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Previously, Scott Summers and Logan of the Uncanny X-Men had a disagreement of large proportions concerning the next generation of mutants, they had what one would call, a Schism. The Schism still lurks amongst them, but, a new Genesis dawns on the kind of people you would usually fear and hate. Since then, Scott and Logan have gone their separate ways, operating in different factions while keeping in mind what the two of them wanted most. They’ve been through wars, they’ve had their trials and tribulations, but now ? The Children of The X-Men are taking matters into their own hands.

The Young X-Men #4

New Beginnings Part 4 – When You’re Unwanted.

Rated M

Page 1/

Panel 1/ Over the shoulder view (Sofia). Sofia, Phoebe and Sooraya are still at the crime scene. Walking towards Sofia, is a group of average looking beings, three Caucasian males and one Caucasian female. They’re all suited. Phoebe’s looking a little frantic.

CPT: New York City. 17:49 PM. Something wicked this way comes.

Panel 2/ Phoebe looks past Sofia, noticing the up and coming group.

CPT: Phoebe Cuckoo. Telepath.

PWOP: The Dark Avengers. Supposed ‘heroes’ under the leadership and jurisdiction of Norman Osborn. They don’t know the meaning of the word.

PWOP: That man is evil incarnate, these people are the spawn of a hellish fiend. I know…things about them, I’m quite aware of what truly lies beneath all the suits and the act itself.

Panel 3/ Phoebe puts her left hand on Sofia, who looks back at her as she does so. Sooraya looks at the crowd.

CPT: Sofia Mantega. Wind manipulator. Still finding her way.

PWOP: Prolonging our stay here would only see us come face to face with an omen that could hold deadly portents for the three of us, and it’d be too late before we realized that the tables had turned. I won’t let that happen, I can’t.

PHOEBE: Sofia…I know what you’re feeling, but this is not our fight.

Page 2/

Panel 1/ Inside an elegant looking meeting area, there’s a large, round, transparent glass table, around the table, are 9 seats, all but one are empty. Towards upper left hand side of the room are gargantuan windows, through them is Utopia’s beach. Emma is seated in one of the seats, looking down at an iPad, which shows coverage of the crime scene. She’s intrigued.

CPT: Emma Frost. The White Queen. Former host of the Phoenix Force. Girlfriend of Scott Summers. Not to be trifled with.

EMMA: And, in other news, Sooraya, Phoebe and even the ever so obscure Ms. Mantega have abruptly found themselves in something of which, does not concern them…I’d like to think.

EMMA: As pure as their intentions may be, it’d be best for them that the grown-ups handled this.

Panel 2/ Close up. Emma uses her right hand to gently caress her hair while paying closer attention to the report.

EMMA: If I wanted to prove Phoebe and co. right, that statement would have been said with much more confidence and haughtiness, but, that’s not possible.

EMMA: Scott?


EMMA: Good. Is David still around?

SCOTT: Yeah, are you around a-

EMMA: Don’t worry, ABC News didn’t miss the first opportunity they had to the scoop on this, I’m getting it all, loud and clear.

SCOTT: Then that means you can elaborate the situation to David, why what they’re doing is wrong and not going to happen. We’ll deal with the-

Panel 3/ Emma looks over to the beach, through the windows.

EMMA: Actually, Scott, the main reason I “called” was to speak against that. I’m afraid I don’t exactly have the time to give you a detailed explanation as to why this is the better movement, but you need to trust them, Scott.

Panel 4/ Angled topographic view. Phoebe, Sooraya and Sofia are making their exit from the scene, gliding alone a soft current of wind away from the scene, the Dark Avengers are making their entrance.

EMMA: This is exactly what happened when we went to Wakanda. We ignored them. Thought their problems child’s play. We were wrong.

EMMA: They are the X-Men, Scott. They’ll do us well, no matter what mighty status you may have earned, do not forget that.

Panel 5/ Elevated side-view. Sofia, Sooraya and Phoebe are flying past a building, Sofia is taking the lead, Sooraya looks a little worried while Phoebe’s eyes are still glowing white.

PHOEBE: Sooraya, calm down. We were invisible to the naked eye the minute we arrived in the vicinity, and still are. Nobody saw us, at least, not with their eyes.

Panel 6/ Sofia flies a little higher, the other two follow on.

