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Welcome to Writers Guild Presents!

First up this week, we have @tommythehitman with Sharpshot VS Predator #1!

Gotham City. Months Ago. The Villains Bar Massacre.

"I don't know Doc... New Orleans doesn't seem like a wise investment..."

Doctor Domestic frowned as he slammed his fist on the table making his henchman jump back in surprise.

"Well what are we supposed to do?!" The Doctor yelled angrily as he stood up. "Stay in Gotham?! With the Bat?! And... the Robins... and Catwoman... Jesus there are a lot of them nowadays!"

"But boss..." The Henchman muttered slowly. "Doesn't New Orleans have superheroes? I don't think we're gonna escape those guys by moving to Rabbit County."

Doctor Domestic opened his mouth to speak only to be interrupted by the sound of crashing glass. He looked up to see a figure clad in a yellow and black costume smashing through the skylight window before landing on the ground. Everyone stared at the figure in surprise.

"Evening!" Sharpshot said as he pulled his pistols out and opened fire. Doctor Domestic yelled in surprise as a bullet whipped into his shoulder making him fall to the floor and knocking the table over. The good Doctor gasped as he saw several other bar patrons collapsing to the floor as bullets tore through their bodies.


Several Minutes of Non-Stop firing later...

"Play dead Herbert... play dead... he's an idiot. He won't think to check the bodies... oh god where the hell is Batman?!"


"Oh my god was that a click? Have his guns stopped firing?!"

"Another fine job done!" Doctor Domestic heard Sharpshot say cheerfully before he turned and walked out the front door. After several minutes of playing possum the Doctor finally worked up the courage to stand up. He gritted his teeth in pain as he leaned against the wall.

"...can't... go out the front entrance..." Doctor Domestic muttered as he limped towards the kitchen. "...still... a wanted man..." He kicked the back door open as he limped into the filthy alley way.

"Sounds like a real party in there!" A hobo muttered as the Doctor walked past him. The Doctor sighed as he pulled a pistol out of its holster and shot the man in the face. The Doctor was a Z-Lister. Yet he was an evil Z-Lister.

"I can make it..." Domestic muttered as he aimed the pistol forward in case anyone else showed up.

">Another fine job done!<"

Domestic froze as he heard the wiry metallic voice. His eyes darted as he tried to search for the speaker.

"What the hell?!" He yelled angrily. "Where are you?!"


Domestic screamed as he felt himself being raised into the air, two thin blades penetrating his chest. After a few seconds of intense pain Domestic dropped to the floor on his side. He watched as a cloaked figure stood over him.

"What... what the hell are you?" Domestic asked as his vision started to flicker. The creature offered no reply as it leaped away onto the rooftops before landing on a Cathedral Spire. The creature breathed heavily beneath it's breathing mask as it stared at the figure wearing the yellow and black costume in the streets below.

"And how do you think your allies in the Justice League will react to your new methods?"

"New?! What do you mean?!" Sharpshot yelled as he talked to the blonde reporter just outside the Villains' Bar.

"You've never killed before." The reporter replied. Sharpshot tensed up awkwardly.

"Oh... well... I think they'll be proud of the work I've done and I hope they'll understand the reasons for WHY I killed those guys tonight!"

The Predator was silent as it watched the Prey prattle on to the female. It tapped it's wrist computer as it faded away into the night.

"<...Killed before...>" The Predator glanced at its trophy belt. It would be a good hunt...

Now. Metropolis. Lexcorp.

"Pew, Pew."

Sharpshot sighed with boredom as he lay belly down on top of the skyscraper rooftop. He glanced at the sniper rifle he was holding with distaste.

"Mommy, can I get a different weapon?" He muttered to no one in particular.

"You need that Sniper Rifle, Davis." The voice of Amanda Waller said in Sharpshot's ear. "Unless you have X-Ray vision that we don't know about." Sharpshot's silence was it's own reward. "Didn't think so. Now... you're ready for your mission?"

"Uh... yeah." Sharpshot muttered as he stood up. "The mission! I am TOTALLY on board with the mission!"

