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The Emerald Archer carefully stepped over the pile of bloodied bodies his heart still pounding like the drums of an African war song. An out of place smile eclipsed his weary features feeling an overwhelming sensation of euphoric delight having survived an unmitigated assault on his person by the dreaded Red Crusaders; the Mutant Maestro's personal guard.

Placing his bruised palm to his right ear, engaging his communication device, "Defenses breached...." his emerald eyes intuitively carried on their search for any ambushes as he continued his converse, "...making my way to the main palace now, let's hope this "Mutant Maestro" is not as...potent, as they say" The enigmatic hero terminated his call to the overseer who's sole purpose in this mission was to aid the Accurate Archer with terrain and tactical advice....although, he usually never listened opting to go alone showcasing his overly arrogant bravado and attack forthright without much need for tactical prowess nor care for personal safety....or in other words, a reckless fool.

Continuing his journey forwards into the hazardously hostile housing of the most murderous mutant known to man; the self proclaimed Mutant Maestro who hoped to deliver devastating blows to any human officials and world governments in a terroristic yet slightly admirable fashion for his passionately illicit cause, undeniably deadly....unquestionably insane.

The Maestro had fashioned himself an awesome troop of elite bodyguards known as the Red Crusaders who pledged their lives to defend the interests of this illicit mutant band of terrorists. World governments where shunned into disbelief when this (small) group of terrorists destroyed the Statue of Liberty in an unprovoked attack simply as a sign of mutant dominance and superiority - Any agencies hired by the world governments to track down and defeat this tyrannical splinter-cell of terrorists where swiftly put down.

The world had thought all was lost. Average mutants in the streets were attacked and condemned for simply being born with a different genetic code. Prejudice and the literal sense of racism obscured the media as public outcry led to the formation of a team specifically crafted to defend america from "The Mutant Threat"....and as standard, this propagated and led to an increase in the number of mutant related terrorist activities, the division of Mutant/Human coexistence looked slimmer than a toothpick.....The world had lost hope.

And then...

...The Emerald Archer appeared.

Hunting down the major terrorists within world cities and quickly vanishing into a mysterious haze of confusion leaving enemies and authorities alike dazzled. The only known witnesses described the Knight of Freedom as Charismatic...Green...and deadly..The reality however was not too far from the truth - Indeed, Kurt, the Paragon of Power had started a life of heroism wanting to defeat the worlds so called "Mutant Maestro" and bring balance once more. Wanting to inspire a generation of heroes mutant and human alike.

~ Present time ~

Kurt continued his passage through the palace his eyes scanning the beautifully artistic paintings on the walls depicting pictures of ancient Japanese dragons. His left palm tightly gripping his bow slightly apprehensive assuming this was a trap...things were too easy.

Knowing it too dangerous to call his overseer in this instance unwanting to draw any noise to himself each footstep being meticulously placed onto the ground for the utmost amount of noiselessness. Lightly stepping down upon the marble floor his left palm subtly retracted back into his emerald quiver instinctively withdrawing and resting a single verdant arrow upon the bow, his green eyes having caught sight of a single unsuspecting guard.

Halting his movements the heroic archer crouched, lowering his bodyweight while subtly shifting his body sidewards as to allow his bow to be tilted horizontally parallel to the ground. Left palm tightly gripping the bow as his right arm drew the string. The tension on the string increased as the arrows energy waited to be departed, each and every fiber of the string wanting to dispel this death dealing arrow into the neck of his unsuspecting opponent....

To be continued

Thanks for reading. This was...kinda all made up on the spot. Got bored, promised a few people I'd write something, guess I did. Don't be too harsh at the lack of a plot. Promised I'll get back into Fan Fiction and this is the start xP Thanks again for reading! :)

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Awesome! I will give this a read in a lil' bit :)

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Oh...and I almost forgot, @batkevin74 and @cbishop I fiiinaly wrote something.

If either of you two want me to read one of your recent stuff by the way,just ask.

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Interesting, as mutants are usually a Marvel thing. There are some in DC but rare. let's see a part 2 :)

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*applauds like mad*

Aw, this was really, really good mate :) So nice to see you back at it, and this story reminds me why you were so sorely missed on the FF board in the first place. Love it!!! ^__^

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@pyrogram: Looks good dude, I'll read get to reading it when I'm not in a library and kinda embarrassed to be on a comic book website :P

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Pyrogram! You tell a good story man, but you are maddening for your lack of editing. PM'd you. Call me out for the next one. :)

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BTW, is this part of your PyroVerse stuff?

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@cbishop: I never got your PM? And thanks!

Nope. Just a casual thing.

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@pyrogram: Really? Weird. I'll check on it.

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@cbishop: Interested to see what edits you were speaking about. Looking forward to it, thanks?

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Needs a few comma's. Otherwise this was a fun read. I couldn't help having the following thought though.


Who is the Emerald Archer??

"He was charismatic... And green... And.... And... Deadly..."---- Some dying bad guy.

"None of your business who he is! We heroes got it bad enough without the public always trying to look under the mask!"--- Superheroes name withheld.

"He's the arrow that stalks in the night!"--- Some nut comment found online.

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@wildvine: Thanks ^_^

Remember the times when you said I used too many commas :P Shifting tides.

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@pyrogram said:

@wildvine: Thanks ^_^

Remember the times when you said I used too many commas :P Shifting tides.

Everything in moderation Ferret.