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...to Nick Fury to assemble a five person team that he will personally lead.

The Mission:

Travel to Kenya, Africa and retreive the missing members of Team One.

The Location:

An unknown vessel from space has crash landed on Earth in Kenya.

Every single human native to the area is missing all around the crash site out to a fifty mile radius [approx. 1500 residents]. United Nations Security Personnel are manning an inner perimeter around the crash site. Team One entered the wreckage 20 hours ago and lost radio contact immediately following. No prior communication avails us of any clues as to what happened to them.

Team One Roster:

Captain America


Mr Fantastic

War Machine

Ant Man

Use of leathal force is authorized.

Assemble team and meet at transport.

Now... you are Nick Fury, post your list of the four team members that will accompany you on your mission. You obviously won't be able to choose members from team one.

I'll post what you find inside the spacecraft after y'all've had a chance to assemble your team. The team member restrictions are this: they must be a Marvel characters that resides or or at least spend a considerable amount of time on Earth. So no, Galactus could not be in your crew.

Yes, there is something inside the wreckage that has incapacitated, killed, or perhaps even eaten team one. Assemble accordingly.

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My team would be:



Jean Grey


You didn't say they all had to be good characters, right? I mean, this does work, right?
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Black Panther (Team Leader)


Rachel Summers (if Jean is unusable because she's dead or on Walkingstone's team)

Invisible Woman (I was going to do Iceman, but Sue has more reason to go.)
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Thor(Team Leader)


Invisible Woman

Professor X


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Only a few entries? I'm disappointed... oh well... here we go...

I should have mentioned that Nick Fury is the team leader and fifth member of your team.

Also, your team can be good or evil, but at least someone that Fury could bribe, blackmail, or abduct into this mission...

Anyway... here's the rest of it...

Here's what we'll do... below is the scenario for the unknown spacecraft mission.

It's now your job, once you know the specifics, to write a post that

O B J E C T I V E L Y portrays how your team would handle the situation.

Remember, you mission is to retreive the members of Team One.

Scroll down for the scene specifics...

Nick and his team arrive in Kenya. What they find is... nothing.

No UN perimeter guards. No Team One. Nothing. Just empty guard shacks and defense vehicles. As though everyone just vanished.

Nick and his team enter into the abandoned HQ. The radio is sqwaking with freverhent yelling coming from Washington. Nick picks up the mic and informs them that the UN force is missing, too. Just like the locals and Team One.

Then, Nick and his team prepare to enter the space craft. Scroll down.

Now here's the tricky part... this vessel is a Predator Flagship. The reason it crash-landed is because a Predator-Spawned Alien Queen [Xenomorph] was brought aboard their ship unknowingly and it has now decimated most of the Predator Crew [of which about 20 remain in protected areas of the ship]. The locals and UN forces have been abducted by aliens to be used as hosts. Thus there are around 2000 of the little boogers crawling all over the spacecraft.

Now... treat this like the opening scene to a Predator/Alien/Marvel movie and send in your team. The judgement will be up to you as to whether or not Team one is rescued, already used as hosts-releasing charcter-related versions of the alien drones- or if they went out in a blaze of glory, or if they are still somewhere inside the vessel either working with or against the predators. Flesh it out... what does your team bring to the fight? Or how long do you think they will last, if your didn't pick a very good team? LOL

Enjoy. I look forward to the replies.

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The team goes in under Sue’s shields and Rachel scans the ships for signs of Team 1. The only minds she detects are Mr. Fantastic, Ant Man, and the few remaining Preds and she can’t get anything from the Aliens. The team makes their way to where Mr. F and Ant Man are without incident. Any Aliens along the way can easily be taken out by Sue. They find the two survivors of Team 1 in a room with 3 Predators. Mr. F is wrapped around them so they can’t move. They had escaped the Aliens when Team 1 was ambushed and had made their way to a secure area where they found the Predators. Since no one knows anything about either groups of aliens, Rachel goes into their mind to find out. She learns what happened, that Predators kill aliens, that there are more Preds on the ship, and that they just want to kill the Aliens, repair their ship, and leave the planet. Rachel convinces the Preds that they need to work together and Reed rigs up some translators using stuff he finds in the room. Rachel tells team where the other Predators are located and gives them each translators so they can communicate with them when they find them. The team splits in two so they can gather up the rest of the Predators quickly.

Invisible Woman

Mr. Fantastic

Ant Man

2 Predators

This group finds their Predators easily; the Aliens that are in their way are killed by Invisible Woman. They also find the remains of War Machine and Ant Man picks up some pieces for armor and weapons.

Nick Fury

Black Panther


Rachel Summers

1 Predator

This group has more trouble but they make out ok. On their way to the Predators that they’re after, they find a lot more Aliens than the first group and also a Beast-Alien (extremely agile and smarter than the others) and a Captain America-Alien (stronger, faster and more durable than the others and carries the shield on its tail. ) They come out alive and Nick gets the shield.

Both groups (now with 16 more Predators) meet back up and head for the Alien queen. Mr. Fantastic, Ant Man (equipped with War Machines weapons and armor), Nick Fury (with guns and an indestructible shield), Black Panther (wearing his Vibranium uniform and claws, and carrying the Ebony Blade), Storm and all the Predators fight a few hundred Aliens that are guarding the queen while Rachel tries to shut down its mind and Sue protects her and attacks it with invisible weapons. They kill the queen and the Aliens with a few casualties (a 3 or 4 predators and Ant Man die) and they try to leave the ship. The rest of the aliens (more than a thousand) all come at them since their queen was killed. Sue, Rachel and Storm all throw up their strongest shields (or pressure dome for Storm) right after the Predators toss out some of those nifty mini-nukes they carry. The whole ship goes boom but they survive. Since they’re in Africa, T’challa and Reed use Wakandan tech and materials to build a new ship so the few remaining Predators can leave the planet.

