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Merry Kittenmas! Part 2: A Midnight Above Paris

"No christmas? The frick you talkin' 'bout, Dasher? Have you been chuggin' too much 'nog lately?" Prancer, hearing the news of this year.

"No, I haven't drank! Well, not enough too go crazy, at least. Santa said it himself, Dasher, trust me!"

"No, man, this is Christmas, we need Christmas!"

"Well, its true." Rudolph entered the Chug-a-Chug-Hug-a-Hug Bar.

"Cant someone substitute? It cant be any of you, I'm only here as a designated flyer! It should be me to substitute for Santa. Obviously the woman in the house has to do all the hard work" Dancer interrupted.

"YOUR A GIRL?!" Amazed, Dasher was.

"Well, men... and Dancer, this foggy christmas eve, some dark little rodent will change everything" Rudolph thought of one man for the job.

Jim The Elf's Gym and Storage

Rudolph entered. Fear was strucken into the very souls of every elf in the room as he walked to the only one who wasn't crying in fear...

"Santa Hamster" Rudolph started talking "With the blood you've spilt so bright, wont you substitute for Santa tonight?"

"Uuum, hmmm, hard decision... NO" Santa Hamster talked to Rudolph using his cross-species translator.

"Santa Hamster, come on."





"You Win!" Santa Hamster laughed.

"Rrrrrg..." Rudolph growled, grabbing Santa Hamster by the neck, and breaking his translator. "Will you do it or not, you furry, red-hatted parasite?!"

The room was silent for a second or three, and Santa Hamster looked at Rudolph with a stubborn look on his face


Rudolph, not understanding Santa Hamster, just gave him his razor-sharp candy-canes and put him in Santas sleigh.

"Now, to say the magic words... Go, sleigh, just fluffing go away... today" said Rudolph.

The sleigh took off, Santa Hamster driving, and went off into the foggy night sky.

"Wheres the Hellicats?" asked Dasher.

"Shut up, lets hope they dont interfere" replied Comet.

Santa Hamster looked forward, and saw a huge swarm of them coming.

"Squeak!" Santa Hamster held his two razor-sharp candy-canes, then growled.

They sleigh went straight through the swarm, and Santa Hamster took out the Hellicats.

"Any more?" asked Cupid.

"Not yet" answered Prancer "But we are entering Paris."

"So..." said Comet "Do THEY celebrate Christmas?"

"Maybe" said Cupid.

Santa Hamster looked around, then just pointed at a house. They landed and Santa Hamster dumped half of the sack down there chimney.

The sleigh took off.

"But Santa Hamster..." said Prancer "Thats not how it works..."

Santa Hamster stared at Prancer, lifting up his candy-canes.

"I mean... that IS how it works!"

The sleigh took off, as they were attacked by Hellicats.

"AAAAH!" The reindeer screamed.

Santa Hamster jumped into the air, slicing and dicing several Hellicats until it starting raining cat blood. Santa Hamster landed back in the sleigh, and they took off.


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