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Pinocchio is a name that many know; a little piece of wood that was made into a puppet and that later would gain life, his birth was in many ways a miracle, yet in many others, it was a curse. Never able to be a real boy, Pinocchio always felt lonely as there was no one else that shared his pain, no one who could really and truly understand what he felt like.

However, this is not the story of Pinocchio, this will be a tale about not the puppet, but it’s master. The man that was always there, even before Pinocchio was even created; this is the tale of Geppeto, but not the old, tender and loving man you’ve heard of, this is his actual story, a tale so dark that not even the book…or the movies would dare to tell.


The sun was shinier than ever before, the waves of the ocean and the strength of the stream was making the old man fight for his live, with the fear of being drawn, he knows that there probably isn’t any way out of this situation, that no matter what he does…sometimes there isn’t a way to find salvation.

Then suddenly everything changes, near him there is a big creature that is coming right where he is, the creature reveals to be a big whale as she down comes closer, everything is so fast, the whale opens her mouth and then everything gets so cold, so lonely…so dark.

Then….the darkness stops and a figure comes falling down to the floor, that figure is Geppeto’s son, Pinnochio. As he sees his son’s face, a bunch of tears emerge from Geppeto’s eyes, as soon as that happens, he runs and hugs his boy like never before, knowing that it may be the last time he can grab him on his arms, he feels joy knowing that his boy is still alive, but also feels sadness, seeing him now only makes things worse, he now has much more to lose than his own life.

This thought makes Geppeto react, he now has too much to lose and has to do everything in his power to try to save their lives, after much thinking he comes up with a brilliant idea; without losing any time, he and his son start a fire in order to make some smoke and cause the whale to sneeze and free them. As soon as that happens, the two of them along with a boat are launched at a great speed out of the whale and then landing on the beach.

“Then what happens?” asked a young man, he was a new worker in the asylum where this conversation was taking place. A face of interest was easily noted on him, the story that his colleague was telling him.

“Then the boy dies and is brought back to life, it’s quite a sad story the one of this man, he suffered from such a great trauma after what happened to his son and he is no longer able to  differentiate the real world from reality. He now lives in that little escape world he built for himself, living his fairy tale over and over again; it’s such a tragic story.” Said the other man in the table, this one had been treating the real Geppeto for the last few years without any showing of improvement for the old man.

The young man waited for a few moments and then restarted the conversation, he knew that the poor old man had a problem beyond the one any man should have, yet he could not help but be fascinated by this tale, easily worthy for being published. “So how did he end this way? What is the trauma behind this case? What made him end like this?”

 The second man told him to wait for him for a second while he went for the police inform involving what happened to Geppeto, fifteen minutes later he came back with two folders on his hand, one of them being the police inform and the other one being his own notes about the case and how the story of Geppeto and what had happened before he got insane were connected.

Without waiting for any second, the young man grabbed the folders and started to read them through, after a few seconds he stopped reading as he was in shock after reading what he had in front of him. “Jonathan…is this true? Is this what really happened to the poor guy?” said the young man with a face of horror that couldn’t be removed.

“Yeah Mark, it’s all true, that’s what turned a good and sane man into the crazy guy that has been here for the last 20 years” said Jonathan, then he sat down again and didn’t say a thing, he wanted to let Jonathan read what had happened 2 years ago to the poor man.

Jonathan McLain’s notes 3/5/06 4:35 PM

I’ve started working with a new patient, he has experienced according to the police inform in my desk a big amount of trauma that surely got him to this state, he has started to tell me the story of his life, or at least the life he thinks he lived.

He talks a lot about his son, who he refers to as a “living puppet”. According to my files his son was a top student in many different areas, he was a natural athlete, he was very good in many different sports, especially in football and basketball, he also seems to have been a top student, always been the best of his class in a private school.

Personal theory of why him calling his son a “living puppet”: After the attack against him, the boy was beaten so bad that he was left brain-dead, so technically he is a living being but that can’t do anything, just like if an inanimate object had life, the puppet maybe being his choice for describing him because of the similar appearance to a human. Theory still to be proved

Jonathan McLain’s notes 4/5/06 3:21 PM

The patient has today told me about the kidnap of his son when he was walking to the bus stop, he describes the kidnapers as a fox and a cat, this could probably be interpreted that he sees the kidnappers that are responsible of his son’s fate as something below a human being, that no human would be so savage to do, he then describes them as two savage animals because it’s the only way his brain can see them.

Another theory of this is that, he is somehow describing how the kidnappers actually looked, yet that’s quite improbable considering how the patient wasn’t at the bus stop when the kidnap took place.

Jonathan McLain’s notes 9/5/06 5:22 PM

It had been 5 days since I last has a session with the patient, he didn’t remember me, it seems that he is more into his fantasy world than I first thought, he can no longer maintain a connection with any element of the real world, anyone who he doesn’t see regularly on a short period is erased from his memory and he then returns to the world that has become an escape route of this world that has caused him so much pain.

Jonathan McLain’s notes 10/5/06 2:35 PM

 After finding out that the patient has to maintain a constant connection with him yesterday, I’ve decided to move my schedules to see him earlier than before, today he told me about how the kidnappers of his soon took him after promising that they would make him a great actor, they instead told him to a puppet master named Stromboli who used his son to do performances to kids, he said a few times that he was a success, everyone loved to see him perform.

