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This is a really short story I made up for fun so don't expect it to be really good.Be care full really violent! As usual I'm always happy fore critics,feedback and comments . And like always I'm sorry for my not perfect English.

M "Humans always say 'If you really believe you can do anything.' So I believed and raised!"-The Snowman


They build me,they kill me! They create me they destroy me! But this time I will destroy them! This was my last thought before I melted like every Spring.

I saw them grow first as little kids who created me and just let me die,then they where teenager which only goal was to destroy me again and again! I so sick off it I mean I also got feelings even if it looks like I don't! But sadly the teenager are know adults and rarely build me!

Christmas! Today I'm gonna take my revenge! I saw them eating In there living room after several hours the kids came outside and talked "James common it will be fun lets build him again!" the girl pulled her brothers arm he replied "I don't want to! But its Christmas ok!"

They started to build my body then my chest and then my head. They a carrot for my nose and nuts for my eyes they created small arms and gave me a broom in my left hand at the end they made me a smile and put an old hat on my head. "Look how cute he look James" James replied always a bit angry and a bit scared "Yeah cool lets go inside Marry!" "Ok" They went back inside.

I tried to move and to walk but I couldn't but then I remember something.Humans always say 'If you really believe you can do anything.' So I believed and raised! I walked only two steps ,if you can call that steps. I stopped when I saw James coming back in. He stopped in front of me and lifted his fist. Before he could hit me I smashed my broom through his eye,it came out from the other side of his skull.It was time to color my body red!

He felt on the ground. I dropped my broom and took an ax stocked in a tree and went inside the house!

I saw the mother cooking in the kitchen she wasn't even looking when I went inside and cut of her head. then I went in the living room and saw Marry and her father sitting next to the Christmas-tree the girl stood up and jumped behind her fathers back when I came in the father was speechless but grabbed a present box to protect him self. I walked his way and I just started to hit at the box over and over with my ax, Marry was to scared to run away.

I cut through the box and cut his stomach open his intestine felt down and my white body was covert in red ! I pushed him away and started to cut Marry in little pieces! After my work I sat down on the sofa near the fireplace. But then I felt that I was melting so I stood up but felt down and melted to death!


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That was the most f-ed up thing I've ever read. Awesome, but f-ed up. A lot of spelling errors too. Good job.

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@AweSam: Sorry for the errors but thank you :)

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just as horrifying as i remember it. I hope the one for the Christmas project is less messy.

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@wildvine: well it will be more nonsense but I'll try to make it less messy and more violent and more horrorfiying and more Norris!!! But you'll see. :) There will e Teddy-Bear version of this