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Of course I didn't almost forget about the latest Writers Guild Presents thread...that never happened...let me come up with a good excuse...

but our writers this week certainly didn't forget because frankly they are awesome.

first up we have @impurestcheese with the latest chapter of Patron Saint of Crime!

Time seemed to freeze as Siwang looked from the man aiming the Sniper Rifle at her head to Juliet leaning on the gantry before purposefully slipping backwards as he thumbed the trigger, the bullet ripping through her shoulder before embedding into the platform behind her. Submerging herself she crawled along the bottom before emerging hopefully out of the gunmen’s line of sight just as a burst of automatic fire raked the surface of the pool.

“Come on I thought Bochanegra’s assassins would be more of a challenge!” The man yelled as he replaced the clip in the AN-94 he was wielding, the sniper rifle now slung over his shoulder. “Not worthy of me let along my father.” He yelled as Siwang covertly rested the 40mm Milkor Stopper on the edge of the pool before firing a grenade at her opponent, the projectile belching smoke out before engulfing the man in a thick fog.

“Nice trick.” Juliet purred as she fired her MAC-10, the shots going wide and almost hitting her ‘team mate’ as she pulled herself out of the pool. Hitting the ground running Siwang barrelled through the fog and out the other side only to find the shooter was gone.

“So you want to run.” She whispered before slotting another grenade into her ‘Stopper’. “I can do that.” She added as she took off down the corridor full of terrariums, her shoulder aching as adrenaline took over her body. Reaching the surface she saw her quarry turn and fire a burst from the AN-94 into one of the cage doors, the lock snapping under the gunfire before backing off.

“So you are the one who follows me.” The man stated. “You are wounded but still you hunt, my father would have liked you. As a professional courtesy I can tell you that you face Svračak, the Shrike and son of the Falcon and the one who will avenge his death.”

“But Soko isn’t dead yet.” Siwang called back as something large stirred in the cage. “And you can’t avenge his death if he’s alive.”

“But he is dying. He came here for a warrior’s death rather then to be eaten by his cancer. Somewhere in this city is a Yankee sniper, the one who managed to land the shot that’s killing him. He will kill my father and I will end him in honour for my father’s memory.” Svračak answered. But unfortunately you have nothing to do with it. You’re just a thug, a blunt instrument. Luckily I have found somebody for you to…” He spun around as a shot rang past to see Montague standing on one of the gantries, his weapon aimed at him. “M21 EBR, an American Rifle but you gave me a warning shot so I peg you as a European, probably British.”

“Well aren’t you intuitive.” Montague snorted. “But you talk too much. Tell me where Soko is or I’ll make sure he’s avenging you. Talk Now!!”

“He’s targeting your boss.” Svračak answered. “Your real boss.” He added, the words causing Montague to give Siwang a horrified stare before firing two shots a few feet to her left foot causing her to roll out the way. As she recovered she saw Montague run past Svračak, the Serbian hit-man smiling and nodding as he headed to the exit.

With an evil smile Svračak backed away slowly from the cage before mouthing “Enjoy you’re blank instrument.” as a massive hump backed Gaur emerged from the cage, its horns filed down and it’s back crisscrossed with burns and scars. With a snort of rage it turned its massive head and zeroed in on Siwang before giving a horse below and charging towards her. With a scream of her own Siwang charged back before slipping under the enraged creatures belly before quickly getting to her feet as the animal spun round and snorted again before charging.

This time Siwang stood her ground, spear ready before side stepping round the charging animal and thrusting the weapon into the creatures thigh, the force of the blow hobbling the creature and sending its massive body crashing to the ground. Looking at her defeated foe Siwang bent down and lifted the animals head up to expose the neck before producing a combat knife and slashing through the Gaur’s main aorta. “I’m sorry.” She silently whispered before stroking the animal’s head until it died. “You deserved better.”

“Well that was remarkable.” A voice stated. Turning Siwang saw Juliet emerge supporting King, his legs looking badly mangled. “You have a way with animals I see. I could use somebody like you to help me keep the beasts under control.”

