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It started as a normal day down in Elderstown , I ,Nico, was at school as normal. I was never really popular, infact if anything I was an outsider. Nobody ever talked to me. My only friend was a voice I herd. It was was always there when i needed him. I came home that day like normal, my dad was at the bar getting drunk like always. So i was home alone being that my mom is dead. I went up to my room. It had the stuff normal 12 year old bedroom would have. Some toys here and there, a bed with zombie sheets on it. But my room was a little different. In the closet I had all these little toy skeletons and other dead related things. Thats where i talk to him all day. But my dad had been getting more violent, he took all my things out and locked the door to my closet. My dad was never really nice to me. Once mom died he went crazy and started acting like a jerk, beating me and yelling at me for no apparent reason. I even tryed to tell the cops, but they don't listen. The cops around here were jerks too. The town was small, only about 200 people living in the whole town. It was located in the west, away from any other citys or towns. So i was alone, i was sitting there talking to the voice.

It said " You need to stand up for your self Nico, or i will have to do some thing "

I said back " I can't if i make the tiniest mistake my dad will jump my case and what are you gonna do, you not even real"

Then some thing happend the voice showed itself for the first time. He look around 70 to 80, i old man with a crown on. but he was in great shape for his age.

" Not real am I "

" What happening "

" Listen the truth is I am a ghost, i am real. And you could be vary powerful one day, You power, you can talk to the dead and control them, I have been sent to help you and keep you safe "

" But I'm not special "

" You are Nico, very special. "

Then our conversation was interrupted. It was my dad. He has never came home this early but he was as drunk as ever.

" Son you are crazy! There is no ghost and you need to be put in an asylum you freak "

He came to strike me. Then i felt a surge of power. I couldn't control my body. Then I heard the voice in my mind

" I'm not gonna let him hurt you any more "

I grabbed my fathers fist and twisted his arm

He said " How dare you try to hurt me "

Then a dark voice came out of my mouth " You don't deserve life, you have been a horrible person and will rot in the fields of punishment"

The ghost in my body took my fathers arm and broke it, he yelped in pain. Then the ghost grabbed his head and snapped it.

I regained control

I screamed " How could you do this?! "

" I had to Nico, it was the only way, it's not like he ever loved you, why do you even care? "

I sat in silence for a bit and said " You're right, but I can't just go around killing people, It's not right."

" Even if those people are evil? "

" My dad might have not been a great person,but he was not evil "

" Oh really?"

Then a mist-like window opened up in front of me. It showed a vision of my dad, killing someone and taking his money, then the cops coming and him bribing them to say nothing!

I said " This can't be real!"

"It is, you dad has no job, were do you think all the money comes from?"

I started to cry. Realizing my dad was a murderer was not an easy thing, but then killing him is even harder to cope with, especially for a 12 year old boy.

Then I said regaining my voice

" Maybe your right, but now what. The cops will come, and with no doubt they'll lock me up after discovering that I just killed their 'friend' and the fact that no one will side with me "

" Then we'll terrify them and if they don't leave,we'll make them "

" How?"

The Ghost flue in my body and took me over again. Then he lifted my hand and the ground started to rumble

" Whats happening?"

" I'm using your power."

Then a skeleton rose from the ground, he turn to me and saluted.

" AHHHHHH!! " I screamed

" That's your power, you can do much more too, once we go out of the town I will teach you "

I was startled. This explained everything. My strange atraction for all the scary thing. Then I felt determined to train, but I would have to go out of town.

" Ok I'll do it."

" Well we better get started. "

The ghost went into my body and we left my house,leaving behind any bad moments of the past.

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I'M NOT LYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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This story has it.

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