SOFIA: The faster we leave here the better. For all we know, Noriko could be dead.

Page 3/

Panel 1/ Flashback. A little Caucasian girl, of Siberian decent, wearing raggedy clothing, is running through the war-torn streets of Puternicstan. She’s running for dear life.

CPT: Years ago. Puternicstan. Veronika Strelonivich. Little girl lost.

VWOP: They destroyed everything we had. They took away anything that provided a sense of nostalgia for us. They showed no mercy. Using their blood-drenched boots to walk the streets of what was formerly a proud land.

Panel 2/ Present day. An older Veronika is walking down a hallway, she has two men walking besides her, armed men, body-guards. She’s mischievously smiling, discreetly.

CPT: Now. Puternicstan. Veronika Strelonivich. A woman with power.

VWOP: I grew up with an iron-heart. Learning from a young age that depicting a type of kindness, or even compassion, in the end, would be your ultimate demise.

Panel 3/ Flash back. Veronika, still a young girl, is kneeling down, praying in an alleyway.

VWOP: The people of Symkaria were our oppressors. Enemies of the state. Enemies of my state. I only looked to rightfully change things, I only wanted what was best for my people, for our future.

Panel 4/ Present day. Over the shoulder view (Veronika). In front of Veronika and her men, is a large, wooden door, closed.

VWOP: It was their impeccable greed for dominance and wealth that brought our countries to a cross roads.

VWOP: I wanted what was rightfully ours to take…

Panel 5/ Elevated side-view. Veronika reaches the door, the armed man on the left hand side of Veronika put’s his palms on the door. She watches him while doing so, it’s evening.

VWOP: Power tends to corrupt-

Page 4/

Panel 1/ The door falls flat on the ground. In front of them, is a large, elegant looking bedroom, a middle-aged man is peacefully sleeping on a king-sized bed.

VWOP: -And absolute power corrupts absolutely.

VERONIKA: Thank you.

Panel 2/ Lighting flashes outside, seen through the arched windows of the bedroom, setting a tense mood. Veronika walks over to the man’s bedside, in doing so, pulling a small dagger from underneath her right sleeve, he’s still sleeping. The men stand guard.

CPT: Christophur Nobakov. Current governor of Puternicstan.

VWOP: Great women-

VERONIKA: I am sorry it had to come to this, old friend.

Panel 3/ She sombrely holds the dagger towards his heart, gripping the handle tightly. She looks at him in discreet pity.

VWOP: -Are almost always-


Panel 4/ “Camera” focus on the dagger being pointed towards his heart.

VWOP: -Bad women.

Panel 5/ Black panel.

Page 5/

Panel 1/ Angled topographic view. Inside the dark cave that Noriko was held in. There are several Sentinels adjacently lined up in a storage area, the first two are connected to a cord, on the other side, Noriko is still held on the contraption, still surging energy.

CPT: Kaga’s base. Location…unknown. Time…unknown.

Panel 2/ Kaga walks over to a physically depleted Noriko, she doesn’t exactly acknowledge his presence.

KAGA: You people, you all think you’re so perfect. So pretty, sitting upon your high horses without a care in the world. Do you pity me? Do you fear me?

Panel 3/ He clutches her chin with his right hand, analysing her.

KAGA: They say the birth of a mutant is by chance, is it by chance that my mother was in the wrong place at the wrong time? That I turned out a freak of nature?

Panel 4/ He spits on her left cheek.

KAGA: All of you make me sick, saving the ever-changing, pretty, damsel in distress, while vermin like us are left to rot and putrefy in the darkest depths of this cruel world.

Panel 5/ Unbeknownst to the two of them, further down the cave, a female figure Is waiting, watching them, in the shadows.

Page 6/

Panel 1/ Emma is still inside her office, she watches through the windows as Sofia, Phoebe and Sooraya fly onto the Utopia’s beach.

EMMA: (Quickly, children. Father’s running impatient.)

Panel 2/ The three girls just about land, Phoebe looks up in annoyance.

SOFIA: Was that--?

PHOEBE: Yes, Ms Frost. She knows what’s happening. We need to hurry up.

Page 7/

Panel 1/ The girls are running down the run-way to Cerebra, Phoebe takes the lead.

SOFIA: I called David on our way here, he knows about what’s happening…as we speak, but Scott and him are still having a way with words.

