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Hello again Viners! This week's installment from the Writers Guild features two stories. The first is a creative "What if" title from @batkevin74 . The second story is from yours truly.

Presenting a "What if?" title from @batkevin74

This is a What If…? initially based on the premise of Hawkeye gaining the symbiote instead of Spider-Man covered in Secret Wars #8. Rated M, owned by Marvel


“Check me out!” stated Hawkeye as he entered the room in some fresh new threads, a black and indigo design.

“If you’ve used up all the costume making goop,” whined Spider-Man as he stood there in his tattered uniform. Hawkeye cocked his eyebrow and waited for Spider-Man’s ultimatum. Spider-Man’s shoulder’s dropped and he trudged into the other room muttering “I hope you marry She-Hulk!”

Hawkeye smiled as he admired his new outfit “Like a glove!”

Avengers Mansion

“No need Jarvis,” said Clint as he clicked his fingers, “Hey presto!” his costume melting into civilian wear. “And look!” Clint pulled his bow literally from out of his back “This costume is the best thing ever!”

“That can’t be terribly hygienic.” retorted Jarvis.

“Don’t wait up!” he called as he headed off for his date with Bobbi.

Jarvis looked at the hearing aids on the dresser and scratched his head in bemusement.

Baxter Building

“What do you mean alive?” Hawkeye looked baffled by the question as Hank Pym turned on the machines in the lab that Reed had lent him. “You mean…?”

“Alive Clint” said Hank “Your costume is alive; well that’s my hypothesis anyway. I’d love to have Reed co-consult with me on this but he and the FF have gone off again”

“So this,” Hawkeye took off a glove and waved it “Is alive?”

“Could you place that piece in that tube” asked Hank pointing to a container as he loaded a high tech blaster “Now Clint, you’re in pretty good shape right?”


“When were attacked the other week by the Wrecking Crew, you went toe to toe with the Wrecker. The Wrecker was given Asgardian powers by Loki and is on par with Thor. He punched you in the face” Hank put on some goggles “Are you seeing what I’m saying?”

“You think I’m a mutant?”

Hank shook his head “If Thor punched you, do you believe you would survive? Be honest”


“The suit is seemingly augmenting your natural abilities,” Hank turned a dial on the blaster “Which are at peak levels anyway, but you’re not super or fantastic or amazing.”


“Clint, you shoot arrows better than anyone but I watched you pick up a car and throw it!” said Hank “You’re a normal human with exceptional skill. The suit is making you better. But I want to test it to make sure that it’s not affecting your health”

“Bet you wouldn’t do this to Steve” mumbled Clint as he folded his arms and noticed that his glove was back on his hand “Okay, what the hell just happened?”

Hank peered into the empty container and then back at the archer “I don’t know, but I’m fascinated.”


Phantom Lords Part 3 by @dngn4774

Part 1

Part 2


As predicted, after word spread of Paros’ death, Lord Chrain was now next in line to become the new Governor of Dromund Kaas. Unlike his predecessor, Chrain made no effort to strengthen Dromund Kaas’ military. In fact, in the short time since Paros’ death, the ground forces had already lost more outposts to the Revanites and Rebel slaves. Despite having a new office, the Sith Lord preferred to resume his stay at the local cantina. While celebrating his upcoming promotion Chrain had met an exquisite young Twi’lek who seemed destined to cross his path that night.

The Twi’lek was Rutian with skin as blue as the ocean. The coolness of her skin pigment was only exceeded by the look of her eyes. Staring into such pearls could make any man feel lost at sea. Her long lekku (head tails) ran down, from the base of her skull down to her hips, after coiling around her soft orbits. This Rutian wore a skin tight leather outfit which left just enough skin exposed to reveal a fine tattoo protruding from her waistband.

As soon as she entered the cantina with a red droid, she borrowed enough credits from the bartender to play a few hands. After that she walked towards the Governor’s table to entertain the new man of the hour.

“Is this table full?” The young woman inquired.

