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This is a Fanfic between Nova and Darkchild. Their is a discussion thread about the fanfic, go their if you wish to comment

It has been two months since the battles on Ninjeta and its destruction, once again reduced to the form of an old man Darkchild wanders the countrysides with a way about him as if he is searching for someone or something. He moves erratically looking over his shoulder as if afraid of something. Mumbling from the moment he came back to earth "Damn Ninja.....cant even close my eyes without those damn memories returning. Damn boys magics, I will kill him someday." Then a fire in the sky catches his eyes as a woman of fire soars above him firing bolts of fire at replicas. He looks around and a large base catches his attention. He smiles and looks to the dirt below his feet "Thank you father, subtly was never your forte you get right to the point. And I understand, to take the ninja down I must do it slow and methodical."

With a smirk he vanishes reappearing within the WAL compound, alarms go off but he disappears reappearing in the control room he flicks a switch an they soon stop. "This team is much like NAO, knew they would keep all the controls in one area. First times the charm." Finding her room he walks the halls until he comes to hers opening it slowly he closes it behind him quickly, as the patter of footsteps echo from down the hall. " I heard something, come on lets go check." The voices of children bring a flash of evil work to his mind but he shakes it away, and turns around facing her bed. With a grin he tears a poster off the wall and bringing his index finger out it ignites with  darkness and heats up, bringing it to the wall he etches a phrase into the wall.

"I come not for a confrontation but more for....help." then writing coordinates into the wall he finishes it with "Please come Little Firefly." With a smily face, he knows the girl is mature yet childish and her curiousity will bring her to him. He wants Feral all to himself, to sow the seeds of doubt into Nevann making him weak both physically and mentally. And he will once he gives his beloved lover something she has always truly sought after...true power.

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Her bright flames lit up the night sky as she soared through the city, Stephanie was just getting back from a mission that took her to the northern parts of Russia. Exhausted she landed upon the roof of the We Are Legend breathing heavily, ever since the Secret Wars and her fight with the now decease Ziccarra, Stephanie had been feeling weaker and weaker by the day, this however was due to the alien poison running through her body. While on Ninjeta, Ziccarra’s blood mixed with hers during the battle between the two, and her blood was filled with Xechellum, a substance that was deadly to humans.

However, because of Stephanie’s powers, and cybernetic parts, she was able to suppress the deadly substance, while WAL’s best doctors and scientist worked constantly around the clock to find an antidote that they still haven’t found. After all, its hard to find an antidote with the main carrier no longer with the living. But this didn’t keep her down, Nova still continued to lead the team and fight battles, but this only seemed to be weakening her more quickly. Everyday she found it harder to get out of bed, more difficult to use her powers and could feel the metal inside her slowly weakening.

‘The poison is acting like an acid to the metal inside your body, it will only be a matter of time before your body gives out on you.’ The voice of Nurse Hope echoing inside her mind as she made her way inside the building.

But it wasn’t just Stephanie who was having a hard time after the Secret Wars, NeVann too was forever changed from the war, after his fight with Darkchild, being left blind as the result of their battle. But he didn’t allow that to effect him, he wouldn’t allow others to see it as a weakness, instead, he pushed himself harder in training, as well as training the twins. But Nova couldn’t get stronger, not anymore, instead, she was becoming weaker.

‘The only way to fully suppress the poison is for you to raise your body temperature HIGHER than you can, and the only way to do that, is to control hellfire… which… you cant. So you’ll have to do your best and wait for the antidote that were working on.’

The hero sighed as she walked into the living quarters and found Cly speaking to the twins about his sword, the sharpest blade ever made, Valor, the children sat in awe as he told the story about the blade and about his story as a dragon rider, even he was into his own tale, giving off hand gestures to make it more fun. With a smirk she snuck pass the area and to her office where she quickly wrote out a report of her mission, only to have the door slowly open.

“Stephanie?” A male voice spoke up, causing the hero to look up.

“NeVann.” She smiled at him as she watched him walk into the room. Inside the WAL HQ, he felt his most comfortable, before he lost his sight, he could literally walk around the entire facility with this eyes closed, he made sure of it, incase he   had to fight off anyone with the electricity out. He made his way in, his eyes pure white, and her heart sank, she hated seeing him like this, but she knew it wasn’t petty he would want, only her support and encouraging words.

“Hey, how did the mission go?” He asked sitting down on the seat in front of her desk.

“Fine, it wasn’t anything big, some noob was trying to blow up the nuclear factory again, but Wanderer and I managed to stop him with almost no trouble.” She smiled at him as she leaned back in her seat.

“I don’t literally mean the mission Steph, I mean how were you on the mission?” He leaned forward, as looked in her general direction. “Ev en though I cant see you, I know your tone of voice too well to know when your trying to hide something.”

She sighed as she lowered her head. “I… almost lost control of my fire again…” she mumbled to herself as she ran her fingers through her hair. “Every time I use them, I can feel my ability to manipulate them, slowly slipping…”

“Steph, you need to stop going on these missions, its not good for you, or for the people who were trying to protect.” He spoke as he placed his hand on the desk.

She simply nod her head and reached out, cupping his hand with her own. “I-I know but… I cant just step back and do nothing, I cant be like-“

“Me?” NeVann cut her off.

“No! I didn’t mean that and you know it.” She said as she squeezed his hand. “ Your still the annoyingly unkillable shinobi, and you know it, your just being the lazy ninja right now.” She joked as the two chuckled a bit.

With a smile on his face he leaned forward over the desk as Nova did as well, and gave him a peck on the lips. “I should go get some rest, I’m sure Nurse Hope is going to want to run a few more tests on me in the morning.” Stephanie said as she stood up from her seat.

The two walked off as Stephanie went over to her room and simply plopped on the bed, her body a bit sore as she stretched out ready to fall asleep, until the WAL alarms blared off. She immediately sat up on her bed, her eyes widen as she was about to rush towards the door only for the alarm to suddenly turn off.

“What the heck was that?” She asked as she sighed. “Ugh… let the security handle it Steph… you need rest.” She spoke to herself as she fell back on her bed, her eyes closed as she took a deep breath, she could hear her children outside the door, but didn’t let it get to her, instead she went into deep slumber, the sound of ‘purring’ filled the room as she slepted.



