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Welcome to Writers Guild Presents!

This week we have the duo who would either make a nice buddy cop movie or kill eitherother if they ever met.

Either way my money's on @tommythehitman surviving and it just so happens he is our first writer with a story titled "CENSORED"


And finally, I give you @ernesth100 with the second chapter of his Writers Guild story

Two weeks after the encounter with Wildvine and Impurest, the Writers Guild are all working on a strategy to defeat the evil wizard, Impurest. One of the heroes in the Writers Guild was Josh Might, a man in a red and orange costume with red shades. He has a limitless source of natural energy and becomes more powerful with every passing minute. Due to this ability, Poet keeps an eye on him in case he gets out of control. However, to Poet’s satisfaction, Josh remains under control.

Outside, a man in a trench coat and a hoodie exits a yellow cab. The driver realizes he didn't pay his fare and requests that he does so. The man walks around to the driver’s side and punches through the window, grabbing the cab driver and pulling him out with one hand. He then proceeds to drain the cab driver’s energy. The cab driver falls to the ground. The man in the trench coat takes the coat off and reveals himself to be one of the Writers Guild’s most dangerous enemies, Prime Power, a being capable a taking ones power with a touch. He is naturally inhumanly strong, but gets even stronger with the amount of power he absorbs. He picks up the car and hurls it down the road. Several cars crash over each other, flipping into the air. One car flips over another and just when it seems it was about to crush a small child, it stops in mid-air. It’s Joygirl! She saves the child and sets the car down. The terrified child begins to cry, but Joygirl simply rubs his hair and smiles as her eyes glow, drying the child’s tears and returning his smile. She then sets the child down and prepares to say something, but instantly, while her back is turned, Prime Power hits her with a mailbox.

"Run! Now!" Joygirl says to the child.

The child obeys and dashes off the scene. Just then, Prime Power grabs Joygirl by the hair and lifts here off of her feet. She grunts a little in pain.

"Joygirl, still as beautiful as ever. How I wish you'd join me," Prime Power says.

He begins draining her energy as she continues to grunt in agony. Joygirl looks down at the sinister Prime Power.

"That's just about the best horrible idea I've ever heard," she says.

She spreads her arms unleashing a psychic wave of wind that sends Prime Power flying. She then uses her powers to repeatedly slam him into the ground. Finally she launches him into the air, bringing him down with all the force she has, slamming him into the ground and making a huge crater.

"Well, that was easier than I thou…” she stops. “Oh, my god!" Joygirl says as Prime Power rises to his feet.

"Oh, that’s so cute. You thought you gave me a booboo. Allow me to demonstrate real pain using you as an example," Prime Power says.

He begins walking towards Joygirl. She places a psychic wall between them. Prime Power punches the wall, but to no avail. So he steps back and cracks his knuckles and begins punching the wall so hard that Joygirl actually feels it. Again and again he punches the wall with all his might. Joygirl drops to her knees. Right before the final punch, he says, "Joygirl… I'm coming for you."

He punches with a final blow that knocks Joygirl back and shatters the psychic wall. He then walks up to Joygirl, this time picking her up by the neck. He chokes her as he absorbs her energy.

"Let’s see what'll kill you first." he says, smiling.

But just as Joygirl begins to lose consciousness from lack of air and loss of energy, 48er jumps out of nowhere and cracks Prime Power in the head with a bat. In this act, Prime Power dropps Joygirl.

"Yea, I guess I gotta’ foul on that one. But who cares?" 48er says raising his bat.

Just as he lowers it to deliver another blow, Prime Power catches the bat and throws it far, far and out of sight. 48er squints as the bat disappears, then notices the very angry Prime Power staring at him.

"Um, home run?" 48er says as he backs up slowly.

Prime Power grabs the hero and lifts him into the air.

"I could absorb your energy but you seem like a waste of time." Prime Power says.

He then throws 48er into a glass bus stop which shatters all over the place.

He then turns around to see E100 coming up behind him. E100 punches Prime Power with the force of 100 gorilla's, sending Prime Power flying into a building. E100 turns to Joygirl who is just regaining consciousness.

"What happened to Prime Power?" Joygirl asks.

"Oh… him. I sent him on a vacation to Fist City." E100 says.

"You say that like it's a real thing," Joygirl smiles.

"It is! It’s located between Knuckle Town and Punch Avenue," E100 replies.

Joygirl looks to the side. She sees a figure jump out of a hole in the building. It’s Prime Power, and boy, is he pissed.

"He's not down yet," Joygirl says as she tries to stand, but was still very weak and immediately falls back to the ground.

E100 picks her up. “Listen, I need you to get back to the base and quick. You can do this take 48er with you go now!" E100 says.

Just then, Prime Power tackles E100 down into the ground and into the sewer. They fight in the sewer, exchanging powerful blows, but E100 is still outmatched because with every hit Prime Power makes contact, E100 slowly weakens. Above ground the street is cracking open as E100 is punched back up through the ground onto the surface. He no longer can spot Joygirl, nor 48er, so he assumes they've left.

Just then Prime Power bursts through the ground, landing on E100's chest.

"Mraaagh!!! Shit, that hurt! Ah!! It feels like someone shoved a stick into my chest. God, Ethiopians are starving and I'm feeling more pain than all of their stomachs combined! Crap! Dear god, it hurts so much! Why, why! Ahhh!" E100 screams in agony.

