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Continued from: http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/the-rangers-of-freedom-origins-introductions/719823/

All characters in this work are public domain, owned by everyone & nobody at the same time. The story is mine, that's it. Rated MA to be sure. did the picture of Tiger Man (I did edit off the original symbol on his chest btw)

New York

The Cobra Kid crouched on the rooftop looking down at the six men unloading boxes from a truck. Cartons of cigarettes were never going to arrive at their destination. The kid checked his bungee line again before moving to the ledge, peering down on them again. He pulled out his crowbar, the word ‘venom’ carved into it and smeared with blood from previous missions. Slowly, almost casually he walked out into the air; and plunged towards the ground. The bungee cord went tight and The Cobra Kid unloaded on the nearest thug before rocketing back up, flipping off the cord and landing flat on the roof of the truck.

“What the #@%! was that?”

“Nick’s bleedin’, geez, his head’s all smashed up!”

“What happened?”

“I happened!” growled The Cobra Kid as he leapt off the truck, hitting the closest man in the throat with a flying kick. This was followed by a nasty clubbing of his knee, the sick sound of metal on bone.

“Kill this $#%#!”

The Cobra Kid smiled as they started to draw guns. He threw his crowbar at the thug on the left, catching him square in the forehead and knocking him out cold. The remaining thugs looked at his three downed friends and that this blue and green clad man was responsible; they turned tail and ran in opposite directions.

“Bastards!” The Cobra Kid gave chase, scooping up his weapon as he chased after the one who went left. He took a quick shot with his phone at the man fleeing to the right as he poured on the speed after the slowing thug.

“I give man!” panted the thug as he stopped, hunched over, trying to catch his breath.

The Cobra Kid slammed the crowbar across the back of his knees, sending the man into a partial somersault and crashing onto the ground “Do you think this is a game?” snarled the Cobra Kid as he drove his knee across the man’s throat “Well do you?” The man’s sweaty face started to turn purple, The Cobra Kid stood up and slammed his boot into his kidney as he pulled some cable ties from his belt and trussed the man up like a turkey


The Cobra Kid turned to see a blonde man in a white cape holding a struggling thug by the ear. The blonde man smiled broadly. “I believe this is yours” he said

“...Thanks” said The Cobra Kid suspiciously as he gripped his crowbar tighter.

“You can have him, provided you don’t hit him with your crowbar” said Eternal Man hesitantly. The Cobra Kid lowered his weapon and the thug was released. The Cobra Kid shot forward and smashed his elbow into the man’s teeth, cracking calcium and sending teeth and blood across the alley. Eternal Man’s jaw dropped.

The Cobra Kid shrugged “What?”

“I was coming to ask you to join a group I’m forming,” Eternal Man scratched his head “But after seeing that…”

“I’m doing my job!” snapped the kid as he dragged the man to a lamppost and cable tied him to it “Besides, I work better solo”

“I may have some useful information…”

“What? That these guys are working for Jaspar Crow, I know that? Everyone knows it! Proving it is the…”

“Dr Diabole” said Eternal Man. The Cobra Kid stopped cold. He looked over at Eternal Man, grabbed his crowbar and marched over towards him.

“What did you say?”

“I have information about Dr Diabole.” Eternal Man looked straight into the young man’s eyes “If you’re willing to talk and possibly expanding your horizons,” Eternal Man handed over a white business card “Then give me a call. Otherwise I’ll leave you to your overly violent vigilantism”

Eternal Man turned and calmly walked away. The Cobra Kid looked down at the card, a tear leaking from his eye as thoughts of his brother came flooding back.

North Carolina

“Mom? Dad?” Peggy Shane walked through her parents house “Anybody home?” She saw the note pinned to the fridge “Peggy, gone to the Ketchum’s house. If you do go out, please be careful. Love Mom & Dad” She smiled as she poured herself a glass of milk and turned on the television.

“…re rages from the apartment block in Washington DC. Fire crews are on scene but this, Chuck, looks to be a tragedy”

Peggy looked at the images on the tv and shook her head. “Hang on folks” she said as she put down her milk, pulled out the rough hewn gold heart that was around her neck and stepped out into the backyard.

“Heart of Gold!” Peggy exploded in bright golden light and was transformed into Golden Girl. She smiled, her muscles rippled with the strength of a thousand Aztecs and she leapt up a quarter mile into the air towards the nation’s capital. Two hundred and two steps later, Golden Girl landed beside the fire truck as it pumped water onto the burning high rise apartment block. She tapped the Fire Chief on the shoulder “Excuse me sir, how can I help?”

“Golden Girl!”

“At your service”

“There’s people trapped up on the fifty second floor. Smokes too thick for the chopper!” he yelled over the sound of the sirens as he wiped his brow “If…” He trailed off as she leapt easily up to the fifty second floor and crashed through the window.


Golden Girl sat on the back of the ambulance, wrapped in a blanket “I’m fine!” she protested as she pulled off the oxygen mask.

The Fire Chief pushed the oxygen mask back into its proper place “You may be a super hero missy, but you went into that inferno twelve times, rescued thirty-five people who probably would’ve died and took in copious amounts of smoke, ash and good knows what else, you still breath like the rest of us! Mask stays on”

“Yes sir” she replied quietly “Any idea who would do something like this?”