He waved off his guards, “It appears we’ve just had an opening. Take a seat beautiful.”

She sat down and admired her surroundings. Several days ago the cantina was an open cesspool for Kaas City’s filth, in the wake of Paros’ death it was now a palace in its own right.

“What is your name?”

“Close acquaintances call me Tarkona.”

“Tarkona…I like that. It’s so exquisitely exotic. Well tell me Tarkona, what brings you to my city, business…or perhaps pleasure?” Chrain asked. He ran eyes up and down the young beauty, whilst slowly licking his lips.

“Can’t it be both?” She bantered back, with a flirtatious grin.

Chrain’s eyes shifted off of the woman’s lips back to her cold gaze. “That’s not much of an answer.”

“Fine, then let’s play for it.” Tarkona picked up the deck of cards from the table and shuffled. “If you win I’ll have to obey your orders for the entire night, but if I win you have to one of my orders. Sound fair?”


For a while, Lord Chrain had won almost every single had. Eventually Chrain grew bored with the game an sought to end it early. Both players went all in even though the Sith Lord held most of the pot. On the last hand Tarkona luckily received the card she needed to win.

“Hmm, I don’t suppose you’ll go two out of three?” Asked Chrain

“Not a chance.”

“Despite what you might hear I am a man of my word. Name your request.”

“It’s simple really; you just need to listen to my story. Have you ever heard the Legend of Tarkona?

The Sith Lord shook his head.

“I didn’t think so,” the Rutian noted, “it’s only really popular on the Twi’lek homeworld. Well anyway, Ryloth once had a king whose name was lost through time. As a prince he desired to build the most powerful kingdom in the galaxy. Upon his coronation as king he was met with a secret messenger of the gods. The messenger offered him a gift so long as he agreed to obey the gods teachings. When he accepted it he was given the power to see into the future of others. It is said that the messenger warned the King of a prophecy: he would form the greatest kingdom in Ryloth’s history, but his life would be cut short at the hands of a fool. With those words the messenger vanished, never to be seen by the King again.

The King used his newfound power to vanquish his enemies. To commemorate his victories, he would have his servants build a throne in his honor. Soon the messenger’s words dwelled upon him. To protect himself, the King passed edicts to separate himself from the commoners. As the King’s fame grew both his fear and paranoia intensified. Eventually the King used his power against his own subjects, slaughtering any who disagreed with him or would betray him in the future. When the bloodshed was over, the King concerned himself solely on finishing his throne. Though his Kingdom was now fueled by misery, it was as great an empire as the messenger had promised it to be.

When the throne was completed it was rumored to be large enough to touch the heavens. The King had hosted a celebration to take note of his accomplishments. The Gods were infuriated with the way that the King had abused his power. On the day of the celebration they sent a storm to reclaim all that they had given to the King. In a single night the Kingdom had lost his gift, his armies, his throne, and even his life. Lastly, the storm robbed the King of his name which is why he is only remembered as the Fool of Ryloth. Since then, Tarkona has become the Twi’leki word for both Storm and Judgment.”

Lord Chrain sighed with boredom, “And what was the point of this fable?”

The Twi’lek briefly scowled in disappointment. “Some say it’s about treating underlings with respect or never fighting against fate but I’ve always thought of this tale as a lesson in humility.”

Chrain cackled “Humility! You savages are so simple minded. I’m a Sith darling, humility means nothing to me.”

“I figured as much. That’s why my droid has just hacked your seat.” Instantly, the fuses in Lord Chrain’s seat overloaded with electricity. Tarkona took advantage of his paralyzed state and pulled out a blaster hidden within her droid. With a final headshot the Sith Lord was finished.

While taking her credits from the table, Chrain’s troops rushed into the room. “XD-40 terminate all hostiles!” The tiny red droid transformed into a fully armed assassin droid and mowed down the incoming soldiers with a wave of rapid blaster fire. The Twi’lek and her droid snuck out of the cantina along with the other members of the panicked crowd.