“No, you are a monster. You supplied the venom he used to torture children.” Siwang hissed. “You are a sadist; all you have to do is look around this room to see that.” She added as Juliet stalked away from King towards the door. “I don’t care who you are or what you do for Bochanegra but you don’t deserve to live. I like animals they don’t torture each other for no reason.” She snapped before kicking King backwards, the blow sending him toppling into the komodo dragon pit, before grabbing him just in time to top his fall. “You are going to retire, sell these animals to wildlife sanctuaries and never cross my path again. You understand?” She asked as King nodded like crazy as one of the dragons circled around his flailing legs before breathing a sigh of relief as she hauled him up. Stalking towards the door she heard a car engine sound and got to the door just in time to see the Jeep Cherokee speed off without her.

“Well I should have seen that coming.” She sighed before removing the phone labelled ‘private life’ in Mandarin and dialling the only number. Vance answered on the third ring with a camp sounding ‘Good Evening’.

“Vance stop screwing around. I need a security camera sweep outside my location. I just ran into Soko’s son. I know what Soko is after; he’s going to get the whole underworld stirred up so he can get a warrior’s death.” Siwang explained. “Either Romeo stole his car or he drove off in it. Either way he can lead us to Soko, I plan to take the Falcon and the Shrike out of the game before they can target anyone else.”

“Um you’ve never killed anyone for real.” Vance answered. “So I assume you mean incapacitate and allow James to arrest rather then actually kill.”

“No I mean kill. I almost kicked a man called Layton King into a pit full of wild animals so I can honestly say I’m ready to give Soko what he deserves.” Siwang answered. “Now information ASAP or sooner please.”

“A Silver Jaguar S-Type rocketed out of your location like its tail pipe was on fire. I’m tracking it now; it’s heading south towards the city centre. Is there anything else you need?”

“My Compound Bow, the laser sight and curare tipped arrows,” Siwang answered “and someone to run my bike down.”

“Maya listen to me. If you do this you know how it will end when the mission is over.” Vance sighed. “What James and the rest of us have to do if you take that final step.”

“I know.” Siwang hissed. “And I don’t care.”

And next up we have @knightofthechronicle!

Let it Rain

Chapter One

The Survivor

"Ladies and gentlemen, we are gathered here today-"

The story was simple.

"-we are gathered here today-"

Make them believe it was just natural causes.

"-to celebrate the life-"

It wasn't…it couldn't be…

"-of Joseph Douglas Tucker."


Michael feels a tear run down his cheek. He's been staring at the coffin for about an hour now, the face of his dead father looking towards the bright spring sky. He's never been to a funeral like this before, a funeral that actually matters to him that is. He feels as though there are only three things in the universe now: himself, the coffin and the voice of the pastor.

"Joseph was a man of labor, that much can be said." The pastor says, looking towards the crowd. "Never was a day spent that this man wasn't working, whether it was home or at the office, Joseph never knew a sick day, never a day of rest. And so I feel it only right for Joseph to finally find his rest here, among his family."

Michael can hear the distant whimpers of the crowd through his tunnel vision. His mother's is one that he can hear most clearly. Another tear runs down his cheek.

I have to tell someone, Michael thinks, almost like telling his father. I can't hold this up for much longer.

"But Joseph wasn't only just a worker. He was a father. He and his wife Mary raised a fine young man in their son Michael. And I believe it can be said that some of Joseph's finest qualities can be seen in Michael."

A hand clasps onto Michael's shoulder, most likely from his Uncle Terrance behind him.

I convinced them not to do an autopsy, Dad. Michael continues his inside conversation. You were old, old enough to have heart problems anyway. I just let them assume it was a heart attack. But I was the one that found you, Dad…I know-

Like a flood breaking from a dam, Michael finally lets the tears flow fully. They come out in a torrent and Michael drops his head in a sob. It's too much for him to take, he realizes. The truth is too hard…

The funeral went on for another thirty minutes until the body was finally lowered into the ground. Michael shook the hands of his relatives, hugged the crying and downtrodden, and began walking his mother to the car.


Michael turns to see Jeanette walking toward him. She wore a black dress, one that he can remember complimenting her on some years ago, and had a tissue in her hand as she tries to hide it in her purse. Michael tells his mother to walk on to car, that he'll be just a few minutes, and turns back to Jeanette.

"It was a great service, wasn't it?" Michael says, finding himself hoping that the conversation wouldn't last long.

"It was fantastic," Jeanette agrees. "He would have loved it."

"Yeah, yeah he would have."

"How did he die?" Jeanette suddenly asks, tilting her head slightly. "I've asked around and people seem to have different answers. You're the one that found him, right?"

