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(This is not connected to any existing fictional universe, it is my own creation. Hope people like it, I'm trying to work my way out of writer's block.)

4,000 P.I.C. (Post Imperial Colonization)

Jupiter's Moon Io

A group of students sit in a crowded auditorium as the hollow voice of the school's computer system booms around them, "As we near a new year we start with a traditional retelling of the birth of the great Empire of Sol."

A student named Ben Sang rolls his eyes as the massive holographic image of one of his ancestors appears before them as the voice continues, "In the years prior to Colonization humanity was confined to Earth. The population had grown too large and the disparate governments of the world began fighting among themselves over the fleeting resources."

"During this time, First Emperor Douglas Sang amassed a great army and led a revolution against the corrupt ruling class of Earth and brought the nations together under his rule but his victory rang hollow because he knew the people still suffered. After much thought he decided to funnel as many resources as he could muster toward spreading human civilization toward the stars."

The students gave a bored look as the scenery changed to a sped up recreation of the colonization of Earth's moon, Luna. The voice went on, "After Luna had been settles Emperor Sang knew that humanity must continue expanding so Luna became a launching pad for the conquest of Mars. As terraforming and space flight technology improved the Second Emperor Sang set about the creation of the Green houses of Venus that to this day still provide most of the fruits, grains and vegetables for the Empire."

Ben sighed to himself, "Does this thing get longer every year?"

His friend, Wei Shun managed to prevent his impending nap to ask, "Aren't you proud to see your ancestors conquer a solar system for the eighteenth year in a row?"

Ben chuckled, "If they were that great then the Dynasty would have lasted more than five generations and I might be on my way to being Emperor."

Wei gave a grin, "Well thank the creator for small favors then."

Ben was swatted on the back of the head by his green skinned friend David Sims, "Is the history of my people boring you?"

David was a member of the race that had been genetically engineered to live on Venus and tend to the Green Houses. He looked back, "Why would I be bored by the minutia of making plant people?"

David grinned a bit, "Yea and learning about how you people hopped down from trees is so fascinating."

The two began to chuckle but were silenced by the glare from one of their instructors.


After the assembly let out Ben, Wei and David walked out with a look of relief. David reached his arms up toward the sun light amplifier that orbited Io and took in the light, "I was beginning to think I'd wilt in there."

Ben and Wei nodded as they walked off, "Where are you two heading?"

Wei shrugged, "Some of us require more than sunlight to feed us."

David followed and the three entered a large dinning hall. Ben grabbed a tray and got in line as he asked, "Any plans for the break?"

David gave a nod, "Heading back to home soil. My dad has me lined up with a job in one of the smaller houses, says it'll help me to understand my workers better when I take over for him if I started out as one of them."

Wei, "Well, I don't know how it will compete with pushing dirt in a hot house but my parents have me scheduled for university tours, I'm hoping to Get into Olympus Monds on Mars. They got a great Sky ball team."

Ben shrugged, "I already know what school I'm heading to, I'll be heading down to Earth. My mom wants to try surfing on natural waves."

Wei noticed people gathering around a large monitor as Ben's older sister, Cara came over to the table and spoke to Ben, "Mom said to remind you the shuttle leaves at five."

Wei looked over, "What's going on over there?"

She looked over, "I figured you twibs would have been all over that. Apparently some kind of lifeforms from outside the Empire made contact with an observatory on Pluto this morning."

The boys stared up at her in shock, partly by the news and partly by her nonchalant delivery. Ben shot up, "They found Aliens?!"

She shrugged, "Its not like its the first time they claimed it."


Ice Palace of Europa

Empress Mara Durnin sat as here adviser finished his report, "I was sure it was just going to be another dust cloud."

Her adviser gave a shrug, "Apparently, they were just as surprised to find us. We are working on a method of communication but they don't seem hostile at the moment."

She leaned back, "Let's hope they stay that way, but just in case put the fleet on a mid level alert. I don't want to start a fight but I don't want to be caught with my pants down either."


Imperial Fleet Flagship Sang, Near Pluto Orbit.

Admiral John Harjo stares out on the alien ship as a young lieutenant named Carl Achen came up beside him, "Problem, Sir?"

He nodded, "That's a war ship, I'd bet my pension on it."

Achen gave a wary look toward the ship, "To be fair, we're also on a war ship. Maybe they're just being cautious."

Harjo sighed, "Just got a bad feeling."


Durnin Observatory, Pluto.

Several Imperial Envoys along with communications experts wait nervously as the representatives of the alien race enter. Several creatures that appeared to be humanoid dogs entered holding large staffs. They stop and step aside as two smaller humanoid creatures stepped forward. One began to speak but noticed the humans didn't seem to understand them. He waved a hand as he pulled an orb from his robe and tossed it in the air releasing what seemed to be a gas into the air.

The envoys were on the verge of panic but stopped when the robed creature began to speak again, "I apologize for any discomfort we may have caused. It has been so long since I was forced to use the translation microbes. You are breathing them in as we speak but do not fear, they are no more harmful than the air you breathe."

The tension in the room eased a bit as he continued, "I am Ig Locke, I will act as an ambassador for my people and our guardians. I am of a race called Ka Zal."

He motioned toward the dog like soldiers, "Our guardians are known as the Mawg."

An Imperial Envoy named Boris Markin stepped forward and gave a polite bow, "My Empress bids you welcome to the Empire of Sol."

Ig Locke looked around, "This is an Empire?"

Markin shook his head, "This planetoid is a small part of the Empire that encompasses this solar system. I'm sure that my Empress would allow a tour when time permits."

The othe Kal Zal remained silent as he gave a look to the Mawg Guards. They gave a slight nod as they walked back toward the ship.

(To be continued)

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@joshmightbe: Is this all OC. Also you need to check out Issue #3 of Sinister Six like you promised

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@joshmightbe: Interesting start, but as with any space story, I'll have to see more and understand the "rules" better before I can tell if I like it or not. It's well written with minor spelling-edit issues, as always. ;)

Added to my FF Long Box - Authors. :)

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@impurestcheese: Yup, All OC and yea I'll go check out Sinister 6. I'm way behind on everything here.

@cbishop said:

@joshmightbe: Interesting start, but as with any space story, I'll have to see more and understand the "rules" better before I can tell if I like it or not. It's well written with minor spelling-edit issues, as always. ;)

Added to my FF Long Box - Authors. :)

I'll work out the rules better as it goes along.

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@joshmightbe: OK that explains why I didn't know any of the characters

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I'll work out the rules better as it goes along.

I figured you would. ;)

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@cbishop: I actually have a few other ideas to try out with genetically engineered people like I did with the people of Venus. Once I got to thinking about it I figured if they could make people fit for environments humans can't normally survive in for the sake of agriculture they most likely wouldn't stop there.

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@joshmightbe: Of course. I would expect that to backfire on normal humans at some point. But it doesn't necessarily have to.

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@cbishop: Of course there's always the possibility that "normal humans" have gone extinct entirely. This does start up 4,000 years after Earth began colonizing the rest of the solar system.

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I like this!! Please make this long running! Very good read. Consider yourself followed

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