Amanda sighed through the com. "Several weeks ago our agents received reports of Alien Technology being discovered in the Antarctic. We sent a team over to investigate only for them to encounter resistance in the form of Lexcorp. Our team was forced to retreat and Lexcorp got away with the Technology. We want it back. Which is why you're here."

"Cool!" Sharpshot asked as he stretched his arms upwards. "So what exactly am I doing?"

"Your sniper rifle is equipped with a powerful thermal scope, it'll allow you to see exactly how many people are inside that building. Now I need you too-"

"Sniper Rifle?" Sharpshot asked. "What sniper rifle?" He smiled to himself as he kicked the Sniper Rifle off the side of the roof.


"Face it Waller." Sharpshot said as he pulled his pistols out of their holsters. "If I'm working for you... we're doing this MY way!" Sharpshot chuckled as he pulled out his grapple gun and aimed it towards a nearby window. "It's show time!" He laughed as he fired the hook upwards.

"<Show time...>"



Sharpshot smiled as he smashed through the window and rolled behind an office desk for cover. A split second later the sound of gun fire was heard as the Security teams opened fire at the desk he was cowering behind.

"Okay... maybe this wasn't the best idea after all!" Sharpshot yelled. "Waller give me the info on Luthor's Security team!"

"They're all Mercenaries. Involved in the sieges of several small African Villages recently."

"Cool!" Sharpshot yelled as he heard the click of the mercenaries guns. He stood up and pointed his pistols at them. "Bon appetit guys!" He yelled.


Sharpshot leaped over the desk and ran down the hallway over the goons dead bodies. He paused as he waited for the elevator.

"Right Waller... so where is this 'totally not related to the main story' alien tech?" Sharpshot asked as he slammed the Elevator button.

"Should be on the top floor. In Luthor's office."

"Will Luthor be there?" Sharpshot asked as the elevator music played blissfully.

"Negative. He's busy chasing after his son and his Symbiote."

"...Right. So..."


Sharpshot stared in surprise as the elevator doors opened.

"Holy frak that was fast!" Sharpshot yelled as he stepped out of the door glancing around.


"Klick?" Sharpshot yelled as he felt the arm cannon press up against his neck. "What is is with all the Klicks today?"

"INTRUDER. DROP YOUR WEAPON!" Aria, Luthor's robotic android whirred as her Cannon pushed against Sharpshot's head.

"Why did Luthor create a FEMALE android?" Sharpshot asked to nobody in particular. "In fact... wouldn't it have made sense to create a really fat, ugly android? That way nobody would expect it when she ATTACKED!" Sharpshot grunted as his elbow slammed into Aria's face knocking her backwards in surprise. He turned quickly as his foot smashed into her chest knocking her to the ground. "Jeez... Luthor has weird fetishes." He muttered as he trained his gun on Aria's face.


Sharpshot grunted in surprise as a blast of energy smashed into his chest from Aria's hand cannon knocking him to the floor. He looked up to see Aria staring down at him.

"Hostile neutralized. Extermination in pro-"


The android stopped in mid sentence as two blades pierced her stomach causing fake blood to drip from her wounds.

"HOLY CRAP!" Sharpshot yelled in surprise as the Android's body collapsed on top of him. He pushed it off as he felt the robot's blood drip into his costume's fabric before standing up. "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!" Sharpshot screamed as he tried to back away from the body. He stopped when he bumped into something.

"<What the hell are you?>" A cold voice asked. Sharpshot slowly turned around to see the Predator staring down at him.

To be continued!

And then we have @impurestcheese with Marvel Mayhem: Crimson #3 (continued from The Writers Guild Presents: 3/28/2014)

Dimitri and Angela stopped outside the Las Vegas branch of the Bar with No Name, a hole in the wall that shook as the patrons drowned their sins in the bottom of their beer glasses.

“I thought this place was in New York?” Angela asked.

“Net*. After Scourge bombed the establishment in New York the bartender packed up shop and moved down here.” Dimitri told her. “As your American movies say, ‘never before will you see a viler hive of scum and villainy.”

