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Today we have another publication from the Writers Guild. @the_poet is out due to the holiday weekend so I'm filling in.

Here is @batkevin74's take on the DC “event” Underworld Unleashed: Patterns of Fear #1.

I can’t remember BEFORE the pain.

Every memory is tinged with the constant dull ache. Every new experience comes with it automatically included.

It just hurts, all the time.

And now like some dark messiah, he offers to fix it all…for a price.

Now I personally don’t know if there’s a heaven or hell. I’ve seen things that would make a case for either but as for my personal belief in an afterlife, in this profession it’s almost just a nap! Superman, Hal, even Ollie have “gone” and come back. But he’s a bad guy, a demon!

But he’s offered something no one else has been able to since it happened…relief! He claims he doesn’t want much, just my soul and skills. And the offer is oh so tempting, most deals too good to be true are.

He sounds like the son of an televangelist and car insurance salesman dipped in honey. Every word dripped with endless treasure and no possible consequence. A smile that came right out of a cheesy commercial, complete with “ring of confidence” shine. The more he talks, its hypnotic!

He sweetens the deal. He wants to make me into Superman, beyond him. He replays my worst moment over and over and over again showing how it could’ve been different. The deal gets better and better for something that scientifically I know isn’t there but fundamentally is a part of a person! Is the price worth the promise?

Neron gives of a microsnarl and turns to me, his large frame standing over me in my chair, “So Barbara, do we have a deal?”

I grip the sides of my wheelchair as I exhale, “Sure”

And with that my career as a hero ended!


The next edition will be published on Friday, December 6th. Please remember to read, comment, and enjoy!

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@batkevin74: Interesting. Can't wait to see where Hell's Librarian is going to get up too.

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@batkevin74: I dunno...I can see the temptation for a paralyzed person, but it doesn't ring true of Barbara Gordon. I'm stuck on that thought, as taking the deal is where it ended. It's not a bad cliffhanger spot, but a better one might have been some tantalizing hint at why she would take the deal- something more than "I don't believe I have a soul." <shrugs> I'd read more though.

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Hmmm this isn't your best work. Just saying, its okay but I have seen better from you

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There is a Writer's Guild?

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There is a Writer's Guild?

Fancy name for a fan-fic group that gets its stuff pinned in the forum once a week. ;)

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