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This week, The Writers Guild Presents two stories from @impurestcheese and @cbishop. If your interested in signing up or viewing the Guild's earlier work click here

. Please read, enjoy, and comment if you can.

The Patron Saint of Crime #2 by @impurestcheese

…Looking In

El Cascavel Gang Headquarters, El Paso

"Hola Bonita!" The guard dressed in a striped t-shirt and cargo pants called as the young Asian woman dressed in a gothic lace shirt, PVC mini skirt, and ballet boots trotted up to the door, clutching a handbag. "You must be Nix;" Mistress Lamina said she was sending el Poco Hombre a tasty little treat, "but I think maybe I should keep you for myself."

"Mistress said I was only to dance for el Poco." Nix answered shyly, "That only he has the money and that if anyone else got involved without his consent all I had to do was scream."

"El Poco Hombre will never know." The guard snarled as he reached for her before stopping as a silver Suzuki Hayabusa roared up outside and the driver dismounted and walked up to the pair of them and easily eclipsing them. The guard barley able to come up to his torso and the now quivering Nix able to look at the man's navel, a testament to the newcomer's massive size. At almost seven foot and clad in motorcycle leathers and a helmet covered with Norse runes painted in silver pain, the man was an imposing site.

"Who are you?" The guard growled as he tried to puff himself up whilst covertly reaching for his holstered Micro-Uzi. "What are you doing here?"

"My name is Lester Stein." The giant boomed in a vaguely German tinged accent. "El Poco wanted to talk to me about my contract with Bocanegra."

"Your name isn't on the list." The guard answered nervously as Nix decided that she didn't want to be involved with the mountain of a man who had turned up only seconds after her.

"It will be under my stage name Jotun." Lester growled as he saw the guard going for his machine-pistol. "And who do you think you're kidding." He added as he flashed his own sidearm quickly, a bulky Desert Eagle painted matte black with matching runes decorating the handle as those on his helmet.

"Oh Mr Jotun." The guard gulped, "Come on in." he added nervously before reaching out and grabbing Nix by the hair and dragging her back. "You have work to do Bonita." he hissed, his voice full of lust. With a snarl Jotun reached forward and grabbed the guard's hand and broke the bones inside effortlessly, the release caused Nix to topple forward into the giant's arms.

"Kid do yourself a favor and leave." Jotun told her kindly before stuffing two century notes down her top. "And then get out of this kind of business; it's not a good career choice." He added as she looked at him in surprise, awe struck at how he had gone from a bone breaking monster to a gentle handed giant. With a nod and an audible gulp she nodded and started heading away from the gang headquarters as her super sized rescuer pushed past the whimpering guard and headed inside.


El Poco Hombre's Office

El Poco Hombre was a grizzled face man on Mexican office with a pair of cascavel rattlesnake tattoo running up both arms, their heads kissing on his back in between his shoulders. Normally he wore a business suit, or failing that, a wife beater shirt and jeans, but today he was only in his boxers. He watched the oriental woman shoot his saucy winks and occasionally leveled the prop hand-bow at him as she gyrated dressed in her forest green leotard and an attached tutu to the music playing over the stereo that sat on his desk next to the silver boxing trophy he had won when he was younger. Back then he had been 'the Man' but after failing to lose a fixed fight he was castrated by an enforcer working for the infamous Carlos Rojas, the cartel boss who controlled the El Tarantula Cartel. A few days later, Rojas was dead at the hands of a new player; a man known as Bochanegra had offered the imposing El Poco reparation for his successors treatment of him by giving him part of his fledgling crime empire.

"Huntress come here." He ordered the dancer, "I need you to do something for me." He added as the woman walked seductively over. As she slipped onto his lap the door opened and El Poco looked up to see a massive dark shape block the door. "Leave us." He whispered into Huntress's ear before letting her slide off his lap and run to the door, grabbing her discarded clothing as she went.

"More Asian girls Hector?" Jotun asked as he ducked into the room, his helmet removed to reveal a blonde haired man with sapphire blue eyes and a well trimmed beard. "What is it with you and women from the Orient?"

"Lucy my regular girl retired three weeks ago." Hector answered as he got up to welcome his visitor. "I'm thinking about marrying her."

"Why, so you can have the rest of the fight knocked out of you?" Jotun stated. "It's good to see you again Hector."