“I still don’t understand why I have to wear this costume?” Angela asked as she placed an armoured mask on her face that matched the jet-black bodysuit she was wearing. “Do I even look like Black Racer?”

“Enough to confuse the drunks.” Dimitri answered as he flexed his armoured shoulders. “We’re looking for a man called the Profile. He knows everything that’s going on in this city.”

“And the fact that there are going to be some of the worst criminals in the word between him and us?” Angela asked as Dimitri opened the door for her.

“Please none of the clients are anything close to being the big players of the villain world.” Dimitri answered as they reached the metal detectors in the foyer of the bar. Leaning on the counter Dimitri turned and glared at the coat-check girl as she sat there open mouthed. “See if I’m the biggest villain here then the others are no problem.” He told Angela as she strutted through the metal detectors into the main bar. All around the bar were drinking super villains, each of them seemingly unaware of who had just walked into the room.

“Okay where is this guy?” Angela asked as Dr Sax and Johnny Guitar started to strike up the band and play their latest hit from their new album Dazzle Dayz.

“Over there.” Dimitri stated as he spotted a man sitting in the shadow with a lit cigarette in his hand. “We just have to make sure…”

“Oh wow! You’re the Crimson Dynamo!!” A voice called as Gamecock walked out of the men’s room. “Hey guys look who’s here.”

“In case that happens?” Angela asked. “You said that you’re the most dangerous man in the room; have fun while I talk to The Profile.” She added as the various low level criminals gathered around him.

“Listen guys I can’t talk I’m in the middle of a…” He stopped as something small crawled up onto his shoulder and he saw the muzzle of a gun swim into view.

“Talk?” Gamecock snorted. “Somebody is paying us good money to remove non American criminals from the area Ruskie.”

“I thought you were citizen of Mandipoor?” Dimitri asked as he surveyed the room. He recognised a lot of the criminals as low level thugs and bail jumpers; he wouldn’t even need his weapons to deal with these jokers, still words and money were deadlier weapons in this situation. “How much is your employer paying you?” He asked. “Is it worth tussling with somebody like me?”

Gamecock looked at the others before turning to where Angela was talking to the Profile’s bodyguard in the corner. “Hey Black Racer!!” He yelled. “There’s two million a piece on this guys dome! You want in?” He asked.

“Uh sure.” Angela answered as she walked over. “Whoa that’s the Crimson Dynamo! You sure we can take him?” She asked.

“Oh we can take him!” A tall man with a scar running over his eye hissed. “Name’s Big Wheel and this motley gang is my crew the Wheels of Injustice. Ain’t nothing personal Red its just business.” he added.

“Da so is this.” Dimitri sighed before shaking his head and knocking off the diminutive Elf holding a gun at his head. Before he could move even further the rest of the villains dog-piled him, the majority only holding on for a few seconds before being flung off save for the snake headed felon known as Slither. Unhinging his mouth the villain bit down on the armoured helmet of the Crimson Dynamo armour, his fangs splintering before receiving a punch from Angela.

“Okay partner it’s two on eight so who exactly are we dealing with?” She asked as a woman armed with swords slashed at her only for the undercover agent to slip under her guard and push her back into the ranks of the Wheels of Injustice.

“Big Wheel appears to be the leader; the others are Gamecock, Slither, Elf with a Gun, Porcupine, Eel and what appear to be new versions of Screaming Mimi and Coldheart.” Dimitri answered as he slammed a fist into the Eel’s jaw sending him flailing to the floor. “Curious I thought the Eel was in prison after that fiasco in New York.”

“I was but an unknown benefactor paid my bail.” The Eel hissed as Angela kicked the Elf with a Gun into Gamecock, the pair of thugs toppling to the floor.

“This is so unfair.” Porcupine whinged as he tackled Dimitri, forcing him away from the Eel. “We only joined because we needed the money to start our own radio series in the back room of the bar.”

“Maybe you should have just said no and got a job.” Dimitri answered as he removed a pair of embedded quills from his armour.