 With a yawn she sat up from her bed, streaching her arms high above her head as she looked over at the clock that read 9:14am. She slowly got up from her bed, her limbs a bit sore and stiff from the mission. She was about to walk out of the room until she stepped on something… looking down she saw her torn poster of Bubblebee from Transformers.

“NOOO!” She picked it up as she sighed, lowering her head as she looked at the wall only to find something burned into it. Tilting her head to the side she looked at it as she ran her own fingers along the writing that read; ‘I come not for a confrontation but more for… help.’ There were a set of coordinates right under that writing as she kept reading. ‘Please come little firefly.’ She looked at the writing as curiosity filled her mind. “Whoever wrote this… was the same person who broke into WAL… but… who? Who would have been so… crazy to come into a HQ filled with heroes?” She spoke to herself as she could then hear knocking on her door.

“MOMMY! CAN WE TRAIN WITH TIO WANDO!?” Zuko yelled out with the sound of Hotaru yelling out “SAY YES! SAY YES!”

“Er…” she opened the door and looked down at her kids. “Yeah, just tell your dad and tell him that…” she paused for a moment, she knew she should tell him what she woke to… but for someone to come into the HQ to only leave a note for her to HELP them… couldn’t be bad… right? “Tell him that I’m going to visit a friend, and that I’ll be back later on tonight, ok?” She smiled at the two and gave them each a kiss on the forehead.

“OK!” the two rushed off with smiles on their face as Stephanie closed the door behind her. She got ready, putting on some jean pants, a red tank top and some black running shoes as she looked down at her WAL com-link and her Hono Tachi, her blade that NeVann made for her once she finished her training with him. After debating with herself she left the com-link behind as well as her blade.

She slowly opened her window and jumped out, free falling down towards the city as she suddenly burst into her golden flames, and took off straight up into the sky, flying at the speed of sound towards the coordinates left behind for her.

About five hours of flying she came to where her coordinates took her to, the Palmyra Island. A very isolated island about 300 miles from any other civilization. The small island seemed to have no population of its own, with the exception of some research buildings, and if she understood correctly, this island was said to have some sort of mystical powers. Flying more closely to the floor of the island she saw a rather large mansion like structure in the middle of lush tree’s. Landing on the ground she put out her flames, breathing heavily already just from the flight alone.

She walked up to the large structure and to the door, her body feeling weak as she struggled to stand up straight. “God I hope this isn’t a trap.” She said as she began to knock on the door. “Hello? Um… Its Feral Nova, from We Are Legend... I got your message, who are you? What can I help you with?” She asked innocently as she looked around the area for any sign of someone.

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Darkchild stood within the large mansion talking to someone who wasnt their, an image of a large demon standing in front of him he bickered with it "No, I dont care what he says just allow it......YES i know that shes a human but look at her. Look at what she is capable of, with this she can be unstoppable and with my powers whispering in her ear it would only be a matter of time before she erupted and took every little rat out. Now just give me the go ahead and I will.....What did I just say you vile beast!!!! I said I dont care what father will do to either of us especially YOU! Now give me it now!!" The demon cowarded backwards and hung his head and his hands moved quickly in a formation and he thrusts his hands forward towards Darkchilds abdomen. From the image a surge of power flowed from where the demon was and into Darkchild. Giving him the ability to control what he wants whenever he wants, with a quick smile he looks once more to the image "Tell Charon I am sorry, his death needed to happen so that I could reign supreame on Ninjeta." The demon narrowed his eyes and said something inaudible but not to Darkchild "......The destruction of Ninjeta and my reign was fated to happen you piece of sh!t. You mock me again and you will wish father gets wind of this for what I will do is much more horrible." With that the demon vanished and the mirror to the underworld was closed.

Darkchilds ears picked up the sounds of Feral soaring close, then the sound of her feet meeting the front steps sounded. A smile came to his face as he walked backwards disappearing into the shadows.


Darkchild watched as she groggily walked to the front door and knocking asking for who had brought her. The shadows were everywhere underneath the shade of the sunlight, the trees high above plastered the ground with shadows. Not much was left in direct sunlight, but he didnt need the shadows he wanted to be out in the open with this one. Brining his arm up and forming a blade using his suit out of energy he swung his arm once and sliced at the surrounding trees. They all fell in unison and she leaped into the air in frieght being caught off guard she yelped. He smiled at her small yelp, her body was beautiful no wonder the Ninja kept DC occupied on the planet. He knew she was something for him something close to Uchiha but never had a glimpse of her. She stared at him in the shadows squinting her eyes and then he stepped out.

"I really dont think you need to ask who I am, just a few short weeks ago you were fighting for your life on my part of a planet no?" Her body tensed up he could smell the fire burning beneath her skin, but he could also smell something else. The poison working its way through her system, he had heard of what that substance had done to humans but was facinated with how stable her body still was with it coursing through her system. Bringing up his palm he stopped her "Wait! Before you turn the one remaining place I have hidden in this world into a smoldering pile of ash listen to what I offer." Stepping fully into the sunlight his body is shown in its full, his top half drapped in a long black coat his body much skinnier than what he appeared as on Ninjeta, and a cane held in his other hand. Again resorting to a more subtle an easier way of walking around in the world "I May be decreased in power since you last saw me love, but the suits doing its job. This island is a superb place for extracting energies, and its also the perfect spot for what I am offering you." His hand he had stretched out to her moves slowly making it so his palm is facing towards the sky. He mumbles a few choice words "From the depths of the pit, I envoke the skills and abilities from my father. Release yourself unto me." And his arm shakes tremendously and from his palm a geyser of hellfire soars upwards.