"And you Lester, I would say sit down but I don't think my chairs can handle your weight." Hector apologized to his guest. "But maybe I should invest in some since I need to ask a favor of you."

"Anything Hector." Lester answered, "Your father trained me, treated my like a son after my folks disappeared. You are as close to a brother as I have ever had."

"There is a girl." Hector told him, "But this one is different."

"They always are."

"No, this one is a killer, and she is looking for Bochanegra. Bochanegra doesn't want to be found, especially from a loose canon like her. I know she will eventually come here to look for a crack into El Tarantula that she can squeeze into, I need you to stop her permanently." Hector stated.

"I'll get my usual fee?" Lester asked as there was a knock on the door.

"Yes and a bonus from Bochanegra." Hector answered as he pulled on his jeans. "That's probably Huntress she forgot her bra." he added as he went to the door and opened it only to find himself looking down the length of a hand-bow loaded with a bullet headed bolt. Holding the weapon was a woman dressed in street clothes who defiantly didn't have the same demeanor as the dancers he had been sampling all day. "I am busy, so if you came for a dance then you will have to wait." El Poco stammered as he went to close the door. Behind him Lester stirred and picked up an aluminum baseball bat concealed by the side of Hector's desk.

"I didn't come for a dance." The oriental woman hissed as she trained her weapon at Lester. "I came for answers."

"That's her." El Poco yelled as he dived to the deck, "That's the woman, the Patron Saint of Crime! Kill her!" he added as Lester surged forward towards his target, the sheer speed catching Siwang off guard before swinging the bat and knocking her out of the doorway and back into the columned gym that was annexed to the office. Hand springing to her feet Siwang reclaimed her hand bow and fired the loaded bolt only to see Jotun bat it away as he ran towards her.

Dropping her weapon Siwang reached onto her belt and threw one of the flash-bangs down the range, the grenade exploded at Jotun's feet and showered him with intense light and an ear-popping wave of sound. It was loud enough to make him drop the bat that he had been wielding. Jotun blinked in an attempt to adapt his eyes to the light. The giant saw his prey pick up a set of 5kg dumbbells and dash towards him, before delivering a swift punch to the face, the weights enhanced the force of the blow. She swung in for a second attack, this time Siwang aimed lower, slamming one weight into the man's chest and the second into his shoulder before watching as he threw his arms out knocking her backwards for the second time in just over a minutes.

"Inventive." Jotun remarked as he lifted a massive 25kg bar with attached weights. "But not too smart." He added as he hovered over her and slammed the weight down towards her. His prey rolled away seconds before the improvised weapon slammed down where she had been lying. With a grunt of content, Jotun lifted the bar again and swung it towards Siwang, only for the woman to duck under the blow and charge towards him, in an attempt to tackle him to the ground. Jotun smiled and let her hit him before he placed the bar under her neck and levered his attacker away. Siwang staggered and recovered just in time to jump a sweep from the bar before she sprung away to where she had dropped her bow, her fingers pulling back the drawstring. With a roar Jotun threw the weight at his distracted foe and smiled as the bar smacked into Siwang, sending her toppling and the hand bow skidding away.

"You're agile," Jotun commented as he marched steadily towards her, "and you have the spirit of a fighter but you lack technique and while passion and speed will take you so far there are not enough against a skilled opponent with the same abilities." He told her as he picked Siwang up the neck and pulled her up to look him in the eyes. "It will be quick I promise you deserve that much at least." He added as Siwang fumbled for something on her belt. With a long sigh Jotun placed his second hand under his opponent's chin and begun to push up, only to see something glowing blue in the woman's hands enough to distract him from his grisly duties as Siwang swung her arms up and stabbed him in the eyes with the road flares she was carrying.

With a roar of pain Jotun threw her away and covered his face. He was now unable to defend himself from his opponent, as she landed on all fours before leaping towards him and slamming her fist in his groin. Jotun reached out before feeling what felt like hammer blows working on his chest as Siwang got to work, punching quickly and accurately in the same spot she had hit him earlier with the dumbbell, enhancing the pain with every blow before being swatted away by the distressed giant.

