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Welcome to this week's edition of The Writers Guild Presents! This week we have two brand new entries from @jatoe48er and @tommythehitman . If you're want to learn more about the guild please click our link. Please read, enjoy, and comment if you can.

Marvel Mayhem: "The Fabulous Frog Man" Chapter 5 by @jatoe48er

Ok, here we go. I have chosen to submit Frog Man chapter 5 so I've written a short introduction to accompany the story.It's a bit "Preachy" but I guess that's the point in selling something.

What you are about to read is my latest chapter of the ’Fabulous Frog-Man’ .This is a re telling of Eugene Patilio’s origin set in the Marvel Mayhem universe started by @irishlad. The Marvel Mayhem universe is a fun place where writers can create a marvel universe they want to see. Be it a super powered Bullseye, writing their own super powered teams or the Scourge of the underworld bringing his own justice to B grade villains. Check out the full library of Marvel Mayhem titles here and feel free to catch up on Eugene’s misadventures leading up to his first night on patrol. Previous chapters One, Two, Three and Four. Alternatively just enjoy /hate this chapter..….

Chapter 5 The Plans built on Stilts

After about a 100 yard dash I managed ta catch up ta Uncle Wilbur who had down sized himself from the tantalising Stilt Man and placed the trench coat back onna himself. “Sorry Eugene, it’s been awhile since I’ve worn this and I just kind of got excited. I really shouldn’t draw attention to us when I’m dressed like this. Who knows if Mrs Kimble could have seen us and there is a nut running around offing us F and G graders.” I was glad Uncle Wilbur had slowed down and stopped talking like Dick Tracy.

“Any ways, two blocks away is our target, lets hop to it.” The voice is back.

Two conspicuous individuals was loitering inna dark one way ally off 33rd. “Those are the crooks” informed the tantalising Stilt Man, still keeping the serial voice although now at a whisper. He continued ta lay the plan down ta me. We was going to enter the alley ask them ta give up the M.G.H. Uncle Wilbur was going ta reveal who he was and I was just ta stand there looking as intimidating as I could. They’d get scared and make a break and leave the goods for us ta hand into the cops. Easy. Nothin could go wrong. Jeez, I don’t know how he has been defeated so much, this sounded like a pretty sound plan, so we leaped in ta action.

Excuse me gentlemen, I would ask you to refrain from your current transaction. Leave the product on the floor and leave this ally and take up a more suitable role in society.” Wow, now I know why Uncle Wilbur used that voice. He sounded so dashing in this scenario.

Ow ya ? An who the hells a yous ta tell us” replied one of the dealers.

I the tantalising STILT MAN.” Uncle Wilbur flipped off his jacket and with a whirl of gears he extended himself ta 8ft and held a striking pose. I took this opportunity ta give my best intimidating pose. What a sight I thought ta myself. The Stilt Man and me dressed inna boiler suit an ski mask. This plan was going great.

I didn’t expect their reaction. Perhaps it was a physiological reaction ta the intimidation, I don’t know , but they seemed ta break out in hysterical laughter.

Ha ha the Stilt Man and a Putty Man ha ha” retorted the other gentleman in the ally wiping his eyes. “This is gold. Wait till a tell the boys back atta the bar


Uncle Wilbur had seemingly had enough. He extended his left leg out and socked the first dealer sitting him cleanly on his tuchas. His partner reached into his top pocket and pulled a pistol on us. With a whirl of gears and cranking of shafts, the tantalising Stilt Man swung a second blow knocking the pistol out of the hand of the second assailant.

The first dealer made a quick dart out of the ally ta escape the action, just like Uncle Wilbur had planned. What we didn’t plan was his exit straight through me. He knocked me clean to the ground and made offa down the street.

And don’t come back fiend” called the Stilt Man.

Screw this, if ya want the MGH so bad. Take it!” the dazed dealer yelled as he made back ta his feet and launched the MGH canister directly at me. Now, wearing a ski mask can affect your peripheral vision I can tell ya, as I didn’t see his toss. Let alone the canister hurtling towards me. It hit me clean in the face shattering at the same time and covering me in the chemicals inside.

I remember seeing him making a break away outta the ally. Uncle Wilbur’s plan had worked perfectly. We’d stopped the deal and no one had gotten hurt.

My vision began to swirl as I made it back ta my feet, and I knew I was gonna pass out


Beep beep beep beep beep

“………… Dodson had been found dead in his apartment. His widow was unable to make comment at this time…..”

Beep beep beep beep beep

Slowly my senses was a coming back ta me, what is that, talking ?

“….now the sole heiress to the fortunes. It has been said to be suspect…”

Beep beep beep beep beep

No it’s a radio. Where the heck am I? My vision started ta come back from a blare of colour and I was able ta make out objects. I’m laid down onna bed and someone is sat in a chair at the end.