He himself marvels at its power staring at it for a moment, then looking towards Feral "I know what it will take to cure you, and so do you." closing his hand into a fist the hellfire disappears and he walks forward putting his weight onto the cane the energies from the island slowly flowing into his suit on a constant basis. He gets close to her an stands upright "I have something to tell you about your condition. By the decay your body has begun to go into and the rate your powers have been slipping away...you have two weeks." He says this without a ounce of emotion coming to his face and he continues "So I have one question. Will you continue fighting the good fight for two weeks, and then ebruptly die in a shower of immense pain. And in the process of dying most likely take out an entire city block around you, and being that your a family woman that would include the two lovely children I saw earlier at the WAL base let alone your husband who so tragically has been cursed with blindness. With such blindness wont see the burst of energy erupting from within you in time to save himself and your children." He pauses for a moment letting this knowledge sink in "OR Will you train with me for one week and learn how to control hellfire. And after your training I ask of you one single thing." He steps closer to her cupping her chin "The remembrance of who gave you this power and to leave me ALONE!" the last of the sentence was said in a strong tone.

"After this all you will advice your team AND your husband to leave me be. Because if you do not, I will tell him who his beloved wife came to in her time of need. To save his life and the ones around you, you came to the very same man who took his eyesight away. Thats all I ask for, now what is your answer Firefly?"

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 “Now what is   your answer Firefly?”

Her teary eyes looked into his as she jerked her head away from his hand. Her body was mixed with so many emotions right then, fear, anger, confusion, disgust, and shame, all at once. She stood silent as she slowly backed away from him and turned her back to him for a few seconds before speaking.

“How about I ask you a question.” She paused for a moment. “What makes you think I wont just kill you here and now?” Nova slowly turned back, her eyes glowing yellow with energy. “Now that you told me I have two weeks, I can kill you here and now, go say my goodbyes, and isolate myself so I wont do any harm to anyone when my time comes.” She looked at him dead in the eyes. “You said yourself, your decreased in power, and even with the condition that I’m in, I can still kill you, and burn your entire island to a crisp.” Her right hand began to glow red. “Its because of villains like you that make it hard for ANYONE to live a happy life. Because of the evil that lives inside of you, the rest of us that are trying to help people, protect the ones we love, and grow old with the ones we love, is almost impossible!” small streams of tears began to fall from her eyes, slowly turning into steam from the intense heat her body was currently in.

“I have your answer Darkchild… screw you.” With that she burst into flames and took off high into the air, leaving Darkchild to himself.

But as he watched her fly away, a simple smirk curled upon his lips. He knew she was going to be back, it was only a matter of time before his words would finally ‘burn’ into her mind.

Back at WAL HQ

Stephanie quietly walked into the team building, being greeting by Mr. French she nod to him as she made her way towards Nurse Hope, who was furious for her being gone so long, it was already eight-thirty at night, and she still had two hours of testing to do. The fire goddess sat quietly as Hope drew out some of her blood, placing it inside tubes   and began running the physical test on her. Once the testing was done, Nurse Hope had that look in her eyes, but simply told Nova that they were done for the night.

“Nurse Hope… I need to ask you something.” Stephanie asked as she continued to sit down on the patient bed.

“What is it Stephanie?” She asked as she placed a chart on her desk.

“I NEED to know, about that antidote… how is it coming along?” She looked at the ground as she waited for the answer.

Nurse Hope simply stood there for a few seconds, as if trying to figure out what to tell the co-leader. “Well, you see, its coming along fine, its just hard to make an antidote when the main carrier-“

“Is dead, I KNOW, you’ve been saying that for the past TWO months!” Nova cut off Nurse Hope as she stood up from the bed. “TWO MONTHS HOPE!” She took a deep breath trying to calm herself down, pacing back and forth in the room.

“S-stephanie, please, you have to understand, this isn’t easy for us either.” The brunette care taker spoke softly.

“How long?” Stephanie then asked in a monotone voice as she continued to pace.

“I-I’m sorry?”

“How much longer do I have before I bust into a supernova, take out half of this city and kill everyone I love and care about in my fireworks of an explosion death!?” She snapped at the nurse, turning towards her as her fists where shaking with impatient.

Nurse Hope had the look of fear in her eyes as she began to studded her words. “I..I… don’t know exactly ho-“

“Damn it Hope, you have to have SOME sort of time frame! Just be straight with me, TELL ME THE TRUTH!” her body began to glow red.

“T-two weeks Stephanie.” She spoke as she leaned against the wall.

Nova stood in place, as if frozen from the words of Hope. “Two weeks…” She repeated as she let out a yell of frustration, punching the wall, her fist going straight through and out the other end. “ DAMN HIM!” She yelled out as she pulled her fist out and walked straight out of the room, and towards her bedroom.

As she marched her way, everyone was looking at her with curious and fearful eyes. It was rare to see her so mad, and punch through the wall because of it. As she walked she was confronted by NeVann who deliberately stepped in her way.

“NeVann…” She mumbled. “Not now.” She walked around him only to have him grab her wrist.

“Stephanie… please.” He whispered to her as the two stood there for a moment. She couldn’t do it anymore, she quickly turned to him, leaned her head into his chest and began to cry as she fell to her knees, NeVann following her down as he simply held her. Trying to comfort her he hugged her tightly as she soaked his shirt with her tears. Hearing her death from Darkchild was hard, but hearing it from the same person who told her day after day that they were going to find a cure for her before the poison would clam her life was another story.

The sound of an alarm went off as Nova’s eyes jerked open, darting around the now brightly lit room. “W-what!?” She threw her arm off to the side, knocking down the clock that read 8:23am. Slowly getting out of bed she stretched out as she slowly opened the door and walked down the hallways until she reached the training room. Inside was Sozuko, Hotaru and NeVann doing their morning training, but it seemed like they were taking a break because they were using the fighting holograms to play a virtual fighting video game. She could see the twins laughing as NeVann sat there laughing with them, even though he couldn’t see anything. Was she ready to give this up? Her family she loved? Her friends that she had made during her time with the team she had struggled to hold together?

She was torn, would it be selfish of her to want to keep her life? To take a deal with the devil in order to live another day? Walking away from the training room she continued to walk down the hall to speak with Wanderer and Cly for a few minutes, seeing the two joke around with each other. She then walked to her office where she was going through the team photo album, looking at all the past members. Out of all the teammates she had, had, she was the only original member left… the rest had dropped out, or passed away in the heat of battle, was she going to be one of the many to pass away from a battle wound?