“Shut up and do what I tell you!!” Big Wheel roared as he ran out the bar. “Hold them in place so I can turn them into roadkill.” He ordered as Screaming Mimi let out an ear splitting moan that drowned out the sounds of the band.

“Hey b***h!!” Johnny yelled as Sax nodded to him. “Stop horning in on our gig!!” He ordered before striking a power cord that sent the members of the Wheels of Injustice scuttling backwards.

“Cowards!!” Gamecock yelled as the floor started to rumble and the Big Wheel smashed through the front of the building. Freezing like a rabbit caught in headlights Gamecock stood stock still as the Wheel slammed into him and, the force of the blow sending him crashing into the bar. Spinning around the Big Wheel locked onto Dimitri and charged straight at him, his target standing stock still as he got closer.

“Dimitri move!!” Angela yelled as she dived out the way. Beneath his helmet Dimitri smiled before sidestepping the speeding wheel and ripped the gyroscope out, the damage causing the big wheel to fall on its side with a thud.

“Anyone else?” Dimitri asked as the rest of the Wheels of Injustice pulled the wincing form of Big Wheel out of the wreckage,

“This isn’t over!!” Big Wheel snarled as his team-mates dragged him away leaving Gamecock slouched against the bar. As they left the sound of sarcastic applause sounded and both Angela and Dimitri turned to see the Profile clapping as he walked towards them.

“For a show like that the information is on the house.” The Profile stated as he lit up a second cigarette. “Or what’s left of it. That address is where Simpson’s drug source can be found. But I’d be careful if I were you.”

“Careful?” Angela asked. “What do you know that you’re not telling us about?”

“Let’s just say Simpson’s partners have some very advanced ideas about the product he’s shifting.” The Profile stated as he took a long drag on his cigarette, “Very advanced indeed.”

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@the_poet: Hmm... I'm gonna say: Ben Franklin's ghost, getting wasted in a bar after shopping at Old Navy?

Did I get it?

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@tommythehitman: Interesting story. Looks as if Sharpshot is crossing over with everyone

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@tommythehitman: Your title's misleading, but I always enjoy Sharpshot stories. I want Shapshot Vs. Deadpool.

@impurestcheese Very well written. I'll make sure to check out the first chapter.

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@awesam said:

@tommythehitman: Your title's misleading...

lol, is that sarcasm? It's Sharpshot vs. Predator, and that's what he's writing. There has to be set up before the actual battle though. ;)

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@cbishop said:

@awesam said:

@tommythehitman: Your title's misleading...

lol, is that sarcasm? It's Sharpshot vs. Predator, and that's what he's writing. There has to be set up before the actual battle though. ;)

So call it "The Set Up for Sharpshot Vs. Predator".

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@awesam said:

So call it "The Set Up for Sharpshot Vs. Predator".

That's silly. You wouldn't expect that from a comic title.

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@cbishop said:

@awesam said:

So call it "The Set Up for Sharpshot Vs. Predator".

That's silly. You wouldn't expect that from a comic title.

Maybe not, but... I got nothing.

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@awesam said:

Maybe not, but... I got nothing.


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we're talking a week off, but just so I can read it once this week...

I don't want to go into withdrawal from not reading that :P

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Apparently after the techs updated the site I can callout myself in notifications (even get an email). well, that is interesting. mass quote replies are going get annoying...

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@the_poet: A week off? Wtf? Spring break? Really? lol have fun.

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Something suspicious is going on. Maybe Poet got eaten by a Bobbit Worm?

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@cbishop: Go for it you know you want to

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@tommythehitman: Your title's misleading, but I always enjoy Sharpshot stories. I want Shapshot Vs. Deadpool.

@impurestcheese Very well written. I'll make sure to check out the first chapter.

We have him vs Killer Rabbit, who is kinds Deadpool lite.

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I loved it. Especially the line "Doctor Domestic was Z-list, but he was evil z-list" Made me laugh. I thought this was the prequel to SS/KR till I started seeing superhero names.

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@wildvine: Don't think about it. It hurts my brain too.

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