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My Origin

I was just a normal guy...well atleast that's what everyone else thought. My mom and dad died when I was 18, that left alone to take care of my 11 year old sister. I was still in High School so life was hard for a long while. Shortly before my parents died was when all of the problems for me. I started vanishing and reappearing in places I shouldn't have been. First It was in the girls locker room, then it was in the middle of a police investigation, and so on and so on, each time the situations would be worse. After my parents death I had to sell the house so I could keep paying for our schooling and our food. We had moved into a small apartment no bigger than a bedroom. We hated it but it was cheep, so we lived with it. Well when I was right in the middle of a football game I transported to some place that I had
X institute
never been to before. There were rooms every where, I heard someone coming so I hid behind a pillar. A strange girl walked past me but didn't pay any attention to me. She had looked so beautiful. She had long black hair and and she was wearing black leather. I quickly walked down the hall wondering around, wondering where I was. Suddenly I heard a group of people running down some stairs next to me, I turned and ran in a room. I stood there for a minute and then turned around, there were a group of teenagers sitting in the room staring at me. At the front of the room there was an old guy in a chair. He looked at me as a bell rang and the kids got up to leave. Well that concludes the class today. Don't forget there is a test tomorrow. I stood there as the other kids walked past me, the man in the chair turned away and put a book on a desk behind him. Well your an unexpected guest. But we do have many of those around here. Welcome to the Charles Institute for Gifted Youngsters. My name is Charles Xavier. I just looked at the man, when the door opened behind me and a man walked in. The man was a little gruff looking but he was built. The guy just reached out for me and I freaked, within a blink of an eye I vanished and suddenly ended up back at the apartment. I got up and checked on Lilly. She was asleep as I had thought she would be. I quickly walked over to my computer and searched for this Xavier's institute for gifted youngsters.I discovered where it was, but I left it at that. I finished out my Senior year without any problems of transportation. I celebrated my 19th birthday with my little sister by going to a movie. She gave me a card that she made at school and that was about it. Well for her 12th I had to make it special so I saved as much money as possible and bought her a new dress and some shoes and a new book. It doesn't sound like much but to her it meant the world. I got a job working as a pizza delivery guy. I made about 150 a week, so things were actually looking up for us for once. We moved out of tiny apartment and into a bigger 2 bedroom apartment. I was so happy that I wouldn't be sleeping on a couch anymore.

Looking Up

Well like I said before things had started to look up for me and Lizzy. I actually got a second job so we could rent a house. Lizzy hardly saw me and when she did I was tired but we were pretty happy. I applied for colleges as well, I figured what the heck if I can get a better job than I might actually get to make us rich. Of course I had been a fool to believe so. It had been a year now and it was my 20th birthday. Thats when things went wrong. You see shortly before my birthday I received letters from the colleges saying I was rejected, then I was fired from one of my jobs for getting into a fight with a coworker. He insulted my sister so I put him in a hospital for 2 weeks. Well the police report took so long that I was late to my second job...again. When my boss told me I was fired I flipped out. I started aurguing with everything I had. It was the best debate I had been in. Well my boss finally admited that I was right but he said I was still fired. I lost my temper and put an indention of my fist into the steel cabnent. I felt it break when I did that but I was so damn mad I didn't care. I walked out and sat on the curb trying to figure out what to do. Little did I know there was a lawyer in the restaraunt and he saw the debate. He got up out of his seat and followed me out. He looked down at me with a smile on his face I glanced up and it took all of my mental strenght to keep from knocking that smile off of his face. "What the hell do you want?" Well I just wanted to say that I saw one of the best damned debates of my life in that restaraunt. I just shook my head, "What ever man." No really sir. You must tell me what lawschool you went to. "HA ya right, I never went to a college." What that is not possible. You put up one of the best debaters I have ever seen. I am willing to send you to the best lawschools in the world if when you finish the school you will work for my lawferm. I just stared at him for a minute and then he had more to say. Come on man you would be mad not to accept. Listen I will also throw in free room and bored to you and one other person. Whatever I have to do to get you to accept. I stared him some more before standing up, "Sir you have a deal!" I shook his hand before he gave me his card and walked away. I ran over and grabbed my back. I took off heading for home, or former home anyway. When I got tot he house Lizzy was there. I ran over to her and gave her a huge hug. I picked her up and spun her around before sitting her down. She looked at me with a strange expression on her face before asking me what that was all about. I explained the situation and told her to pakc her bags because we were headed to our new home. Before I knew it there was a limozien outside out apartment building and the man was standing out there. I ran out with my bags with my sister at my heels. I can't tell you how happy I am that you accepted my offer. Now please we must hurry the plane will be leaving soon. "P-P-P- Plane?" Why yes we are headed for San Fransisco. I was just here in New York visiting some old relatives. I swallowed a lump in my throat before getting my sister in the car before getting in the car myself followed by the man named Shark. Well that was his nickname anyway, he was one of the best defense attorneys in the country. I couldn't believe how much God had blessed me like this.
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Nice :]
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Thanks Bro.

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I like it. But for the sake of simplicity, can I just call you "The Man"?

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lol sure or MWI whatever dude.

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