She sat there for three hours until she finally came to her conclusion. Pulling out a recorder she placed it on her desk as she flipped it on and began to speak in it.

“NeVann, if you find this, then I’ve already left. I’m sorry I didn’t say anything… but… theres something that I have to do. You already know that my condition isn’t getting any better, and if you’ve been talking to Nurse Hope, which I’m sure you have been, you know I don’t have very much time left. I left to… go get some special training, so I can overcome this. Don’t worry, I’ll be back soon. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you face to face, but I knew you would have so many questions that I wouldn’t be able to answer. I know I don’t have to say it… but please take care of the twins while I’m gone, and tell them that I love them, and that I’ll see them soon, and I’ll bring them both a big plates of cookies when I come back.” She paused for a moment. “I love you NeVann…” She then flipped the recorder off and left it on her desk as she opened the window from her office and jumped out, bursting into flames once again, taking off back to the isolated island. 

 Palmyra Island  

Landing infront of the mansion yet again, she walked carefully around the area, hoping that he was still there. Slowly walking up to the door she knocked on it, but not hearing an answer right away got her a bit restless. Placing he hand on the doorknob she turned it, to have it open with a creek. Taking a deep breath she slowly let it out while taking a step into the building. It was dark, too dark to really see anything. “He-hello?” She was almost too embarrassed to even say anything. “Darkchild… I’m back… and… if your offer still stands… I… would like to take it.” She spoke as she lowered her head, she felt trapped, and she knew he knew he had her right where he wanted her. 

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Darkchild sat in a chair in front of a large bay window as he watched the skies after she left, knowing she wouldnt take long to make her decision, either returning to take the offer or attempt to end him in his weakened state. "Little brat really thinks that even at this little amount of power that I am weak enough for her to take down......" his cane spins around between his fingers as he concentrates on something even more important, how will he teach her to control the hellfire. His knowledge of her body in an out proves helfpful, the adamantium in her body will allow for some resistance but not for more than a few seconds. Darkchild thinks to himself and gives himself two hours, standing up and walking down to the basemenet of the mansion he smacks the lightswitch on the wall. A large room brightens up and the full scope of his "lab" is unfolded as the light bounces off the walls revealing everything.He looks at his own suit and his eyebrow raises as a smile comes to his face and he begins work on something. 

Two Hours Later

Night had finally set and the entire mansion was shrouded in a veil of darkness that only Darkchild could see through. Walking out from the basement with something rather large in his hand, not being revealed as he held them just enough in the shadows so no one could soo them. Not too much trouble as he is the only one on the island....or was. The sky brightens up as Feral nears and sets foot outside the front door. Darkchild is down the hall more in the mansion but he can hear the creeking of the front door opening slowly. Then he hears her voice "Darkchild.......Im back...." A smile came to his face as he stepped into the shadows an disappeared reappearing in the shadows just a few feet in front of her. Stepping forth from the darkness just as she lowered her head in defeat, he brought his hand to her chin and lifted her head. His eyes changing from the meglomaniac to someone who actually cares "Dont hang your head lass, this isnt defeat. This is you realize that I was right and their is no other choice, its not like your betraying anyone with taking this help." He snaps his fingers and bolts of energy spark from his suit and falling on the candles in the room lighting it up for her to see.

"Hellfire is something not even masters of the world of Magic can control at times, hell sometimes I can barely control it. But having Demon blood in me helps greatly in controlling something so unstable....you unfortunatly dont have that luxury. Their is a way to allow for demon blood into your body, two actually but I wouldnt even offer it as I may be a pervert but I am not that bad of one to ask of something like that at this time." She looked up at his towering height with little emotion on her face so he continued "Hellfire is like I said extreamly unstable, the only person that can control it perfectly is my "Father" so dont go hoping you will have complete control. But even having a slightest bit of control of hellfire will help your situation, So in thinking of its unstable qualities I made these."  Darkchild holds out his hands, and pulling the shadows off from over his arms (he wanted to keep them hidden until his speech was done), two large gloves lay in the palms of Darkchilds almost overlapping large hands. Covered in tiny little slits and the inside almost insolated he slipped them on over Ferals hands "These work much like my suit just on a different level, Hellfire can reach temperatures close to your Supernova abilities so I made it so if you ever lost control the gloves would short out your ability to control the hellfire...by electrocuting you and taking your attention away from the hellfire." with a smile he continued "Alright were past the safety uses with the gloves hahaha, now to its actual abilities. The slits in the glove will make for the hellfire to escape from your hands at a decent level without over coming anything around you in heat, but the gloves will also depending on how much hellfire you want to produce it will stabalize the unstable qualities of the hellfire....Moreless its got a shut off valve to what will be released. Think of it like a child saftey lock on a car, cant let out what you dont want to alright." Darkchild walked Feral outside as he was talking to her, and then finally stopped as they came to a large field. She looked around finally as he had stopped talking, a odd look came to her face as if she was going to ask something but he didnt let her as he spoke "Alright please securely fasen your seatbelts because the flights about to get a little rocky." He says with a smile and his hands burst with intense heat, as energies circle his body the heat soon turns into a solid firey form. His body erupts in hellfire as she stands in amazement "Alright love, time for the crash cource." Flicking his wrists hellfire engulfed his arms now, all channeling from around his body into his arms. His eyes glowed a bright red as the Dark Magics that it took to control such power took over, moving forward with lightning quick speeds he tossed ball after ball of hellfire at Nova "Come on girl, the gloves will allow you to redirect along with absorb the hellfire. Catch dammit, I dont want to kill you after just making those damn things." Darkchild tossed a ball of hellfire in the air and forming a bat out of the hellfire around his arm he slammed it into the ball and it hurtles towards Feral.

