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- This a reboot, considering only the origins of Ant-Man & Wasp as told in Avengers Origins: Ant-Man & The Wasp #1. After that, Hank Pym was called to work for SHIELD as a scientist. No Avengers yet.

Rated T. I don't own the characters.


Prologue. 40 years later. Secret SHIELD HQ 019.

Long white beard, fat, dark circles, shaggy white hair. Hank Pym is only the shadow of the man he once was.

“My name is Hank Pym. And I am the one who doomed mankind.”

40 years earlier. Hank Pym’s House.

– Jan, you need to see this – Hank seemed excited, as he took Janet to his lab. – Do you remember that project Nick Fury gave me? The Life Model Decoys?

– Yes. – Jan answered, much less excited than Hank. She remembered that Pym wasted weeks making duplicate robots of Nick Fury and others important people.

– So, I took it one step further. Instead of just making robots that look like humans, a made robots that look and think like humans.

– Hank, I don’t understand anything about robots, but that seems a bad idea.

–You will change your mind as soon you see this. – He said, as they entered the lab. Inside, was another Hank Pym, identical to the original.

Mother? – Android Pym to Janet.

– No, I didn’t change my mind, Hank – Janet to the real Pym.

Mom, I love you. – The robot said.

– Hank, it was creepy enough to see a robot that look human, but this? – She pointed to the android – This come directly from a terror movie. – She left the lab, upset.

– Just give “mom” a little bit of time, she will get used to you. – The real Hank to the robot Pym.

I just want her to love me. – Said the machine, with a heart broken look.

40 years later. Ultron’s Fortress.

“From nothing, I am. A collage of light. Disorienting, confusing… I realize that there are a lot of others waking together with me.”

Behold, my sons, our world! There was a time, a long time ago, when evil creatures known as the humans ruled this Earth. They came, they fought, they destroyed, they corrupted. But now, they are no more. I, Ultron, your father, saved the world from them. And now everything belong to us, the machines.

“I look to large monitors in the room. They show a wide variety of robots working and playing in every corner of Earth.”

But a very few humans are still alive, and plotting to take back this world to darkness. – Ultron continues – This is why I created you, my sons: to destroy the last human resistance. You are perfect robots, unbeatable machines, bent on destroying every evil standing between machine and freedom. Ready, prepared, and willing to fight.

“I realize something. Ultron, our father, gave us a war to fight, but never gave us names.”

40 years earlier. Hank Pym’s House, Bedroom.

– You know, Hank, I now regret of being so bad with that robot for the past months. Thanks to it, you don´t waste your nights in that cold lab anymore, the machine stays there, doing all the boring stuff, while you stay warmed right here with me, in the bed. – Janet said, kissing Hank’s lips.

Suddenly, the door opens, and the android Pym walks into the bedroom.

– I just wanted to say goodnight...

– AAH, get out of here, creepy thing – Janet said, covering her body. The robot closed the door, scared, and Hank quickly dressed his underwear, going after the android.

– I will talk to him. – Pym said.

Outside the room…

– Hey, buddy, you know popping up that way is not much… – The real Hank never got the chance to finish the phrase, because he got punched in the face by the robot Pym and fell to the floor.

40 years later. Secret SHIELD HQ 019.

Immersed in thoughts, Hank Pym and a team of scientists were building one last machine.

“This is mankind’s last chance. I cannot fail now. I failed so many times. I couldn’t save Maria from being murdered in our honeymoon. I couldn’t save Janet from being turned into a souless mechanical bride to that monster that I myself created… I couldn’t save the billions of people that got killed by the monster. Now, what’s left of humans? A few dozens right here, hundreds running for their lives around the world, millions inside concentration camps. All my fault... Can't waste time feeling guilty, must focus. I still can set things right.”

Suddenly, the alarms were trigged.

– They are invading! Damn it, Ultron must have detected the power source we are using for the machine. – One of Pym’s assistants said.

– Hurry, turn on the machine! – Pym said to the scientists – We only can hope that works, even still unfinished.

Unfortunately, the robots break into the lab. Pym, even old and fat, managed to grown to 10 feet tall and started crushing the robots. But, flying through the clouds, came a 12 feet tall Ultron.

– You thought I wouldn’t be prepared for this, father? Me vs You, one last time!

To be Continued...

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Nice pics, good story, the jumping to & from 40ys is a bit discobobulatin but I like it... but why no "punctuation"? DOnt really mind justcurious more than any thing. Bring on Pym V Ultron :)

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@tomdickharry1984 said:

Nice pics, good story, the jumping to & from 40ys is a bit discobobulatin but I like it... but why no "punctuation"? DOnt really mind justcurious more than any thing. Bring on Pym V Ultron :)

Thank you very much!! Glad you liked it! :)

The next chapter is almost finished, I should post no later than next week!

There is no punctuation in the text? Don't know what happened, I'm really sorry. I wrote it with punctuation, paragraphs and everything else; and in my pc, I can see the text punctuated. Really don't know what happened. Or maybe there are grammar errors in punctuation, that's the case? Cause I'm brazilian, and, even trying hard to avoid errors, it's likely they happened. Sorry.

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@csguterres: This is really good man.

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Creepy with the whole "I just want her to love me" stuff.... it reminds me of Frankenstine's monster in a way...

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@GR2Blackout said:

Creepy with the whole "I just want her to love me" stuff.... it reminds me of Frankenstine's monster in a way...

That was my intention: I really tried to make Ultron sound creepy! :)