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Disclaimer: Dark Yun is 100% owned by me. His generals, his army, etc are owned by ME. Other characters such as King Icebite are also owned by me. This is just for fun. Enjoy the fanfic.

Dark Bane's base, desolate moon of Ya'ghark:

Overlooking the stary night sky, glaring at the heavens above, a Shadow as blackest as a bottomless pit, as heartless as a killer with no mind, gives out an erie vibe to energies around him. Standing at 5,9, black hair, a pale face, black armour and a sword with glowing dark enchantments along with Skeletal rings on his body, the Bane of evil is not happy. His base looking simillar to Count Draculea's castle, life being eerie, only Dark knights walking around and giant spiders. There'd be 5 rooms, one would be a ritual room where it'd smell of utter blood, disgust, and death. A normal human being would pass out if he was to go in there. Another would be the weaponry and enchantment room, where Bane does all his dirty work. Bane is currently in the Throne room, plotting his return.

"This universe threw me around like a puppet, beat me to a pulp, and then took my Planet from me" he spat in utter disgust, wanting to kill and destroy everyone and every life form around him. "I shall reclalim what is mine!" he shouted, all the insects in the room quickly hid into cracks and crevices as he yelled, it being as a cancer to them.

"Icebite.." he snarled, his mouth starting to foam. "King Perviciuous Tricivuius Uisinis Icebite." he then turns to a picture of Icebite, a man who has a crown on, blue armour with an axe and a sword in hand, along with a small wand sheathed.

"He shall be the first to die! He shall be the first to go! He shall be the first to feel my wrath!" He yelled in anger, disgust, and pity.

Bane would walk out of the large doors, walking down the hall of the base into the Realm portal room. In the front of the room there is a spiral where realms can be accessed, there are also 2 Shadow knights, carrying 2handed Swords from the east and the west of the room, guarding it.

"I have indeed waited this moment for too long." He let out a yell, it sounding like a screech, ripping through the fabric of the Base and the essence of every single life form and energy into the building. "RIPRUS!"

A man with a long beard, feminie-like hair due to how long it extends, pure white eyes with no sign of his pupils, along tiny bamboo brading within the beard clipped on with magic. He has a staff equipped, the staff being made of black bulk and having a blue crystal on it's head. Adding all this up, the Man is also wearing a red robe along with a shoulder armour plate.

The man falls to his feet, bowing.

"Yes? My lord?"

Bane says with no emotion, no tone in his voice

Riprus hurriedly rises from the ground.

"Riprus, you will be constructing a Ritual."

Riprus perks his eyebrows.

"What kind, my lord?"

Bane laughs

"Riprus, you will be summoning a Supernova. On my mark you will be sending this Supernova into that portal, and that Supernova will blow Icebite's realm into bits. No mercy"

Riprus grins, cacklin

"It'll be done, my lord."

Riprus quickly runs towards the ritual room, setting up preperations.

"Assemble!" Bane shouts.

Hoards and hoards of Black Knight batallions pour into the portal room.

"Watch out, Icebite. Due to your actions against me your Realm will be consumed with fire! AND EVERYONE WILL PAY!" Bane shouts, the Black Knights doing a war cry.

Dark bane in the flesh.

To be continued..

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Awesome story.

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@kingjohnrocks: Amazing story and amazing characters, you did a remarkable job!

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@kingjohnrocks: Okay, honestly I'm more capes & mutants than sword & sorcery. Saying that this was pretty good, though you may want to change this word feminie-like to feminine-like as the way you wrote it, isn't a word :)

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@batkevin74: Thank you for your take.

I may create a mutant fan-fic soon.

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Who did the artwork? Did you do it? or where did you get it from?

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@mrdecepticonleader: I personally made Riprus with help from a few friends, I got Dark Yun from deviant art.

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Cool also were did you get dem pics?

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@banestrokelobogrundybatarrow: A few friends helped me with Riprus. Bane comes from DeviantArt, I should be giving the maker credit. I'l try to find him.

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@kingjohnrocks: Wow, your a great writer dude! Only thing: Lifeform, blow to bits, it'll, etc. are more modern terms. Not sure sure how you intended to write it but to me it didn't quite fit with your characters. But other than that, it was great. Let me know when you finish the next one.

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