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 Her mind was flowing with questions as he began to explain the complexity of hellfire. Would she really be strong enough to control such an unstable element? Keeping her emotions in check she did her best not to look overwhelmed, or scared. When the gloves were introduced to her, she could already feel the energy radiating off of them as Darkchild gently slipped them upon her own hands, she could feel the gloves almost breathing with energy as they began to tighten around her hands, getting into the perfect fit as she began to move her fingers around, the gloves themselves didn’t even feel heavy considering they look like they were made out of metal. She listened closely as Darkchild explained how the gloves worked, as her mind was beginning to overflow with the information given to her at once as the two began to make their way outside the building in a wide open space. But her mind still had questions burning in her mind… why her? Why give HER this power? She was almost certain that there were hundreds, if not, thousands of villains who would love to get a hold of this kind of power, and yet, he chose her, and to only have her keep WAL away from him? It seemed almost too easy. She opened her mouth, her face showing a bit of confusion and curiosity, but before she could even speak, he cut her off.

“Alright, please securely fasten your seat belts because the flights about to get a little rocky.” A smile on his face as she couldn’t help but smile back at him as she could suddenly feel a wave of heat beginning to form around him and a split second later, his body was covered from head it toe in hellfire. 

Nova gasped in surprise as she took a step back, amazed as he began to manipulate the fire around him, and then somehow, made the burning energy, a solid like form as his body then erupted hellfire, her eyes widen, she hadn’t been around that kind of power before, it seemed almost as if it was drawing her towards it, she could feel her heart beat in excitement.

"Alright love, time for the crash course." His arms bursting with hellfire as his eyes began to glow a dangerous bright red. Her body tensed up as she got into her defensive stance, as he suddenly threw a hellfire ball at her.

“Oh crap!” Nova yelled out as she ducked under the ball of fire, covering her head with her hands as it soared over her head and smashed into rock. “How about a warning next time!” she stood back up with fear in her eyes, her heart feeling as if it was about to burst out form her chest. She hadn’t dealt with hellfire much, but her fight with Kiara Sullivan was all too fresh in her mind, even though Nova was able to control fire with ease, it was no match for the hellfire that Kiara was able to control, giving massive injuries to Stephanie during their battle. But this hellfire seemed to be on a different level, stronger than Kiara’s and much more under control than what Nova saw.

"Come on girl, the gloves will allow you to redirect along with absorb the hellfire. Catch damm it, I dont want to kill you after just making those damn things."

“You throw hellfire at me and your NOT trying to kill me?” She joked as another ball of hellfire came rushing towards her, in a panic she quickly stuck out both her hands, her eyes focused as she could feel the gloves building up energy, as soon as the hellfire made impact with her gloves it seemed to have been absorbed by them, dissipating upon impact as she closed her eyes from the flash that followed. She stood there for a moment as she slowly opened her eyes, her hands still stuck out as she finally realized what she just did, stopped hellfire dead in its tracks. She dropped to her knees, her eyes widen as she rest her hands on her lap, exhausted from just stopping the hellfire. But still… she couldn’t believe what she just did. A yell of victory came from her as threw her arms in the air. “Did you see that!? I stopped it! AND I didn’t get hurt!” A bright smile on her face as she slowly stood up, her hands a bit shaky but overall, she was just fine. “Whats next? Summon hellfire? Make it solid like your bat? Summon hellfire monster thingies?!” She began to ask from the excitement, she couldn’t tell if she was annoying him or just pissing him off, but the adrenalin was now flowing through her, ready to take the next step in her training.

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She was a tiny thing, such elogance an innocence in such a tiny frame. Yet she took control of the situation rather quickly when she reacted on instinct with the gloves reaching out and absorbing the hellfire into her gloves. A smile comes to her face as she bounce on the ground leaping into the air rambling fast without breathing for a moment she asks a thousand questions in the matter of a second. Her gloves sizzle as the power still bubbles to the surface of her gloves wanting to be released, Darkchild takes in a deep breath looking to her he closes his eyes and replies.

"All of them." Is all he says her bright smile is turned into a straight face as she looks confused "I dont have the time or patience, and you honestly dont have the time to take years an years of training to master everything one by one. So I will teach you everything quickly first to summon hellfire, after you summon it the first time the times that follow  will be much easier and wont take much out of you." She again looks to him with an odd look "Too much out of me?" smiling for a moment his face again goes emotionless and when he opens his eyes they have rolled into the abck of his skull forcing Feral to leap backwards in both fright and disgust saying ewww. Creating a dagger he slams it into his right palm then using the other hand cuts deep into his left palm, using his blood to perform a dark art he drew symbols on his chest and arms then began to chant "From the depths of the pit, I call upon thee to bestow thy power unto me. That your mightiest power shall grant me a fraction of thy power. BRING UNTO ME!!!!" And with that his body bursts with even more hellfire than he had first shown. The trees around him exploded without him even needing to draw close to them. The energies coming from the hellfire was consuming much of the forest with him just standing their, his face was towards the ground as he continued to mumble something then quickly he lifted his head to Feral.

His face contorting into that of showing pain almost constant pain, he forces his words out "The hellfire you caught from before is nothing compared to a recently released hellfire spell, you must sacrifice a portion of your blood or someones blood for the spell to work. Then those words I chanted are what you must memorize to unleash its power, the blood is to symbolize a sacrafice so that my father Satan may be coaxed from the pit to deliver you a portion of his powers......or so thats how it goes. In all reality many creatures in the pit have control of hellfire just go with the story." he smiles to her. Walking close to her he reaches his hand out an touches her bare arm, controlling the hellfire so well that he makes it so that it does not burn to the touch "With great practice of the hellfire you can do almost anything with it, but first you must master the incantation. And after first releaseing the spell you must continuously chant the words either outloud or say them to yourself within your mind (From the depths of the pit, I call upon thee to bestow thy power unto me. That your mightiest power shall grant me a fraction of thy power. BRING UNTO ME!!!!) over an over. Even I must continuously chat it, but I have gotten to a point that its in the back of my mind and my full concentration isnt paid to it. Soon maybe you can do this, but before we continue." Darkchild steps back a few steps and lets the hellfire die "Your turn, bring the hellfire up and then release it at me."

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 Pain, agonizing pain, that’s what was written all over his face as he summoned the powerful hellfire around him, a bloody symbol on his chest as he explained to her how to summon it. Looking down at her hands she could feel the power of the gloves wanting to reach out to the power that Darkchild had all around him, it was like he was a magnate of energy for them. The power was almost irresistible, just standing by him, it was hard to even concentrate on what he was saying. Then it hit her, Satan, she was going to be summoning her power from the depths of hell, where the most vile creatures lived, where evil first spawned from, and her new power was coming from there.