Michael goes to answer "A heart attack", but stops himself before he does. He stares at Jeanette for a second. They'd been divorced for two years now, their relationship wasn't ever going to work out, but he still felt an unsaid trust between them. He can tell her anything, he thinks.

"…I think it was murder."

Three days ago

Michael had come home at the behest of his mother. His father hadn't come home. It was a proven fact; Michael's father would always come home from his work as soon as he got off of work. It was clockwork, it was written in stone, and it was a blaring red alarm for Michael and his mother. Something was wrong.

It hadn't taken Michael very long to find him though. During the day, Michael's father had called to say that he was going out to have dinner with a new client at work and that he would be home two hours late. Michael asked where they had gone when he had visited his father's workplace and traveled to the restaurant. He asked the hostess about his father and she reported that he hadn't come out the front entrance and had instead walked out the back.

Michael heart had sunk at those words.

With every step, it became harder and harder to move through the restaurant towards the glowing red sign at the end of the room. He knew exactly what was waiting for him on the other side of it.

Except it wasn't.

What Michael found at the other end of the door was nothing but an empty alleyway. His heart lifted for a moment, there may still be a chance, he told himself, but then something caught his eye.

A wallet. His father's wallet.

It was empty; of course, someone most likely had looted it some time ago, but he could still tell what it was. And it was lying in front of the dumpster.

Almost in a daze, Michael moved to the dumpster and began to take the trash bags out. It was slow at first, but when Michael saw the shoe, he couldn't stop himself from moving faster. Bag after bag, the body slowly began to be revealed until; finally, Joseph Tucker's dead body was revealed to Michael's eyes.

He broke down, and cried.

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This is what I found before each of these stories...

@impurestcheese said:

Early to Post, Early to Edit means a girl has oh so much credit. Just kidding here's the new issue of PSOC

@knightofthechronicle said:

Show off

You guys are awesome. Just wanted to say that again.

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(yay! more callouts! huzzah for spamming users! I guess this is payback for when users call out me...)

@impurestcheese Interesting story (I don't know if I have said that before...if I haven't then I should have). Look forward to see where this is going...

@knightofthechronicle OK, I have to say I was really enjoy this story. Really caught my attention with the very first paragraphs (as a good lead is supposed to do) and the rest was rather engaging.

both cool stories. Always look forward to reading your stories (just as I look forward to reading any of the guild's stories I should say because I can't pick favorites as host of this...)

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Sweet! Something to read when I get home! Still kind of miffed with knight' for not continuing Argus. lol ;)

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@cbishop: You'll enjoy this one, trust me.

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@knightofthechronicle: I don't know if "enjoy" is the right word, but was it well written? Did it leave me wanting more of the story? Yes and yes. (It's hard to enjoy a story about a funeral, even if my grandmother hadn't passed recently. It's been six months, but it's still a little too soon, y'know? It didn't bring pain, just... "Not another funeral.") You did a good job of hooking the reader from the beginning though. Kudos. :)

(Edit: So I pull up Pandora just after this and the first album is titled "Solace" lol.)

@impurestcheese: Maybe I'm reading this at the wrong time of night (0104 and very tired) but I dunno...I just wasn't feeling Siwang's anger. It doesn't feel genuine for her to make the leap to murderous rage like this. <shrugs> That's just me though. You obviously know the character better than I do. ;)

Added to my FF Long Box - Groups. :)

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@cbishop: It is, we find out more about Siwang later on I promise.

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@impurestcheese: I had no doubt. ;) ...Just indicating how this chapter felt on its own... to this very tired individual who is going to bed very shortly. zzzzzzzz

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@cbishop: Yeesh, sorry about you grandmother. Thanks for the feedback though

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A note for the readers: the next two chapters are going to be about the other two characters of the story, so Michael's not going to be in it until chapter 4. This is just to make sure that no one gets confused.

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@knightofthechronicle: It's all good. You made a personal connection with the reader- never a bad thing. ;)

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@knightofthechronicle: This is a continuation of previous stuff? Because if so, I don't really remember it so maybe a link so as to refresh memories.

@impurestcheese: I was hoping the komodo dragons would eat least tear a leg off! :)

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@batkevin74: Layton did deserve it. In the first draft I had Siwang throw him in the pit after crippling him but knowing who the character really is I know that would be 'pushing her in the wrong direction'

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@batkevin74: Completely and totally new my friend. First chapter of a totally original story.