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My note: Due to my displeasure with Crispus Allen being the host of Spectre and the constant PIS and CIS that the Spectre usually suffer from, I decided to write a fan fiction about my favorite DC character of all time and give the justice that it truly deserves. As you can easily see from the title, this is the very first arc of a story that I am planning to expand as much as I could. Since this the very first arc, you may encounter some mistakes, whether in terms of grammar or consistency (oh the irony).

The Spectre: ''Farewells

and Revelations’’

It was 12 am in Gotham City but time didn't matter to Gotham when it came to crime and filth. The city was probably the most dangerous city in the world. Ranging from killer clowns to monsters that are capable of morphing to every shape to your average ''Pedobears'' and murderers, it could be easily said that the city needed cleansing. But not the type of ''psychological therapy'' cleansing that the corrupt governments initiated to free their criminal benefactors, it needed an old school ''Old Testament style'' cleansing. Despite the methods of the famous caped crusader Batman and his comrades, they lacked the one simple thing that would accomplish the cleansing, killing. Batman, although terrified his enemies and more than occasionally gave them some of the worst beatings a human being could ever receive, never killed. The walls of his moral code were too sturdy to be torn down. However there was a being who possessed no such walls and by possessing no such moral boundaries, the being, with virtually every power you could imagine, ''cleansed'' it's enemies with such dark methods that are capable of making even the most cruel and sadistic beings in the universe feel disgust and terror. From animating dolls and toys to devour pedophiles to create zombie versions of a slave trader's victims to devour him to transmuting drug dealers into its fingers and injecting fire through a syringe to incinerate them, the Spectre was truly a horrifying being to encounter. But was inflicting vengeance the only purpose and ability of the Spectre? Of course not. When the fallen hero Hal Jordan became the host, he was able to take a glimpse of what truly was the Spectre, an entity that was literally a piece of God Almighty itself. Unfortunately, before Jordan could fully master the power of the Spectre, he was split from the entity was resurrected and became a Green Lantern again. And with the manipulations of Eclipso and destroying the magic itself, Spectre was punished by being forced by his master to inhibit the body of a dead cop named Crispus Allen. The Spectre never wanted Cripus as its host. Not that it was his punishment, but because Cripus, much like Corrigan and unlike Jordan, was limited in imagination and willpower, two vital elements that could make Spectre shed his old vengeance skin and tap into the power of the Logoz more efficiently. That is why Spectre held a grudge against its host and refused to aid him by allowing itself to be defeated by Nekron, Mandrakk and Eclipso. Not to mention forcing Cripus to take his son’s life when he shot Crispus’s killer. But something strange but could be considered beneficial for Spectre to seperate from Spectre happened. When Crispus’s former partner was able to cleanse the infamous Spear of Destiny and resurrect Crispus’s son, whom the Spectre killed, the anger in Crispus to function as the Spectre no longer there. It was as if the doors that kept the Spectre locked were open again.

Crispus: There is something I want to get out of my chest Spectre.

Spectre:You don’t have to act timid Allen. I know what you want to say. After all, I am a

part of you now.

Crispus: (In a tone that sounds like child who is ready to receive punishment from a teacher)

I want to leave you Spectre. I want to be a living being again and embrace my family.

Spectre: I am afraid I can’t do that. Despite the potential nigh omnipotence the Logoz offers,

my will is not the one that decides how can the power be used. If you were both a willing host

and also possessed the incredible will and imagination that my previous host Hal Jordan, you

wouldn’t have asked such a question.

Crispus: So that was why my encounters with the fallen Monitor Mandrakk, Nekron and

Eclipso with the power of Starheart resolved with failure. Right?

Spectre: (In a tone that resembles a teacher) Yes. Despite the warnings of our master, the

Presence, you chose to ignore its warnings and rushed yourself at the conflict without

knowing the consequences. The Presence decreed that Mandrakk was the ultimate test of

Superman and the Monitors. Nekron was the test of all the members of the Emotional

Spectrum corps and the White Life Entity, that is also like me, an aspect of the Presence.

You don’t remember but whenever Eclipso threatened to enslave the universe, my former

hosts rushed to stop him. I am of course excluding that one cursed and atrocious event when

I was fooled by it to destroy all the magic. So given my constant involvement with Galid (The

Eclipso’s true name), the Presence decreed Alan Scott and the rest of the earthly heroes to

deal with him.

Crispus: So that means that we were not powerless but rather forbidden to stop them. I guess

the same thing could be said about my inability to stop Libra and Cain. But those events do

not explain why I was forced to deal vengeance upon my son? I know that he killed but like

you Spectre, he was trying to avenge the murdered! How could you do such a thing you pale

basterd?! How?!

Spectre: Do not try to compare me with a mortal. Besides have I been talking to the walls?

