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Long ago, There lived a boy by the name of Kale. Kale lived in land of Dell. Come with me on a story of adventure,magic and the search for the eye of time.

Winter snow blanketed the land of Dell.The tree's limb's drouped with the freshly fallin snow that had fallen during the night. as we come to the egde of the tree's we see Kale chopping wood for the family cabin. The sound of the axe head striking the wood and the sound of the crunching snow that covered the deck as the it dropped on to the porch was comforting to his father's ear's. Adam,Kale's father is strugling to keep his son to stay on the farm and not leave to become a ranger a tresure hunter if you would be so bold to say.

"Son!" "After you finish cuting the wood come to me in the barn and help me shoe Sampson." Kale noded his head. "Yes Father!" Adam smiled. "Good boy" Adam walked to the egde of the barn and then grabed his side in pain. "Hmmm...Uhg." Adam looked down at his old wound that he got as a troupy when he was younger and remembered how it got there. he did'nt want kale to aquir onw of his own. I will post more on 52307

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Thats not half bad kid.

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yeah i have been working on it. That's why i stopped playing as shamgar he's one of the hero's in my book.