PHOEBE: That’s fine, our top priority is getting Noriko back, and uncovering the dire plot that may be at hand, something tells me this is going to get tricky.

SWOP: Upon being found by Logan, I have always remembered to keep an open mind regarding what I might find next.

SWOP: I have made a lot of friends here, Noriko being one of my closest.

Panel 3/ Phoebe sits down and places Cerebra on her head, Sofia looks at her in anticipation, Sooraya looks a little withdrawn.

SWOP: We have been through a lot, all of us. A more than profuse amount of fighting, betrayal and death has been witnessed, by all of us. I hold each and every single one of my friends close to a heart that still manages to beat after all these years.

Panel 4/ Before the three of them, a holographic projection of planet Earth appears.

SWOP: We have faced many troubles; many fears have become a reality. I believe that this would be one of them.

Panel 5/ “Camera” focus on Sooraya looking towards a holographic projection of Noriko’s face in concern.

SWOP: I fear for what is about to come, I fear for us all even though I know I should not.

PHOEBE: There she is, and--Oh my word

SWOP: I have always tried to keep a brave face amongst all the quarrels and the mishaps, but heeding the events of last week, I somewhat understand both David’s decision and Noriko’s…but things like this, they need to end.

Panel 6/ Besides the holographic projection of Noriko’s face, a sub-heading reads “CONDITION: CRITICAL”.

SWOP: Being the pacifist that I am…what will it take for me to change these ways? I did not go to the school for one reason alone.

Page 8/

Panel 1/ Ororo walks into Emma’s office with a demeanour, Heather Cameron, in Shi’ar form, also enters with her. Emma gives Ororo a blunt smile.

SWOP: Running was no longer an option for me, nor did i want to pretend as if it was a luxury that I could afford.

SWOP: Sooner or later…

Panel 2/ In the cerebral room. Phoebe looks up at the holographic projection of Noriko’s face in tears, Sofia, behind her, looks down at herself in disappointment.

SWOP: …The time would come for us to stop running, and take a stand.

PHOEBE: The interference…the interference from before is gone. But we--Noriko…she’s in grave danger.

Panel 3/ Sooraya walks over to a distraught Phoebe, questioning her.

SOORAYA: What is happening, Phoebe?

PHOEBE: I don’t…I don’t understand. His name…his name is Kaga, from what I’m getting through this faulty connection…I can feel what’s happening to her. Noriko. She’s dying.

Panel 4/ Phoebe turns around to both Sofia and Sooraya, closing her eyes.

PHOEBE: Instead of telling, I’ll show you all.

Page 9/

Panel 1/ Back at the Jean Grey School. Angled topographic view, a lady in her early twenties, with short, purple and blonde, streaked hair and skimpy clothing, is standing in front of the school entrance. Before her, are several other students, of which, include: Cessily, Ben Hammil, Santo, Victor, Hisako and a reluctant looking Hope Abbot.

CPT: The Jean Grey School For Higher Learning.

CPT: Ariel. Doorway teleportation. One of the sassiest teachers you could get. Violating any and all rules set before her.

ARIEL: Alright “kids”, listen up.

ARIEL: So, yeah, word got out from a certain dweeb that a member of your little group’s gone missing. Now, I’m not exactly supposed to be doing this, but apparently, San Francisco’s got some pretty amazing nail salo--buy one get one free stores. And you need a ‘porter.

Panel 2/ She continues to explain.

ARIEL: And, well, I’m in need of some items. Getting to Utopia at this rate is a must, then, help the big-guns *to herself* well, you can count me out of that *normal* and get back to the school, pronto.

Panel 3/ She walks over to a parked car and opens the front door, instead of showing the inside of a passenger’s seat, the entrance glows a bright pink.

ARIEL: This right here, is your one-way ticket to the promise land. It’ll take us straight to Utopia and back in no time…I think.

ARIEL: That, and it beats lounging around here watching time fly.

HISAKO: I’ve got a question: are you sure you know how to work that thing?

ARIEL: Well excuuuse me. You don’t tell me how to ‘port, and I won’t tell you how to make yourself look like some cyber-bear. Any more questions?

HISAKO: You can’t even-

ARIEL: Didn’t think so.

Panel 4/ She welcomes them all in, Cessily enters first, followed by Santo, the rest of them follow.