She looked up as she saw the fire die down around him, taking a few steps back he spoke again to her. “Your turn, bring the hellfire up and then release it at me.”

Stephanie simply looked towards him for a moment, she wasn’t sure how to go about this, demons, the devil, hell, this is what she’s going to be working with now and it just hit her. Beginning to stretch out her left arm, she moved her right index finger over it, the metal glove pressing against her bare skin, but just barely, she was hesitating. Her eyebrows were scrunched together as her eyes stayed on her finger about to dig into her arm as questions ran through her head about this new power.

She could feel Darkchilds eyes burn at her. “You don’t have much of a choice little firefly, you know in the end, you’ll be needing this power.” His words stung at her, she knew she needed the power to live, but would she be more danger to her family and friends if she did this? Shaking her head she cleared her mind, she already came to a decision when she came back to the island, it was too late to turn back.

Gritting her teeth her finger dug into her arm as blood began to drizzle down. Soaking two of her fingers in her blood she began to draw the same symbol that he had on his chest, upon hers, a bit more messy, but the same. Her hand was shaky as she did, nervous for what she was about to do. Her eyes began to glow a eerie red color as she could feel a strange energy slowly building up inside her core. Taking a shaky deep breath she closed her eyes as she began to speak the words he did. “From the depths of the pit, I call upon thee to bestow they power unto me. That your mightiest power shall grant me a fraction of thy power. BRING UNTO ME!” As soon as the last word was spoken, her body was overwhelmed as a surge of energy poured over her body, letting out a yell, hellfire erupted all around her burning anything around here, as she opened her eyes to show them still glowing red, she quickly went back to  chanting the words to herself, over and over again as she struggled to simply stand up. The power she was feeling was nothing that she felt, it was raw, strong, overwhelming, and she had to admit, she loved this feeling.

She then pulled back her hands to her side, still saying the words to herself she then thrust her arms forward, as she struggled to shoot the hellfire towards DC, as the fire shot forward, she too fell down to a knee as the hellfire dissipated from around her, leaving her sweating bullets, her skin becoming a bit pale as her body became heavy and fatigue. Breathing heavily she couldn’t even look up at him. “Now… I know what you meant…. About it taking too much out of me…” she struggled to stand up, only to sway back and forth for a few moments as she became a bit light headed. “But that power… its… its almost too overwhelming. I didn’t think I was going to be able to keep it up as long I did.” She finally looked up at him, and waited for his judgment on her performance. 

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Her fingers dug deep into her arm and a toothy grin came to his face as he watched her turn from the bubbly girl into something potentially powerful, more power than he could give another living soul. The power rushed over her in bright burst of fire both her own and the hellfire it burned everything around her, then she brought her hands to her side only for just a moment before thrusting one forward a blast of hellfire fired towards him. The entire summon of hellfire all in one large blast, something it took Darkchild a few weeks to learn how to do she did within meer moments. A smile came to his face as he thought to himself "All the time it took me to concentrate the entire summon of hellfire from one sitting into one blast she performed within seconds, she didnt exactly know what she was doing but her body took control. This little thing would be such a marvalous tool in world conquest....if I wanted it, someone controlling Hellfire is easily corruptable. Must keep that to myself...o oops"

Coming back to reality the blast inches closer an closer and he steadies himself on one foot for a leap out of the way only for something to catch his attention "Fat-" just as he is about to utter a word the blast of hellfire slams into him sending him through miles of trees. As it dies down and he is in the middle of a large crater he watches as she hovers down to him  "Im sorry im sorry....I thought you would have like...caught it......" Shaking his head he ignores the bubble IQ that has returned to the one known as Feral "Shut up its fine....were not alone...and if its him let me do the speaking. Just stand their and look pretty alright?" She brings a finger to her eye and pulls down on her eyelid an makes a silly face, only for the face to disappear once the mirror opens. From the darkness that now is spread into the night a makeshift mirror appears out of nowhere in front of Darkchild and a loud booming voice sounds from it "Tell me! Would a son go against his fathers wishes and disobey him!! No a impudent lout would do this!! Controlling Hellfire?! You wanted approval for that? FOR WHAT? you already know how to do this without the spell, the spell only makes the hellfire stronger an less uncontrollable only reason you would need that is if your tea.....SON?!"

Feral stands wide eyed staring into the flame covered mirror as Darkchild father spoke to him more screamed at him, finally the Light Bringer saw Nova and stopped midsentence "Son?.....is she looking in this direction?" Darkchild turns around an looks to Nova "Yep looks like it....now are you done or are you going to continue to hinder my training with the mortal?" The Sultan of Sin reaches through the mirror and grabs his son by the throat squeezing "Such incompentence!! You train this woman of the mortal world in the way of hellfire how does she contro....oh I see you aquired my genius I see the gloves. Well my son when you slave burns out her energy trying to use it dont come home crying." Darkchild smiles to his father "She has already concentrated the entire Hellfire from one summon into a blast, something that took you what two days and myself weeks to accomplish. And Did I say we started" Darkchild looks to the sky "6 hours ago, thank you father. Now begon." Lucifer scoffs at his son and the mirror cracks and shatters and then blows away in the wind.

Darkchild takes a deep breath and falls to the ground onto his ass with a loud thud "Holy crap!! I thought for sure he was going to skin me alive....again. WHEW!! That was close, your lucky most mortals who see him he tends to rape and kill." Feral looks to him with an odd look "Oh and the slave thing....he sees all humans as sex slave so he just thinks Im training you to be my guard an sex slave." With a shudder of energy he stands up his body again swelling in mass before he one more time bursts into hellfire mode

"Alright you have caught a blast of hellfire, summoned it, and then released it all without bursting into a burning pile of ash." She looks to him with a look as if saying that could have happen and he chuckles "Hey I knew you would be able to do it, but besides all that you have one more thing to do....use it in a fight. I think after you have used it in a fight that you will be able to summon it on VERY small levels enough to have it coursing through your veins and heal you of your sickness. But after it all, after all the training I still want you to hold your side of the bargin no more bickering with me no more bothering me if I am not a bother. BUT I want one thing from you after this is all done."

