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(Note 1- I would like to thankfor revising this, he is awesome and he has been (if I may) a mentor to me in the Fan Fic department, I really promise to work on my writing skills. )

(Note 2- This, took, FOREVER. I hate how my production speed is. Anyways.Umm I can't get into my other account right now but I'm sure i'm not the only one. Here is Number 2 if you didn't read.

“So, umm, Lady Blaze, why don't you tell me a little about yourself” said Dak stumbling over his words “Since you’re sorta kidnapping me!"

"In good time boy" said Lady Blaze sternly. She silently and swiftly walked through the streets, Dak in tow. They arrived on an eerily dark street; at the end on the right there was a telephone booth that looked out of place

"Get in!" Lady Blaze motioned to the booth.

"But" Dak was cut off by a large flame erupting from Lady Blaze's hand. "Fine" Dak sighed and hesitantly walked into the booth. Dak was nestled into the corner of the booth; Lady Blaze entered and closed the door, the small space got even smaller.

"So what now? We need like twenty more people to break a record”

Lady Blaze ignored him and proceeded to pick up the receiver and typed in a sequence of numbers. When she finished typing in the numbers she hung up the phone, folded her arms and stared directly at Dak. He contemplating saying something but decided against it.

Soon the booth started to shake violently. Dak looked around slightly panicked when suddenly the ground opened up and the booth plunged underground. Dak screamed. Blaze rolled her eyes in disgust at him. After a few tense minutes; the booth shuddered a halt. Lady Blaze was motionless in the middle of the booth looking down at Dak who had wedged himself into the bottom corner

"Where are hell we?" Dak said while getting his mental composure back.

Lady Blaze cracked a smile as she flung open the door “Exactly, but I call it home."

"So why am I here?" yelled Dak getting to his feet

Lady Blaze walked out of the booth onto the dark and cold land and sighed "You are here, because I want you to be my champion on earth, and by that I mean that I want you to work for me."

"Okay, this could work out” said Dak “But how do you expect me to do all of these tasks? I'm assuming they're going to be worldwide things."

"Follow me and you will understand" Lady Blaze began walking across the dormant underworld. After what seemed like days of walking the two arrived at a black and gold door sitting in the middle of nowhere.

"Before you go into this room” Lady Blaze turned and stared at Dak “I must tell you, I have promised Set, that you would be merciless and would not hesitate to do any job that was asked of you. Are you ready?"

Snikt! Snikt! Dak popped all of his claws and smirked "Merciless? I was born merciless


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Nice, you tidyied it up! That's coolio man, good job. Nicer ending

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Looking forward to him getting the Black Adam powers

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