ARIEL: Hold on to your horses, dudes and dudettes…

Panel 5/ White panel.

AWOP: You’re in for a bumpy ride!

Page 10/

Panel 1/ Angled topographic view. Veronika walks in on seated Kaga.

KAGA: You’ve been away for quite some time now.

VERONIKA: I had to attend to some pressing matters, nothing that should concern you. How fares the tedious experiments?

KAGA: Indeed.

KAGA: Very well, all is going accordingly. You’ll be surprised at what the machines can accomplish now.

VERONIKA: Of course I would. Comrade, I don’t mean to change the tide of the conversation so quickly, but this has been annoying me for quite some time.

Panel 2/ Veronika turns back to Noriko, who’s unconscious, though, electricity is still being emitted from her.

VERONIKA: I am well aware of the fact that this girl powers up the machines, augmenting their attributes in ways I couldn’t even begin to imagine, but this is not what I bargained for.

Panel 3/ She turns back to him, her demeanour changes.

VERONIKA: I wanted revenge and revenge only.

KAGA: That you will get, in a couple of hours no less…

VERONIKA: But your intentions with her, in all of this, have been depicted to me, as of being obscure and containing the most ignoble intents.

Panel 4/ Behind Veronika as she continues to rant, a female figure walks up, emitting a yellow coloured essence from her body. Kaga yawns.

VERONIKA: Little man, I will not tolerate or stand for-

Panel 5/ She drops to the ground.


KAGA: Thank you. Asinine banter tires me. You’ll get your sought after revenge, Veronika, very soon. The reason for my keeping of Noriko is far too complex for even the likes of you to comprehend.

Page 11/

Panel 1/ Inside a jet, Phoebe, Sooraya and Sofia are seated. Sofia is manning the jet.

SOFIA: *to herself* Courtesy of Madison Jeffries…*normal* um, who’s Madison Jeffries?

PHOEBE: A scientist. Member of the X-Club, tutor of David. Shouldn’t exactly be the topic of discussion.

SOFIA: Right.

SOORAYA: Sofia, I never knew you were adept in flying jets.

Panel 2/ Side-view. Sofia takes a good look at the controls.

SOFIA: Well, the truth is, I’m not. I just…well, it’s complicated. It’s New Warrior stuff that I’m not exactly in the mood to talk about, sorry.

SOORAYA: Ah, that is understandable. But you know how to work the jet?

SOFIA: It’s not exactly impossible to work. All these buttons have functions, I just need to press the right-

Panel 3/ They all get shunted back to their seats in surprise.


SOORAYA: Allah…!


Panel 4/ “Camera” focus on a surprised Phoebe.

PHOEBE: What…was that?

SOFIA: Uh, don’t worry. Just know that I’m getting the hang of things around here…hehe…

PHOEBE: I don’t mean to be a pest, but now would be good. Time is of the essence and for some reason I’ve lost connection with Noriko for a second time, that doesn’t bode well.

SOORAYA: …Phoebe, wouldn’t it have been wise for us to have called upon the assistance of some of the other Recruits?


Panel 5/ Side-view. In the hangar. The Jet gently propels itself upwards.

PHOEBE: I’d rather not risk involving anyone else in this (not even Hope) and it looks like the powers that be wouldn’t, either. Emma’s watching us, as is Scott…somehow.

Page 12/

Panel 1/ Sofia smiles as she handles the jet’s controls. Sooraya buckles her seatbelt, so does Phoebe.

PHOEBE: They’re anticipating our every move, I gathered that a while ago. We must prove to them that we can handle this ourselves.

SOFIA: Uh’huh. Hold on…

SOORAYA: I…see. So where exactly are we headed?

Panel 2/ Phoebe looks up, her eyes glow a bright white.

PHOEBE: For starters, the base Is not to be located on the grounds, however, it’s not far from where we’re stationed.

SOORAYA: You mean…in space?

PHOEBE: Something like that. Hovering above Earth, like that of some lost satellite.

Panel 3/ Sofia looks back at the girls.

SOFIA: I don’t like what I’m hearing. This Kaga guy, none of us know his game other than what he did a while back…with Laurie’s corpse. Where was he stationed then?

Panel 4/ “Camera” focus on a concerned Sooraya.

SOORAYA: Hisako never made that quite clear. If I were to go by his usual acts and what you showed us, Phoebe, I’d suggest it could possibly be Shaitan.

