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Iron Hieghts, 1 hour ago:  
A hidden figure is creeping into the power room. BAM with his staff, he shatters the glass, freeing Fallout, Fallout goes to blast the figure but he dodges easily. Taking out a platic explosive and sticking it to Fallout. He runs away from the explosion with surprising speed. The Rogues in Iron Heights have been freed!  As Double Down is running away, the figure attacks him. Grabbing one his razor sharp cards and slits his throat. ""Bloodsport has arrived"
   The Rogues are robbing jewelry store. The second the alarm rings Barry Allen is on the scene and has punched Mirror Master through a wall. "Wait, Flash!" says Cold. we're not here to harm you or steal anything, we need help." "protection." "What do you mean?" asks Flash. "There's a guy hunting the Rogues, goes by the name of Bloodsport. We've already found ways to bring back James Jesse, Golden Glider, Rainbow Raider, Top and Boomerang's son, so that they can help us." Who's been killed?" the Flash asks? "Two so far, and 'sport swears he'll kill ther rest of us." He killed Double Down and Fallout." Flash thinks this over. "I've promised to save the life of any person, no matter what, I don't like it, but I'll do it."  
(In the shadows a there is an African man without much clothes on, he had a belt for explosives, and he carries a retracting staff. He has knive pouches, straps on his back for swords. gloves on his hands and feet, he also has what appears to be what lines tatooed across his body.)  
"You are protecting the ones who fight agains those you protect." "that means you must die, too... "
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 The Rogues Hideout:   
"Why are we waiting here?" Asks Trickster ( II )" James Jesse replies, Kid, do you want  to be killed?" If you had any actually experience, you'd let the Flash help us." Cold says "Don't worry, this won't last long, once Flasher gets this Bloodsport character off our back, we'll ambush him." Just as he says this, Bloodsport comes through one of Mirror Master's mirrors. " "I have learned to use you're weapon's against you!" He exclaims Bloddsport thinks to himself: Take out the most deadly first. He says as he takes a boomerang out from his belt (he has many concealed weapons hidden across his body.) Throwing it and shattering all the mirrors. "No way out, But just in case..." he throws one of his knives at MM, severing his hand, and collapsing from shock. Gotta act fast. He thinks, while jumping from wall to wall dodging attacks. Next victim...Weather Wizard. Just as WW raises his wand, Bloodsport puts on a burst of speed he kicks WW's wand out of his hand and delivers multiple stikes to pressure points across his body, KOing him. Bloodsport then uses his staff to propel himself into Captain Cold. Heatwave's got his gun raised, gotta act fast. He then throws a smoke bomb in HW's line of fire. When the smoke clears, Heatwave is on the ground. The top then propells himself like a bullet towards Bloodsport. Bloodsport then flips out of the way, and Top goes crashing into James Jesse, and Rainbow Raider. All three are out of the fight. Digger throws a Black Lantern boomerang at Bloodsport while Owen throws a razor one. He catches them both and throws Digger's boomerang at Tar Pit, upon explosion, it propels tar pit across the room. Gonna take him a while to re- form himself, I've got an advantage. He throws the razor boomerang at Digger slicing his face and knocking him out. Owen rushes towards Bloodsport, Boomerangs in both hand. One hit from Bloodsport's staff and Owen is on the ground. Dr. Alchemy then turns the bit of air into energy and shoots him in the back. Dr. Alchemy and Girder run towards him. "Ya think he's dead?" asks Girder. Just as he finishes his sentence Bloodsport cries "FOOLS!" Kicking them both. "My musles are reanforced with a felixible steel!" The technology in the metals enhances every ability a human has a hundredfold!" Dr. Alchemy is out first, but it takes an extra right cross to K.O Girder. Golden Glider is able to slash Bloodsport across the chest. but as she goes for a second kick, Bloodsport catches her leg and breaks it. "time for you to die!" he says as he raises one of his swords. At that moment Flash arrives on the scene and hits Bloodsport through a wall. "WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?" Flash excliams. "I am from an island few people know of, the size of a small city, I was selected to be their soldier, I brought justice to my people, no one dared commit a crime, anyone who did, past or present, were killed by me!" "I wanted to help more, so I have traveled the world killing all killers!" Flash replies, "there's another way besides killing." "No." Bloodsport relpies. "there is not." as he says this he presses buttons on his boots and gloves extanding knives from them. "If you will not kill them...then I WILL KILL YOU! Bloodsport right crosses Flash left and right. He kicks him across the chest. I have him off balance. time to act. He kicks Flash oto the ground and stabs him. Axel Walker (Trickster II) throughs one of his bombs at him. "GET AWAY FROM HIM!" "We need him alive to stay alive" Trickster then hit him a few time with his acid spewing rubber chicken. It looks like he has the advantage, when Bloodsport suddenly unsheaths both his swords and stabs Trickster through the chest, killing him. "The night of Bloodsport is here..."  
To be continued...

