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Welcome back to another showcase from the Writers Guild. This week we only have one story, but it sure is a doozy. Coming from his highly anticipated series Galactic Pope, @batkevin74 has made an all new special issue that will tie in with another guild related story. Which story? Well, you'll have to read it to find out.

Presenting Tales of the Galactic Pope: Cardinal Covo by @batkevin74

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It deals with Cardinal Covo, the bionic eyed member of the Cyber Cardinals and the events from his perspective. Hopefully reading this will make people want to read the other three parts :)

Montanis sector, planet Mysia

Cardinal Covo sat in his bubbling hot tub of alchemical concoctions. The mixture of rare liquids cleaned and purified his skin. He closed his one natural eye; his bionic eye never relaced, never rested. A faint rapping on the chamber door roused him from his tranquil state.

“Enter!” groaned Covo.

Jerome, his page, glided in like he was on rails and stood at the edge of the in ground tub. He averted his eyes as Covo emerged from the tub and outstretched his hand, Jerome grabbing the cardinal’s purple bathrobe to clothe him. Covo stepped into the plush robe “You have a message?”

“Yes your grace.” replied Jerome as he handed Covo a digital letter. Covo snatched it and quickly opened it. His bionic eye scanned the letter before tossing it into the tub like a used tissue.

“You play a dangerous game Borgia!” he said aloud before realising he was not alone, Jerome at times was like his shadow “Leave me.”

“Yes your grace”


Cardinal Covo sat quietly in his shuttle as he headed towards the dwarf planet of Nova Roma where the Conclave of Cyber Cardinals had been convened. The four day journey had given him time to plot, to plan and to listen to the coded messages from the various factions who either wanted Akihito Borgia dead or supported. Those who wanted him dead far outweighed his supporters. But why the conclave had been called was still a mystery.

“Entering Nova Roma airspace your grace” stated the pilot.

“Thank you.” Covo muttered as he fumbled his prayer beads “What are you up to Borgia?”


Akihito slowly rose from his throne, looking upon the gathered Conclave of Cyber Cardinals. “I wish to assemble the Papal Fleet!” He watched as the pockets of sidetalk rippled through them. “I will lead in the Fleet to remove the house of Abstergo from the galaxy!”

“OUTRAGEOUS!” screamed Cardinal Orsini.

“This will not stand!” growled Cardinal Covo, his bionic eye targeting the Galactic Pope “You bring dishonour to this conclave!”

“Bite your tongue!” shouted Cardinal Angelita from across the chamber “You should watch your tone when addressing his holiness!”

“I did not vote for his holiness!” spat Covo. The chamber erupted into arguments, Covo retaking his seat and looking directly at the man who was sitting in his seat; Galactic Pope Akihito Borgia!


Cardinal Covo watched as the Galactic Pope drove his fingers through Cardinal Orsini’s eye, killing him in graphic fashion. The bionic eye recorded the whole thing, just in case. The supporters of Borgia erupted in applause, the scavenge of undecided begun to shift in the Pope’s favour and those loyal to the House of Abstergo were genuinely worried as Borgia now had the voting power of twenty five. To summon the Papal Fleet required a minimum of one hundred and sixty six.

Cardinal Covo smiled politely as the Galactic Pope did his obligatory victory lap, inside a bubbling volcano of rage wanted to escape.


“It will cost triple!” came the hushed reply “Because of your location and the target.”

“I don’t care if it costs ten times the amount!” snapped Covo as grabbed the communicator tightly “She needs to die!”

“Very well. Transfer the fee. Consider it done.” the communicator clicked off.

Covo tossed the device into the fire, watching the plastic bubble and spit as it melted into a flaming puddle.

“Enjoy your meal Cardinal Angelita,” chuckled Covo as he poured a glass of wine “It will be your last!”

Tune in next week on September 13th. Remember to read, enjoy, and please comment if you can.

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I don't like that Covo -- that freaking eye. It's like you knew it would control my imagination when you wrote this addition to your story.

Another great installment. Things appear to be going in the direction Akihito wants but not for long. :/

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Is it weird that I picture this as one of those movies that's lit a little too darkly, making it hard to tell everything that's going on? :}

I am still enjoying it, still waiting for it to pick up a bit. I know, I know, "setup." <sigh> ;)

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@cbishop: Message recieved, action aplenty next chapter

@lykopis: You're suppose to hate him :)

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@batkevin74: A darker side to the already brutal world of the galactic pope. Corvo (the crow if I remember my Latin) seems a despicable individual but you haven't made him a total villain, always an easy temptation when you start by writing the protagonist. A solid effort and a delightful read that supports your former work by offering a unique look at events from the other side of the coin.

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@batkevin74: "eye never relaced" I think you mean relaxed :) Nice work though

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