Don’t you remember what I said about who decides and allows me to act? Besides your son is

alive again so that does not matter--

Crispus: Shut up! It still does matter to me! I don’t care if he is alive and well again, you still

murdered him and don’t play ‘’It was whatever cosmic entity made me do it’’ card! God

wouldn’t allow such a thing.

Spectre: (In a tone that could be considered snobbish): Read the Old Testament mortal.

Crispus: That does not prove that it is the word of God itself. Not to mention my the death of

my son! Besides, I sense something about the true reason behind the death of my son.

I believe you are hiding something!

Spectre: (Angry as if he was to punish Crispus): I am getting tired of your of suspicion

Crispus Allen! You cannot shout at me! I am neither your wife nor one of your sons! I am---

As Spectre appeared to go nearly unbound again, a blazing light that could light up the whole dark sky descended. At first Crispus tried to understand what it was but then he remembered the entity that was embedded with light. It was his fellow comrade the Radiant, an entity and aspect of the Presence much like the Spectre but unlike Spectre, Radiant seemed only as an agent of mercy. But the look on Radiant’s face was not nothing short of anger.

Radiant:The Presence is not pleased at the fact how you hide the truth behind the death of

Crispus Allen’s son.

Crispus: Ha I knew there was something that you were hiding from me Spectre! Tell me, did

you kill my son just because you hated the fact that you were forced to inhibit me?

Radiant: Tell him the truth Aztar.

Spectre: What was done is done. It does not matter anymore given the fact of his resurrection

at the hands of mortal Montoya and the Spear of Destiny. But I am going to be honest with

you Crispus anyway. Yes, it was my will that allowed me to take the life of your son. Despite

not approving the idea of vengeance and justice dealt by the mortals, I don’t punish those who

do. Years ago when Corrigan was the host, a similar situation occurred. There was a killer

called ‘’The Reaver’’, a killer who hunted down and brutally murdered women with AIDS

after getting the disease from a woman. One of the victims of the killer was my former host

James Corrigan’s love interest and while I was fighting inside the soul of the killer and was

about the deliver vengeance, a cop named Nate Kane, who also was infuriated with the

woman Corrigan loved, shot ‘’The Reaver’’.

Crispus: Just explain why the hell did you kill my son you f&@king bastard!

Spectre: Enough is enough Crispus Allen! I have had it you!

As things were about to take a very unpleasant situation, the Radiant stepped in and blasted Spectre with a silver-blue colored energy blast. The Spectre was phased a little in terms of psychical damage but he was worried about the Radiant. He hadn’t seen her since they confronted Mandrakk on Limbo. Even at that day, the Radiant was angry at Spectre not Mandrakk. The Radiant was trying to tell Spectre that it was God’s will that Superman and Nix Uotan was to stop Mandrakk. She could still remember how they felt instantaneously powerless when they confronted Mandrakk. No it was not Mandrakk that made them powerless, it was the Presence itself. As soon as Spectre charged at him, the Logoz abandoned Aztar and the Spectre fell as if he was a handicapped child without crutches. With both amazement and joy in his eerie red eyes, Mandrakk immediately started to drain what was left of Spectre. He was screaming as if he had never screamed before. Radiant, truly horrified by that sight, did know what to do. If she tried to save Spectre, she would suffer the same fate for disobeying God. Being a nun before death, Clarice, the host of Radiant, never thought how disobeying God would be? Would it be a horrifying experience? Or God would forgive her? As Mandrakk was finished with draining Spectre, he took a glimpse at the innocent beauty that was Radiant herself with his ungodly and nightmarish Sith Lord like eyes. Mandrakk started to approach her but he was slow, slow as an anaconda who which seen a young capybara. Surprisingly enough, he was smiling at Radiant.

Mandrakk: I see that you are not as foolish as the one with the green cloak. Tell me little

girl, what did you hope to accomplish by coming here? Who sent you here? Tell me now and

I will make sure that you will receive a much better demise than the one with the green cape.

Radiant: We were sent by God.

Mandrakk: Be more specific little girl. There are countless gods out there in the multiverse

and none of the is either powerful or brave enough to challenge me. The only god like entity

I know that can defeat me is the Over Monitor itself.

Radiant: My God is the supreme one and he has many aspects and faces. This ‘’Over

Monitor’’ you call could be one of them. But this argument has no point in this matter.

What matters is that, I was sent by the Supreme Being to delay and weaken you.

Mandrakk: I am afraid that is out of the question. Look at what remains of your green caped

comrade who is drained now and meaningless to me. You can still save yourself by

allowing me to just blast you with the power of the multiverse to give you a quick death.

Radiant: You don’t know what truly my master intended and Spectre tried to do. My master,

The Presence itself charged us with delaying and weakening you for the arrival of Superman.

Not killing you. Since Spectre or the host that is inside him disobeyed, my master stripped

him of his power. That was why you were able to drain him.