Panel 5/ Angled topographic view. Above the jet, the roof of the hanger splits itself in half, the two halves slide opposite each other, giving the jet an opening.

SOFIA: Times like this, I wish David was here, he’d figure out what to do without even batting an eye-lash.

PHOEBE: But he’s with the Cyclops…

PHOEBE: So we’re on our own…

Page 13/

Panel 1/ A calm, peaceful village. Men and women are going about their businesses, children are gleefully running about. The skies are clear blue, all is well.

CPT: Symkaria. Previously saved from an inevitable destruction. Let’s hope they’re so lucky this time around.

Panel 2/ “Camera” focus on the skies, the southern area ruins the peaceful scenery with its dark clouds.

Page 14/

Panel 1/ A dark corner of Kaga’s cave.

CPT: Location: Still unknown.

Panel 2/ Zoom out. Angled topographic view. Kaga is on the other side of the corner examining the vast amount of Sentinels before him, all seem to be awake with their eyes glowing.

Panel 3/ At the corner, a door shaped portal of light appears out of nowhere.

Panel 4/ Ariel and the students from The Jean Grey School come crashing through, unbeknownst to Kaga.

Panel 5/ “Camera” focus on Ariel and the students, they’re all annoyed, especially Hisako. Ariel looks a little worn out.

ARIEL: Hair…is a mess…

CESSILY: Oh gosh…Santo!? MOVE!

SANTO: Sorry! Sorry!

VICTOR: What the…

BEN: This isn’t Utopia…

HISAKO: I knew it.

Panel 6/ Hisako faces a worn out Ariel in complete frustration.

HISAKO: I knew it knew it knew it!

HISAKO: This self-obsessed floozy didn’t take us to Utopia, we’re anywhere BUT. Like, the freaky part of some sorta low-budget Sci-fi slash Horror flick!

ARIEL: Nnnnhh…gimme a break.

HISAKO: NO! I will NOT give you a break, in fact-

BEN: Yeah, yeah…ladies?

Panel 7/ Hisako, on all fours, looks over to a curious Ben, who has his attention fixated on the entrance that leads to the Sentinel room a couple metres away from them, of which, light is being emitted from.

BEN: I think you might wanna save “The Jean Grey School whodunit” for later. We’re not alone here. Look…

SANTO: Can we go home now?

CESSILY: I’m with Santo on that one, Ariel?


HISAKO: Waitaminute…

Page 15/

Panel 1/ Hisako warily stands up, examining the team’s surroundings. Ben is still fixated on the entrance, Ariel seems to have fainted, much to Cessily and Santo’s dismay. Victor looks at Hisako.

HISAKO: Oh…oh crap.

VICTOR: What? What is it?

CESSILY: *in the background* Oh my--Ariel?!

HISAKO: Anole--guys, remember that time when I was ranting about some freaky Japanese guy that used that…blondies--

VICTOR: Laurie?

HISAKO: Yeah, her.

Panel 2/ She slowly walks down the hall, a right arm stretched out to the wall besides her.

HISAKO: And, like, we went to his base and everything? And we disposed of him? And Professor McCoy’s girlfriend was with us?



HISAKO: This is it.

Panel 3/ Hisako looks back at the rest of them.


HISAKO: Keep it down, remember? I asked Storm where we were last time we came, she said Northern Japan. So, we’re in Northern Japan.


Panel 4/ Ben ponders a little.

BEN: But…hold on, you said the guy was killed, what the hell is this joint doing live and operating?

HISAKO: How do we even know-


Panel 5/ Hisako, in panic, starts to scream, almost immediately, Victor jumps behind her and covers her mouth with his left hand.


VICTOR: Oh geez.


Panel 6/ Ben, Victor and Hisako turn around to Cessily.


CESSILY: It’s Ariel, she’s fainted.

Panel 7/ Close up on a concerned Cessily.

CESSILY: And she isn’t waking up.

Page 16/

Panel 1/ Hisako is kneeling down towards Ariel, slightly annoyed as well as worried. Unbeknownst to the rest of the team, Ben and Victor are walking towards the light.

CPT: A little later on.

HISAKO: This is so not happening.

CESSILY: How are we supposed to get out here? How did you get out of here?

HISAKO: We used some sort of high-tech gizmo to fly ourselves out, but it wasn’t a possession of the X-Men’s, it was Abigail’s.

