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The predicament that I had found myself in was all too strange. Even thinking about it sounded too ridiculous. I had just made a deal with Lucifer from what I could tell. How was this possible? And even if it were true, why would he ask to compete with me. What would he gain from my useless soul? A 15 year old Street Urchin starving in one of the many alleyways in New York City. Although everything did seem to be knee-deep in absurdity, I had to search for the reality in the situation. I had asked the silken white purse that I was given for 150 dollars and I found the same 150 dollars that I asked for inside of it. Fresh, crisp, and new. All of it was far more than anything that I had ever seen before. I immediately had to take advantage of my newfound wealth. I clasped the money with pitiful strength and put the purse protectively inside my pocket. I raised myself from the ground and pondered where I would go to eat. There was a bar and inn not a blocks from where I stood. I could quickly jog there now and obtain something to fill my empty stomach while also finding a place to sleep. The mere thought of doing two things that I could never do in my entire life was overwhelming. It made me think of how much my mother would have enjoyed the luxury of knowing that she had a never ending source of money. I was on the verge of tears, but thought to myself that this wasn’t the time. I gathered my wits and made a steady pace for the bar.

Upon reaching the door of the bar, I felt triumphant. I was now in the Upper Class. I was literally the wealthiest boy on the face of the Earth. The surge of pure victory that I felt was amazing. I could do whatever I pleased without any consequences because I was filthy rich. I felt absolutely courageous. I opened the door into the bar and my mouth drooped in admiration of the sight that I beheld. A polished wooden floor, clean metal bar stools galore, bright lighting, smiling bartenders, and people in expensive tuxes and blouses conversing while eating. The smell was glorious. I felt small amounts of salivation reach my neck. I quickly wiped it off before anyone could see. The feeling that graced me with it’s presence before I walked into the bar was completely and utterly destroyed. I couldn’t compare myself to these people. It was impossible to do so… I stared at my tattered clothes in shame and walked over to one of the stools. I walked over to a table and sat down. The people behind me started to whisper while the people in front of me went to another table. I heard words like "Smell", "Nasty", and "Foul". I lowered my head and stared at my legs until the waitress came to me. She walked over as if she was forced which I obviously knew was true. "Have you decided what you want?" She quickly asked while gagging. I looked through the menu when I came to the revelation that I couldn’t read. I found the most attractive looking specimen and pointed at it. "The Steak and Rice?" She asked for confirmation through watering eyes.

I nodded as if I knew what she was talking about. "And how do you plan on buying this?" I was about to retort in answer to the rude question. Then I thought better of it. I forgot that I was to keep silent for 6 years, 6 days, and 6 nights to abide by the rules of the deal that I had made with the Devil. To answer her response, I took out the money that I had already attained through asking the purse. She agreed in understanding and left. Within a period of 4 minutes, she came back with my food. The smell took me by surprise as I was taken aback by its tender look. She placed it on the table along with a glass of water. She held out her hand and I gave her the entire wad of cash. I grabbed at the meat and bit into it without any utensil. She looked at me in disgust as I chewed the meat in pure ecstasy. It was heaven. The sauces tingled in my mouth and the taste lingered on my tongue even after I had swallowed. The taste was magnificent and the experience was like nothing I had ever had before. I ate and drank for 10 more minutes until the cops entered the bar and started towards me.

To be Continued

Ya I continued it, cause I like this story. As for the next one make suggestions.

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@Pfcoolio15 said:

I had asked the silken white purse that I was given for 150 dollars and I found the same 150 dollars that I asked for inside of it.

Game over kid, you asked! Talking breaks the rules, you're OUT! :)

Besides that, good job! Curious on where this goes

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@batkevin74: Thanks for pointing out the mistake, I'll have to fix that.