Beep beep beep beep beep

“Son, son are you ok, get that blasted radio off and get the docs in here now! “

Beep beep beep beep beep

I was pretty disorientated, an then it lit up inside my head like a light bulb why I was here. The tantalising Stilt Man and the felon who cracked the M.G.H over me. What a success. We stopped em. Me an the tantalising Stilt Man. We……..

Cranberry sauce. I’m in hospital and that was Pa in the chair.


Up next we have the next installment of @tommythehitman 's story Batman Unbound.

Batman Undbound #2 by @tommythehitman

Belle Reve

"You always pull your shots Floyd."

"Aw crap."




Batman kicked Deadshot through Amanda Waller's office door. Deadshot lay on the ground several splinters had cut through his armor and blood was starting to appear. Batman walked towards the woman stood at the rear end of the room.

"Batman. I wasn't expecting to see you again."

"Waller. We need to talk."

"I'm surprised from what I've been hearing of you recently. Why didn't you kill Deadshot?"

"It's only fair."

"Now... what do you want to talk about?"


Gotham City, Saint Peter's Church

"Tell me father... heh. Am I going to heaven or hell?"


"Answer the question father and... heh... we'll see."

"Heaven my son. Of course you'll be going to heaven!"

"HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!" The Joker laughed as he finished tying the priest up to the cross.

"I... I gave you everything you asked for. Now... now please let me go!"

"A few dozen cans of gasoline and cyanide and you think you can make demands of moi?" The Joker grinned even further before splashing some of the gasoline over the priest's lower half. "Well doc I've only got one thing to say to that..."


The Joker lit a match before chucking it over his shoulder. The priest's screams echoed throughout the church.

"Liar-liar-pants on ffiiirrrreee!" Cried the clown prince of crime. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Cracks me up every time..."


"YOU WANT WHAT?!" Amanda Waller yelled.

"I want complete control of the Belle Reve prison."


"I'll be doing the same for Stryker's, Iron Heights, Blackgate and Arkham. The amount of times criminals have escaped from here is unacceptable."

"Says you and every single blogger."

"It's true. Over 15 escapes from this prison alone in the last month. That's not to mention all your... Suicide Squad missions."

"You think you'll be able to do a better job?!"

"I know I will."

"What are you planning?!"

"How do you think I was able to take down all your Squad members alone?"


"Batmandroids... enter."

Seven robots entered the room each of them looked similar to the OMAC in some way and each of them had the Bat Symbol imprinted on their chests.

"Amanda Waller... meet the Bat Army..."


I hope you enjoyed the stories for this week. Next week's edition will be posted on August 30th.

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Wow both brilliant pieces. Love how only Stilts and Frog Man could have so little successes in catching criminals and think they are doing a good job but I guess self belief is the first step in becoming a hero. As for the Bat tale, I can't believe that such a dark character could be even darker but I guess you have managed it. Good work both of you and keep up the good work.

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Mr Hitman, nice story. It's a good length and flows nicely. Well written buddy. I hope you plan to continue the story after this.

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Both great stories. Something about the accents in the Frogman piece seemed a little different this time, but I couldn't quite place my finger on it.

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@cbishop: thanks dude, perhaps the way you read it? Just imagine John c Riley doing the narrative.

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@jatoe48er: That's possible, but I dunno - the accent just didn't seem the same as previous chapters. Story is still great though - looking forward to the next chapter.

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@impurestcheese: thanks for positive feedback dude, small victories for our F grade heroes in the making....

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@jatoe48er: John C. Riley narrating Frog Man, I'd pay to hear that. I really love the enthusiasm from both characters. They never make it look easy, but they sure make it look fun.

@tommythehitman: Things are taking an interesting turn. The best part for me was the dialogue between Wayne and Waller.

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My heart is in my throat -- my poor Eugene! And what an interesting news item on the radio...


That is just...evil. O_O

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@lykopis: thank you for going back and catching up on little Eugene. I appreciate all your comments! And awesome you picked up on the radio ....

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@dngn4774: thanks dude, he's my inspiration for Eugene.

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@lykopis: Oh Dngn added that in. In my original version he just says:

"Pants on fire"

Although the thing was I'd watched Kick Ass 2 the night before so that may have been why it was in there. Anyway... back to crying over the latest chapter of Injustice...

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@lykopis: Oh Dngn added that in. In my original version he just says:

"Pants on fire"

Although the thing was I'd watched Kick Ass 2 the night before so that may have been why it was in there. Anyway... back to crying over the latest chapter of Injustice...

Yeah, Kick Ass 2 was awesome! I added the first half because I imagined Mark Hamill would say the whole line. I guess the lesson to take away from this is that when times are tough just ask yourself, WWHD?

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@dngn4774: Heh, heh. Yeah.... "secretly has no idea what WWHD means..."

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