident annihilation’s second nature for them all.

EMMA: Fret not, I’ll refrain from turning this into a ‘woe is me’ display, considering Carol’s already gotten the brunt of it, but you must leave. Now.

Panel 2/ Large shot. Right half of Wanda’s face.

WANDA: …It’s exactly because of what I did that I want to prevent another nightmare from happening.

EMMA: Nothing you say or do will change my mind, your motives were laid about before me like a deck of Jack Daniel cards the minute you stepped foot on unfamiliar territory. (And she’s also in possession of the same Stark tech that recently sent us all on a wild goose chase, how novel).

WANDA: Then you know I come with genuine intentions. If you allow the children to go, the future of the X-Men will cease to exist. The Avengers haven’t even-

EMMA: Pardon the interruption, but I don’t much care for the state of your Avengers. The fiasco that was ‘Avengers Vs. X-Men’ has brought a few denizens to a cross roads…

Panel 3/ Close up on a serious Emma.

EMMA: You’re the heroes, while we the villains. A former Utopian federation is broken and the remnants of a certain entrepreneur’s liquidated holdings aren’t even enough for support.

EMMA: The mortified tone originates from the many by-products of a spell you cast due to inexplicable “daddy issues”. I haven’t exactly admitted this to anyone, not even Scott, but--I’m furious. More so now than when I realized what it was you’d done to us.

Page 20/

Panel 1/ Scene change. David’s jet is still roaming the dark clouds.

EMMA: So, Wanda Maximoff, do yourself a favour, and leave.

WANDA: This isn’t what I came here to-

EMMA: I said leave.

Panel 2/ Side-view. Through the mist of the dark clouds, a dark, colossal, shadowy figure roams through. In the direction of the jet.

Panel 3/ Bright eyes are alight from what seems to be the figure’s face, it moves closer towards his jet.

CPT: 45 miles from Symkarian airspace.

Panel 4/ The figure comes through. It’s a Sentinel, preparing to attack.

Panel 5/ Scene change. Back to the corridors of Utopia, where Emma only stands. She’s placed her right hand on the side of her forehead.

EMMA: (All mutants on Utopia, this is a-

Panel 6/ “Camera” focus on Emma’s eyes. Wide-open. She’s shocked beyond belief.

EMMA: Oh my God.

Page 21/

Panel 1/ Cut back to the med-room. Phoebe’s still attending to Laurie, while Josh is still attending to Noriko. Everyone else is gone, save for Sooraya. Who is still seated next to Noriko, praying.

SOORAYA: <…Created me and I am your servant, and I am on your path as best I can. Have mercy upon my soul for what I have done, for the decisions I have made.

Panel 2/ Close up. Side-view. The side of Sooraya’s face. A tear drop rolls down her cheek coming from her right eye, which are closed.

SOORAYA: Forgive me, O Allah…

Panel 3/ Cut to a corridor. Emma runs down it in panic, it leads towards the med-room.

SOORAYA: …For the people I will hurt.

EMMA: (That poor girl’s suffered too much during her days as a living. This isn’t a suitable time to be popping back from the dead. Not with what’s going on right now…it can’t be).

EMMA: (And Foley…supposedly returning from his break at exactly the same time his girlfriend’s been…no).

EMMA: It can’t be.

EMMA: Unless this was what Maximoff was babbling on about.

Panel 4/ She reaches the door. Pauses.

Panel 5/ She opens the door and walks into the med-room.

Panel 6/ Close up on her face. Looking in front of her in complete disbelief.

EMMA: (Scott, I--just--return to Utopia).

Panel 7/ “Camera” focus on an unconscious Laurie.

EMMA: (Immediately).

To Be Continued…

Next – Everything ends here.

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Very long , longer than usual for me to read, I suggest doing it in more parts, as the size will put people off. I read about 2/3, It was good. The diaglue seems to come natural.

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@Pyrogram said:

Very long , longer than usual for me to read, I suggest doing it in more parts, as the size will put people off. I read about 2/3, It was good. The diaglue seems to come natural.

Thanks for the comment, as well as the advice...(i'll be taking that).