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@primepower53: Awesome story Dude! =) 
and btw, who's Bloodsport???
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@mr.obvious said:

" @primepower53: Awesome story Dude! =)  and btw, who's Bloodsport??? "

I just woke up one day and thought I think I'll make a story with a character named Bloodsport. So he's just a character I created  
 I don't really want to give to much background on him. I want him to be one of those characters whose "past is shrouded in mystery." ;)   
and in case you didn't know the lined tatooes across his body is the metal that scientist put in hum to enhance all his abilities.
I'm also reaaaaally starting to hate quotation marks LOL  
anyway back to the story:  
"The night of Bloodsport is here" Flash slams into bloodsport delivering many powerful punches Flash thinks: this guy isn't slowing down. His enhancment making him-- "AAARRRGH!" Bloodsport slashes Flash across the chest with his knife. "Kill them." Bloodsport demands. "never." "then you shall--" "ABRA KADABRA!" says a voice. and bloodsport is blasted into a wall. Flash runs over to the voice.'re late. Flash says. "That's the point" Kadabra says. "You really think I wanted a beat down. "Okay Kadabra, anyone who is still awake, go get them, I'll hold of Bloodsport. Bloodsportr put on a burst of speed and hits Flash with his staff. "That all you got?" Flash says weakly. "No." "much more." Bloodport then delivers a kick to the face, a chop to the neck, and multiple strikes to the chest. Bloodport presses a button on his staff and a blade pops out. Flash grabs the staff, and starts vibrating it, making Bloodsport shake rapidly. He then delivers an upercut to the jawputting Bloodport on the ground. "Why?" asks blodsport. "Why do you protect those who harm others. Flash answers "When I got these powers, I promised myself I'd use them to help humanity, no matter who it is." "A fool's errand indeed" says Bloodsport. and through a grenade at the flash. Flash is able to catch it and put it back into his belt, causing Bloodsport severe damage. "Fool." Did I not say that every human ability has been increased a hundredfold. That includes healing. As Bloodsport speaks his voice is getting stronger, "now OUT OF MY WAY Bloodsport hits Flash out of his way and sprints toward the Rogues hideout. When he is about to get there, lightning hits him. "You took us on one at a time." says Cold "try taking us on as a group.  
"We'll see how you fare..."    
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"Bring it on!" said Cold as he blasted Bloodsport into a wall. his chest frozen. "I still have my hands fool!" said Bloodsport. He then grabs throwing stars from his boots and plugging the barrel of the guns of Captain Cold, Heatwave and Mirror Master just as they are about to fire, taking them out of the fight. Flash then arrives and delivers a blow to the gut, aand an uppercut. Bloodsport grabs a grenade out of his pouch and throws it at Flash. knocking him across a few yards away. "Bet you've never seen this before said Flash as he swung his arm at superspeed, hitting him with a concussive force of air, knocking him into Girder who puts him in a headlock. anyone who can blasts Bloodsport. Bloodsport is able to brake free of Girder's grip, and is able to throw his staff at Flash. flash then thinks to himself about how bloodsport said that his muscles were reinforced with a flexible steel. He notices the tattooes across his body.  
Flash swipes him away from the rouges and puts him hold him down. "anyone who can shoot lightning, aim for the tatooes!" the Rogue agree, effectivley incapacitating him. "What happened asks Trickster. "The tatooes" said Flash "They weren't tatooes, they were the steel in his body. The lightning overloaded it. "So he's down?" asks Heatwave. 'Yes" the Rogues then proceed to shoot him... 

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The Rogues would SO pwn Bloodsport. :p 
<----Hardcore Rogues fan

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Rouges FTW!
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That is pretty neat.  I like how Bloodsport has tons of tricks up his sleeves to handle all the Rouges.  :b 
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Thank you for your comments, this is my last part. but I may add more with some "Bloodsport returns"  arc sometime later
the Rogues then proceed to shoot him, but Flash is able to dodge most of it. And  grabs Kadabra and starts beating him. Meanwhile, disarmed Rogues are trying to find extra weapons. "Mirror Master says to alchemy. "Ya think ya cun do wun of 'em tricks on my hand?" alchemy then turns his missing hand to metal. "Shiny," "Bet I can go through it. He does so and reappears in Flash's boot. grabbing him and sending him tumbling to the ground. Heatwave is able to blast Flash to the ground. "What is this?" "Tar?" says Flash as Tar pit forms around him. Flash spins at superspeed. disassembling him. "Give him all you got!" shouts  Cold as the Rogues blast him with all their power.  The power of the Rogues overwhelms Flash. leaving him incapacitated. Before anyone can touch him. the Flash family comes and encircles Barry. "DON'T TOUCH HIM!" screams Wally. "fair eneough." Replies Cold. "We know when we're beat. Mirror Master?" MM throws one if his Mirror gadgets in the air and in a Flash (no pun intended) they are gone. "Whos that?" asks Wally, pointing to Bloodsport. Barry tells them.  
Iron Heights:  
Bloodsport is sitting in a cell. "My cells are recharching my enhancments. It's only a matter of time now before I break out. Besides...  
Here, I can keep an eye on the Rogues.  
The End?
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Good work on all of it.
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@primepower53: Found some of your very early work, you've gotten much better