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I admit I almost missed out on publishing this week's edition of Writers Guild Presents. I was sick (actually still am), but at least I can focus enough to type.

First off: I want to give a shout out to @wildvine and @impurestcheese. I think I speak for everyone when I say I hope they feel better.

second off: we have something a little different from @batkevin74 (leaving his disclaimer)

I honestly started writing a spite piece...changed my mind and will infect them with something that never got past the idea phase, a concept I initially came up with, worked on and floated with pyrogram but it never got past what I've written here. It's potentially classified as RPG maybe...read it and let me know, maybe something will come of it.

Real name: Emma Deaconry

Age: 26

Physical: 5ft 11inches tall (180cm), 79kg (174lbs), Browny-blonde hair, brown eyes, right handed

Training: Fifteen years of Shotokan karate with a 2nd Dan ranking

Degree in Physical Education from Southern New Hampshire University

One year with the New York City Police Department

One year with the Department of Homeland Security

Two years as an officer in the newly formed unit Operation: Guard Dog, an autonomous unit from the DHS to deal with major and super powered crime across the United States

Powers: Emma has enhanced strength for her size roughly three times as strong as a normal person and has the punching power on par with an in shape Mike Tyson.

Emma has a minor ability of psychometry aka object reading, able to get impressions/feeling/locations etc from objects. It’s a very vague power so far requiring great concentration for her to get ‘reads’ off things but with time, she should improve.

Emma is able to see in the dark, but because of this she is also colour blind a fact she didn’t find out until she was ten.


Emma Deaconry was born in Hawaii in 1987 to her diplomat parents Andrew and Nicola Deaconry. Emma holds citizenship to the USA, Canada and Australia. Emma grew up in Hawaii until she was four when her parents were posted to Dubai. When Emma was ten, her parents worked out she was colour blind but also a bit special. When their diplomatic tenure had ended in 1997, they returned to the US, but kept her ‘powers’ secret enrolling her in a private tuition class of karate to help her learn control.

Emma went off to university in 2005, earnt a doctorate degree in Physical Education from Southern New Hampshire University graduating in 2009. In 2009 her parents were in a traffic accident; a drunk driver running from the police ran a red light and ploughed into their car. Her father was killed, her mother put into a vegetative coma. Every week she visited her mom, until she passed away on Christmas Day. She has a calendar marked for September 22 2024 when Diego Manuel Estevez Jr gets released from prison.

In 2010 she applied and was accepted as an officer in the New York City Police Department. After a year there, she applied to join the Department of Homeland Security and from there was selected to the newly formed taskforce Operation: Guard Dog, an initiative to combat super crime across the United States. It was here in Guard Dog she utilised and was encouraged to use her powers.

Emma is now stationed in Kansas City. Her codename Ridgeback was randomly selected, as were the other members to the Operation, each named after a breed of dog. She giggles every time she meets up with D’Shawn; the near seven foot tall former construction worker named Poodle. Emma’s boss from Operation: Guard Dog is Cordoba aka Colonel Harlan Wong who runs ten ‘dogs’ from the twenty-one ‘dog’ operation. Usually the ‘dogs’ work independently, occasionally they team up on larger operations.

Meanwhile on the outskirts of Kansas City, something is brewing...

“A chain is only as good as its weakest link!” I look around at the human ‘apes’ and cavemen I’ve assembled. If only they actually had a brain between them “Mario is one of those weak links!”

Two giant men, also rans and thanks for coming guys left over from the numerous wannabe’s of NFL, carry a bound and gagged Mario and dump him at my feet.

“Now Mario, is going to be a lesson to you all. He is too stupid to learn the lesson himself, so will serve as a warning and a reminder to you all about what happens if you don’t do what I tell you!” A wave of pheromones wafts from my skin, invisibly bathing the assembled in essentially a circle of fear. It’s always nice to watch men who could rip phonebooks in half, kick puppies to death and brutally rape their sister without so much as a second thought cower before me.

I hit them with another dose before continuing “Now Mario thought it would a good idea to check in via social media!” I click my fingers and one of the giants, Drayvon, hands me a wooden baseball bat. Mario’s screaming against the duct tape but its too little, too late!

“Well Mario, I am about to update your status, for the very last time!”

I smash the bat across his head with a sickening chok! Blood and brain go everywhere!

“Don’t any of you DARE look away!”


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@batkevin74 well, it's published. Having trouble adding that picture you included. will try later

@wildvine and @impurestcheese feel better!

@razzatazz I can't think of something to say, but I thought I would call you out anyway.

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@the_poet: thanks for the callout, any excuse will do :)

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@the_poet: thanks for the callout, any excuse will do :)

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@the_poet: thanks for the callout, any excuse will do :)

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@batkevin74: The character description has more story than the scene that followed it. Without any additional story for that, it just reads like "Let's see how brutal I can be in a scene." That's good practice when you're asking yourself "Am I able to write this," but as a story by itself, it's weak.

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@cbishop: Well the part below was the villain who I was given a brief on by @pyrogram He was going to write Emma in her POV, I was going to write the villain, whose name escapes me, from his POV and the story would go from there. As I said at the start it was nothing more than a begining of something that never got past basic planning stages.

How I saw it kinds working in my head was like this: Emma: I charge up the stairs and kick open the fire door to the roof, gun in hand and I spot him near the edge, readying to rooftop jump.

Bad guy: Holy $#!+! She just kicked the door of its hinges! I'm outta here.

It would take a lot of work doing what she saw/he saw. My brief on Emma was for Pyrogram to write, I was to write the bad guy and we'd meet in the middle.

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@batkevin74: In hindsight do you know what I realized? What we were gonna do is what people do (and I do) every day on the RPG forum. We made it out to be some gigantic task, we should try it again sometime lol It'd be easy now I figured it out.

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Was there no post for the 31st?