"I don't like killing with a gun." Jotun roared as he pulled out his Desert Eagle, "But you have forced me to rely on such things." He added as he swung round listening for Siwang to move and revel where she was lying. Silently Siwang reached out for a medicine ball that was about two foot away and pushed it towards the main door, the noise causing Jotun to turn and fire a shot into the steel orb. With a quiet inhale of breath Siwang threw an unlit flare towards El Poco's office and watched as Jotun fired more shots, all of them missing the thrown projectile. Siwang tapped her fingers to count down the amount of bullets the giant had left, she reached six and smiled with the knowledge he was out of rounds. Getting to her feet she edged to the left and saw him cock his weapon and firing, the last bullet flew towards her and was embedded into her right leg. This caused her to hit the floor with a grunt of pain and a thud.

"You always keep one in the chamber." Jotun told her as he headed over towards Siwang, his hands blindly slipped a new cartridge into his gun. "I will find you and kill you before I have emptied this clip." He added as Siwang pulled herself along the floor away from him. She kicked a dumbbell towards him and watched as he shot it twice. With a hiss of pain she pulled herself up using one of the load bearing columns and ducked behind it as a bullet bit into the support structure, plaster board flew off the area hit to reveal the steel bar inside.

"Three." Siwang whispered as Jotun reached the column. He started to feel his way around it towards her as she pulled herself around the other side and staggered towards El Poco's office. She tossed another unlit flare at the wall, which caused Jotun to swing round and fire a shot; the bullet only missed its mark by a few inches. "Four." Siwang grunted as she reached another column and toppled over, another bullet streaked over her head and showered her with plasterboard dust. "Five." she moaned as Jotun aimed lower to line up his shot with her chest.

"Enough." A voice commanded as the doors to the rest of the building swung open. Five people walked in, three of them carriedweapons whilst the others dragged in a female hostage and a laptop. Siwang noticed that only three of them were dressed like El Cascavel thugs, one of the gunmen wore a suit and shades as did the woman carrying the laptop. Neither of them had spoken, the voice had been almost computerized and was coming from the open computer's speakers. "You came looking for Bochanegra Patron Saint of Crime, you've found him." The shadowy figure on the screen announced. "You and I have some business to discuss."

Our next story is from @cbishop.

This is a continuation of my G.I. Joe entry, from Character Creation Contest #15. It's short, but hope you like it.

14 hours later

Duke stood off to one side as Flint debriefed the group. "You achieved your objective and rescued the captive with efficiency and speed. You should have been better though." The squad waited for him to continue.

"Orange Five! If that wire had delivered any harder of a jolt, it might have taken you out of commission. Had that happened, you would not have been on hand to coordinate the evacuation of the civilians, and you would have been a casualty when Black Eight blew up the hot zone."

Orange Five looked pained at the assessment. "Yes, sir!" he answered. Green Six smirked at him from behind.

"Green Six! You turned your back on a man with a gun! If Purple Four hadn't had your back, you'd have been dead before you got in the door, and you would not have been on hand to help with the initial firefight in the atrium. Had that happened, we may have lost Blue Two as well."

"Yes, sir!" she answered promptly.

"Blue Two! The mechanics said you got that bike running in record time, when you decided to use it for the op. Nice job, soldier."

Two beamed. "Thank you, sir! It's what I do!"

"Plan on doing it again! You left it behind in the atrium, and now the squad needs a new bike!"

"Yes, sir!" answered Blue Two.

"Purple Four! Near flawless performance. You saved Green Six twice." Green Six winced. "And nearly lost your life twice, to two different gunmen, once you had the captive. Your objective isn't achieved until you're out though."

Purple Four nodded slightly and answered, "Understood, sir!"

"Red Three! You were lucky the rosary worked as a distraction! You should have been taking your shot instead."

"Yes, sir!" acknowledged Red Three.

"And had you lost it, how would you explain it to your son?" Flint winked. The group laughed.

"Yellow One! What is with the talking in rhyme, soldier?"

Yellow One answered quickly, "Yo Joe, I don't know! I didn't mean for it to rhyme, but it happens all the time!" Realizing he'd done it again, One answered, "It just comes out under stress, sir. I also lisp when I'm tired."

Flint raised an eyebrow. "It's a potential distraction, and it comes off cocky."

"Yes, sir!" answered One.

"But good driving," added Flint.

"Thank you, sir!"

"Black Eight, that goes double for you! You ever sing on an op again instead of acknowledging your CO, you're going to the brig! I don't care what kind of code you worked out beforehand!"