CESSILY: Uh…huh. Listen, Hisako, I know this might sound a bit weird but that scream we heard back there…it sounded like--like Noriko.

Panel 2/ Cut to Ben and Victor reaching the exit.

VICTOR: Ben, I don’t exactly think we should have strayed this far.

BEN: Quit your whining and live a little. A teensy bit of mystery didn’t hurt anyone. Especially not you or even Santo.

VICTOR: Ben, don’t even-

Panel 3/ They turn to face the shocking scene, with gob-smacked expressions. Kaga has apparently left the area.

VICTOR: Go…there…

BEN: Ho-lee…

Panel 4/ Large shot. The boys are frozen in their tracks, facing the myriad of Sentinels before them, the connections and cords formerly attached to them have been removed. The eyes of the Sentinels are no longer glowing.

BEN: So, uh, so that’s what they call a “Sentinel”?

VICTOR: Pretty much, but there wasn’t so many of them last time that they were around…

Panel 5/ Hisako looks over the two of them.

HISAKO: What are you two bozos up to? This is a-

BEN: *whisper* Hisako…just shut up and get over here! Now!

BEN: Make that all of you!

Panel 6/ The rest of them catch up with Victor and Ben, they have not yet noticed the Sentinels or even the room itself, except for Santo, whom has Ariel unconscious over his rocky shoulders.

HISAKO: This better not be some sort of-

SANTO: Dammit!...

Page 17/

Panel 1/ Splash. They all look at the room in complete astonishment.

HISAKO: Oh no…

CESSILY: Not what I was expecting to see…

SANTO: Can we go home now? Please? Pretty please?

Page 18/

Panel 1/ Angled topographic view. Just above Planet Earth, in more or less, space, David’s jet is flying towards an gargantuan, unearthly, rock.

Panel 2/ Inside the jet, Sofia is still calmly flying. Sooraya is looking through the windows, having spotted the jet. Phoebe has her eyes closed.

SOFIA: When we get back from all this--if we get back, I will most definitely hog jet duties from David.

SOFIA: Walk in the park.

SOORAYA: Phoebe, can you sense her at all telepathically?

PHOEBE: That’s a negative.

PHOEBE: What I’m really concerned about, is, how we get inside.

Panel 3/ Close up on a suspicious Sofia.

SOFIA: Interesting.

Panel 4/ Elevated side-view. The propels itself towards the rock at top speeds.


Panel 5/ Inside the jet. As Sofia callously flies the jet, Sooraya covers her eyes in fear while grabbing a hold of the side of her seat, Phoebe braces herself while looking at Sofia in panic.

SOFIA: Don’t worry. It looks like our antagonist here has some pretty serious infrastructure going on. I’ve got a feeling we’re going to see some ominous, but classic, James Bond-Villain Crazy-man base make itself known in a few moments.

SOFIA: So, hang on!

Panel 6/ Just before the point of contact between the rock and the jet, a slab slides open, giving an entrance for the jet.

Page 19/

Panel 1/ Large shot. Hisako, Victor, Santo, Ben and Cessily are exploring the room filled to the brim with Sentinels.

BEN: But I thought you guys “disposed” of him?

HISAKO: Yeah, well, obviously he came back.

VICTOR: Weren’t we done with Sentinel stuff? The divide between Cyclops and Wolverine clarified that, and if that didn’t, I can’t think of anything else that could have.

HISAKO: From what I know of Kaga, he can make anything out of nothing. The last time we dealt with him, somehow, he managed to get samples of Professor McCoy’s work.

Panel 2/ Hisako looks over to Victor in concern.

HISAKO: He produced living Trojan horses engineered from the DNA that McCoy found, that’s how Kaga theoretically got there.

HISAKO: All in all, though, Kaga used our work to try and exterminate us.

Panel 3/ “Camera” focus on Cessily.

CESSILY: Honestly, that’s awful, Hisako, really, but we came here to find Noriko. That scream…It sounded just like her.

HISAKO: But we don’t know what we’re really up against, we could-

VOICE: Quite right, you don’t. Hisako Ichiki, you and your pretty looking cohorts were never that adequate in leaving well enough alone, were you?

Panel 4/ Hisako and the rest of them turn around to face Kaga, standing.