I would love it if this was indeed the story, it would have been a better world, but not the real world. According to the police inform, Stromboli was actually a man who bought kids from the scum of the streets, he then made them pose for old degenerated men who found pleasure in this, and this idea just sickens me.

Stromboli wasn’t only a manager of a business that involved buying kids that had been kidnapped and then using them as sex objects for his costumers, he also was responsible of putting them in cages where they would be until it was their show’s time.

Jonathan McLain’s notes 11/5/06 3:59 PM

I’ve finally found a place of the story that it’s difficult to try to figure out, he says that a whale comes in the ocean and then eats him and later it also eats his son, now in the stomach of the whale is where they reunite.

My only guess is that it has something to do with the fact that he finally found his son when he was going in front of a disguised store that was in front of the beach, he also tells me that in his story he leaves the whale when she sneezes, however soon after that, his son is quite damaged, almost dead while he is still intact.

According to the files, soon after they were reunited, they were attacked by Stromboli’s men, Geppeto was hit at the head, that probably is responsible in some part of the mental disorder he recently acquired, on the other hand, his son was beaten so bad that he was left brain-dead.

Jonathan McLain’s notes 12/5/06

It’s been a weird experience treating this patient, he surely has problems that are beyond my abilities as a psychiatrist, I doubt he can actually be cured, however after all he’s been through, he deserves that I give my best effort in this lost cause, maybe one day I’ll be able to find a cure.

Today, he tells me about the end of his story, he tells me that when he is crying for the loss of his child a woman comes and with his magic, he cures Pinocchio from what had happened to him and he is now a real boy. This is in my opinion just how he wants the story to end; he wants his boy to be good again and is now waiting for that miracle to happen.

Mark stood silent without doing any noise until he finished reading the last word of the notes from Doctor Jonathan, when he was done; he looked at his partner and started talking “That’s all? Is all of this true? There is nothing else that has been said and that you haven’t figured out? Maybe a hidden clue, a way to repair his mind?” said Mark; he hadn’t finished processing everything that he had just read.

Jonathan didn’t say anything for the next few seconds but then he said “There’s one thing, he frequently talks about a cricket, he is Pinocchio’s conscience around the story, at the end when  Pinocchio becomes a real boy, the cricket says that he doesn’t need him anymore and then leaves” after saying that he started to eat his cookie.

Mark sat there, thinking about what Jonathan had just said and in just a few minutes, he came with a theory. “I have this crazy idea, what if the cricket is also Geppeto? I mean, what if the conscience is supposed to be the guide for Pinocchio that Geppeto couldn’t be when he was kidnapped? And that in the end of the story, when Pinocchio becomes a real boy and the cricket leaves…it means that he has accomplished his mission and Pinocchio is safe. What do you think?”

Jonathan didn’t say a word for the next five minutes, however he didn’t stop thinking about his partner’s idea that surely was a reasonable possibility and could be right. “Well done partner, you just found another piece of the puzzle” said Jonathan with a smile on his face, quickly he got up and told Mark to come with him to the cell of Geppeto.

When they were on their way, Mark noted something strange in the notes of Jonathan, curiosity taking the best of him, he decided to ask. “These notes of yours…haven’t been updated in more than 2 years, why is that?” asked Mark in a low tone.

After hearing this question Jonathan stopped and after having a deep breath he replied. “I got scared, at first it was only tales of fantasy, but he quickly developed some…strange actions, haven’t been in contact with the subject in 2 years because of that.”

An even bigger curiosity was born in Mark as he desired to know what could possibly creep out someone who has been working with mentally ill people for years, what had this Geppeto done that was scarier than what the other patients had done?

“Care to explain?” asked Mark, curiosity got the better of him, if he had only known what the answer would be; he would have never made the question.

“He started to go to carpenter lessons about 2 years ago, it was a way to get his attention and energy on something else, however somewhere along the way he got worse, he…I guess that you should see it to fully understand.” Said Jonathan, he now had a more serious face than he ever had since Mark met him, this made Mark feel both confused and scared.

“Here it is” said Jonathan, after that he opened the door so that his partner could see, as soon as Mark did, he started to vomit, what he had in front was way too much to handle. In the room there was an old man sitting in the shadows, his body had a lot of skin missing from different parts, as he saw the door open he started to talk. “Who is there? Ah who cares, I need to show you something. My boy, my little and precious boy, some bad people kidnapped him…it took a whale’s hunger to reunite us, but that’s ok now because you see…” then suddenly, the man stopped talking and started to look for something in the shadows, grabbing from there a statue made of a few big pieces of wood, it was full of skin pieces that coincided with the ones that were missing in Gepetto’s body, they were screwed “…My son is a real boy now”

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that was awesome NH!!

that has to be the best of your work I have ever read, damn, this was truly perfect and unexpected and well thought out, LOVED IT!!

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loll thanks Red and aztek, glad you liked it

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Awesome job

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Nighthunter said:
"loll thanks Red and aztek, glad you liked it"

and I'm glad your talented enough to make a story as good as this, provides me with reading :D
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thanks drifter

lol aztek, thanks for the ego boost :P

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:0 the bar is getting set damn high in this Comp. I have been saving fan fic to my computer so I can read them at work. NH very fing good job,.

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thanks man