“My guess would be the Torcher” They both looked up to see a handsome blonde man in a white cape standing beside the ambulance. He smiled at both of them, a genuine broad smile. He extended his hand to the chief

“Eternal Man, sorry I couldn’t get here any quicker chief. Is there anything I can do?”

“Um no” The Fire Chief was taken aback ‘We got it under control, thanks to Golden Girl”

Eternal Man extended his hand to her “You’re amazing!”

“Thanks…no big deal”

“No Golden Girl, you’re a big deal! When you’re free, please give me a call. I could use someone of your talents” He handed her a small white business card.

Golden Girl looked a tad confused as she looked down at the card “Okay” She looked up and he was gone “Where’d he go?”

Yonkers Raceway

Robert Benton sat in his corporate box sipping champagne opposite George Benson, the ‘legitimate business man’ known behind his back as Fish Face. Several large men, well shaved apes in designer suits, stood around the room.

“My answer is still no Mr Benson,” said Robert “I will not be selling Tang to you or anyone”

“Nobody tells me no!” seethed George through his misshapen teeth “You’re gonna sell me that wonder horse!”

“No, no I’m not” said Robert smiling

“Then,” George snapped his fingers and the monkey-like men drew pistols “You’re just gonna give him to me! You get me?”

“Whoa!” Robert quickly stood up and backed up, hands in the air “Let’s not get carried away here”

“Let’s go get that horse!” snarled George as he sculled his champagne. Suddenley the box went dark “What’s going on?”

“You should’ve listened to Mr Benton!” the voice was a low rumble, seemingly coming from all around “Now you have to deal with me”

“One of you idiots get the lights!” barked George. There were sounds of a struggle, several gunshots and breaking glass. The lights came back on as a man in a stylized tiger costume grabbed George by the collar and yanked him off his feet.

“Welcome to my jungle Fish Face!”

“T-tiger man!” squealed George

“I thought I told you to leave town?” Tiger Man looked him up and down “Seems I’ll have to teach you a proper lesson!”

The lights went off as George Benson screamed.



Robert Benton drove up the long driveway to his manor in his Lamborghini to see a man standing in his way. He hammered the horn and yelled “Hey buddy! This is private property”

“I know, Tiger Man”

Robert furrowed his brow and shut off the engine, slowly getting out of the car, his feline senses on high alert as the headlights bathed the man “You lost or drunk?”

“No Tiger Man,” replied the handsome blonde man in the white cape “I’ve come to ask for your help”

“Look buddy,” Robert got up in his face “Tiger Man is an urban legend like chupacabra or the sasquatch. Now you best get out of here before I call the cops!”

The man smiled a warm smile “I’m not here to out you Robert; I’m here to ask for your help. But it seems this is a bad time”

“How do you know my name?”

“You’re one of the richest men in America Robert, your face was on the cover of Principia this week with a spread about your house…you’re a public figure!” said the man “And not that subtle. It took me twenty four hours to work out you and Tiger Man were the same person”

“Who are you?” snarled Robert grabbing him by the forearms

“I’m Eternal Man” he replied “And I come with a proposition. Do you want me to tell you here or inside your dining hall that can seat eighty six people?”


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@batkevin74: Very nice, I like the names, kind of old-school comic book names.
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It's different, but really good. I couldn't comment on the introduction because I have a posting limit.

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@RazzaTazz: Thanks. They're all from the 30's and 40's even Tang the Wonder Horse is

@BlackReaper: No worries man, glad you liked it

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If you peoples get a chance, cast an eye over this for me. Thanks

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@batkevin74: Very good. You're setting up quite an interesting world here

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@4donkeyjohnson: Thanks!

if you get a chance, have a look at this please

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@batkevin74: I like this! Multiple introductions to characters, pretty cool.

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@evilvegeta74: Thanks man

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I could see this as an actual; comic.

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@YoungJustice said:


I could see this as an actual; comic.

Why thank you, that's what I'd also like :) Let's hope

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So much interesting works in the fan fic forum.

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Cool, is it bad that Cobra Kid sounds like a cowboy name to me?

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@joshmightbe: He was invented in the 1940's, sidekick to the Black Cobra, but yeah it's cowboy-ish. I am planning on making that whole thing into a joke in the upcoming chapters, which the bad guys arn't going to find that funny

@mrdecepticonleader: Oh yeah! You should stop by more often, we got lots of stuff to read. We're like a library but cooler :)

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@batkevin74: Ha ha that's a good way of describing this forum.

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I like it. But we're still pretty much in the intro stage. When we get the 'Assemble' story?

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Hey if you get a chance/time too (as I know you're under the covers reading Demon Knight) cast a discerning eye over this for me

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I don't trust Eternal Man. He seems too squeaky clean... and too knowledgeable. He is up to something.

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@Joygirl said:

I don't trust Eternal Man. He seems too squeaky clean... and too knowledgeable. He is up to something.

Love a healthy bit of skepticism :)

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@batkevin74: Yeah, I saw this last night, but I haven't had the chance to read it yet. I will though. :)

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Here's another example my friend. Excellent set up, excellent new-ish characters and then......(crickets, tumble weeds) nothing. You write well but your lack of finishes and completion rate is well annoying. I don't mean to dig but hopefully you see my point.

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Ancient history bump

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Historical bump