KAGA: Well, well, well. I seem to have hit the proverbial jackpot. A mutant whose skin and I’ll presume, everything else, consists entirely of metamorphic rock.

KAGA: And a female one of sorts, made out of some…organic Mercury? Is it alive or?...nevertheless, I’ll be having fun with this one.

CESSILY: What did you just-

HISAKO: Save the examinations for another time, old man.

Panel 5/ Hisako walks closer to Kaga, as she does so, a bright red exoskeleton of armour forms around her body.

HISAKO: We aren’t even supposed to be here, what is it this time? World domination through the means of Sentinels? You know, Kaga, that is so 20th century.

KAGA: Actually Ms. Ichiki-

Panel 6/ He points to the sentinels with a remote, at the same time, they seem to have been turned on. Their eyes glow blue. The kids look back, except for Hisako.

KAGA: I have of yet to be moving on to phase 2, which, for the sake of me, does include the naïve Noriko Ashida, but alas, to her inevitable detriment, she’ll be nothing more than a lifeless husk once this is all over.

KAGA: Now, if you’ll excuse me.

Panel 7/ Kaga turns around, and from the waist down, starts to disappear. Hisako tries to chase after him. Behind her, four Sentinels awaken, Cessily covers her mouth, Santo hides behind her.

KAGA: A nation with a profuse amount of pretty people needs to destroying, among other things.


CESSILY: Uh, Hisako?

Page 20/

Panel 1/ The Sentinels are about to apprehend the kids. Cessily backs away, Ben hovers before them, the flame engulfing his head burns brighter. Victor positions himself in a fighting stance.




CESSILY: We’ve got BIGGER fish to fry!

Panel 2/ David’s jet has been landed in a deserted area of the rock. Sofia, Phoebe and Sooraya are walking away from it, about to turn a corner, analysing the place as they go through.

SOFIA: What sort of monster would want to set-up headquarters in a place like this? It’s horrible.

SOORAYA: A lonely one, probably one who takes comfort in being isolated from the rest of the world, literally.

SOORAYA: A fate I would not wish on any of our adversaries.

PHOEBE: But, Sooraya, isn’t that the type of world we’re-

Panel 3/ “Camera” focus on Phoebe, her eyes glow a bright white, she stops walking.


PHOEBE: Whoa. Multiple mind readings up-ahead, I can’t exactly pin-point who these people or…things are, but there’s something happening, something big and someone’s…approaching us.

SOFIA: I can tell…


SOFIA: Movement. The vibrations in the air…

Panel 4/ A small gust of wind caresses Sofia’s hair as she places her right hand in front of her, trying to grasp at something.

SOFIA: I sense them. I can feel them.

SOFIA: It can’t be…


Panel 5/ Phoebe crouches down to Sooraya, who has seemingly dropped to the floor. Sofia walks on, her right hand still in front of her.

PHOEBE: Oh my word. Sooraya? Sooraya are you okay?!

PHOEBE: Sofia, it’s-

SOFIA: Phoebe, think back to the conversation between Noriko and the robot, did it mention anything about Laurie?

Panel 6/ Phoebe looks up Sofia in fear while Sooraya is lying unconscious on her lap.

PHOEBE: Yes, but I don’t see what that-

SOFIA: Phoebe, I don’t think “Joshua” was lying about her.


SOFIA: Sooraya didn’t just “drop”, Phoebe…those were pheromones.

Panel 7/ Sofia, still walking, is stopped by the same female, shadowy figure from before.

SOFIA: Phoebe, get away from here, now.

Page 21/

Panel 1/ Splash. Coming out from the shadows, a Caucasian girl around the same age as Sofia, with long, blonde her and a fringe, wearing a full, black, body-suit, it’s Laurie. The iris of her eyes are golden, a yellow essence flows about her body, she’s giving Sofia a sinister smile. Sofia looks at her in disbelief.

LAURIE: It’s a little bit too late for that, “sister”.

CPT: Laurie Collins. Wallflower. Alive.

To be continued…

NEXT – A call to arms.


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Another one good chapter! So much tension...

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Age you never disapoint

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@Toomuch12 said:

Another one good chapter! So much tension...

Thanks! I tried to set as much tension as i could when Veronika was proceeding to "assasinate" Nobakov...

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Age you never disapoint

LOL. Thank you! I hope that'll continue to be the case :).