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My fic hero has an assortment of powers but for my purposes I will only discuss one. 1 min strength/invulnerability with a 15 second cool down. I was thinking it would be great to have her weigh a 100 tons as well when turning on her strength/invulnerbility (she can lift 100 tons). That would allow her to tank a lot of things temporarily, I don't even think a missile would phase her. The downside would be if she was walking in a building or traveling in a vehicle not designed for her super weight, she would fall right through.

Your ideas? I just think it would be kinda dumb to have her weigh as much as a normal human yet have riduculous amounts of strength and durability. Because she would stll spend a lot of time getting off the floor if she were facing the stuff superheroes are accustomed to. Bullets would knock her to the ground and missiles would send her flying.