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Excellent write up!

Now there's a movie I'd pay $8.00 to see!!


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Oh boy...I don't have time to write long stuff. I'm off this thread.

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Okay, I know this ain't great, and it's taken me a while, but here goes the synopsis for a Marvel Alien v Predator movie:

As the team enter the space craft, Jean scans it for signs of life. She picks up that there are thousands of Alien xenomorphs running around the ship and a few scattered groups of Predators. She can't find War Machine or Captain America at all but she can link to Beast who tells her that the rest of Team 1 are hauled up in the ship's Ops centre with one of the small Predator groups. When she tells the rest of her team that, they're not sure what to make of Team 1 working with the Predators but Nick tells her to tell Beast to stay where they are.

Working on the basis that Beast must have worked out some way to communicate with their tentative allies, Nick sends Magneto and Wolverine to go and free Team 1, while he, Jean and Psylocke head off to find more Predators. With a shield up from Jean, the three head deeper into the ship. They find a few scattered xenomorphs, each easily dispatched by Psylocke's psionic katanas or Nick's weaponry.

As they get deeper into the ship, the number of xenomorphs increases until the team are forced to a standstill under the barrage of Aliens trying to attack them. Jean reports that behind the large doors in front of them is a larger cluster of Predators barricaded inside. She sends them a message that the team is trying to get through.

In the meantime, the Wolverine/Magneto duo head up to the Ops centre. Eerily, they encounter no xenomorphs at all as they approach the control centre of the ship. The blast doors are sealed so Magneto manipulates the metal to let the two through. As they enter, they find Hank fiddling about with some controls and apparently speaking the Predator's language with fluency. He explains to Erik and Logan that he created a translator and he tosses one to Logan. Hank tells them that the Predators were on a hunt but it went bad and now they need to get home so he's helping them to fix their ship, give them minimal control so they can get up into space and vent most of the ship, killing off the Aliens.

Magneto appears to accept this without much thought but Logan is still wary. He takes Magneto and Hank to the side and asks about why there weren't any xenomorphs outside. Hank seems surprised by the revelation, saying that they'd had to fight to get in. He seems slightly perturbed that they're no longer under attack but he thinks it's better to fix the ship and get moving. Logan doesn't like it but he grudgingly agrees to help.

The rest of Team 1 are also working on the ship with the Predators but suddenly Ant Man stops working. A xenomorph explodes from his chest but instantly reduces in size to that of an insect, scuttling away to hide. Clearly shaken now, the team shore themselves up but not in time to save Mr Fantastic, whose chest also explodes, birthing another xenomorph. This one is so flexible that it easily avoids any of the shots fired at it, again disappearing to hide.

Magneto expresses the opinion that, technically, the only people who would know if Hank had been infected are now all dead. Hank agrees that the risk is such that he is willing to work on the controls alone while Magneto and Logan take the Predators to find the rest of the team. Logan refuses to leave, saying he trusts his friend and that he'll watch his back. Magneto manipulates the door again and leads the Predators away. Just as he goes to reseal the door, a small insect attaches itself to the bottom of his cloak and hitches a ride.

Back with Jean, Psylocke and Nick, they have managed to fight their way to the door, killing as many of the xenomorphs as they could. Jean sends a message through to the Predators who open the door as quickly as they can. A few Aliens get through but most are repelled by Jean and Psylocke. Those few are dispatched quickly. Jean tells Nick that she can't feel Mr Fantastic or Ant Man any more. She can't link to Magneto but she manages to speak to Beast who tells her what happened and she explains it to Nick and Psylocke. Betsy wants to rush off and help Logan and Hank but Nick makes her stay where she is. He wants them to regroup and he gets Jean to try to find Magneto's group. Just as she does, a wormhole opens and a much depleted group emerge, Magneto looking quite the worse for wear.

Flashback to what happened to Magneto. When Magneto and co emerged in the hallway, the Ant Man xenomorph started picking off the Predators, making itself large, dragging them off and then returning as an insect again. It depleted their numbers by half, leaving Magneto with only three Predators. It then tried with Magneto himself but he just about managed to kill it with the help of his allies.

Return to present and Nick decides it's best to try for the Ops centre so they can get the ship off the ground and into space. In all good cinema style, Magneto is too tired for another wormhole so they have to fight their way back. Cue massive battle scene with much hacking and shooting and explosions.

Meanwhile, Logan and Hank are left alone with the Mr Fantastic xenomorph though they believe that they have 2 xenomorphs to deal with. Logan has decided he's tired of waiting so he starts to sniff out the Alien while Hank continues to work on the systems. The two play cat and mouse with each other, leading through ducts and such until they end up back in the Ops centre where Logan finally kills it just in time for the rest of his team to explode through the door.

Hank tells them that he's managed to fix the ship to the point where it can be navigated once it's in space so once the team leave, Magneto, Betsy and Jean work together to get the ship off the ground and through the atmosphere. Once in space, the Predators vent the majority of the ship, killing off the rest of the Aliens.

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Wow! Excellent attention to detail! :)

Great write-up! I'm sure it took some time, but it shows.

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4 cats all wearing top hats. One has a sonic meow, another has adamantium claws, another can run super fast, and the last one just tears up sofas.