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-ch2 shit wades up stream-still lost. still crazy. the sun slowly falls behind the skyscrapers and the darkness of night sets in. I'm staring into the dead lifeless eyes of a taxi driver. he told me what I needed to know. sound of sirens creeps up my spine and tells me to leave so I toss the body to the side and start walking. the sky opens up and delivers the wrath of god. hell of a storm, hell of a night. i hear a familiar voice. i follow it down a back alley. the voice leads me to a trash can it explains that I must be hungry and that I should eat. I open the lid and find a week old pizza and what looked to be the remains of ether a cheese burger or a dead rat. while I eat I talk to the voice it tells me that clock face came back to be the mayor and that I need to stop him for the good of the city. sounded crazy but who am I to judge. I thank the talking cat siting in the shadows and go on my way. as I'm thinking of a thousand ways to inflict pain on my enemy I fall into the sewer. lousy smuks forgot to put the man hole lid back on. I keep walking. a hobo threatens me with a fork. You never trust a hobo with a fork so I brake his arms and legs and leave him for the rats..as I wade my way up stream the similarities between what I find in the sewers and on the streets puts me in some kinda mood. this city is a toilet and I'm just a worthless piece of shit wading my way up stream to find the cause of all this filth and destruction and as I slowly crawl my way up the inner bowels of my city I'll get closer to the one that pollutes the minds and hearts of those that live in it. ----toon in next time in ch3---