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It was a chilly Autumn day in Spain, 1496, when Kajar entered a small town. Upon arrival, strange looks and apprehensive glances were shot in his direction. He noted the town’s residents seemed on edge.

He took shelter in the barn of a farmer that night. He shared a stall with a horse, whose neck he promptly snapped for keeping him awake.

The barn was ruddy and worn down. It looked like it was ready to break down, should a great gust of wind befall it. The paint had chipped away long ago and termites had done their fair share on it.

The inside was not much better. The stink of animal feces filled Kajar’s nostrils, and a shriek of an animal woke him from his slumber every so often. It didn’t help that the farmer and his wife were shouting from their house either.

“You should not go out tonight!” The farmer had shouted, “The beast could still be here!”

At the sound of that Kajar began to listen carefully to the argument.

“I will be fine,” the farmer’s wife told him, “the authorities assured us the beast was gone.”

“The authorities can lie!”

“Why would they lie?”

Kajar listened carefully to every word uttered. If he did not hear incorrectly, a beast had paid visit to the town the night before, during a time of night Kajar knew all too well.

Within minutes, Lady had appeared, rising from beneath the ground.

“I’m sorry.” Lady stated, her eyes swelling up with tears. “I should have told you before—.”

“Stop,” Kajar cut her off. He put a finger to his lips, “You’re spooking the animals.”

“Kajar, please,” Lady said, “Stop ignoring me, I was going to tell you eventually...”

Kajar turned away.

“Really?” he said, “when?”

“When you’re ready?”

“Am I not ready now?” Kajar fumed. “I’ve trained for thousands of years! How is that not enough?”

Lady began to beg, “Kajar, please, your opponent has trained as long as you have! You need to get better. Trust me.”

By now the animals had gone berserk.

Kajar sat on a nearby stool, silent yet still fuming; he fought an internal battle over what had been said.

“I know a way to make it up to you.” Lady said, her voice fluttering. She made her way over to Kajar seductively, placing her hands on his shoulders.

“I’m listening.”

“I had an idea about this ‘new world’ everyone seems to be talking about these days.”

Kajar nearly cracked a smile.

“Keep going….”

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