He smiles something fierce "One kiss, its the only way to assure that the hellfire wont consume you. Remember how I said their were two ways for a human to acquire demon blood I eluded to a more perverted way, but their is a less extreame way. All that must happen is for the demon to kiss the human and in doing so the slightest bit of demon energy can be passed." His smile still etched on his face, if she didnt agree to it she would be so offended by the request it would fuel her rage for fighting and make the fight that much more fun. But either way it will end with her having the ability to conjure hellfire.

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 Nova’s body was filled with goosebumps as she heard the voice of Satan himself speaking to Darkchild, her hairs stood on end as she slowly backed away and behind the son of darkness. She heard his words, and how Darkchild simply shrugged him off, as if he was of no importance. Stephanie thought she had seen pure evil before in the past, but nothing was like being in the presence of the devil himself, the King of Darkness. When he left she watched as DC fell on his butt on the ground, letting out a huge sigh of relief. It was the first time she saw him almost like… human. She couldn’t help but laugh at him at first, until he told her about how his father thought she was his sex slave.

Then he began to explain the last part of her training, using the hellfire in a fight, a fight against him. He then reminded Nova about the deal they made, WAL was to leave him alone, for good, not hunting him down, and that meant for her boyfriend NeVann as well. Nova nod her head, showing she understood until he spoke that one word she hated.

“BUT-” oh how much she hated that word… “I want one thing from you after this is all done.” She could almost see a smirk form on his lips.

Stephanie stood there curious about what else he would have wanted.  “Oh?” She spoke as she tilt her head to the side as she watched his smirk become a intense smile. ‘Uh-oh…’ ran through Nova’s mind.

"One kiss, its the only way to assure that the hellfire wont consume you. Remember how I said their were two ways for a human to acquire demon blood I eluded to a more perverted way, but their is a less extreme way. All that must happen is for the demon to kiss the human and in doing so the slightest bit of demon energy can be passed."

Nova’s face turned red, blushing from embarrassment as she took a step back. That was the last thing she was expecting from him. “W-WHAT!?” she blurted out. “NO! No kiss! I don’t care if it would give me the power to turn solid objects into cookies, I’m not kissing you. That was not part of the deal.” She tried to cover her face by turning to the side, looking away from him.

“Your saying no now, but just wait, I can see it in your eyes Firefly, your curious.”

Nova’s eyes focused on him as she made a frown, forming a fist with her hands, it was as if he wanted her upset for the fight. Quickly turning on her hills she walked away from Darkchild as she could feel his eyes stair at her back. He knew she wasn’t leaving, just ready to kick some butt. Quickly turning back around Nova burst into her golden flames, still tired from the hellfire summon from earlier she shot out a blast of her fire towards the son of darkness, only to have him simply throw up his hand, making a wall of Hellfire, blocking her own attack.

“What the f@ck was that?” he spoke irritated. “Did I stutter when I said you had to use Hellfire?” He focused his energy on his right hand as he summoned a small amount of hellfire, shooting it towards Nova in a beam like manner.

The fire goddess’s eyes widen as she stuck out her arms, her gloves absorbing the hellfire as she struggled to continue to stand this time, her hands burning a bit from the energy as she looked up at him. “Alright…” Nova once again dug into her left arm, her index finger cutting through her old wound, and creating a new one as the blood flowed once again freely. She began to trace around the symbol that was already on her chest, and began to chant her words, “From the depths of the pit, I call upon thee to bestow they power unto me. That your mightiest power shall grant me a fraction of thy power. BRING UNTO ME!” The hellfire once again consumed her body, the overwhelming power rushed throughout her body, it was still hard to contain herself, but she managed to keep herself in check as her now eerie glowing red eyes stared off towards Darkchild. Her brown hair waved wildly around her face as she continued to chant the words to herself, as she rose her hands up towards the air, gathering the hellfire into her hands as she then thrust her hands towards him, shooting the hellfire at him.

Four hours later

Stephanie was face to face with Darkchild, she had quickly taken control of the hellfire she had summoned and in the mist of the battle, and managed how to figured out how to solidify the hellfire into weapons, such as the dagger like hellfire blade she was now holding against the Son of Darkness’ neck as he had his own knife pressed against her chest. The two were breathing heavily as they both were looking into each others eyes, both glowing red with the dark magic energy they now both had. Nova’s hair a total mess as small trickles of blood were coming from her nose and corner of her mouth, her cloths filled with scorch marks from the hellfire that the two were unleashing upon each other and Darkchild didn’t look too great either, his own cloths were worn out from the battle, as his own body was filled with scorch marks.

As the two continued to stair off, Stephanie could feel his chest rising and lowering against her own body, the two were pressed close to each other as they were in a stand off. A few seconds later, her face slowly began to soften as she slowly pulled the knife away from DC’s neck, letting it slip out of her hands, turning into a small ball of hellfire and dissipating upon impact on the ground. “Darkchild… I…” She could now feel it more than ever, the magnetic pull she felt when he first showed her his power, was stronger than before. The power that he had within him was drawing her to him as she could feel his chest moving up and down with every breath he took. It all then happened so quickly, it was as if she didn’t have control over her own body for that moment, she was standing, looking up at him one moment, and now she had leaned upward towards him, her lips pressed firmly against his own as she brought her hands to his chest. Her mind seemed to spiral out of control, as the two stood there. 

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Four hours of battling had taken its toll on the two fighters, her control over the hellfire was almost instintual and for Darkchild it was beautiful. She was something he hadnt found before a woman who could control the likes of him, her gaze as she glared at him sword pressed against his throat was almost mezmerizing. He smiled as she pressed harder, but it was all she had left in her to press the sword against his throat. A trickle of blood ran down his neck and over his bare chest he could see her eyes follow it, and a bit of ego came with it. And her gaze came back to his eyes, and he knew he must do what he had planned on it. She may not like it later but her body says otherwise now.