After a successful mission on Dromund Kass, Zavron was awarded with his master’s old personal cruiser, the Ebb Tide. The apprentice was sent near Belsavis to await further orders. Upon arriving near the Republic’s prisonworld Zavron contacted Darth Verudan via holocommunicator.

“I’ve arrived master.”

“Good! Your mission is to restore Imperial Intelligence to its former glory. To do that we will have to locate one of the Empire’s greatest operatives, Cipher Nine.”

“Where can I find him?”

Verudan smirked “If you could find him he wouldn’t be very good at his job. Cipher Nine has gone rouge ever since the rise of Sith Intelligence, the man’s a ghost, if he even is a man. Luckily for us, a member of his old crew was arrested by the Republic and is being transferred to the MaxSec (maximum security) as we speak. Her name is Kaliyo Djannis, she’s extremely dangerous and manipulative. Kaliyo maybe the only person who knows Nine’s true identity, it is paramount that we find her first, before Sith Intelligence extracts her.”

“She shall be yours.” Zavron concluded.


On Korriban:

Lord Shoust paced toward the Sith temple when her holo rang. A blue hologram of a Twi’lek appeared. “Tarkona, how did things go on Dromund Kaas?”

“Smoothly Shoust. It turns out Chrain couldn’t ride the storm, he won’t be troubling you again.”

“Excellent! Meet me back aboard my ship when you can.”

“Sure thing, Tarkona out!”

Shoust collapsed the communicator and entered Darth Nox’s private chambers. She approached the office and saw Nox nodding at a large Sith in heavy black armour. The massive figure needed no introduction, he was known as the Emperor’s Wrath. This one of the most powerful Sith in generations and commanded more respect and fear than any single member of the Dark Council. The Wrath left the room as Nox beckoned the younger Sith to come forward.

Shoust bowed before speaking. “I’ve come on behalf of my master Darth Verudan.”

“I already know what you’ve come to ask me, but I refuse to answer. These petty alliances will not shield us from the Hutts or the Republic. I won’t swear loyalty to any more Sith until this war is fought.”

“My master shares your views” Shoust assured him, “which is why he has sent me to act in your interests on the war effort.”

“I see, then perhaps you can be of use.” Nox hinted.

“It would be my honor to assist in any way.”

Darth Nox used the force to open a lockbox in the corner of the room. He pulled a datapad out of the box and gave it to Lord Shoust. “This is a list of targets the Wrath of I have developed. Each of names in those files belong to some of the Empire’s most dangerous threats. Clearing the list will not only earn my support for your master, it will make you a Darth. Go forth and strengthen our Empire.”

Lord Shoust grinned with anticipation “Consider it done.”

To Be Continued…

Thanks for reading and please comment if you can. Our next edition will be on September 20th!

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Love the political drama and corruption with the Sith. It's like a Cold War novel in space.

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both are cool

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@dngn4774: I shall read all three of yours very shortly.

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@the_poet Thanks.

@dngn4774: I shall read all three of yours very shortly.

Why thank you, my good sir!

Love the political drama and corruption with the Sith. It's like a Cold War novel in space.

Oh trust me, there's nothing cold about this war anymore. I won't spoil it but let's just say you'll find that out in later issues.

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Wait so neither me or Spidey sent in our stories? We're both slackers...

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@tommythehitman said:

Wait so neither me or Spidey sent in our stories? We're both slackers...

Spidey published a short story directly to the forum so I couldn't use it. I only had half of the first segment that morning, so I took my time to polish it up, then sent it out late.

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@batkevin74: Your story was interesting, but I would have loved to see Hawkvenom in action. A couple of symbiote arrows would have really wowed me. Still, I enjoyed your portrayal of Clint, I don't read a lot of Marvel but you made his personality feel authentic.

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Re: Phantom Lords: Loving this! It's like Game of Thrones for Star Wars. :3 And Tarkona's my new favorite character.

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@joygirl: fun fact: My entire inspiration for the Tarkona story was that first image. I saw it online and was determined to work it into the story.

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