"Yes, sir!" answered Black Eight.

"All of you need to cut down the radio chatter - this isn't Ocean's 11!"

"Yes sir!" answered the group.

"Brown Seven! Considering your service record, and the number of times you've been busted back to private, I can. not. believe. that you are the only one who did his job to the letter, without any screw ups!"

"Thank you, sir!"

Flint added, "I couldn't understand why the Admiral recommended you for this, son, but now I'm beginning to see! We can only pick one of this group as a Joe, and I'm recommending you."

"Belay that!" barked a captain as he came through the door.

"Attention!" called Duke, saluting as he did so.

The group jumped to their feet quickly, and snapped stiff salutes. They were surprised to see that it was the man they had rescued the previous night. He still sported a black eye and split lips, but was otherwise cleaned up and in full officer's dress. "At ease. We were only looking for one new Joe, but I'm taking allof you. Your performances were flawed, and they will get better, but you worked well as a team. You will retain the codenames given for this mission. You've got liberty for the next twelve hours, and when you come back, you're working for me. I'm Captain Morgan. Codename: White Zero. Our squad is Codename: The Breakers. Dismissed!"

Thanks for reading this week's edition. Our next publication will be up on September 6th.

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@impurestcheese: I know, it's probably because the school season is just about to start. That and lots of people go on vacation Labor day weekend.

Well I might as we get the comments started.

I liked the fight scene between Jotun and Siwang. Just be careful not to overdescribe things that are irrelevant to the story.

@cbishop I found your story entertaining as well, but it felt too short, primarily due too the large cast. I'd assume that it will get much better in future chapters.

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@dngn4774 said:

@cbishop I found your story entertaining as well, but it felt too short, primarily due too the large cast. I'd assume that it will get much better in future chapters.

I think it's short mainly due to being less than 700 words long. I was going to include it with my CCC 15 entry, but it would have been over 2600 words then. There's no word limit this time, but I still felt that was too long. I probably should have left it as one story.

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@cbishop: Yeah, word length can be tricky. I find it very hard to stay under the 2000 word limit. Once I get hyped about an entry it's hard for me to keep it short.

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@dngn4774: I'm wordy anyway, and batkev' said "no limit," so I went for it.

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@impurestcheese I like your Patron Saint stories. It is written different to your usual style and I'm glad you chose to showcase it here.

@cbishop do you like pool ? cause that was a quick game from CC15.

Whilst I'm here, why not check out CC15 and vote HERE for other GI Joe stories.

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Labor Day Bump!

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@dngn4774: What is Labour Day? Yes I know that everyone in America will want to smack me in the face because I asked this. Take that ignorant Brit...

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@dngn4774: What is Labour Day? Yes I know that everyone in America will want to smack me in the face because I asked this. Take that ignorant Brit...

Labor Day (wikipedia).

@cbishop do you like pool ? cause that was a quick game from CC15.

I do like pool, and this piece was actually the end to the piece in CC15, but I separated them, because I felt the wordcount was too high. In retrospect, I wish I had left them together.

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@cbishop: I got told about your sequel to your Joe story, cool! Not overly sold on the pool ball thing but storywise, I like it

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@dngn4774: What is Labour Day? Yes I know that everyone in America will want to smack me in the face because I asked this. Take that ignorant Brit...

Honestly, I have no idea either. It's one of our most boring holidays. Though apparently you're not supposed to where white for the rest of the year.

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@cbishop: I got told about your sequel to your Joe story, cool! Not overly sold on the pool ball thing but storywise, I like it

Yeah, I keep saying this, but I think I should have left it as the ending to the CCC entry.

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@cbishop said:
@batkevin74 said:

@cbishop: I got told about your sequel to your Joe story, cool! Not overly sold on the pool ball thing but storywise, I like it

Yeah, I keep saying this, but I think I should have left it as the ending to the CCC entry.

Either way, it still came out well.

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@dngn4774 said:

Either way, it still came out well.

Oh, it's well written enough - I try to see to that - but it could have been better. <shrugs> I'll probably rework this at some point.

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@dngn4774: So a lamer version of a Bank Holiday then

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@impurestcheese: Yeah, but for the other team. Back then I don't think any of the businesses cared for the IWW.

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@dngn4774: No I believe that is a more recent invention.