Using the ability to charm all demon sons of the Sultan of sin have he almost mezmerized her, but for a woman to do as he wishes their needs to be some form of attraction before hand an he knew she wanted this deep down. Their bodies grew closer and he could feel her breathing hard as he walked even closer cupping her chin and bringing her closer before she forced the kiss. He was taken back that she still had control, yet she allowed what he was doing to happen. Grabbing her body he pulled her closer the kiss was passionate something he hadnt felt with a mortal let alone a human, almost forgetting what he had to do with the kiss he allowed for a portion of his body (blood) to transfer through the kiss. The transfer took a few seconds but the kiss did not and for a few moments they were embraced, their bodies screaming to one another for more. He grabbed her waist wanting more but then she came to her senses her eyes widened and a glare of demon energy flickered in her eyes as they burned with rage.


A knee to the groin brought Darkchild back to reality, their kiss it took him to another place somewhere peaceful. She barked at him "What the hell was that?!! You said it would only be a second!" Darkchild smiled a trickle of blood falling from his lips "I did? I dont remember after that kiss I have forgetten everything. You wanted that more than I did, I could smell it on you. You humans speak very loudly with your bodies especially you women, and love your body was screaming for something a little more than a kiss hehehehehehe." Laughing with a smug look on his face she walked up to him an slapped him across the face and grabbed him by the cheeks "Go ahead love kiss me again, I loved it an so did you." Kissing her for a brief moment again she regained her composure alot quicker this time, his powers were no use on her she brought fire to the surface of her knee and kicked him again in the groin this time catching his crotch on fire.

"Were done right?" She asked hanging her head, he could read the entire story her emotions were telling him. She was ashamed of what she had just done, ashamed that she really enjoyed every moment. Saddened that she had betrayed her husband, but happy that they will be together until they both grow old now with the powers she now has. "The virus....its dead right? We have been at this for almost an entire day how far along has the hellfire gotten into me?" Darkchild brushed his crotch off of soot and ash from his cloths a hole in his pants showed everything, snapping his fingers another tailored black suit appeared on his body "Yeah....were done. And the virus, give it a week and it will have left your body. Just keep the hellfire summoned at a low level everyday and you will live...." Darkchild felt...saddend at what he was about to say "...You will live with your husband until the day he dies." She looks at him with a worried look "Untill he dies?" Darkchild really didnt want to tell her but her kiss did something to him almost made him human "The hellfire along with the demon blood you now have within you.....it has a tendancy to prolong the users life quite a bit depending on the species of the user. In your case you will live an extra 70 years or so on top fo your species usual age of death. Most of you live to the age of fifty or sixty so...you will outlive him most likely. For this..I am sorry firefly." He knew what she was going to do but he wasnt going to stop her, he couldnt bring himself to hurt her this way and gain any satisfaction with it.

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 Her face suddenly harden with anger as she heard him speak about how her new demonic powers would allow her to outlive a normal human, like her love, NeVann. 

“For this… I am sorry firefly.”
There seemed to be a hint of remorse in his voice, but Nova didn’t want to hear sorry, she wanted to cause him pain right about now, lots and lots of pain. 

“You… you weren’t going to tell me… where you?”
She struggled to keep her anger in check as she could feel a burning sensation throughout her body, her power wanting to erupt from within her and consume the son of darkness in it. 

Darkchild stood there for a moment as he took a sharp breath. “No, I wasn’t.”

Stephanie’s face began to burn red with anger. “BASTARD!” She yelled out as she pulled her fist back, ready to smash it into his face, but simply turned and rammed it into a nearby tree that was still standing, causing it to break in half and burst into flames at the same time, turning into ashes within seconds. “Take it back!” 

He looked at her as if confused of what she was saying. 

“Take your demonic powers back! I don’t want them! Return to sender. Take them back, NOW!”   

“Love, I cant take them back, that’s not how it works.”

“Bull crap!”
She yelled out as she began to pace left and right in front of him. “You…” She glared at him as she stopped walking. “You’re a horrible person… I cant… believe I betrayed NeVann by trusting you. I bet you just came to me so you could get to him, didn’t you!?” She had her back to him as her fists were balled up tightly. “I should have killed you when I got here!” She turned back to him. “Do you know what this means for me? My family that I’ve been trying to keep together, HUH!?” She spat out at him, her eyes piercing right into his own. “Not only will I NOT age and die with the one man I love, the one man who accepts me for who… what I am, but I’m most likely going to have to bury my children as well. I would have rather DIED than out live the ones I love.”  She turned back to him. “This… this hurts more than the pain caused by the poison, don’t you get it?” she paused for a moment. “Of course you don’t…”

Tears began to build up in her eyes as she stood there, anger still begging to be unleashed upon the demonic man. “You have no idea… how much I want you dead right now.” She growled at him, her body beginning to tremble. “I WILL hold up my end of the deal, you wont hear from WAL, and I’ll be sure to steer NeVann clear of you, and this island.” her voice was a bit shaky by now.  “And if you ever need ‘help’ again, PLEASE hesitate to ask.” She let out a growl of frustration, as she brought her hands to side of her head, running her fingers through her hair as she took a deep breath and let it out slowly, trying to calm herself down. She should have just left right there, but there was one more thing she had to say before taking off. Putting her hands back down to her sides she looked back up at Darkchild, her eyes were a bit red now from the tears that were struggling to be held back. “BUT… thank you… even though… your intentions may have been to get revenge on NeVann through me… thanks to you… I will at LEAST be able to us my new powers to protect my family and friends from the likes of you. Oh, and one more thing… if WAL is to ever dissemble… and I’m still alive… you better watch your back...” The last part was in a darker tone of voice, as began to walk away from him, until she was a safe distance. Looking ahead of her she suddenly burst into her golden flames, her back to him as she slowly turned to his direction, looking at him for the last time as she then looked up to the sky and took off.  But her destination wouldn’t take her to WAL HQ, not now, she needed time to clear her mind, to figure out what she was going to tell NeVann and the team when she got back. Her body steered East, towards Asia, where she would wait for a couple of days to allow herself to cool down and maybe figure out a way to reverse this curse that she allowed Darkchild to place within her or at least come to peace with what she had done.