"Why was I programmed with pain?!", he yells as he is kicked with such force that his artificial rib cage cracks.

"Aha! Damn this hurts so much! Bloody hell, it feels like--" E100 is cut off when Prime Power lifts him up by the leg.

"Do you ever shut up!", Prime Power yells.

"No, but I do shut down. Get it? Cause I'm an android… Ahh!", E100 screams as he is punched square in the face, but almost as immediately caught by something. No… it was someone.

"He's kinda got a point you do never shut up. But you also have a point cause Imma shut him down." the voice said.

It is the only man who rivals Prime Power in raw strength. The only man who ever beat Prime Power. This man is the only reason Prime Power came here. It’s Josh Might of the Writers Guild! Josh Might is the only man capable of resisting Prime Power’s absorbing abilities. He sets E100 down carefully and walks straight up to Prime Power. Face to face, they begin to talk.

"What are you doing here?" Josh asks.

"I've come to take your energy," Prime Power said straight up.

"Didn't work out so well last time," Josh replies.

"That’s because you keep resisting. If you give in now all of this can stop," Prime Power says.

"Yeah… no way," Josh says as he punches Prime Power in the face, immediately drawing first blood.

"You've gotten a lot stronger since our last battle, but so have I. Your friends were merely snacks. You see… after being broken out of my prison cell by some mysterious force I continued to absorb the energy of every living thing in the building as well as every other living thing that moved. I singlehandedly drained hundreds of people on my way here. Now, as you may already know. Once I gain power, I keep it. It doesn't wear off," Prime Power says, smiling.

"Well, yeah. Neither does mine," Josh says while throwing another punch.

Prime Power catches it. Josh tries punching with the other hand, but Prime catches that one too. Josh smiles, surprising Prime Power. With all of his might, Josh pushes down, burying Prime Power in the ground up to his shoulders. Josh smiles and rears his leg back, kicking Prime Power in the face several times. Prime’s head leans forward as Josh walks away thinking the foe is knocked out, but then immediately turns around when he hears laughing.

"Are we warming up or was that the best you've got?" Prime Power asks.

He bursts out of the ground and immediately tackles Josh far down the road. The two beings of immense power tangle. Delivering devastating blow after blow. Blows so powerful that they creat shockwaves that shatter glass for miles. The force of the winds flip cars and deroot fire hydrants. Josh stops when he feels the water over head. He looks around, seeing the destruction he has caused in the midst of his feud. He stops and looks at Prime Power who is standing there looking at him smiling. He realizes how similar his powers are to Prime’s. Their faces were also similar. Then it hits him that Prime Power is a reflection of what Josh could've become.

"Oh, look at you. You see… I told you giving up right away would be for the best. Now look what you've done. Destroyed your precious city. We're too evenly matched Josh. If you just let me have your power I can end it all," Prime Power says with a smile.

Josh drops to his knees and bows his head. It is pointless. The only way to stop this is for one of them to end it, but Josh doesn’t want any more destruction to be done.

"Take it...take it all!!!" Josh yells as Prime Power grabs him.

No longer resisting, Prime Power is able to freely absorb Josh's power.

"MY GOD! I JUST STARTED AND I FEEL SO POWERFUL ALREADY! I'VE DONE IT! I'VE GOTTEN ALL THE POWER IN THE WOLD!!!" Prime yells as he absorbs Josh's energy. But then, all of a sudden, Josh's energy begins flowing back into him rapidly. Both super beings are shocked.

"NO! WHAT’S HAPPENING! WHY IS IT REVERSING?" Prime yells in rage and shock.

Josh backs away. A sphere of energy forms in his hand which almost as if impulsively he shoots at Prime Power. The blast creates a large explosion and completely demolishes Prime Power.

All Josh can say about his sudden new ability is, "Woah."

Back at the Writer’s Guild HQ after resting up. The Guild crowds around Josh asking him about his seemingly new ability.

"No, I've never done it before," Josh says.

But as if expertly, he makes his energy appear in a sphere in his hand and easily makes it disappear.

"How did you do that?" Poet asks.

"Guys… I had a scary thought. I think his body may have directed the energy back into mine because our DNA is similar. So, it thought it was absorbing itself. But for our DNA to be the same, wouldn't we have to be related in some way?" Josh asks.

A shocking realization occurs that surprises the entire Guild. But none more than Josh Might.

To be continued...

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@tommythehitman I thought the FBI said not to publish your story because redacted!

@ernesth100 But it's Oestra, I'm meant to be on holiday. Why does the world hate me?

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@the_poet can you get rid of my entry? My story is to awesome to be even published so please redact it! I'll send you another entry for next week to make up for it along with a hundred million dollars in bribes :)

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@the_poet: Added to my FF Long Box - Groups. :)

@tommythehitman: I like the concept of Sensored!. The Sensored! was redacted!, but it worked. The end though...woooooooo! Very cool. :)

@ernesth100: Gotta be honest: I wasn't feeling it. If not for my curiosity at what Viner would appear next, I'd have quit reading about a third of the way through. It's not that it was bad, I just personally wasn't interested in it. <shrugs> Can't hook everybody. (Geez do I know that one)

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meh, Worms story is next then night of the chronicle.

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@cbishop: I'm going to pm because I'm pretty sure I checked off every request :)

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@the_poet: Sorry, Poet, forgive my sleep brain. See your PM's.