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I was thinking of a way to enhance the community on the fan-fic board so I came up with the idea to start a guild. The guild will function similarly to most groups except we will have to produce a weekly publication. This publication could contain any story that any guild member wishes to submit at the end of the week. To make sure that the same people don't get stuck writing most of the work we will divide ourselves into roles each week, then we will alternate roles the following week. Here are some of the roles we will need filled:


Obviously the main component of the guild. Different contributors are selected each week to write in an entry for the publication. Without them the guild would die.


It's sort of like having a second string player when the starter gets injured. We all have responsibilities outside of the guild so if a contributor has to cancel this week the fill-in replaces. Fill-ins are generally the people who would have contributed next week. This usually implies that whichever contributor cancels has to contribute next week and the fill-in gets some off time.


Simple job just support this week's and last week's writers as best you can. This includes commenting on thing the things you liked, providing honest criticisms, including ideas you think could help improve the story and the occasional bump (if necessary).


Not your traditional form of support. These users aren't going to proofread all the entries or babysit your spelling, they're just good people who know how to write and will help you out if you have questions regarding formatting or grammar.


If this guild stays long term I will incorporate a managing staff. This staff will be responsible for settling disputes, updating the library (when we get one), ensuring the everyone is doing their jobs, and of course managing the weekly publication. In a few months, managers will also make up the role schedule for all guild members (everything is currently being run by a volunteer system). So if you think you've got what it takes to help me run this guild ask me in a few weeks and I might say yes.

Anyone who wants in is more than welcome to join. If you're interested just give me a shout out and we could add you to the pm.

And now for a few shout out's of my own:

@batkevin74 @awesam@capfanboy@cbishop@andrewtheking@thecannon@blackreaper@delphic@impurestcheese@joygirl@wildvine@irishlad@joshmightbe@the_poet@razzatazz@spideyivydaredevilfan@primepower53@pyrogram@bumpyboo@4donkeyjohnson@project_worm@jatoe48er @knightofthechronicle

Sorry if there was anyone I forgot, but please sign up!

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It's basically like a fan fic group except writers can submit whatever they feel like writing (fics based off of Comics, Manga, Original stories, etc.). Each week a writer from the guild will volunteer to submit a story. That story will be showcased in a weekly publication called Comic Vine Presents: (insert title). Interested?

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quoting this, because I know I didn't get any alerts for this...

Intersting idea. I will admit my writing time is focused on a non-comic vine story, but I would be willing to suport this in what is needed (editing and management might be where I might be most helpful). let me know how this goes.

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Sounds like a cool idea. Clarify something for me though: are there multiple contributors every week, or one featured contributor?

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Sounds cool. I'd be glad to help out.

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I'm in

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Count me in

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Sure why not, sounds like a good idea sign me up.

Can we showcase our latest mayhem titles in here when it's our turn?

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I'm in! "Insert Avengers Team up picture....


Dibs on Giant Man.

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@the_poet: Yeah when I planned out the editing role you and @razzatazz popped into my head.


Yes, any story means any story as long as it's brand new. So if you wanted to do Frogman you'd have to start at chapter 5.

@cbishop said:

Sounds like a cool idea. Clarify something for me though: are there multiple contributors every week, or one featured contributor?

The reason I didn't specify that is because I didn't know how many people would join. I think the best course would be starting small for a couple of weeks (1-2 stories) and then expanding. The contributors can either collaborate on a piece or each do a separate piece. After we start establishing a rhythym or gain enough members, we'll do about 3-6 entries per publication. If we could I'd like to balance the ratios between oneshots, miniseries, and ongoing titles.

I'm going to start the pm right away.

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Thanks for the offer, but I've retired.

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@delphic: Really? You're a pretty awesome writer. We'll if you change your mind give me a shoutout.

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Sounds like an intresting idea. Sign me up.

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I'll be an editor.

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I'd be more than happy to help out.

Sign me up for Editor and/or Fill-In

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Sure. I'm in.

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I could work as support and maybe an editor, but not on a consistent basis. Maybe what would be analogous to an honorary Avenger.

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@dngn4774: I think I'm in... :3 yeah, no, add me.

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@dngn4774: I haven't been here for about a month now so I doubt I'll be much help

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Subtle bump, more like a tap.

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I'd like to sign up

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You have me as a supporter for sure, and I can help out with editing if you'd like. :)

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@wildvine: me and the poet are in the middle of reorganizing the group thread. I'll add you to the group sometime in the next two days.

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i'd like to contribute

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