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alot of you know me by the name of sha, or mrs. Dunham, but my past is much more complex then my existence on earth. you see... my real name is ziccara I'm a princess on the planet ninjeta, every 1,000 years a male child is born and he gives his wife the baby that will carry his bloodline, however king derreken could not bare a child , so she called for the first child born on the day of Ryun 4 (which is the ninjeta calander for march).....i was that first child, and i was taken in at 6 years old to be the future ruler of all ninjeta. many of you know of the revolution that occurred on my planet but you don't know the back bone of it, this is the story of a elite ninjan task force known as the sigmas, these are the ones responsible for my planet's turmoil.

#1) hayden miles
she was born an elite member of the royally class her mother being a duchess, she was skilled in the art of mickry and long range assault. her real name is killiya, she was also my best friend we had grown togather back in my hometown of farwick. she was recruited to the ancient group known as the sigmas, the sigmas are a elite group of ninjans composed of the nobles and the royalty 3 from each side so it would be equal..later the equality would be broken but for right now hayden was the first member  in.  training was harsh  the elders  stripped her down to nothingness and made her  live on the urin part of the planet for 5 months. urin is a region that is covered in frostbitten snow, it is told that Hayden slayed her first Heran a beast that feeds on flesh and uses bones for it's weapons. Hayden was not one to be taken so easily. she handed the monster it's ass on a platter and then,she ate him. it was said that she was able to control the emotions of others,a technique that would prove to be useful in the revoultion that would occur 120 years later.

#2) Ziccara/ sha
i was the daughter of a basket weaver, in the noble class at six years old i was deemed the best fighter on the planet. a women by the name of sheridan gave birth to a male his name was derreken, men age faster than females do o ninjeta so by the time sha was 8 he was already 20 years old. he hand picked sha to carry on his legacy  and she was stripped from her mother to become the princess of ninjeta. the sigmas knew that having the princess represent the royalty in the group would be an excellant way to show the power of the royal class,but sha's acceptance needed to be proven...she needed to show she was sigma material, they released me into a chasm, it was pitch black, and had a  silent black mist to it, the object was to reach the bottom the lucky ones died from the spikes and needles that stuck out from tree branches....the unlucky ones made it to the bottom and that day i was really unlucky. for you see at the bottom of the pit was a basilisk, a fire breathing basilisk, i readied my sword for it was my only offense and my only defense, i glanced around seeing nothing but death...by that i mean those who had tried and died, i quickly pulled out a lighter and set a torch ablaze...big mistake.....

matina: mommy what's a basilisk

sha: it's a snake like thingy...

matina:  oh and you fought that!

sha: yes i did now do you want to here the rest of the story?

matina: yes but let me go to the bathroom first...


5 mins later

matina: i'm ready!

sha: ok where was i.....
big mistake the torch had lightly grazed the eye of the demon snake and it rose blowing it's fiery death at me i quickly jumped on a wall landing on it's snout, i drove my sword into the unprotected skin and quickly pressed it into it's large intestines as it let out a roar and fell to it's death. i was later commissioned into my new name ziccara meaning brave. i took my place as number two in the sigma society.

#3) Samantha Gwendolyn starks (leader)

Gwen studied the mystical arts of the Ninjan elders. They were said to have lived over 71,000 years honing there skills in the art.  it was said that they passed down the arts to someone of a pure heart.it was passed down to Gwen. the powers allowed her to accuratly predict the future. she was a member of the noble class and the first ever to be allowed into the sigma's she hated sha and hayden with a passion but she would side with them, for now because of her fortune telling skills she was christened the leader of the sigma's. and as the scarlet ninjan she gained power of controlled bone growth and intense rage making her violent. not much is know of her because of her shielded back ground,but later she would be the leader of ninjeta taking over once she killed sha's sister cassandra and sophie, and maria.
she took her seat next to sha as number 3

#4) marisol montez
orn on Ninjeta to a rich mother she joined the army at the age of 700 (7 years old on earth). She was promoted to Sargent first class under her friend Mikayla and Gwen. she was an assassin known from southern side of ninjeta she belonged to a group called the ninjan 13 and she was the 13th assassin. she belonged to the royalty classe but she sided with her friend gwen and mikayla, one of the former sigma's scouted her on a mission and accepted her into the society, she would later be the reason for the death of king derreken and the start of gwen's rule on ninjeta.

#5) mikayla battle
 she was born of the noble class aswell there is no real detail about mikayla  besides the fact that i've never met her

#6) same goes for her aswell i've never met her it's just been me marisol and hayden on missions

mom!! that story is soooooooo boring......can i go now

sha: yeah scat....

matina: you can finish it later

sha: ok

matina runs off sha takes the dishes to the table and stares down at her SIN tat.....

yeah.....i'll finish it later

Sigma six

#1 hayden miles

#2 Ziccara/ shayla lopez

# 3 leader Samantha starks (gwen)

#4 marisol montez

#5 Mikayla battle

# 6 vanessa trapton

The Sigma SIx

Ninjan assault squad

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O.o ooohhhh ok I'm getting it now..... kinda....

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Feral Nova said:
"O.o ooohhhh ok I'm getting it now..... kinda....
what do you mean?
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Rikku said:
"Feral Nova said:
"O.o ooohhhh ok I'm getting it now..... kinda....
what do you mean?
All the girls and their story and their relation with Sha. I know you told me like... A MILLION TIMES but... idk, this was easyer to read, lol
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oh good!^^