Mandrakk: You have no idea about the power I possess little girl! The power of the

Multiverse and space and time flows through me! Let me show you a facsimile of my


As Mandrakk blasted Radiant with the power of fifty two universes, Radiant began to scream like the Spectre. But her scream was more akin to a banshee than the ghoulish one of the Spectre. Radiant was beginning to feel her power was fading away from her but she had to resist. But getting drained by Mandrakk was not the biggest problem, the biggest problem was how she was going to halt or weaken Mandrakk for Superman. Using whatever energy left, Radiant used her near omnipotent might to cast a nigh invulnerable shield that resisted the attack. Mandrakk was surprised by the display of such power and resorted to draining than trying to destroy. As much as her shield was powerful against attacks that were meant to psychically harm, it proved little to no resistance against the power absorption of Mandrakk. Radiant was royally screwed as with each passing moment her power and life was starting to fade away. Then she remembered what Jesus Christ did. She believed that Jesus was indeed powerful enough to easily vanquish the Roman soldiers but that was not what the God intended for him. So with using whatever power left, Radiant literally poisoned her power that was being absorbed so that it could weaken Mandrakk. Surprisingly enough, despite the immense power of Mandrakk, he was oblivious to the trickery of the Radiant and he learned what Radiant did to him the hard way when he was easily obliterated by no more than fifteen Supermen and five nearly powerless Green Lanterns.

Radiant: I told you to tell him the truth Spectre. Tell him why you hated Crispus as your host

and how did you kill his son because of your spite!

Crispus: I knew it was you who killed Mal! Why did you hate me so much you f&@king son of a

b&tch?! What the hell have I done to deserve your grudge?!

Spectre: It is simple. Firstly, you never possessed the imagination and will power that could

have made me tap into the power of the Logoz, my inner aspect that allows me to use its

power. Have you possessed the intelligence and the willpower of my previous host Hal

Jordan, I could have unmade the entire creation in my own image! Not just this three

dimensional back water universe, but all the possible universes, dimensions and the timelines.

Well maybe not Heaven, Hell, Purgatory and the realms of the Endless, but every other plane

of existence besides them. Secondly and finally, you were nothing short of a punishment for

me. The Presence knew that your lack of imagination and willpower would prevent me from

fully tapping into the Logoz.

Crispus: So you are nothing but a power hungry a%@hole whose purpose is to find a soul with

imagination that you could leach onto like a tick. You are far more disgusting than I have

thought. Not to mention dumb. Do you hear what you say?! Do you really think God would

allow you to make your sick fantasy become real?

Radiant: What Crispus asked is totally right. I still wonder why God still gives you access to

immense power despite your greedy claims.

Spectre: There are things that you both are oblivious. God would move against me unless

Heaven was under threat. He acted the same way when the Great Darkness ravaged Hell, the

Swamp creature and me. He only acted when the hand of the Great Darkness reached towards

the gates of Heaven. God does not care about the creation or its aspects. He even left the

creation once and the only thing that was preventing the creation collapsing was the archangel


Crispus: If God is so egotistical and oblivious, then why did he prevent you from killing

Mandrakk, Nekron and Eclipso? Don’t tell me that he works in mysterious ways.

Spectre: Sorry but he does. Look, don’t expect me to fully understand his nature. And don’t

expect the Logoz to do the same as well. It is obviously beyond me. I only do what he wants

me to do.

Crispus: Whatever, just leave my soul alone and find yourself a new host. I am done with

this crap. Since you are not going to resurrect me, I just want one simple thing from you.

Spectre: Consider it done. You will ascend to the Heaven for your service as the host of

Spectre. Besides, my master decided that my punishment is finished and even it has a gift for

me. A new host that possesses great imagination and willpower. You are now free to leave

and ascend. Despite my grudge against you, you were still more competent than I have

expected you to be.

Crispus: How f&@cking dare you complement me after what have you done?! Begone! I don’t want

your fake appreciation.

As with Crispus’s final furry against Spectre, he found himself separated from the entity and ascending towards a bright light. When he looked at Spectre and all he could see was no sign of sensation. But he perfectly knew that Spectre was screaming like a thirteen year old One Direction fangirl inside. Spectre was finally free from its burden and exchanged a simple nod with the Radiant before the Radiant started to follow Crispus into the bright light. After a minute, they were both gone and with great excitement and eagerness, the Spectre flew away to find its next host.


Sorry for the grammatical mistakes. I will do my best in the next chapter.

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@sithlantern93: I'm totally afraid to touch on omnipotent characters like the Spectre but you seem to be doing it pretty well. The formating is a tad dull but it could be improved. Anyways, good job!

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Cool dude, interesting how you're focusing more on Crispus as oppose to Jim or Hal. :) Cool man.

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