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This is written by Wildvine and Pyrogram! Edited and made presentable by Joygirl - Enjoy reading :)

Hunched over and defeated, the prince of Asgard had failed to lift his mighty hammer -- and had once more failed to prove himself worthy of the throne. But, more importantly, he had failed to prove himself worthy of his father's respect. He barely held back his tears of anger, afraid someone would see him in this pathetic state. He did not feel like a God right then. He felt like a mere mortal, helpless and unable to perform the most simple tasks. Not worthy of the name Thor.

Unknown to the future King of Asgard, a battle that would shape his destiny lay in wake. A battle that would shape his life forever, and finally bring him to a new home. A home he would grow to love, protect, and cherish... like his beloved Midgard.


Across the cosmos, a silver messenger broke the metaphysical barriers of reality as it blasted through space. It accelerated itself suddenly, breaking light speed and crossing into another realm as simply as a normal man may pass from one room to the next. It had descended upon Asgard with a single motive: find and kill Thor. Destroy him before he ruled Asgard, before he fought Galactus in the great war of the cosmos, an event that was destined to destroy many systems and planets -- if not more. The enigmatic Surfer had taken it upon himself once his cosmic awareness had gifted him with this insight, burdened himself with the continued existence of countless lives. It was unknown to him, however, that he would be setting into motion the very events that would lead to this great war. That everyone and everything across the known universe that would be affected without prejudice.

Back in Asgard...

The Surfer finally lay his cloudy eyes open Asgard as he blasted his way through the peaceful stars. As usual, the awareness granted to him by his benefactor was his constant companion and guide -- and he was immediately aware of the prince's location inside Asgard's hammer room. Simply put, Norrin Radd planned to attack with an overly extravagant display of speed, to smash into the distracted prince before he could react. The cataclysmic nuclear reaction that followed the raw energy he would impart would undisputedly end Thor's life. That was his plan.

But that was not what occurred.

Only microseconds away from this attack, the Surfer felt his body suddenly shake as his very molecular integrity was disrupted. Without warning, Norrin was viciously flung from his board, head-first into the hammer room, a loud thud sounding out as his figure was thrown inside like a ragdoll. Unknown to the cosmic herald, a magical enchantment was in place around this room -- meaning anybody who entered uninvited would be ejected, and have their bodies ripped apart in mere seconds. Fortunately, Norrin's speed had prevented the latter from coming into effect, so only his board had been affected. That cosmic artifact, however, was now sailing aimlessly into the Asgardian ocean outside the room. Out of reach.

Thor looked up at the now boardless Silver Surfer, drawing his sword from its sheath. With only casual hesitation, he swiftly pointed it towards the alien at eye level. "Who are you? What business do you have here?" He did not question the man's silver skin-tone. He had seen far stranger creatures in his day.

Norrin did not answer, barely breathed before reacting. Even without the board he had what was necessary to carry out his mission, and he spared no time before assaulting. He charged forward at immense speeds, fists extended and driving directly into the god's face. Thor's nose shattered, not prepared for such a vicious strike.

The Asgardian pivoted in place, however, regathering himself and attack at the alien's chest with his sword, though his attack was easily blocked by the man. Norrin grasped the sword's blade with his bare hands, his face expressionless as he overpowered Thor's own body and wrestled the sword out of the confused prince's hand. He then delivered a kick towards the god's chest that was strong enough to crumble mountains. As Thor was knocked backwards into the wall, a thick crack appeared, and the whole room began to quake. Surfer charged up an attack as a vivid light started to emit from his chest, stepping back slightly as he continued to charge a blast that had razed worlds. A powerful attack that would banish Thor to earth forever. Moments too soon, however, the metallic door (the only conventional entrance in and out of the hammer room) was pushed open by the All-Father, Odin.

Norrin Radd, Herald of Galactus, swiveled around in surprise, the energy blast slipping from his fingers in the direction of the All-Father... who was not impressed. Wordlessly, Odin drew his sword and deflected the attack with his fabled speed. The blast bounced off the Odin-sword and connected with Mjolnir, a blinding white light filling the whole room -- before vanishing as suddenly as it has appeared.

Upon the light's departure, Odin and Thor looked to where the hammer had been, then to each other. The hammer had... vanished? Fault of an alien assassin; one who still needed to be dealth with.

Somewhere on Midgard, the mallet lay, ready to be lifted by the most uncanny of them all....


The Gotham night was hot and sweaty, the heat oppressive and uncomfortable. Like a stranger's breath on the nape of your neck. Seen by a few, but unrecognized by most, a star streaked across the sky over Gotham. A second later, thunder grumbled across the clouds, and a certain clowngirl happened to be watching the sky in boredom as the shooting star flashed by. She sat behind the wheel of Joker's car, and waited on him.

"I wish--" she started, then paused. Were you supposed to wish on a star out loud or not? She couldn't remember. Joker normally had a wheel man, but he was fresh out of Arkham, and hadn't had the time to round up the usual gang. Tonight's gig was too important to dally around, he had said. She hummed 'Goodnight Tonight' to herself, and tapped her gloved hands on rhythmically on the steering wheel. "Tonight... wish on a shooting star. Tonight, I'm wishing for you...." She sang softly, the wistfulness in her voice betraying her thoughts. She almost thought she could almost hear Joker's laugh outside the open window. "Wait'a minute." She said aloud to herself. "I can hear Mistah J...." His voice was kinda faint, like he was far away. She strained to hear.

Something something 'Batman wannabe'... something 'joke' something. Huh.

"Fly now Batmen! Hahahahahah!"

Crash!! Harley almost jumped out of her costume as something slammed into the hood of the car, shattering the windshield in a shower of safety glass. "Heya, Huntress. Did'ja fall for Mistah J's joke?" She asked conversationally, a smirk on her face.

"Urhh. Get... away... you idiot." Huntress groaned, and tried to roll off the car, holding the left side of her rib cage.

"Aw, you heroes are such bad sports. You guys win nine out of ten times, but ya nevah stop crying about the one time ya lose." She tried to unbuckle her seat belt, but it seemed stuck.

"A bomb...." Huntress groaned in pain. Some of her ribs were definitely broken.

"That does sound like my puddin'." She replied, still fiddling with the stubborn seat belt. High above, Joker stood at the roof ledge, holding a detonator in his left hand. Turning away he pressed the button with his thumb


The ensuing explosion rocked the alley.

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And my credit for remembering this project/keeping it alive on life support in my PM box.

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Good work

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Nice job.

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Oh god.....I do not predict this ending well

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Oh god.....I do not predict this ending well

Might be surprised.